In his 1955 speech, “Homage to an Exile,” Albert Camus addresses former President of Colombia and “El Tiempo” Editor Eduardo Santos, who was driven out of his country by the dictatorship.

Camus tells Santos:

“By letting your fine newspaper be destroyed rather than allowing it to serve falsehood and despotism, you were one of those uncompromising witnesses who, in all circumstances, deserve respect.… What, on the other hand, gives your resistance its true meaning, what makes of you the exemplary companion we are eager to greet, is that under the same circumstances—when you were the respected President of Colombia—you not only did not use your power to censor your adversaries but you kept the newspaper of your political enemies from being suppressed.

“That deed alone is enough for us to recognize in you a real free man. Liberty has sons who are not all legitimate or to be admired. Those who applaud it only when it justifies their privileges and shout nothing but censorship when it threatens them are not on our side. But those who, according to Benjamin Constant’s remark, are willing neither to suffer nor to possess the means of oppression, who want freedom both for themselves and for others—they, in an age that poverty or terror condemns to the excesses of oppression, are the seeds beneath the snow of which one of the greatest among us spoke. Once the storm is over, the world will live off them.

“Such men, we know, are rare. Today freedom has not many allies. I have been known to say that the real passion of the twentieth century was slavery.”

Camus describes the corruption of the media that occurs under totalitarianism:

“Your battlefield was the press. Freedom of the press is perhaps the freedom that has suffered the most from the gradual degradation of the idea of liberty. The press has its pimps as it has its policemen. The pimp debases it, the policeman subjugates it, and each uses the other as a way of justifying his own abuses.”

This speech is also the source of Camus’s famous quote, “The welfare of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants.” Every line is an ode to liberty and a condemnation of censorship and tyranny.

I recommend everyone pick up a copy of “Resistance, Rebellion, and Death” and read the speech in its entirety as it is harrowingly applicable to our situation today.

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Mar 5, 2022·edited Mar 5, 2022

At least someone proves Malone's point while maintaining a sense of humor in difficult times: https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2022/03/04/3388999974864073525/640x360_MP4_3388999974864073525.mp4

That would be a Star Wars TIE fighter that is allegedly crash landed in the middle of the Russia-Ukraine war...as reported in live stream coverage by a "reputable" news outlet...

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Comment deleted
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Edit: "Take the injections [that will destroy humanity] to save humanity." The ultimate projection?

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If when you say "close down domestic oil production" you are referring to"fracking, then you are wrong. Not only that (as Max Keiser said,) fracking is cash and energy negative, the unacceptable contamination of the environment and water sources is just unacceptable (and last time I checked, we are still in a drought). Only "lobbying" (a.k.a. "legal corruption") made that project possible and at the cost of huge subventions.

Let's not get carried away...

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The other tell: "Do it for the greater good."

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Mar 7, 2022·edited Mar 7, 2022

"Do it for the good of the "great"" :P?

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Well Doctor one thing for sure you are an outstanding writer on top of one of the best, real, scientists. You never fail to throw me. Most our age have experienced this for the last thirty some years.

Your a man full of GRACE

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Which is why I read more and more from Substack, whether it is an actual newshound (with visible bias) like Alex Berenson, a Catistician purr excellence like Gato Malo, an engineer with a nose for facts like Steve Kirsch, or the incorruptible good doctor Malone.

Also never forget the truthful leftie, Glen Greenwald, now on Substack because his own Intercept eventually kicked him out as deviating from the narrative.

I write occasionally for GraniteGrok - a highly opinionated (and we don’t hide it) “conservatarian” blog in NH.

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With the exception of Berenson, whom I recently quit*, I too am a (mostly) paying reader of all those others you mentioned, and more. As long as they don't get completely suppressed, the very fact that a Legacy Media has de-platformed someone, especially a previously well-known person, only makes me more interested in what he might have to say.

*This is the way that "censorship" should happen. Analogy: as a paying customer, I should have the right to decide when my water glass is full by turning off the tap; not the city water works cutting off my service.

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I like your list of writers (although I dropped Berenson due to his bizarre and ego driven attack on Malone). I might suggest a couple others: Mathew Crawford and Jessica Rose. Both are statisticians that have a lot of good analysis on the Covid 'management' debacle. Rose has solid medical credentials and has done important work with McCollough among others. Crawford is a very interesting guy (ex Wall Streeter and all around math whiz) who has many interesting takes on all kinds of events.

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Thank you for spelling this out so concisely. Most people cannot see that this has happened and won't believe people like me who have tried to point it out.

