Thanks for pre digesting the world news. I rarely bother with it. The globalists and others always have one word wrong. It’s not conspiracy theories, it is conspiracy FACTS. I know who ultimately controls things, the globalists have delusions of grandeur. While it is true they can make life miserable or even end it temporarily, I’ve read the back of the book and I know who wins.

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.“Matthew 5:5

“And ye shall tread down the wicked;

for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.” Malachi 4:3

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Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO is where I earned my bachelor's degree in 1974. I am shocked and heart broken to read this news. I will be sending letters to the president of the school, as well as the editor of the newspaper. This is very sad news. I realize that the WEF and/or their predecessors have been infiltrating universities all over the world since the late 60s. Now they are going for our children in the public schools. Cape Girardeau is a very conservative town. They should return the blood money and say "No thank you".

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“We believe in a world in which young people are central to solution-building, policy-making and lasting change.”

“lasting change” WTF?

Please, somebody! Teach your “young people” to critically read so they don’t get involved in such messes.

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Okay from a small town in Texas

Gas is going down for the time being

Lowes our grocery store prices, which were always high to begin with, are now out of sight.

Candy is outrageous, I expect soda to really start going up. Halloween and the upcoming holidays are going to experience significant sticker shock. Not even thinking of chocolate chip cookies this year.

I have noticed grocery shopping the following; stock is iffy. Sometimes there are quantity limits. (Dr. Pepper for instance, also chicken wings, chicken period) Sometimes stores are out of pasta, rice, beans.Limiting toilet paper, paper towels. Quality of TP is going down. Selection of items is down. Two brands if that.

The area I am in hadn’t seen rain since May. Just this past week we have had rain. This in turn caused flash flooding in a lot of areas. Remember turn around don’t drown.

Buses of immigrants in out of the way parking lots.

Cattle has been sold off early, no feed, no hay, no water, so ranchers are cut their losses early. Price of feed is sky high as is deer corn.

The river which we get water from was super low. With the recent rains maybe things will turn around a bit. It is nice to see green instead of brown. I am not sure if the burn ban is still on.

we are worried about our wells. No rain for four months.

Everyone who can is trying to stock up for this fall/winter. Majority believes that after the midterms prices on gas will go up. In fact all prices will go higher.

Community divide on the library. With the lawsuit in play now and talk of insurance companies willing to settle out of court the feeling is that the library will close permanently at some point. Stocking up on books and DVDs. We get little info on what exactly is going on because of the lawsuit. Theory is that they are using this small town library as a test case for reading materials in the library. No one is going to win. The law firm is out of state (San Francisco, CA if I remember correctly)

We might be getting chickens after September. Eggs for trade or cooking.

The recent Biden speech was not televised in Texas. We tried on ABC, NBC, CBS and public tv. Nope, nada.

We are not wearing masks and I for one, am loving it.

No cable or satellite tv. It is just too expensive and not worth it, lots of reruns and the new is for sh*t.

Watching out for grass fires everything is both dry and wet. Storms are hit and miss here.

Trump signs for 2024 are going up, and many believe the election was corrupted. I am just tired of it all and wonder how bad the next election will be.

Still love the community, husband and dog. There, a positive note to end on. Stay well.

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Good morning ☕

Happy Labor day to you and Jill👍

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I know this is a non sequitur, but on Labor Day I always think of Studs Terkel. I used to see him around Chicago quite often, the most accessible celebrity ever. He lived about a 20 minute walk from our house. I regret never having tried to visit him there. Studs really cared about people and the arts. I always wonder if he would have signed on reflexively to the COVID tyranny. I'd like to think that at some point he would have begun to ask questions. I suspect he would have opposed funding the Ukrainian military.

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“The picture that I’m painting is one of the end of abundance." - Mr. Macron

Yep, that's the premise of the Great Reset. There will only be enough "abundance" for the elites. For everyone else, there will be destitution and death.

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I say the following with nothing but love for Dr. Malone. As I read the news clips from around the world, it struck me that Dr. Malone is as "un-American" as me. Wait, wait. Hear me out.

I was born and raised in Canada, then later became a citizen of Greece, then even later America. It always struck me as odd that American media treats this country as an island nation in which all of the interesting things happen, save for huge random calamities around the world.

What a pleasure to wake up this morning to this post. Thank you good Doc.

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The News - brought to you by WEF. They will become the new AP, Reuters. Shaping policy and the spin at the same time.

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LOVE this concise listing of world news in a brief, easy-to-read column. Would like to see more of this!

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Wow ! It looks like the WEF is invading country by country and now state by state.

Greece’s energy is the only country where 100% of the price goes through the stock market.

Missouri is starting a young global group. It would seem that the target group is 18-27. This is the age where they are “adults” but they haven’t had enough experience with real life experiences. They are easily shaped and molded to move the WEF agenda forward. Like the nazi’s did with the youth. Endocrination.

Parents need to teach their children to be critical thinkers. As Dr Malone says if it looks like duck and walks like a duck it must be a duck.

They can’t teach us old geezers new tricks . We have lived life. So they target the youth.

