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94% of the time the robotic attack dog received the proper instructions the other 6% of the time he ate my children.

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This is terrifying. There are many days I just want to move to an off-grid cabin out in the bush. Unfortunately that would only work until they come looking for me. For the future of our children, grand children and humanity, we must fight.

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Whats wrong with people? Why can't we just live like Hobbits? Eat two breakfasts a day, smoke and play music, farm and garden in peace? Nice cuddles at night? What is motivating people?

Happiness is family and friends, a fire and a meal, warmth and trust, a good night's sleep after a hard days work. What are we doing to ourselves?

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Please listen to Dr. Redfield. HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!



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Dr. Malone, I just got this last night. It is being voted on today in the MO legislature. The definition for 'gene therapy' is not what it should be. Can you please redefine it so it makes sense. It should read alter, interfere with human genes.

(3) "Gene therapy product", any product with any capacity to alter, interfere with, or otherwise act in any manner similar or equivalent to genes;

(4) "Product", any product that is:

(a) A food, cosmetic, or other substance intended to be ingested, introduced into, or applied to the human body or intended to induce physiological effects; and

(b) Made available for sale in this state to the general public at retail.

2. Any product that has been created to act as, or exposed to processes that could result in the product potentially acting as, a gene therapy or that could otherwise possibly impact, alter, or introduce genetic material or a genetic change into the user of the product, individuals exposed to the product, or individuals exposed to others who have used the product shall be conspicuously labeled with the words "Potential Gene Therapy Product" unless the product is known to be a gene therapy product.

Thank you.

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Dr. Iain McGilchrist writes in his book "The Matter With Things," that "Those who can operate only explicitly – essentially those somewhere on the schizoid-autistic spectrum – have difficulties understanding human meaning of any kind." Yuval Harari, the WEF leader's Klaus Schwab advisor, bluntly stated that "As far as we [the WEF/NWO self-proclaimed elite and others] know humans have no purpose." Harari's quotes cannot be repeated enough for if you didn't know specifically who he and those he works with are and being promoted as mentally advanced (and taken over influential leadership positions worldwide) you'd think they were severely mentally defective patients being treated for schizophrenia. These people's, and many others', neurological defects are likely due to placing cell phones on the right side of their heads and their greater exposures to other EMR technologies, perhaps as well themselves having neural implants (something to consider). They are are destroying humanity, all life on earth for that matter. Being as like machines, which they largely are and promote, they have no regard for, detest even, life. This is not an exaggeration.

--- Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of the WEF, speaks openly about transhumanism as part of The Great Reset, and transhumanist Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, a top adviser to Schwab, admits data might enable human elites to do more than “just build digital dictatorships.”

--- “By hacking organisms,” Harari said, “elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself. Because once you can hack something, you can usually also engineer it.”

--- Soon, he says, some corporations and governments will be able to “systematically hack all the people.” And if they succeed in hacking life, he describes it as the “greatest revolution in biology since the beginning of life 4 billion years ago.”

--- “For 4 billion years, nothing fundamental changed. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design.

--- “Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design, and the intelligent design of our clouds — the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud — these are the new driving forces of evolution.”

--- Once human life is hacked, the hackers will maintain control over life itself, a process that has been accelerated by the pandemic. After all, Harari said, “It’s often said that you should never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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"Today’s world has reached a stage which, if it had been described to preceding centuries, would have called forth the cry: 'This is the Apocalypse!' Yet we have grown used to this kind of world; we even feel at home in it."

‘Men Have Forgotten God’: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 1983 Templeton Address

When C.S. Lewis predicted frightening trans humanism in his book That Hideous Strength 70 years ago, he imagined such appalling evil would need to be done in secret to protect from outrage. Yet, when it comes now, it is done openly. Where is the outrage?

We are living in The Brave New World, lulled into sugar comas by our ultra processed foods and soft drinks, drugged up by Big Pharma to counteract all the damage done by the terrible foods, spending a giant portion of our paychecks on the medical "system": health insurance, prescriptions co-pays, deductibles, surgeries. We are slaves, eating slave food (carbs), and treated by legal drug dealers. It's time to wake up and become human again so we have the brain energy to fight.

I'm convinced (though I can't prove it yet) that globalist thugs use big pharma as their #1 revenue source. Think about it for a second. If you were evil person and wanted to control the industry that had the most potential for revenue and most potential power people's lives, wouldn't you pick pharma? What wouldn't people pay for their health, especially when it comes to things like cancer.

One thing we can all do to counteract globalism is to eat the exact opposite of all the main stream health guidelines and 3-letter gov't org guidelines:

Eat more fatty meat, especially red meat

Cut out all industrial seed oils, govt' subsidized poisons: corn, soybean, canola oil, etc

Eat more salt; your body needs it

Taper off all processed carbage and sugars, sodas, candy bars. Get your mental health back.

Practice intermittent fasting which will do a world of good more than any prescription drug. Your body was meant to heal itself. Autoimmune diseases are on a violent uptick. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, even mental illness, it's all reversible through free changes involving intermittent fasting and reducing carbs. You don't even need a bunch of natural supplements.

Please, educate yourself about how you can upgrade your health!

Please do some reading about how a Harvard doc heals depression through diet


How there are suppressed cancer cures https://fastwell.substack.com/p/an-odd-cure-for-incurable-cancer

How diabetes is 100% curable https://fastwell.substack.com/p/the-new-you-20

How many have put autoimmune into remission https://fastwell.substack.com/p/autoimmune-diseases-and-hope

How heart disease is often caused by a high carb diet https://fastwell.substack.com/p/positive-fasting-adaptations-heart

How statins are the big pharma scan of the century: https://fastwell.substack.com/p/statins-detrimental-to-health-you

I really believe we can bankrupt the organized global mafia one prescription-FREE person at a time!

