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We have arrived at a point in our country where logical thought no longer pertains, where facts no longer matter, and where compassion seems no longer to exist. Who are these people? How can they go on living as if they're doing nothing wrong? How can they kiss their wives when going off to work in the morning, and tousle their children's hair when they comes home in the evening... while asking, "so how was your day in school?" How do they do the ordinary things of life, knowing full well that they're killing children. Or at best, not speaking up to try and save them.

There's a famous line in Shakespeare's Hamlet that Hamlet cries out to his mother, who of course is guilty of murder as an accomplice to her lover, the now deceased king's brother.

It's a short line., just 6 words, but I can't think of anything more apt for these evil times.

"O shame, where is thy blush?"

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It beggars the imagination that people can be so oblivious to the psycho-sociopathic agenda which is playing out now and destroying everything that matters - including and especially our children. If we cannot find the courage to protect our children we are a failed species indeed.

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Hello Dr. Malone,

Today I became a paid subscriber to your Substack. I had been a free subscriber for months but today I paid for a subscription to the Steve Kirsch Substack and since you are so courageously and selflessly fighting with us for Truth, Justice and the American Way as he is, I wanted to help fund you a little.

Cheers and best wishes!

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Don’t believe the WHO will stop at viruses and diseases. They will be able to declare climate as a health emergency and ban fossil fuels. How about declaring “gun violence “ a health emergency. There go your personal firearms. Good luck with that one in the US. This IS the Great Reset or at least a major part of it. Even if this goes through I don’t see how they can enforce it UNLESS WE LET THEM. No matter the outcome of this we better have the balls to resist and not to comply.

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Humanity is on a slippery slope to oblivion because Fauci and his disciplines believe they can improve on gods design! With each injection the risk of having ill Health compounds!

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When will the EUA expire? What is the trigger? Is there a trigger? Is it when Moderna and Pfizer have run out of product?

I used to think eventually people would wise up... stop throwing themselves and their kids into the fiery mouth of Moloch. But no. The only hope is that all do not have to inject poison in order to buy or sell.

Maranatha. (Jesus come quickly)

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We are about one week from ceding our sovereignty to a plan that has been in motion for decades and not a SINGLE seated politician or corporate media outlet has uttered a peep!

Silent. Tedros the terrorist. Silent. Gutierrez. Silent. Overturning lawfully elected leaders in Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Israel, Nicaragua, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Bolivia, Netherlands

The fake US/NATO created Ukraine/Russia war, Jan 6, Plandemic, US election, political opposition prisoners,, deliberate border invasion,, racial fanning, preventable mass shootings, supply chain disruption, lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, education destruction, tribalism, false narratives…

What is the GOP response? Banning abortion, doing nothing to diversify the party or modernizing t the platform or contemplating reality. Instead of dissecting the pattern of distractions and endgame, they dig in to the social issues espousing hyper-fundamentalist Christian ideology, confusing dogma with the Constitution, Bill Of Rights and religious freedom.

They have not touched upon the technological science of mRNA as medicine, Fauci’s decades long history of failure, corruption, sadism, torture , death and coverups. Not a word about Event 201, Operation Dark Winter Glade X, the epic history of CIA FBI/NSA /DOJ/FISA failure, corruption, coverups, false flags, persecution and targeting of American citizens and whistleblowers,The UN/Military Industrial Complex, Pharma, Tech, CommunoIslamoFascism, the UniParty Duopoloy…

, decking population and infertility, Chinese infiltration, CAIR, our universities, corrupt politicians.. Why didn’t a single Republican call out McCai, Kerner and Paul Ryan’s involvement in the IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious, Keating, ?) why haven’t the Republicans excoriated McCain, Flake, Burr,Graham, , Corker’s unholy alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood? Or the corrupt US players in Ukraine aside from Hunter Biden, I. E, McCain, Graham, Soros, Romney, Bush, Kerry, Mueller, Fiona Hill, Nuland, Kent, Bolton, Devine, Cofer Black, Schoen, Pelosi, Clinton, Lanny Davis, Rick Davis, the Podestas, Atkisson, Yvonovich, Volker, McMaster, Atlantic Council, Brookings, Band, Klobachar, Leahy, Schiff, Vindman, Murphy, Lofgren, Brennan, Baker, Menendez,Kramer,Crowdstrike,Epstein,Issakoff,Kristof,Cardin,chalupa, Glenn Simpson, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Cheney,Bulger,Wicker,Kerner,Bernie, Rice,Abedin,Durbin+ or the Nazis, particularly the Azov Regiment.

Why with all the “ Russia, Russia, Russia” did they not call out Uranium One, Mueller’s role or that the whistleblower is now in federal prison? Or the backdoor deal allowing Russia to sell arms to Iran? Or that Ukraine was used as a hub to transfer weapons to Al Qaeda in Libya under the Arab Spring rebels guise to destroy Gadaffi and pilfer Libya and Africa’s natural resources? That Benghazi was a CIA operation?

