About time we joined our world brother and sisters!

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this sounds wonderful, how are you going to keep it peaceful

How are you going to prevent the usual actors from trying to hijack this and have innocent people injured or worse yet killed

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These people want to inject our babies - who are not at risk - with the toxin. And not just once. The toxic "booster" campaign will be endless. Does your child's future matter to you? That is the question.

But we need to be smart about this. The folks who want to inject our babies do not want us to succeed. We must act as a group - never alone. Safety in numbers. And call out anyone who is violent - they are probably working for the national security state.

How many more Maddie de Garay examples do we need?

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By being brave...

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brave doesnt mean being stupid or naive. if we dont learn from history…..

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Definitely learn from history. MLK succeeded. We can too. It will require bravery, but also intelligence. Perhaps - review history, and understand how MLK succeeded? Maybe bedtime reading for the next week or so?

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If you're concerned...don't go.

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say her name. Ashley babbitt

remember those still in jail for doing stupid stuff yes, but not to the extent of the violence death and destruction that marked the election year

to not acknowledge that evil will do whatever it takes has done whatever it takes and have gotten away with it

need to have a plan.

cant jump into Niagara Falls thinking

hmmm. its swimmable

maybe it is. but im doing my homework and making plans for other recreational fun

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If you're concerned...don't go.

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The same way you keep a few drunken idiots from creating chaos in a stadium. If you've been in any huge crowds whether it is a sports event or concert or protest there is a tone and energy set by the majority.

There is no way to eliminate small kerfuffles and those don't turn a peaceful crowd into a mob. Think of sporting events.. it's the championship football game that launches street riots & wild fans not the third round of the Senior Golf tour.

Only a massive use of force against the crowd would trigger crowd violence. Stupid as I believe our politicians to be, the optics of attacking families of every kind make it seem entirely untenable, especially with the numbers of military and police who have lost their jobs and have jabbed coworkers feeling duped and coerced standing in solidarity.

Betcha a nickle they have far fewer problems in DC than New Year's Eve in Times Square.

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Understand that they attacked the Jan 6 crowd (still locked up a year later) with flash bangs-until then, the crowd was fairly peaceful.

There is always going to be street 'rowdies', but agree with posters above, if you're afraid, don't go. Or stay out of the crowds and take continuous video-that video may be VERY important. There is a place for every patriot.

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small kerfluffles….sp

lots of them last year. precincts burned down. buildings burned down. retired policeman killed. fires and more fires. how many policemen ambushed

The city of love that wasn’t, actually I think it was the summer of love, who knows it would have going on forever if they hadn’t targeted the mayors house then all of a sudden it had to be shut down

not saying not to be brave. but like that movie, Forget the name

Where you have two fighters when does brandishing with sword and the other one pulls out a gun and shoots him

they have billions behind them. not nickels

pray you are right

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The idea of massive protest clearly triggers your worst fears. I ride the NYC subway daily and have higher risk of being shot on a platform than shot at a protest. Both are less than hit by lightening but more likely than dying of COVID. Scan some of the NYC events and size up the crowds for the danger level.. fear not the cupcake moms with cardboard signs and stickers.

This isn't a turf war for BLM and Antifa these are working families and front line heroes who have lost lives and freedoms. Just because a handful of Mayors encourage lawlessness in their cities to advance an agenda does not mean every huge crowd is a danger for violence. Again as a NYer who sees NYPD manage a million drunks every New Year's & St Patrick's Day for over 50 years; there's no doubt Congress can scrape together some enough backup for the Park Police to pull off a cherry blossom style experience.


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im from brooklyn New York

Wrote the subways all over from Harlem Brooklyn Manhattan everywhere

There’s nothing wrong with having fear when it motivates you to have a plan so that you don’t have a repeat of numerous situations in the past

Again, I don’t have all the answers

In fact I don’t have any of the answers

But I’m at the age where experience has at least demonstrated for me that this due diligence that needs to take place for every undertaking

That’s what I love about this country everyone gets to voice their opinion

At least it used to be that way

I remember it was John Kennedy that said he wanted people around him who are smarter than him

I second that

Together we will find away

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Capitalism and free enterprise, beats central planning every day. Somebody will have the answer. Post it here, your ideas.

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And you know DAMN well the State would LOVE to make another Jan 6 incident of this, and they are getting bolder too.

Video, video, VIDEO. And upload it IMMEDIATELY. Let THEM (the State) make the mistakes.

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It was a Harrison Ford movie, I didn't see it, but heard all about it. Guy pulls out a sword, does some kind of kata, and Harrison Ford shrugs his shoulders, pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Lets NOT have that happen here. Only shooting needs to happen with VIDEO, and you can't have too much of that!