The energy crisis is the WEF’s own doing.

Let’s taunt Putin the big egomaniac into invading the Ukraine . Let Putin destroy the corrupt evidence.

I’m just grateful for my faith in God. He is the all powerful one. He wins in the end. Obviously according to the book of Revelations we have a lot of crap to go through before his son comes to save us. Keep strong , keep the faith and please do a lot of praying.

We spent the weekend camping with our youngest child before she leaves for college at the end of this week.

Sketch internet access. That was great because we were able to have some good conversations about life.

Hug your kids , teach your kids, love your kids.

Dr Malone and Dr Jill thank you for all that you do for the good of the planet. Have a great Labor Day.

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Thank you for this column. Effectively gives a world view of related events. Helps to keep matters in perspective here given the msm spin.

On a separate note….because you may know who might be able to consider what I am about to suggest…..

The AG’a from Louisiana and Missouri have successfully put forth legal theories that have provided them with discovery that shows the collusion between big tech and the government in censoring speech.

Clearly, there are claims to be made by you and others who have been raising the alarm and challenging the government narrative. My understanding of the legal theory of their case is that the censorship that our federal government orchestrated impacted their ability to advise their state citizens about the merits of the many faceted COVID debate. I expect/suspect that if the discovery warrants (as it seems to) others will join in the lawsuit. That is, various experts like yourself will be able to claim infringement of 1st Amendment and defamation. However, there will be debates around what protection you have and whether you are a public figure warranting less protection from lies. The irony is that you became a public figure in trying to counter the government narrative!

Anyhow, as an attorney, I am wondering if these lawyers (AGs from LA and MO) have considered that they may have the basis for a class action lawsuit of citizens against big tech and the government for their actions. While I understand the frustration and impact that the demonizing of you and others had——it may be even more of a wake up call to America (and a potential means of breaking the mass formation psychosis) to have the class action expose the downstream effects of their censorship and calling you folks misinformation spreaders. That is, calling out how FB began attaching notices to the accounts of those of us who followed your research and writings. Some how we need to make these matters real and personal to everyday Americans. For example, I have friends who have disowned me and called me a conspiracy theorist for trying to raise concerns about the vaccine.

A class action lawsuit that profiles the nastiness that our supposed “unity living” president fostered and condoned is important to demonstrating the importance of the weaponization of the msm and press. We need to be able to show that in essence the current administration, Fauci especially, has operated as if it has a state owned and controlled media.

I had to laugh when Biden said violence is never condoned for political change. Interesting that he has no problem weaponizing Americans against each other….he and his administration have with COVID committed a great deal to f violence against Americans in the name of politics. I have endured assaults on my job by a fellow citizen (just as docs have been under threat of their job) for my opinions and questions relative to the vaccine. My mother lost her life to the vaccine. I have lost friends who have charged that my questioning the experts means I am a conspiracy theorist who should he shunned. I know a state assistant prosecutor who publicly ranted that those who refuse to get the jab should be treated like prisoners of war.

The class action lawsuit would demonstrate the harm inflicted on average citizens who would not consent to the vaccination. It would also show how the censoring and defaming of you and the other dissenting experts was purposefully done to control the masses and censor them….through fear! If you speak up….expect to have happen to you exactly what happened to the wrongly demonized experts. The is the real crisis America is in is the mass formation psychosis that Fauci et al fostered. Buck stops with Biden. We are looking at totalitarianism if we do not impress upon the public in general that they were purposefully weaponized as a means of control. Even if you win your case or it settles….the admission of big tech and the government will just get spun. We need to be able to demonstrate how the web of control spread through msm and then by FB and other platforms essentially blacklisting many Americans who listened to you.

Keep up the good work!!!!

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Even "bigger issues than conspiracy theories!" Stay awake my friend.

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Typical news day. A few hopeful signs. Others not so much.

Can't tell if we're winning or falling further behind.

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I did a brief run through of all of the news items. Great overview. I came away with a half smirk, half smile. Not all will suffer and once again we see and experience the juxtaposition of the draconian approaches that lead to “the end of abundance” while another nation rolls along strong. Which way does the world want to go? What a show. Split screen definition. Yep. Karma can be a “b**ch” now can’t it…Let’s see which way the citizens of the good ole USofA want to roll.

Thank you Dr Bob. Always stimulating and enlightening.

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Great! Klaus says we can all be superheroes if we get the implant! As for the Global Shapers in Cape Girardeau, there must be more to this story, I don't think this randomly came about because an Indian likes Missouri, WTF? Also, what is "codefi," the alleged reporter who wrote this never explains? Okay, maybe I missed it. Carlson had a great segment (I saw it online since I ditched my cable box last year) about Europe returning to the middle ages, with people (in Poland) foraging for firewood so they can keep warm this winter. The Greek economy and many other economies will be destroyed. Why? To aid Oligarchs and military contractors? I am afraid James Corbett was right when he said world war III has begun and it isn't a war between countries (although I think we might get there, too) it's a war on YOU. That is, on us, the common people. Thanks for this digest.

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