Lachlan Murdoch , a WEF “Young Global Leader” is the current Fox CEO ( thanks Rupert), which explains the Fox Board Of Directors support of Buttegieg , another WEF stooge in 2020. Hence, the bizarre ban on mention of Soros. It was quite bizarre when Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch was banned from Fox for “ Antisemitism” after calling out Soros. Farrell is the least antisemitic , honorable American hero in recent history.Lou Dobbs was canceled, Gingrich was silenced and most recently, Lara Logan, an incredibly esteemed investigative journalist was also removed.Ditto Jon Solomon, Sagar Enjeti, Isaiah Washington,Ami Horowitz, Zhudi Jasser,Elon Musk, Niger Innis, Ian Miles Cheong,Andy Ngo, Jim Hanson, Dov Hikind, , Greta Van Susteren,Raheem Kassam, Tony Shaffer, Diana West, Drs Malone, Risch, Gold, Kory,McCollough, RFK Jr, Dave Reaboi, Nan Hayward, Ayaan Hirsi Al, David Harsanyl, Lee Smith, Darrell Scott, Glenn Beck… Tucker is dying to spill the beans… pushing OAN off the air

Not a mention of Trudeau, Goodland, Blinken,Macron,, Ardern, Australia,Sanjay Gupta, Gates,Juncker,Bancel,Zelenskyy,Alicia Garza,Ibrham Kendi,Stephanopoulis, Ashton Kutcher, Jack Ma, Leona Wen, Bloomberg Johns Hopkins,Nuland,Nikki Haley, Chelsea Clinton,Bono, Merkel,Blair,Harari,the new presidents of Nicaragua, Peru, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Diden’s BlackRock/Vanguard/StateStreet,Xi,JP Morgan Cabinet, Fed,

WEF Schwab/Fauci/Gergen/Gates/Soros/Bloomberg/ Kissinger/ Ashcroft/Fauci/Fink/Buffett/UN/NATO/Globalist “ Great Reset” Build Back Better “ You will own nothing and be happy” ripped from the pages of Huxley’s Brave New World. Transhumanism hybrid mutant fiefdom ruling over serfdom .

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Here’s the question Dr. Malone…

I am a Mama bear… I raised three children and fought for them tooth and nail. I held them accountable when they messed up … but had their back come hell or high water. God help the bureaucratic Dr…. teacher.., or social service guru who thought they would tell me how to raise my kid… or dictate a medical procedure.

Where are the parents…. And when will they say with one voice.., “ Hell no !!! We are mad as hell and we won’t take this any more…”

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Either this is for profits or something far more nefarious. Either way it's sketchy as heck.

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The problem is much bigger than the Covid madness, and we must think big in our response. Two examples of why I say this: First as an environmental attorney representing farm workers exposed to neurotoxic pesticides I became deeply familiar with the intersection of "science" and public policy---or rather with the control over science enjoyed by for-profit entities that amass unfathomable wealth and power....in that case the Chemical Industry. I know all about how failure to do needed studies, failure to publicize studies that don't enrich the pesticide corporations, lousy study design in their own studies, massive media promotion of warped interpretations of their studies, and more add up to the same sort of thing we're seeing on Covid. Farm workers and their CHILDREN and others exposed to incredibly toxic chemicals (despite safe alternatives) for the enrichment of the corporations with Dem and Republican complicity.

Second, I am fighting Gender Identity Ideology. Big Pharma- and Big Tech-connected oligarchs have funded phenomenally effective strategies...which in an extremely short time have led to the capture of medical and other institutions, Gender Identity instead of biological reality being taught in schools, evisceration of major civil rights, and of key relevance here: horrific harm to children. Skyrocketing numbers of our most vulnerable kids are being "affirmed" as having been born "in the wrong body" even as very young children; they are put on puberty blockers as young as age 9, and then wrong sex hormones, and tons go on to surgeries. The maiming, osteoporosis, cardiovascular damage, sterilization, sexual dysfunction, and other harm done to children is staggering. And the suppression of those of us who object is absolute. The scientific basis of "gender affirmation" "medicine" is outrageously scant! Who wins? Big Pharma. And the Medical Industrial Complex.

The parallels between both my examples and what's happening on Covid are too extensive to lay out adequately here. There are massive similarities.

What we're up against is an economic system that is based on enriching the few at the expense of the many (the gap is more giant between the .01% and the 99% each day.) And the power differential that goes with that is more skewed each day. We cannot win on anything unless and until those of us with the clarity and courage on various fronts to point out that the Emperor has no clothes.....and the strength to defy cancel culture ...find each other, talk, listen, and figure out the way forward. I hope the event you mentioned above is an opportunity for that conversation?

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It is incessant. From our most precious to our most vulnerable. We must be informed and inform those around us. Stay vigilant and keep America free and safe. And thank you Dr. Malone for being the voice for us all. May God Bless You.

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Dr. Malone, we have compiled extensive information on possible mechanisms of injury induced by the COVID-19 vaccine on our Substack blog:


We are absolutely convinced that there is a high risk of autoimmune injury, amyloid fibrin clots, and perhaps even systemic amyloidosis with this vaccine.

It is absolutely shocking that these substances would be given to children. This is unmistakably poison.

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If you have not yet come to the realization that this situation, in its entirety, is based solely on personal profit of various degrees, you can no longer deny it. As Matthew 6:24 says...“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money." This will be the demise of humankind, in my humble opinion

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We need to study North Korea, they are now reporting Covid outbreaks, are not particularly nourished or healthy, and have zero vaccine. They are reporting such low deaths that no one believes them. Could be a super interesting study.

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You made mention of the things to come in your broadcast discussion with Tucker Carlson.

Yet another great defining moment for your remarkable commitment to the reality of capture.

This Pit Bull like tenacity by the Admin and CovScam crew is relentless. We need those Data dumps to show the world the unscrupulous evidence against the CDC/FDA/NIH/etc/etc.

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Do these ill educated nurses realize the damage they do by giving it to children? They literally have blood on their hands.

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