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There’s a physician in my county who’s been ridiculed and dropped by medical groups for loudly saying and actually putting up a large sign in his own yard that says “no more boosters” ... this poor man is losing his practice because he doesn’t agree with the agenda. I am standing behind him by going to him for treatment and will pay cash. My own insurance company and doctor is pushing the vax down my throat and I’m sick of it. I’d be willing to pay out of pocket for doctors who aren’t being experimental drug pushers.

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BRAVO!! We not only need to end the state of emergency now but prevent the government from ever being able to invoke one again. As the quote at the opening of my “Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-governor-ron-desantis) goes:

“‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded—and once they are suspended it is not difficult for anyone who has assumed such emergency powers to see to it that the emergency will persist.”

—F. A. Hayek, Law, Legislation, and Liberty


Dr. Malone, are you on the World Council for Health mailing list? They just put out an alert letting us know we have less than *24 HOURS* to submit comments for the stakeholder listening session for the 75th World Health Assembly, where they will be voting on the proposed International Health Regulations amendments that threaten to end national sovereignty starting in November.

Here is the form to submit comments:


I encourage everyone to sign up for notifications from the WCHF (https://worldcouncilforhealth.org) so you can get action alerts like this as soon as they come out.

Thanks to everyone here for helping us fight One-World Tyranny! 🙌

See more details and a list of resources at the end of this post:

• “Dialogue with a Curious Injectee” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dialogue-with-a-curious-injectee)

And the #StopTheWHO update in the announcements of my last post:

• “Letter to the Menticided: A 12-Step Program” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-menticided-a-12-step)

And here is the response I submitted last month during their public comment window:

• “Letter to the WHO” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-who)

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Thank you so much Freedom Fighters!

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Who would have ever believed that the Hippocratic Oath would be so callously disregarded by so many physicians, who uttered those words with at least some enthusiasm as they were receiving their medical degrees?

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Good Morning Dr. Malone..

I live in BC Canada… we have socialized medicine… and as such most Doctors in Canada tow the government line… because after all..every doctor , hospital and practitioner is on the government dole.

Last week… I fired my doctor and… am probably on some sort of list. If I need medical attention.. I throw the dice and go to emerg. And here is why :

More than two months ago I asked for compassionate permission from my Dr. to fly… just to access my desperately I’ll heart patient granddaughter. I am not vaxed and my request was flat out denied. ( Unvaxed are not allowed on trains or planes in Canada ). On March 13 th as my pumpkin was undergoing her second open heart procedure… I was is emergency with DVT and a clot on my lung…..

On April 5th my beautiful 12 year old granddaughter…damaged with a stroke..kidney damage.. blood clots and a brain hemorrhage ( double vaxed in October) drew her last breath and we chartered a float plane to be by her side.

No… I did not not get a call when all the charts from my clot in March were sent to the Drs office… and no …there was no follow up…. And no .. no call after our pumpkin died. ….She is in my opinion

as morally bankrupt… and as faithless to the Hippocratic oath as most others throughout the world and I applaud with breaking heart the brave 17,000

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I found this to be self explanatory and actually quite astonishing regarding the mass experimental human trials operating domestically under FDA EUA provisional use approval.

Thankfully, it appears a veritable army of Physicians and Scientists are royally pissed about the stunt pulled by the emerging cartel players infiltrated into government agencies, the public health bureaucracy and medical schools. It seems many of them are meeting each other for the first time and organizing in reaction to their personal observations which likely include apparent reckless maladministration, criminal abuse and unconscionable practices being inflicted on the human patient via shocking episodic misrepresentations and fraud surrounding the COVID 19 orthodoxy being spouted by globally-coordinated sycophants.

A mere 17,000 (and counting) are now on the record as being official whistleblowers. Many are leaders in the key medical and scientific disciplines that undergird commercial vaccinology, its history to present, and also representing infectious disease and vector control, pathology, molecular biology and toxicology. These are the people who know, joining forces with the professional ethical cohort that could be bothered to do the requisite deep dive into the unfathomable bullshit, subterfuge and physical harm created by a apparent cynical conspiracy of reckless, depraved profiteering raconteurs who appear to have inflicted unconscionable premeditated harm on the people of the world on behalf of racketeering sycophants and leaders of an emerging global cartel of financial interests engaged in a nefarious and larger agenda.

Thank you Dr. Malone and cohort. This Declaration is beautifully written by loving and highly knowledgeable professionals who actually do and create the basic science, who engage the related clinical practice and safety modalities relevant to this emerging issue. I see no pretenders in this cohort. They have come together after having been censored and institutionally ignored and professionally silenced.

No more.

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Thank you Dr. Malone! Great job!

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You people are doing the right thing and when the smoke clears, you will find yourselves on the right side of history. I am comforted in these times by remembering that in times such as these, the majority are most often wrong, if not always wrong. I think Mark Twain said something along these lines - that, if you find yourself in the majority, that should give you pause.

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people -- take action when you are "sick and tired" of "being sick and tired"

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I watched it live yesterday. The speeches were powerful and well delivered. For all of us who can, I think there's a good opportunity here to put more skin in the game by getting behind this. Otherwise, we're just talking to ourselves in a vacuum and if not now, when? We know Big Tech domains are comprehensively censored, but we still have old-fashioned email. I'm looking at my disheveled contact databases now and can see about 20k contacts, half of which may still be active. I'm going to clean this up, remove select addresses, and let it rip to basically everyone I know. This will take some courage. I promise to report back in a few days.

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God bless you, Dr. Malone, and your group of 17,000! As an RN (Retired), I am appalled at the Pfizer ads on radio and TV promoting their jab, and now the oral med. Also, the two medical centers in my city strongly promoting the "vaccine" and boosters. Our local paper runs a daily report of how many people have "Covid", keeping people fearful. I live in an Independent Living Retirement Community, and see the fear as masks return, and administration says they will follow CDC guidelines! It is difficult not to feel hopeless with all the evil happening.

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This needs a global (electronic) book for members of the public to sign, so those responsible in each country for this dictatorial nightmare can see the utter contempt in which they are held.

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The fact that this powerful declaration and Elon Musk opening up Twitter for free speech are both happening almost simultaneously is not coincidental. Dark forces are being pushed back. If our eyes were opened to see behind the scenes I’m sure we would see mighty angels protecting you all and not only saving our country, but humanity all over the world! Praising God for using humble instruments to further His cause of Love and Truth to mankind.

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One of our family practice doctors whom is a Mormon actually preached a sermon telling the followers that they are not doing right by God unless they dutifully mask up and line up for the shots. I cringe when I think about him lining up his numerous kids for the jab. I was also told that a few elderly people in the church passed away shortly after the jabs, one from multiple strokes and the other from invasive fast growing cancer. Coincidence? So it’s not just the censorship of the medical community, some are apparently in line with the safe and effective theory and that masks actually work. I’m sad that this was my doctor and my children’s. How they won’t wake up and see the truth at this point is frightening.

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I agree but you must go further. The medical community has burnt its bridges with their patients.

They must denounce everything they have done to us for the last two years. The AMA is filled with leftist woke morons who have given directives to hospitals across this country to not list the babies gender on their birth certificates. This is totally evil. They need to be purged and reformed.

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