After the last 2+ years, my feelings are that the threat from my own government, in it's current state, is higher than from any other bad actor.

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A few years ago the military instructed its members not to do DNA genealogy tests. They said the results could be used by the enemy to fashion biological weapons.

Good work. Glad you looked into this and published this.

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"Now you know what the mRNA vaccine technology was really developed for."

I am confused by this line. I would appreciate if someone would elaborate, please

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Never thought 23&Me was a good idea. Plus, why pay THEM to give THEM personal information??? Kinda dumb.

I stayed on an extra couple months at work by submitting to PCR testing (spit, not swab) twice a week. I didn’t trust the process at the time. I wish I would have resigned before giving up any bodily fluids labs.

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Jul 27, 2022·edited Jul 27, 2022

"The virus was deliberately unleashed on the world by the Chinese Communist Party when it allowed millions of travelers from Wuhan to fly internationally, even as it was locking down movement within China"

I call B.S.! While the virus was almost certainly intentionally released, it so "happened" to be released at the perfect time, just when a financial crisis (which would affect the West and the US) was looming.

So, the argument that the CCP released it, in their own country, exactly as Event 201 predicted, to help the West is INSANE (in lack of a better descriptor).

Not to mention that the US government and the WHO were complicit in allowing the virus to spread, doing exactly nothing, until it was too late. Just check out how enthusiastic Monkey Tedros is now to protect us from Dr. Pox...

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Good post confirming “they” have wanted to kill us for quite awhile. The mRNA part really convincing as expected. Plus obtaining DNA information from the Covid tests always a concern. Since DNA can be obtained from other biological/medical tests we wonder how long and through what this has been occurring. Sharing DNA through companies, yes - after all BlackRock owns Ancestry.com. Our task however hasn’t changed - live strong, live well, live bravely and know that living for the sake of others and our kids will still stand us in good stead no matter what. Some humans are bound to survive this and continue to evolve. That’s DNA.

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So why do we let the biggest threat overrun our colleges, buy up real estate, businesses and more? Its like letting the threat walk in. I am so sad at the world we are leaving our children and their children. We had a duty to take care of it, we didn't.

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This is the advantage being a 'conspiracy theorist' (ie; not with the program) thinker really comes in. I could have answered the question - without any degree of technical insight - that yes, these claims are true and no you should not share your DNA.

Thanks for confirming what my dangerous misinformed self already knew.

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Sounds like a good time for Obama's puppet to release 20m more barrels of petroleum from our strategic reserves. You know: "Dumb 'ol Joe." He's just a front, and everyone with a single brain cell knows this.

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The US has been using bioweapons since they used smallpox blankets on the Indians. We dropped plague infested fleas on the North Koreans from planes, among other biological insults. We tested psychotropic drugs on unsuspecting Americans, including service members. There is no nation more guilty of taking advantage of these capabilities than we are. You can be sure we will develop and use anything technology and science will allow on anyone some psychopath at the Pentagon or the White House hates, whether foreign or domestic.

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Thank you for this brilliant presentation. Clearly mankind has entered a new epoch. Warfare will be “more civilized” with biotechnology, that will enable even specific ethnic groups to be targeted. “Brain control”…… guns and cannons may become obsolete and it’s not science fiction. The world is experiencing a taste of it as we speak with mRNA biotechnology.

To think that we are being distracted with issues like climate change, windmills and solar panels while man is exploring warfare options that alter the very essence of our humanity.

Are we approaching “full circle” in our endeavor to subdue this earth?

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We must use our education and knowledge not to instill fear like these evil globalists...

...but rather to educate, inform and direct humanity towards using these tools for peace and safety

Event201 was not about developing positive life affirming responses to pandemics, but rather a hell house of ways to achieve desired goals through fear, oppression, control and lies...

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…and James Bond knew all about it! (No Time to Die)

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Haven't you noticed,

That throughout the analogs of time and space,

The right people always find each other at the right time.

Please Relax and enjoy your stay,

The Universe

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Following the $$$$ and connections relative to genomic research…..it seems to me that the global fin/tech elite are intertwined with all that happens in China and the US on this front.

They hold the cards….i.e. the money needed to fund these efforts which they are happy to do because it gives them more power and control GLOBALLY.