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Most of you know that it is Lent. A family member was describing the good food they ate last night at a new pizza emporium. I pointed out that it was Lent and we should tone down our socializing a bit a a sacrifice. The person responded that they thought the last two years were Lent. I said that that was the choice YOU made -- to stay in your house, to wear a mask, to get the clot shots. I let this adult child know that they had been brainwashed, but they were having none of this old lady's insights.

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Somewhat timely joke: Two devout Catholics wed. As it turns out both are virgins (this was the old days, OK?) Eager to discover the joys of no-longer-forbidden fruit, the new wife signals her desire. The husband resists, saying "I can't, it's Lent." The annoyed wife retorts: "Well, to whom and for how long?" 😇

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The serpent took it.

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Accumulated wisdom of the years, but if you have your wits and agility, who's counting how many years?

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deletedMar 5, 2022·edited Mar 5, 2022
Comment deleted
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I’m all in on giving my shots to someone else who wants them more, but not giving up on family. Someone has got to look out for these people.

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I have friends who are like that family member. I wait patiently for them to come around, and hope the shot has not harmed them.

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CS Lewis wrote about this in his 1945 novel “That Hideous Strength”. Here’s a quote:

“Why you fool, it's the educated reader who CAN be gulled. All our difficulty comes with the others. When did you meet a workman who believes the papers? He takes it for granted that they're all propaganda and skips the leading articles. He buys his paper for the football results and the little paragraphs about girls falling out of windows and corpses found in Mayfair flats. He is our problem. We have to recondition him. But the educated public, the people who read the high-brow weeklies, don't need reconditioning. They're all right already. They'll believe anything.”

C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength (The Space Trilogy, #3)

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Orwell was pithier: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

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pithy. Love it. O'Reilley would too!

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An illiterate member of our species possesses a brain that barring structural defect is the equal to that of a Rhodes Scholar. He is in possession of a God-given intellect, conscience, sense of justice and right and wrong. He is simply lacking in education-misinformation.

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Consider the possibility that no education may be preferable to a bad education.

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I recently read this novel. So many parallels to what's happening.

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Yes, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, “The story involves an attempt by an evil organization, the N.I.C.E. (National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments), to gain control of the media and of governmental and social structures in England as a step toward spreading totalitarian power across Earth. “

Ironically, the British National Health Service has actually set up a department with the acronym NICE- the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

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It's in a way, humorous that often "art imitates life," in this case, popular novels from three or four generations back. They often tell spiritual, political and other truths behind their fictional story lines. In earlier times this was a frequent gambit for writers seeking to skirt the sometimes dire penalties of their age (e.g. The Inquisition.) Even by the 1940s, some former Leftists (e.g. Orwell) publicly were having second thoughts about Socialism and Communism. Recall they had lived through, sometimes observing first hand, the horrors of Soviet Communism and/or German Nazi regime or even the wartime excesses of the Allies.

Here's a kindergarten level view of the decline of the West:

What's happened today in "The West" is, to a large extent, the success of "The Frankfurt School" doing communism's "march through the institutions." This isn't a conspiracy theory; it's easily verifiable by becoming cognizant of the dramatic changes that have occurred, beginning in the early 20th century (even well before WW II) as Marxist or other thinking became ascendant, gradually spreading east to west. As with many intellectual movements, it "infects" the intelligentsia, from academia into government, corporate and other entities. It's not even necessarily coordinated by some evil central planner, although clearly the Soviets and others provided support where they might. It is (was?) the the West's very traditions of intellectual and other freedom that made us essentially powerless to defend against the slow changes. Once the bad guys have been invited into the tree fort and they've become the majority, is it really any surprise that they pull up the rope ladder, denying access to newcomers?

Today we harvest the late, perhaps final bitter fruiting of a century or more of Marxist thinking in virtually every world institution, from education at all levels, to media, to major corporations, to governments, even churches or your local town government. Objective reality? What an outmoded concept!

Men become women by putting on a dress (or a swimsuit). Long-standing methods are pushed aside since they are an unacceptable block to corporate greed and government power. Homeless people live in tents in the park, openly shot drugs and shit on the street. Old standards of education or professional qualification are misogynist, racist, white supremacist, or whatever the latest "-ism' the Ministry of Truth has decreed? How dare you question a Doctor of Medicine's competence? What business is it of yours, that patient, even if he doesn't know a femur from a lemur?

Ladies and gentlemen, the problem is far more pervasive and deeper than just the small subset that Dr. Malone and his like struggle against.

I suspect that all this is going to end very, very badly. 😑

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Massacre of the Dreamers

Millennialists’ Denouement

“In individuals, insanity is rare;

but in groups, parties, nations

and epochs, it is the rule.”