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This is AWESOME!!

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Would love to be there, especially in front the Lincoln Memorial an ideal setting.

Concerned however for our safety and that we are all still FREE to March and Peaceably Assemble as American Citizens.

Is this going Global? Will other countries host their own event in their countries?

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What a fabulous way to start the new year! Let the silent majority manufactured by Big Tech censorship show we oppose the presstitute propaganda. Remind the "Public Servants" who fancy themselves a ruling class, our freedoms are endowed by our Creator and enshrined in our Constitution; freedoms are not parceled out by technocrats to manage like so many lab rats.

Calls to Congress help too. Brief & polite is best the folks working on phones don't set policy they take messages. Capitol switchboard can locate MoC by zip code if you're unsure which gems you got. 202-224-3121

When the people fear the government, there's tyranny.

When the government fears the people, there's liberty.

~ Thomas Jefferson ~

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Beautifully stated!!

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Just don't let the Feds talk you into going into the capital.

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Yes, but what if you don't recognize who they are and what they are doing. After all, it is the the 'People's House' is it not?

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Check out the CDC data on booster uptake. It is terrible. Only 31% of people >= 18 are "boosted." The rest appear to be "booster hesitant." That's a drop of 54% (from 85% 1-dose down to 31% "boosted").

This explains the panicky "Omicron Domestic Terror Campaign." They are definitely panicked. But I'm guessing the panic is about the lame booster uptake rate. "What if we had a pandemic, and most of the country stopped caring?"


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It will be amazing and the day after the March for Life! Perfect combination.

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That explains a drop of stock for Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J. I vote for Dr. Robert Malone to run the NIH. We need someone with integrity. We don't expect a perfect person. We do expect a person that doesn't say something like, "I am science." No one person can claim that title. We all need each other to stay critical of ourselves, our motives, our responsbilities. Our current leaders don't have anyone to keep them honest with the American people. I am a little afraid of going to Washington DC. I am saying this straight out because what happened to the people in prison right now for going to Washington DC and then getting manipulatated by the FEDS to go into the Capital building. They should not have gone into the building, but I saw people going into the building with police allowing them and even moving gates so they could pass. It scares me because I think that there will be people there causing trouble.

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I was at dc on January 6th. We do it the way we did it then. PEACEFULLY and in brotherhood. But this time I will be more aware and if you see something- like busses coming in and changing into Trump clothes, all in full face masks, anyone calling for violence VIDEO THE HELL OUT OF IT , laugh at them, walk away. Use your head. They are not the ones we want to hear us that day. Don’t give the media anything. And above all remember GOD is behind us and God wins🥰🥰🥰

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Dec 18, 2021·edited Dec 18, 2021

I appreciate this article, by Charles Eisenstein: https://charleseisenstein.substack.com/p/a-path-will-rise-to-meet-us Here’s a bit:

. . .”That is why I feel impatient when someone speaks of “When the pandemic is over” or “When we are able to travel again” or “When we are able to have festivals again.” None of these things will happen by themselves. Compared to past pandemics, Covid is more a social-political phenomenon than it is an actual deadly disease. Yes, people are dying, but even assuming that everyone in the official numbers died “of” and not “with” Covid, casualties number one-third to one-ninth those of the 1918 flu; per-capita it is one-twelfth to one-thirty-sixth.1 As a sociopolitical phenomenon, there is no guaranteed end to it. Nature will not end it, at any rate; it will end only through the agreement of human beings that it has ended.2 This has become abundantly clear with the Omicron Variant. Political leaders, public health officials, and the media are whipping up fear and reinstituting policies that would have been unthinkable a few years ago for a disease that, at the present writing, has killed one person globally. So, we cannot speak of the pandemic ever being over unless we the people declare it to be over.

. . .If the end of Covid bullying is not an inevitability, then what is it? It is a choice. It is precisely the initiatory moment in which the victim—that is, the public—discovers its power. At the very beginning of the pandemic I called it a coronation: an initiation into sovereignty. Covid has shown us a future toward which we have long been hurtling, a future of technologically mediated relationships, ubiquitous surveillance, big tech information control, obsession with safety, shrinking civil liberties, widening wealth inequality, and the medicalization of life.”. . .

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Dr. Malone…FYI.


BJM blowing the whistle on FB “fact checkers”…

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suggest as many videos as possible, and have them upload immediately, so if they grab the camera/phone, it's already safeguarded, and the video can be saved. And agree, the violence mongers are the State at work.

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