Technology has ceased to make national boundaries relevant in their minds. They intend the business model of “stakeholder capitalism” to be the new governing paradigm. Hence, well before the pandemic the likes of Gates and others were busy setting up the infrastructure and infiltrating in various countries around the world….in education, finance, energy, healthcare, environment, employment. The focus is for technology to be at the heart of it all. And there is little respect for the original purposes or needed outcomes from these aspects of society. Rather those who own technology have stepped in and put themselves at the center of all industry with an eye towards efficiency and profits. Quality does not seem to be important, rather mediocrity for the masses will do.

The fin/tech have known for sometime, in large part to ongoing research and the size and compliance of the Chinese population, that it was just a matter of time before China eclipses the rest of the world on the biotechnology front.

Hence, the fin/tech elite went about making inroads nearly a decade ago into China. Meanwhile, China has effectively done the same here in our academic institutions which have provided direct access to our governmental agencies funding and knowledge.

Our government is complicit because of the likes of Fauci and others who tell us that what they do is for the American people. The truth is the agenda they serve is not even apparent to the American people even as it makes its way more and more daily into the intimate and personal space of our lives.

The truth at the heart of all of this is that with the advance of technology and biotechnology those at the helm sold out to the enemy of the people in the name of “progress.” Well, that and lining their own pockets and satisfying their narcissistic personalities.

And why? Well, in short, Americans want to live beyond their means and want less and less responsibility for the impact of their actions. We have been slowly conditioned to be dependent on what the wealth of the predatory philanthropists can provide when our tax dollars run short. This has meant our government and politicians have led not by being honest with the American public but by prostituting our interests to the highest bidder. This has been happening since the advent of the computing era….and likely even before. But technology’s swift advance has left us at the mercy of the fin/tech elite.

Now comes the time we will be made to pay the piper. We have had the supposed “advantages” of the progress offered by Gates, et al. but we have not tended our house. We have failed to regulate effectively those who have subverted democracy by siphoning off the legitimacy of our institutions. Our regulatory agencies are beholden to those that they are supposed to keep in check. It is a sad day for America.

Far too many Americans have turned inward and become self absorbed. They have little understanding of the philosophical debates of Alexander Hamilton and Jefferson. They do not even understand the John Locke social contract. All they know is what the latest tik tok is trending that tells them what is popular.

And it is not just our healthcare system and personal autonomy in medicine under attack. That is an oversimplification of what is underway. The education system has been infiltrated and Gates and others have been at it there for well over a decade. Just as in the current healthcare debate…..many from two polar opposite parties (the right and left) met on the backsides of the challenges and pushback shaking their heads at how we were both being played by the fin/tech elite. It is ongoing and the pandemic has made for significant inroads there just as in healthcare corruption.

Meanwhile we are seeing the Trojan Horse being trotted around in American politics….related to energy, green agenda, healthcare, education, environment, finance, digital currency, surveillance….at their heart they have common features or resemble how the Chinese government operates——it would be naive to think that it is the CCP that has brought it to our shores.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it is the fin/tech elite and the predatory philanthropists like Gates who have decided that they can surpass even the CCP by employing those same tactics and have set out to infiltrate both here and in China.

Dr. Malone….I have traced extensively certain connections/individuals in my state back to Gates, the IHME, council on foreign relations, and certain institutions that are significant to the COVID pandemic, as well as the infrastructure in China….How do I get this information to you? Where should I send it?

Thank you. Your work and thoughtful analysis politically and regarding the facts/impact markets of the upside down world we are living in is much appreciated.

Although, I do worry that in the sound bite age most of it goes over the heads of our current population.

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I knew this country was toast the day the lockdowns were announced in early 2020. So my risk assessment is high and has been high since that time. Sadly, I ignored what I thought of as fringe folks who believed we’ve had chemicals and biologicals dropped on us for decades. I knew the medical system was broken over 30 years ago but just couldn’t go the whole “9 yards” to the corruption and attack on the country back then. Those folks who did accept it went deep into the woods and will probably be fine. The rest of us are having to catch up as best we can. All I can say is look to your communities locally and ultimately your own home and decide what kind of hill you will be Ok dying on. We are closer to that sort of thing than ever before. Thank you for the data.

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