“...forgetting that we are all

in the ghetto, that the ghetto is

walled in, that outside the ghetto

reign the lords of death, and that

close by the train is waiting.”

Primo Levi

Giggles, hoot

& howl erupt from rank

crypts of deep state goons

in the machine, trolls, flaggots

& factcheckers who mock

with pitch & insult stinko

with panic porn, pro forma accusations

& token phantasmagoria sure to

set agog cybernaut junkies,

dimwits & future catechumens

primed to take refuge

in nonsensical ad hominem,

to repose in mass-formation

psychosis, to wither when fingered

for failure to comply by phantom

kapos of 5G digital gulags, who

check on em’& double check

as accountability fades within

redeye google protocols

& faceless facebook



therein, in bouts

with fractious passions

stress spills over in free fantasia

of animus & vitriol. And

virulence blights intriguers’ jaded

body politic with calor, rubor,

dolor & tumor, as incurable seers

of the Great Reset, “therapeutic” fascism,

& AI rulable utopias breed outa’

control, goose-stepping across

world stages clustered round by

stoked proles outfitted with pitchforks

& AK 47 assault rifles, prowling

amongst gaslit multitudes...

Meanwhile in Montana,

thruout Massachusetts, in Idaho,

in Ohio, fer crissake!

fellow late day wannabe saints

& end-timers, otherwordly brethren

bred on Biblical apocrypha mindfly

under man-gods’ heavenly vapours

seeded with deceits & debasements.

And even—god willing—any

should be intervened—YEA,

even once & for all opt out!

—they’ll still fall prey

to ultimate predators: fiasco

jack-offs, blowback profiteers

& shock & awe autocrats...Still

fall prey to black budget racketeers

selling them on how & when

to slowly die to self-


Get a job, Dork!

Your right-to-work

To top off corpo-techno

Communists’ coffers.

Nine-to-five, eight-to



And as NYSE

futures push past last

restraints of “free” market

supplies & demands, death-eaters

surface to nourish themselves

without end, feasting on youth

bred to obesity on banal evils,

cowed by political correctness

in coca cola schools endorsed

& policed by parental snowflakes

blown away by so prodigal

a display...

O Hail! Hail Hearty

Corrupting Winds! howling

Through media conglomerates,

WEF & big pharma hallways,

Stripmalls & supreme court




Critical thinking

so finally breached, flood gates

swing wider open still & sick-slick

scholars, craven apologists

& payrolled polltakers run amuck

with consensus glut & studies

concocted by corporate thinktankers.

And when so speciously un-refuteable

a SAY SO sez so&so&so...

realpolitik fallout flares across

bio-regions gone dark. And NO ONE

can go on doubling down on

climate denial free of lethal toxins

& vulturine perfidy; NO ONE

can go on unpolluted in ashrams,

secluded in gated communities;

nor hunkered down in Homeland

Security bunkers no matter

how assuredly secured.

No! only outcries

of rescue will escape onto

deaf ears of brutes,

gaolers & powerbrokers who

rule Wal-Mart’d ghettos

with icy contempt for inmates

long satisfied with victimage comforts;

defrauded inmates condemned

in absentia to Exxon debtor

prisons patrolled by lurid habeas

corpses tolling death knells

to quicken ecocide & kick-start

the Massacre Of The


Once begun,

& heroic, consolatory myths

no longer hold sway, some biden

fluffer neocons or “last emperor”

trumpster dumpster divers—plugged

with electroplated gold amulets

of le culte maga up da ass—

will kneel in extreme unction on

desolate cul-de-sacs & be

reborn into a manic evangelism

of gangster priests robed in kevlar

& nazi regalia, extolling virtues

of mutual suicide pacts tapped out

on split skulls with shinbones

of martyrs to the “cause”...

And some will GO

hoping for asylum somewhere,

anywhere else...Oh, but some

will COME hoping & hoping,

fresh blood smeared on

prayerful hands, pressing

close for doled out


Some will not...Phew!

Intuit who

to trust in this realtime

sordid debacle. Act out! Militate

in a furor of “Great Refusal”

to hasten collapse of a defunct epoch.

Be nomadic. Explore beyond

where photons go—curved toward

black holes. And finagle to manifest

light with a flicker of intent

on event horizon, so to illumine

nascent worlds into

bright being…

For combat-tested

DREAMERS, flying by the seat

of his/her pants, windborne in eternal

NOW with both eyes wide open

are most apt to escape future

turbulence & survive to seed

fruitful moments...all-ways

trusting in what yearns

to be


in all of us.

