Another Trojan horse by the globalists. Crickets have been found to have arsenic, mycotoxins, anti-nutrients and carcinogens in their exoskeleton.

The best solution is don’t eat anything with a label. And an even better solution is do the carnivore diet. Carnivore saved me from autoimmune hell, and the crazy thing is I have seen it work on everything from MS to clinical depression and anxiety (literally cured MS with negative brain scans after 2 years).

What we eat matters.

If you have autoimmune disease or chronic illness that you think you might fix with diet, or if you just want to screw the globalists agenda and live a healthier life, check out carnivore diet here:


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Bring back Victory Gardens!

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The facts that crickets can carry diseases and that their shells can be carcinogenic are, I’m sure, a feature, not a bug.

Everyone who cares about this needs to stop eating processed foods. We put convenience ahead of health and buy the lie that natural foods such as grass fed meat, pastured eggs, and raw dairy are bad for us—or at least not as good for us as some manufactured crap such as almond, soy, or oat milk. Does anyone actually believe that the list of ingredients on a food label necessarily includes everything put into it? The only food information I believe comes from the farmers I know whom I buy my food from.

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1. Disgusting they are pushing this which means reading labels will now become obsessive. 🙄

2. Correction Dr. Malone - the exoskeleton is chitin - h not r. Yes, I'm an obsessive proofreader. 😊

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These kleptocrats are preposterous. Do they have any idea of how really funny they are? They are so suffering from the distorted logic of insanity. They must really believe we are that very stupid.

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Just like everything else these paychos are pushing on us, you can be guaranteed, these low life’s will still be eating steak, chicken, Turkey...as they believe they are the true lords of the planet and we are no more than their slaves 🤬🤬

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Just another step in the anti-human agenda.

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I have to say, reading this article gave me the heebie jeebies 🤢. I will now be paying more attention to ingredients on any food products I purchase. My daughter is extremely allergic to shellfish so I forwarded it to her attention so that she is aware and reads all food ingredients. Thank you for the eye opener, Dr. Malone.

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Who knew my dog was ahead of her time? She's been eating crickets in the backyard since we got her 4 years ago.

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Two years ago I switched to a animal-based diet. Even with the inevitable bumps in the transition from a plant-based diet, I am far better for it. My autoimmune issues have diminished and I have achieved a more balanced weight and energy level. The idea of eating insects triggers a resistance that I can assume is a cultural and upbringing issue as well as a well-developed aversion to creepy, crawly critters. When I can get over that thought, I come to the realization that just as primitive humans chose meat primarily and ate plants secondarily, I suspect bugs are a choice beyond meat and plants mostly eaten to prevent starvation. We are designed to eat many things but I cannot see the value of eating bugs over what our bodies have been primarily designed to thrive on - animal and/or plant-based. Of course, the powers that be are not inclined to give us a choice with this issue or many others. We must just say "NO!" and do what is necessary stop this intrusion on our free will and right to choose.

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Couldn't we just start by ending the ridiculous Ethanol charade? That would save more water and land than eating bugs.

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I have been reading about this! So terrible. Why are they experimenting on American citizens? Probably to kill us off. I was reading where our bodies are not designed to eat bugs. We can’t digest them well. I have seen advertising of cricket flour you can buy. Do they think we are dumb?

I saw a commercial where Nicole Kidman was eating bugs and saying how good they were for us and how tasty they were. My thought was you have got to be kidding!

Thank you for researching all these different topics. You know where to look and I trust your judgement! May God help us all.

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We can't bring back Victory Gardens.

The weather network is saying rain water is impure and can not be consumed, by extension I suppose it can't be used to water our gardens. Of course if the rain water in your area is ok to consume then you still can't grow your own veggies cause the soil is contaminated.

No worries though big Bill has purchased enough land that he can filter all the required water and sterilize the required soil. So we can buy all our food through him. I am sure he will offer us a very good price.

Now there is are a few questions remaining:

How will they force the switch to bug protein, by inflating the price of meat I wonder.

Well if its all related to pricing then I guess the rich people will still get to eat the good stuff, cause its only the poor people that suffer/pay for the staples (bugs),,,,,,,,,,, cause its all they can afford.

To summarize:

The rich get the meat

We get the bugs

They get to profit

We get to pay

So nothings changed then.

IVERMECTIN/HYDROXY work WHO knew, When did they know, Who suppressed it

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I am glad you called out the word “manufacturers” vs. “farms”. Along that thread of thought, I wonder if FARMS can rebrand themselves as Animal Manufacturing Plants?

I am one of those people that has food and drug allergies. Dairy is the big one for me in food. I read all labels and have for a long time. I READ ALL OF THEM!! So if there is a bug additive, I will see it and if more people DON’T BUY the bug additive foods, they will expire and have to throw it out. Boycott!

I have noticed they are now listing on labels THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS A BIOENGINEERED INGREDIENT. Here are some that might shock you!

M&M’s milk chocolate not dark chocolate (at least what I noticed)

Many other popular chocolate bars

Saltine crackers

In fact most crackers

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

Raisin nut bran cereal

Nilla wafers

There are more products I don’t recall all but most junk food is now bioengineered. Most would be products teenagers and children would eat. Hmmm coincidence or not?

Take a walk through your store. Give yourself time. Think of it as getting in your steps, but do it and adjust your recipes and eating habits.

I try to buy Non GMO products but I still look at the ingredients. It’s habit now.

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Being allergic to shellfish, I am going to be ultra careful in making sure I do not partake of these so-called "tasty snacks". I really do think there will be a problem with the critin. I suppose they (you know the dreaded they) can say the uptick in cancer and allergies are caused by sunspots or something similiar and not the critin which we are not made to ingest . Gads, these evil people need to be stopped.

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What are they feeding these crickets?

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