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Another cutting edge mind bender Dr. Malone. I have to admit you have a much more positive outlook on our government being able to control these technologies than I. This has already become an arms race and unfortunately we are dealing with countries that do remove organs from healthy people to save their elites. In a way we either sink or swim, we are stuck in this race. It feels like over night the world has become a futuristic movie like the terminator, the matrix or I robot. It forces me to think of the saying art imitates reality though I realize we are past that already. The most frightening point of all of this, for me, is I completely don’t trust the hands that control this here. J.Goodrich

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Using the benign reason to use this technology for handicap assistance for example is the gateway.

We had no choice with the new “vaccines”. Unfortunately I don’t think “We” will have a voice/choice with this matter either.

Senator Ron Johnson presented a paper recently to the AI panel. The author was forbidden to attend. His great concern was the use of manufactured videos of people. I saw on Twitter a created video of Biden stating he was going to reinstate the draft. Looked 100% “real”.

Mr. Johnson wants to legally ban that use with heavy fines for those who do not comply.

That is what terrifies me.

Science fiction coming to reality. Our world is spinning out of control.

Buckle up!

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God help us, this will not end well short of Divine intervention.

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Plays right into the WEF stratagies ( Harari?) It seems the natural human mind will become weaker at reasoning while the technology becomes dominant over us humans.

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In my opinion: Simplification is an answer...not tecnology. Humanity must simplify things, if the planet is to survive. The technologies that have been created without thought to the end results have harmed the entire earth. It can not continue!

I remember seeing a Superman cover with the planet Krypton exploding into fragments over 75 years ago. I wondered, why did Krypton explode? I read the story of how Superman's parents wanted to save their child by putting him into a small rocketship to get him away from the doomed planet.

Why did Krypton explode? I believe the answer was: TECHNOLOGY advanced too rapidly. It could happen here.

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So…..I go to Defcon find a 14 year old hacker and take control of this robot k-9. I trust the 14 year old more than ANY government to exercise control over this thing. Or maybe one of these AI’s that are all the rage decides it wants mobility.

This ends now or it ends badly.

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If anyone thinks that Elon's 40,000 satellite starlink system is for the stated purpose of "bringing internet to remote places where few people live" then I have a Bridge to sell you. Who would invest in a negative return venture such as this. By encircling the earth he will have electronic control of any device that operated on microwaves. Implants, nano technologies that can be swallowed etc., all come into play. Control over consciousness is a MAJOR ASPECT OF THE DEEP STATE, AND THAT IS WHY ELON HAD TO DISTANCE HIMSELF FROM HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS THEREIN. When Obama decided to stay in Washington DC I knew then that he was up to no good. He was the standard bearer of the destruction of the rights of the people. And in true form, they promise transparency and deliver heightened secrecy and more surveillance. This is an EVIL enterprise that has gone way too far. It is unconstitutional , unethical, immoral, and a crime against all of humanity. The total undermining of the US Government Congress, Senate etc.. by soul-less beings who view humanity with disdain and seek to treat it as less than human.. They were not voted in and certainly have NO AUTHORITY to act in any manner, yet they control over everything and have lied to the people about everything.. John Kerry's trip to Antarctica was not to visit the Penguins. It was to get orders from the remaining Nazi's that are there from WW2 who made a permanent base there where they had developed their antigravity craft and then moved out to the stars,. Admiral Byrd's diary is real, and accurrate.. He was attacked. Antarctica has evidence of prior civilizations and structures that are far more avanced that we can imagine. The same is true for the Grand Canyon and every place that is off limits for the general population. They are hiding our true history and they do not represent the interest of the people. If they did they would be opening all of these places for us to see. . We live in a very dark age and the Military industrial complex has decided to play mad scientist and to try to run the world but theET's who are in our solar system will not let them bring their madness into space. NASA is a FRONT as we have had antgravity since October 1954. The lies and deceit and murders to keep this secret are mindboggling, but they do not care. Now it is time they were exposed for all to see. The entire world has been kept down and all of humanity has suffered. If it had not been for the Deep State we would have had PEACE long ago, and humanity and the world would not be in the colossal mess it is in right now.. The so-called intellectuals and bankers have messed up up the planet and want to continue to do so at our continued expense. And don't rule out Russia from being involved here. They sent their religious head to Antarctica and who knows what he saw.

There is one truth, that love and compassion is the only way to a peaceful planet for all of humanity, not more war and death. We must turn away from the government and form a new system of our own making not associated with the system.. And we must expose all that we can. .

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Steve Bannon played a clip from an interview of Sam Altman (big name AI guy) and Rebecca Jarvis asked him if his AI tech was going to produce the end of the world would he hit the stop button? He said he would hit the slow down button. These are the people producing these technologies and these are the people that frighten me!!

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Not me. I did watch Rand Paul grill the CEO of Moderna under oath recently. The will to change is growing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA_SbVOCHJk

Here is another interesting development in the hunting community, the debate is about live streaming trailcameras that give hunters another tool to get that big buck.


This is the comment I submitted on the hunting video: Ha! The goal of a WEF transhumanist deer hunter is a camera on every tree and the live feed of video streamed right into their brains. No need to even go out in the woods!

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