2. Poet’s Modus Operandi

“ Remember the cruelties!”


My own

severest critic, I strive

to employ an open contempt

so potent to justify my

revolt against cruelest normalities.

And so with sigil, shibboleth,

trope (that human born, that lyrical

kosmic whispering) & discrete metre,

I mean to stave off the tyranny

of bullet-proof, slam dunk truth

before paralysis overtakes in

contagion of pedestrian intrigues,

suddenesses & incoherence.

Then to proclaim

with much fanfare & horns

a-tootin’ Sanctuary!

Sanctuary! from the Massacre

of the Dreamers!

And, oh yeah! Poetry

to be the only absolutely


© Gerald M. Chorba

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Whenever a lefty names a department or a bill, you know it is really the Orwellian opposite in intent.

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NICE! Unbelievable!

I'm afraid we have many institutions worldwide to "socially engineer" the ideas. WEF might not be the only one to realize these ideas later when people are ready to accept them.

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And "The devil is politically correct" by Savatie Bastovoi is almost prophetic.

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Heidi, for nearly 40 years I worked as an engineer for the largest Fortune 500 company in Minnesota and in the last 10 yrs worked almost exclusively with Phd scientists. I have always felt it was just an aberration that these highly intelligent people quite consistently took the liberal side of any issue. I felt out of place in all things moral and political. When I spoke with the hourly folks it was like I was with family. . . What a great and interesting quote and so apropos to our society today-- around the world. I will need to request that book from our local library before it is burned. Oh yeah, forgot-- it is 75 yrs old and likely burned 40 years ago.

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I am a PhD is a scientific field. I am astounded at how little variation there is among my fellow scientists when it comes to opinions. It’s like they received a message that there is only one acceptable way to think and if you dare to deviate from it, we’ll shun you.

I have always been more conservative and more patriotic than my scientific tribe. And I do better science, because I don’t rush to conclusions based on accepted thinking. I’m very much unimpressed by scientists who don’t think critically.

I grew up in a blue collar household. I think that’s a big difference. My dad always had dirt under his fingernails. He and my mom understood the value of hard work. I was the first to graduate college in my family. My kids have 2 parents who are PhDs, but we’re conservative. Still, they’re more liberal than I am, but I hope I’m having a positive influence in getting them to think.

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You cite a very relevant topic: Being highly intelligent and well educated does correlate with having critical thinking skills. Indeed, it's even possible that an "educated" person was never taught the skills! By the same reasoning, it is likely that person of only average intelligence, or even slightly lower, could, if given basic information and thinking skills, could apply them and reach better conclusions on many issues than could that PhD afraid to commit ThoughtCrime.

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Yes. But, really, I am at a total loss to understand how that can be. Psychologically, logically, training-wise, those with whom one associates, or simply the ability to grasp particular social or complicated conundrums. . . HOW is it that perhaps the average Joe Mechanic aces out a trained Phd skilled many years in minute details of some subject matter? This really is a tough thing to understand.

Oh well, I AM an engineer. People often say I "overthink" things!

The true explanation is likely quite simple: Maybe the average scientist is so limited in his technical scope his brain has been trained to be limited in scope for certain multi-factor situations. So, he makes his own "logic" that defies real logic.

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Yep, I recall there were a few like yourself. I could count them on one hand almost. I grew up changing tires in my father's tire store. Getting your hands dirty must be a part of catalyzing the brain chemicals towards REAL thought!

Thanks for chiming in. Certainly the world needs more scientists able to make independent judgements like you. You realize I was not demeaning all learned people just trying to throw out the anecdotal correlation that my mind drew.

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I was told by a friend's father (born in 30s), that long ago (mid-20th century, I guess) Sears & Roebuck required anyone aspiring in management to have served two years as a floor salesman, to gain first-hand experience as to how the company operated. Of course, that requirement was eventually relaxed or removed. Sears technically still exists, but a pale shell of what it was at its peak. The reasons for its downfall are many, but I suspect there may be more than just a little correlation between that old man's story and its decline.

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Ha ha, no I wasn’t upset. Just verifying your post. It’s shocking how lock step they are in thought. Good people, may be learned, but don’t really think.

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I read this book first in the 60’s and thought it to be too outlandish/cartoonish. For the last couple decades I have been recommending it to people as a look at where we seem to be headed. Suddenly, I find we have arrived. Lewis certainly was prescient!

