I saw that disgusting hack job, Dr. Malone. Thank you for sharing your wife’s heartfelt letter. I will take the time to read it carefully as soon as time permits, but in the meantime, I wanted to share what I wrote to the person who shared that hit piece:

“Wow, that is one premium piece of propaganda. I’m surprised they remembered to take Pfizer’s name off the press release 😆

“What a hodgepodge of ad hominem attacks and juvenile ‘nuh-uh’/‘yuh-huh’ statements without a smidgeon of peer-reviewed science (or any references at all) to back up the assertions. Truly revolting.”


On a happier note, Dr. Malone, I wanted to let you know I started a new Profiles in Courage series, and I plan to feature you in an upcoming entry :-)

My first profile highlights Dr. Tess Lawrie if you’d like to check it out: https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-dr-tess-lawrie/

Are you in contact with Dr. Lawrie? If so, I would love to share this piece with her and possibly connect with her. Please let me know if that’s something you could assist with.

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Yes- I can assist. Please send me your email and I will pass it on to her with a note on what you are doing.

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Wonderful, thank you so much! I believe I can reply to your newsletter to continue the conversation via email. I’ll give that a shot.

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Dec 21, 2021·edited Dec 21, 2021

If it is any consolidation the post of the Israeli Health Ministry on Facebook is BOMBARDED with replies by people who are outraged over the contemptable and vacuous hack job done against you, me included.

The Health Ministry doesn't represent all Israelis, sadly it did hypnotize most.

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Dec 21, 2021·edited Dec 21, 2021

Oh, wow...I have only read the beginning and will have to save the rest for later...Thank you both for all you are doing for true science.

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I pray that heaven will smile upon you and your family Dr. Malone. I have witnessed a similar walk by my friend and mentor Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

I believe you both were raised up like Esther for just such a time as this.

May your voice go far and wide as those who have contorted and twisted technology for their own evil selfish ends are exposed to the world.

The children and their parents thank you.

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"He was told that “someone” up high but outside of NIH had put a block on his ability to get grants." In general the public is unaware how much the Federal bureaucracy is like an elite prep school where the legacy clique have undue influence and petty, cut throat motives are a constant in the covert system. This cabal if political friendsters is the biggest threat to our freedoms and it is government wide.

Belated thanks for your contributions to the hemophilia gene therapy. We are a classic Factor VIII family with half our males lost to AIDS tainted blood. When my son was bon at Northwestern we became part of the original known donor, plasma pheresis program w his dad as donor then clinical trial for the recombinant when Dad got AML and not a donor option.

Our lives were forever changed by folks like you who work to benefit humanity and we spent many more years deeply entwined in the hem/onc research world. No doubt there are legions more whose names are never known but walk among us like angels without wings. On behalf of the beneficiaries who have thanked our lucky stars for many individual miracles please know those prayers include you.

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Thank you both for providing this information. It makes it easier to counter those who only turn to MSM for truth. All I need do now is to apply the wedge to their belief that you are a 'fraud' by pointing them to the documents.

Anyone who has heard you speak should be able to recognize the honesty and integrity you bring to this discussion. I have no doubt that had it not been for this integrity you 'could have' kept silent and made a fortune off your insight into this situation (showing complete disregard to the many lives lost - just as Andrew Hill did when he turned on the FLCCC for his 40 million Gates Foundation Grant). It is difficult right now but I believe real science (not the Fauci 'science') will prevail.

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Thank you Dr. Jill for documenting this unjust and grueling nightmare going back 30 years. There is nothing wrong with being angry while advocating and defending your husband! I didn't read the Israeli piece as I don't bother with lies. I pray for your protection as I pray for other heroes like McCullough, Kory and Cole.

I did read all of what you wrote and there were too many echoes of my husband's own graduate school experience during those same years - abusive advisor, and an unrealistic research project which was later determined by another research group at another institution would never work. He was basically told to take a Master's and get out after five years of work. Thankfully, another research advisor knew him and knew his goal to teach and offered him a way to finish with a PhD so he could. The requirement to get a research degree in order to teach at university level remains insane. It was a very different situation than Dr. Malone's but I read too many similarities.

Dr. Jill could write an expose (accent missing) book like RFK Jr. has, but for her emotional health, I think horse work would be better!