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This CS Lewis quote, on the surface , at least, is a powerful indictment of the overly educated. In fact, amazingly true to a point--all my wife & my overly educated young-uns rushed to take a jab for the team. Deeper diving & critical thinking be damned & their parents' advice, as well, to stay away from the warp-speeded, phoney ass vaccine.

However, having grown up in a Hungarian workingclass enclave on Toledo's eastside, completely surrounded by heavy industry hellholes. And working in number of them to pay my own way thru college & beyond. Most of my male friends & family, indeed, scanned the headlines & quickly moved onto the sports page, comics and so on.

Nonetheless, the idea that, because workingclass men (workingclass women, as well, look to read or watch programs for diversion from their work-a-day-away realities) skip the headlines are less apt to fall prey to propaganda is BS. It's mostly the workingclass that waves the flag & does the fighting in any war, that sends their kids off to pedophile priests for blessings, that are willing to bust heads of dissenters, ETC...

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While we are on the topic of CS Lewis, don't forget the "Screwtape Letters" from a senior demon to a junior one carrying out the works of Satan amongst humanity.

Even better on Audiobook.

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It's the first one I read from C.S.Lewis. Plan to reread!

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You are right, in Lewis’s day and even more so in our day of mass media saturation, anyone can be gulled. The character being addressed in the quote, Mark Studdock, is being courted to write propaganda for the NICE. He will do this because he longs to be in the “inner ring”, one of the movers and shakers of the new world order. So he takes the job and writes his articles of misinformation in two styles: one to appeal to the upper classes in the highbrow media and one to appeal to the man on the street.

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If I'm not mistaken, C.S.Lewis talked about this "inner ring", about longing to be in a group we aspire, in his non-fiction writings as well. Indeed, I find it a very true observation and each one of us is vulnerable to it. If unchecked, it's a sure way to lose one's way, to find oneself complicit in wrongdoings.

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“This was the first thing Mark had been asked to do which he himself, before he did it, clearly knew to be criminal. But the moment of his consent almost escaped his notice; certainly, there was no struggle, no sense of turning a corner. There may have been a time in the world’s history when such moments fully revealed their gravity, with witches prophesying on a blasted heath or visible Rubicons to be crossed. But, for him, it all slipped past in a chatter of laughter, of that intimate laughter between fellow professionals, which of all earthly powers is strongest to make men do very bad things before they are yet, individually, very bad men.

C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength (The Space Trilogy #3)

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Indeed, isn't it always like that? Never sense of turning a corner, never 180 degree turn, rather 1 degree deviations from truth, and you find yourself in a very different place.

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To belong is a primary need of human beings. I think that’s why many took the shots. They, the propagandists, made the “we’re all in this together “ appeal and that was enough.

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Yes. What horrifies me the most is the majority of medical profession's consent worldwide. I don't believe most of them were afraid of loosing their licenses. They could have, at least, informed their patients about the vaccines, about unknowns, about natural immunity. Instead they chose to be more than willing collaborators.

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yep, I was sure sucked in. My prime motivation, if you can imagine, is that now, finally, the stores will stop requiring masks. (wrong again.) Stopped after two jabs. Hoping that is enough.

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A stimulating writer, though he be a crypto-Christian, with just enough story-telling ability to not alienate the agnostic or atheist. Also quite versatile: arguably ticking the boxes for fantasy (Narnia series), science fiction (Space Trilogy) as well as religion/politics/philosophy. My favo[u]rite remains the dry wit of "The Screwtape Diaries," which I'd offer as the single best example of what he was capable of. Quite short work, too.

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For 11 years I wrote a weekly column in our community newspaper. In May of 2020, I opined that Covid 19, “might” have been circulating through China in the fall of 2019. I read eye-witness accounts of those present for military war games, such as the one you have since provided, Dr. Malone, of your friend telling you to get “your team ready,” in November of 2019. I was castigated by 3 local liberals, one a physician who wrote 600 words, and was told by countless friends, “Don’t read it!” Evidently their words were rather personal, so I didn’t. Although I never read the Letters to the Editor because I didn’t want them disturbing my peace, they still hang in the air. Even in a little one-horse place, Cancel Culture is at work and I hate it. I loved writing, but nowadays, I could be labeled a mis, dis, mal terrorist and have my bank account frozen like those poor Canadians! I pray the Emergency Orders are relinquished. There is no emergency, only a power grab. I miss writing, and I have much to say, but it has become too dangerous, even at the small town level.

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Do you know a successful business person that doesn't plan ahead


just now

I have said in other posts and many people agree its all planned. Hard to believe. Months ago I was wondering how the transition from Covid to normacy would be done. You just can’t stop and go back to cat in a tree stories.

Speaking for myself I know that the next crisis pushs the last crisis to the rear of the thought chain. Imagine if we went from a super hyped crisis call it covid to cat in the tree. People would have time to wonder, wonder leads to thinking, thinking leads to questioning and that is something them,they,those people can’t have.

The seque:

martial law in Canada, war in the Ukraine. It seems impossible that those terrible things aren’t pure happanstance, they must be, it couldn’t be anything else. Could it?

Canada is one thing but the invasion thats another. What a fortuitous, purely coincidental turn of events.

The covid narrative falls below the fold, gently easing out of everyones conversation. Now its how terrible it all is over there and it is. Becarfull of the mis information,but don’t worry we will protect you by censorship. You are safe.

I think about the oil giants, the P/L sheets. Lost revenue due to less driving because people are working at home. Lost future revenue because people like working at home. Keep in mind the single passenger vehicle commutor class are often not the class that has to be in the office. Often that class can work from home comfortably. (reffered to as the laptop class). Lost future revenue?

I am going to sell fewer barrells of oil now but how will I keep up the P of the L.

The price divided by the commodity must increase.

And so we have war. Increases our cost of living. Maintains the corporate profit. Diffuses the covid seque. Stops the covid conversation.

But will it


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Dear Miss Rodeo:

you are absolutely correct about China having advanced knowledge. I will find that proof for you. I have it on one of my computers. Its a news story from a Canadian MSM outlet. It is regrading China instructing its Workers Front Party members located in various countries throughout the world to buy up PPE supplies. This was prior to the declaration of the pandemic.

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Thank you! I will make sure the 600 word doctor gets a copy.

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I have found the video I will get it copied for you

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Right on target. I suppose you already know this, there are DOD Bio Labs in Ukraine. I don't know how concerning this is, but I have checked the sources and they seem accurate : https://www.infowars.com/posts/why-did-the-us-embassy-official-website-just-remove-all-evidence-of-ukrainian-bioweapons-labs/

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Article by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva 2018 w Wayback captures of the BSL activity in Ukraine -

The Lugar Center is the Pentagon bio laboratory in Georgia. It is located just 17 km from the US Vaziani military airbase in the capital Tbilisi. Tasked with the military program are biologists from the US Army Medical Research Unit-Georgia (USAMRU-G) along with private contractors. The Bio-safety Level 3 Laboratory is accessible only to US citizens with security clearance. They are accorded diplomatic immunity under the 2002 US-Georgia Agreement on defense cooperation....



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That sounds a bit far fetched, but I'm the first to concede its amazing how many things become possible when a large sum of money is deposited into the right person's Swiss Bank account, or equivalent. 😏

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Not that I don't make mistakes like everyone else but do my best to vet info with primary source data. This BSL detail is verified by info posted by US State Department Kiev - https://web.archive.org/web/20220305045038/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ9cCqChMLs

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Coming soon. Russian Bio Labs in the Ukraine. Putin very bad man.

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Thank you for this.

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When one is unable to compete in the free marketplace, whether it be the marketplace of ideas or of products/services, one has a few choices. First, you can simply close up shop and do something that is rewarded by the marketplace for being productive. Alternatively, you can analyze what you are doing and adjust your work product to line up with the needs/wants of the market. Your final choice is to align yourselves with those who utilize coercion to achieve their aims. Whether it be a serial felon like Pfizer that should have been bankrupted decades ago, a young/upcoming tech company that loses billions such as AirBnb or the media in general, much of our corporate & news organizations have chosen the third path and align themselves with traitors to the founding principles of our nation. This is fascism, in it's purest form. The MSM is pathetic and everyone intuitively understands this. Pathetic rent-seekers who can't survive in the marketplace of ideas, they are used by government and corporate felons, flailing around in a lowest common denominator echo chamber, devoid of critical thinking skills or self-reflection. They exist in a false reality where boys can be girls and girls can be boys. If Ayn Rand were still alive today, I think even would be shocked by the mindless, ever more rdiculous assault on the Law of Identity, which is one of the foundations of reason and Western civilization. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, one can attempt to evade reality, but one cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.

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How does the market prop up losers? The government does this but we have no free market, we have fascism.

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I'm not a close follower of Musk. But I find it interesting, his many recent statements (actions?) that seem to signal a desire to distance himself from the Woke High Priesthood (I'm not even sure he was ever a member...)

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Excellent! And exactly why I stopped relying on "free" news and now pay and support Epoch Times and others (including this substack) because free news has come to mean "paid-for-baised-news narrative" and essentially bribes...when we stopped buying newspapers I naively thought the advertising to which I was subjected was akin to paying for it but obviously not enough for them to not be bought. Thank you for speaking the truth for us all!!!!!!!