Based on the abuse Dr. Malone endured in Verma's lab, it's not a surprise he's been willing to stand against the insanity of vaxxing children with this gene therapy agent. What Verma meant for evil, God has used for good.

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No matter what happens they can't stop you from discovering and communicating the truth.

You are truly an inspiration, thank you Dr. Malone.

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This reaction is typical of the tactics of the "other side" in this "affair". Not sure what name to give "them" and certainly cannot use "debate" instead of "affair".

Whether it is Dr Malone, or Dr McCullough, or Pierre Kory or Geert VDB or Prof Bhakdi or the Great Barrington Declaration group or anyone else who speaks up critically, the reaction is personal vilification.

Nowhere do we see/hear: "With all respect to Dr Malone, I disagree with him because ..." followed by some rational, scientific argument.

But some of "them" say things like "we won't engage in dialogue because this just gives credence to these crackpot conspiracy theories". Really? But you are certainly prepared to dedicate time and effort to nasty ad hominem attacks.

This all betrays an intellectual bankruptcy by "the other side". They have no real arguments in response.

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Wow, thank you so, so much for sharing your side of the story. I am stunned and shocked. And I just signed up for a paid subscription! Looking forward to hearing and reading more from Robert Malone. Thank you both for your courage and for speaking out. Sincerely appreciated.

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Dear Robert and Jill Malone,

Is it all by accident that man has become so brilliant that

some have the capacity to explore the micro world of life

itself and its biomechanics? To what end? Improve on God's

design or improve on nature if you prefer? The complexity of

cellular function is corrupted when a monkey wrench called mRNA

reprograms the cells normal processes. The many trace toxins that are now

in our environment are already corrupting the normal cellular processes.

We are just adding another more POTENT toxin under the disguise of

protecting us from harm. The protector of our bodily existence is our complex

immune system, which is under siege due man's mis guided efforts within

the medical community as well as from our lifestyle which is laced with

toxins. If we don't stop going down this path which further corrupts the

immune system, there will be a virus released either accidently or on purpose

from a bio lab which will have the potential to wipe out humanity.

The narrow-minded approach to treating health issues needs to be discarded.

This is the message that needs to be disseminated. Stop fooling with Mother Nature,

otherwise, the earth will renew itself without us.

Thomas Braun RPh

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Frankly it is thoroughly disgusting what happens in the Big Pharma industry, and more so alarming in that it reminds me of what I heard earlier this morning on a Warroom interview on AI Transhumanism where it was stated the particular area of development being discussed could be a miracle if used in the right hands or a weapon is used in the wrong hands (paraphrasing as I don't recall exact wording), this is what has happened with your discoveries and being used against the masses across the globe.

I can't express enough how sorry I feel for you and Jill with everything you've had to endure. I have to say I don't feel Bannon has necessarily shown you the respect you deserve when appearing on the show, and find it frustrating to watch him ramble on and interrupt you (as he does to many of his guests), and keep you waiting there while giving Navarro more airtime when it's obvious he doesn't have near the knowledge you have in the mrna/dna fields.

I'm glad I searched you out and signed up for you newsletter and now signed up as a paid subscriber. I look forward to future publications from you and Jill.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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These newsletters are such a wonderful gift to myself! I am so glad I signed up to stay on top of what is going on. I have gotten a little more backbone in telling people what I know, (because of you and the other doctors). I will not take the gene therapy injection. I will not comply. Maybe I will see you and Dr. Jill in January. I think someone that is 'important' is going to have to die before Fauci gets fired. We know that Fauci is behind censoring people with the help of the media.

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Dec 22, 2021·edited Dec 22, 2021

I just subscribed to Robert Malone https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/?utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=pss

He is a scientist with the traits of the Tin Man , the Scarecrow and the Lion ,i.e., a big Heart , a big Brain and the Courage to act in this time when he is being called upon to help save children. P.S. He looks like Santa Claus . Thanks to Jill for being Smart and Strong.

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Jill, thank you so much for your time and energy in putting this into writing! I love having it available for any who believe the slanders and slurs about Robert. I can understand at least a piece of his appreciation and respect for you. (The love is obvious in the way he speaks of you) Thank you!!!!

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Just wondering when we may get replies from you today Dr Malone?

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