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Outside of Substack - see other comment - I pay for: Epoch Times (Canceled WSJ), ZeroHedge, American Thinker, American Spectator, UK Spectator, and Off-Guardian.

For those who have not met the Off-Guardian writers (off-guardian.org), they are commenters who were kicked off the left-wing UK Guardian site for busting the narrative. It can be a bit dark, but very insightful, and I call it "The Dystopia Diaries."

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Your reading looks a lot like mine. Thanks for the background on 'off-guardian'. I always wondered what the backstory was with that name.

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Thanks for the tip. As I already bleated earlier, I am particularly attracted to those banned from "Legacy" media. I'll check off-guardian out.

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS


Covid taught us something priceless


Mar 3

We are normal people, not terrorists, not nazi’s not supremacists. We love our children and your children. We sacrifice for total strangers we understand heartbreak. We are good.

The current event described as a pandemic has snapped us to hard attention. Did we need that snap to remove ourselves from the stupor of subservience. Have we finally escaped Gilligans Island.

Should we be thankful. Yes.

I see it differently now, I see news anchours as news actors portraying the script. Each one designed and hand picked by focus group? This one appeals to that demographic. This one to another. Now deliver those lines, we all depend on you. Practise/deliver practise/deliver deliver your lines hit your mark sell it, sell it, sell it. Seque now, new anchour, female face female voice, moves a little differently, tremendous facial expression, really good eye contact, new demographic, same message. sell it, sell it, sell it.

I am awake now. I admit I always wondered but I was so darn comfortable.

I am awake now.

We are normal people, not terrorists, not nazi’s not supremacists. We love our children and your children. We sacrifice for total strangers we understand heartbreak. We are good.


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Plus if you change channels everyone is reading from the same script!


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Thank you for saying that you are right, not only news actors but the political actors also. Thank you for your comment

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Mar 5, 2022·edited Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Dr. Malone,

A sort of side-note: I believe your auto-correct changed Merriam-Webster to "Meridian Webster."

Which brings me to the suggestion that one cites another dictionary besides M-W, which has become quite 'advocative' itself in the past seven or so years. Just take a look at the M-W blog if you do not believe me. Or recall the recent addition of "anti-vaxxer" to its definitions.


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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Sean Hannity doesn’t even try to hide his love for the CIA. He has pointed out his CIA (and FBI) lapel pins many times.

Now he is hyping up the propaganda that Putin should be ousted/assassinated! On the air with his very serious face.

He and Ingraham are joined at the hip which is obvious from their every night one minute buddy buddy banter “Where’s my hat you promised me? And the steaks?” “They are in the mail..taking some time Hannity bruh!”

I wont watch either show because, especially now both shows are solid US government Mockingbird propaganda.

CNN and MSNBC are even worse. I haven’t watched them since election night 2016 when Hillary lost to Trump and all their hair caught on collective fire.

Now I am left with one MSM news show. Tucker Carlson. Since Russia went into Ukraine to save the Russian breakaway republics in the Donbas region (14,000 Russian speaking citizens have been murdered there since 2014 by the US funded Ukrainian military with its “right sector Nazis”), at least Tucker has tried to balance his hour with a long interview of Col. Douglas MacGregor and a few others who are trying to give the American people the facts.

Now I spend two hours every day watching “The Duran” (Alex and Alexander) on Rumble or Odysee. Alex is in Greece and Alexander is in London and they dig for the most pertinent facts they can find as to the state of the conflict in Ukraine.

Even the “pothead comedian who broadcasts from his garage”, Jimmy Dore, gives us better information than any MSM outlet! He has guests like Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal on his show. Real journalists:


I grew up believing journalists were trained to be aggressive watchdogs over the government (Watergate, Pentagon Papers). Now we can only depend on Independent journalists to bring us the truth. And pothead comedians.

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Love you comment and agree with the assessment including Duran and Dore jut a stickler for accuracy. Pentagon Papers were not made public through media bravery but from the guts of Hon. Mike Gravel who read it into the Congressional Record where it was protected under Speech & Debate clause.. once the Federal Register published the press followed.

The Hollywood myth of Watergate as a brave media op was a coverup for CIA media infiltration then under investigation by Church/Pike Committees. The story My Lai Massacre by Sy Hersh was real, brave journalism.

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We truly live in interesting times. While I love America's freedom of speech, even here there are limits. Perhaps it doesn't apply to foreign officials, but publicly calling for the assassination of a public official and other incitements to violence can (and sometimes does) get one arrested, convicted and sent to prison even in the Land of the Free. Last I checked, we are not actually at war with Russia so normal law would seem to apply.

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Americans do not have free speech. I was wiped from the Internet in 2020 for daring to share info about the Wuhan Labs and the web of Gates biotech front groups. We have back door censorship via tech that excludes everything that challenges legacy talking points. America has led formal efforts to criminalize journalism with ongoing torture and prosecution against Julian Assange a mortal threat to free speech. Lastly US exempts itself from all human rights obligations and accountability for war crimes.

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Well, Putin *should* be ousted, and if he's lucky it won't be by assassination.

But by other Russians, *never* Americans.

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I have no idea if Putin should keep his job or not. He opposes gmo crops and mandatory vaccines which is a damn site better than Justin Trudeau.

Historically the leaders US targets for removal, like Saddam in Iraq or Muammar al-Qaddafi in Libya, left the countries in far worse condition.

Life does not work in binary choices and removing a "bad" leader in the eyes of Washington has no assurance of improved lives for their nations.

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

The basic assumption seems to be that propaganda isn't actually propaganda if it is pursuit of a morally righteous agenda.

Silencing dissenting views is itself morally righteous, bec we are good and they are bad, evil people guilty of ... blasphemy.

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Speaking of corruption, how many Americans understand what “lobbyists” in DC actually do? It’s not just “lunch or dinner” with a member of Congress. How quaint!

These are million dollar firms these lobbyists work for. Big contributions are given to Congressmember “X” who say sits on the Armed Services Committee. Northrop wants a new piece of legislation introduced that will benefit them and their stockholders. So, easy-peasy they have their teams of lawyers write the legislation and then their “lobbyist” hands it to the member of Congress after the second martini. Before the steaks. Then the Congressmember gives it to an aide to “fix” then he introduces it!

See how that works?!

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The ends justify the means. Who cares about a few broken eggs on the path to the perfect (communist) omelette? Lefties, like environmentalists, Don't. Like. People. Thus, they never, ever, cared about "the little people."

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

It always amazes me to be learning new things at my age from so many intelligent and brave people like Dr. Malone and those who comment on his wisdom. I loved "The Plague" but have not read Camus's other works and learning more about the depth of his philosophy is very much appreciated. Orwell said, “what is really at issue is the right to report contemporary events truthfully or as truthfully as is consistent with the ignorance, bias and self-deception from which every observer necessarily suffers”. It now appears the useful idiots who call themselves Journalists are unaware of the potential consequences to themselves which makes any effort to warn or enlighten them so difficult.

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Mar 5, 2022·edited Mar 5, 2022

Good article, though I have to object to the opening paragraph. Hounding Richard Nixon out of office was advocacy journalism, and has set the tone for journalism in general in the succeeding 50 years. The prime source, "Deep Throat" was, after a long delay, finally revealed to be Mark Felt, a high FBI bureaucrat angry because Nixon didn't promote him to be head of the agency after J. Edgar Hoover died. Charles Guiteau shot James Garfield in the back with a gun when he didn't get the office he thought he was entitled to; Mark Felt used Bob Woodward.

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If Watergate was the plant of advocacy journalism in America, the coverup of the JFK assassination was the root.

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As a Washington insider for that era I can tell you that the Hollywood version of Watergate is far from the truth. Nixon was the fall guy for CIA operations and the media they controlled. Woodward has long been rumored to be an Agency man and the goal of ending Church/Pike Committee investigations into CIA media influence was replaced by a story of journalists as the heroes. Bernstein was and is still on the good side imo which is why Woodward had an MSM career and Carl never did... more references by request :~)




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Nixon's crimes did not include Watergate - that was about as worthless as Hillary Clinton's Russia hoax. Bonus point - Clinton got kicked off the Watergate team for making stuff up!

Clinton's honesty and runaway imagination have been in evidence about as long as Joe Biden's.

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Technically correct but historically irrelevant as Watergate has become synonymous with keeping POTUS powers in check with the "adversarial media" also the case for wench Hillary being fired is not as clear cut as it should be with political doublespeak clouding the issue. There is no question she was always a snake.



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Great piece. I first became aware of this in the several Big Pharma tell-all books written around 2005, and the biography of the Sackler family as well. Arthur Sackler seems to have invented this kind of "journalism" right after WW2 to sell drugs, and of course the security agencies have always had "bought" journalists as well. They famously joked in the 1980s they would know they had succeeded when every word the American public believed was a lie. Now the pernicious influences from both directions have infiltrated the media completely.

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