Dr. Malone…I’m very grateful you published this. I’ve followed Archbishop Viganò since he wrote his first warning. His courage is equal to yours and all standing in the gap for truth, justice & liberty. For much of the world, he is the lone voice for the reality of evil. Are people listening to him? Yes—those who know where to find his messages, as he, too, is pilloried & censored. The Marxist pope is only relevant to the corrupt. He will ultimately answer to a higher power. Bannon asked the right questions. There will be many, I am certain, who are unaware of the Archbishop’s influence, who will be surprised, perhaps perplexed, by his answers.

With thanks…

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Archbishop Vigano has recently written some incredibly insightful articles on both the Ukraine war and the WHO treaty. His breadth (and depth) of knowledge is formidable. Thank you for bringing him to the attention of a wider audience.

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Warning: coming many Americans, many people will die because of these COVID injections, many healthy children WILL die due to these shots; FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer secretly told me this

I was told in discussions with FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer officials in Washington at HHS July/August 2020, their grave concerns, why they must be silent as in fear for safety and careers; Toby!!

Dr. Paul Alexander

6 hr ago



They said, follow the $CIENCE. Fauci said he is the $CIENCE.

I have been trying to warn. I have written on this here in stack. I try again.

Everything you have been told by government, by CDC, by NIH, by Fauci, by Birx, by Bourla, by Pfizer, by all your government officials, were lies, distortions, exaggerations, meant to mislead you. All pure lies on everything about lockdowns and these failed COVID gene injections. All, every single part was a lie. A deception. This entire COVID pandemic, was a lie! Yes, we had an emergency, but everything done to us the last over 2 years was a fraud hoax, a lie. Every single COVID policy failed. Canada, US, UK, everywhere.

The entire lockdown lunacy failed! All school closures failed, just killed children. Everything was a lie! They knew it would never work but knew one thing, that you as people, as the population, crazily thought, that they as health officials and medical doctors, wanted to do good by them and they could ‘trust’ you. You would do them no harm.

Little did they know. Little did we know the corruptible malfeasants we were dealing with. I include many medical doctors in this.

Trump was right when he early on said it was hoax. He did not mean the virus was a fraud or hoax. He meant the repose. The response was, and he saw what the deepstate and media, and CDC and NIH and Fauci and Birx were doing to him. But he could not stop them. He could, he could have, but he was weak. He then did the unthinkable. He allowed Fauci and Birx to lead a crazy lockdown lunatic policy that harmed and killed thousands of Americans. None of it worked! Not one!

You will come to learn, that 2.5 years of your life was taken away, for a lie! A greed, power drunk lie! By sick malfeasant people. Their motives. That must all be investigated and if it is shown they did this deliberately and caused deaths, we jail them all! Yes, 2.5 years lost to these malfeasants. The COVID injection is a failed ineffective dangerous injection.

I am no anti-vaxxer, but I am against these injections.

I was told by these officials (FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer), in confidential secret discussions, that in about 6 to 6.5 years from roll-out, in those who take the injections, they feared mass auto-immune disease and deaths, they feared viral immune escape and very problematic variants, and they anticipated constant deaths from the injections but a major number of deaths to emerge. I could not even understand exactly what they did for it was so haphazard, but these were officials. And they wanted to talk to me. To tell me ‘their truths’.

They said based on all they knew, that the COVID injections could never work, especially the mRNA platform. It never worked in the animal model and was pathological. They told me that in about 6 to 6.5 years, there will be a surge in deaths in persons who take the injections (then about 1 year ago). This was their projection. They advised me they nor their families will never (especially their children) take any of the COVID injections.

The key is the injection works for some people and I argue we do not know how long and what the effects are and this is what I was told. But you understand that too. You cannot take a 15 year process and boil it down to a few months and declare it is safe. They were never safety tested to exclude harms and deaths longer term. We do not know exactly what is coming. But it certainly does not work for a whole bunch of people. Look around, you know people who have been harmed by these injections and died. Do you not? Something is very wrong with these injections. Very wrong and they just will not stop.

I am being open with you to inform you. I am sick and tired, years now, of the lies and fraud and disaster put out by the media, the alphabet health agencies etc. You trusted your public health officials, you think ‘they care about you’, well, they never cared about you, your family, or the truth. It is to them about the $CIENCE.

I think I shared prior that my office was on the 6th floor of the HHS building in DC, Operation warp speed and Moderna were stationed on the 7th floor. FDA, CDC etc. have sub-satellite offices at HHS. At least when I was there and Hahn, Redfield etc. came there daily after congress or White House to see their staff, various persons, persons in various offices.

These people I talked with, came to me out of anger and fear too, they knew who I was and wanted to tell me their stories and how worried they were for the population, and fearful for their lives and own careers as to the COVID injections (and other issues). If they spoke out openly so had to talk secretly.

They were very very dismayed and angered and worried as to why the agencies they worked for e.g. FDA and NIH and CDC etc. and the pharmaceuticals were not properly regulating and conducting the proper safety studies, proper durations of follow-up. They felt the COVID injection program was a pure disaster and should be stopped back then. This is 6 months or so before roll-out. They felt no healthy children should ever be given the very injections they were working on. They were that concerned.

I want to be clear again, based on all I know today, based on what I was told, many many children will die due to these injections. Healthy children will die, not ‘if’, but ‘will die. Healthy children, healthy people, normal people never needed and do not need these injections. I have told you before that (strong research and scholarship by Geert) we will be in a pandemic for 100 years if we continue these injections. It is the COVID injection itself that is driving the variants and these CDC, NIH, Moderna, and Pfizer officials are malfeasants IMO who are continuing this. There is no sound justification. These malfeasants know that they are vaccinating with the Wuhan strain (legacy strain) that has been gone many months now and omicron dominates. The vaccinal antibodies are to the original Wuhan strain and will not hit the omicron spike antigen (original antigenic sin (OAS)).

It is the COVID injection (and consequent non-neutralizing antibodies pressuring the spike antigen) that is causing the vaccinated to become infected, hospitalized, and die. The data is clear. Massive antibody-dependent enhancement, some refer to this as antibody mediated viral enhancement. Some pathogenic priming. All IMO the very same. The recall antibodies are to something that does not exist today. The key is to reduce viral pressure, infectious pressure on the population, so that the sub-optimal injections have less virus to put under pressure. We have effective chemoprophylaxis, we can do this. We have early treatment. This can worked effectively and this can thus help reduce viral transmission. At the same time, the best step is to stop these filed injections.

I want all of these people investigated in proper public and legal inquiries, and if it is shown they did wrong, in proper inquiries, I want them arrested. I want all who made policy decisions that costed lives, to be jailed! All their monies taken!

Dr. Rogers looked at the FDA June 28th meeting and his takeaway is bang on and what we have been saying here for near a year now here:

‘‘Yesterday, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee approved a bivalent Covid-19 shot with the Wuhan strain and the Omicron variant.

The vote was:

19 yes.

2 no.

A few thoughts:

The Wuhan strain is no longer in circulation. So they are vaccinating against a strain that no longer exists.

The Omicron variant that they are going to put into this shot is Omicron BA.4/BA.5:

1. By the time it gets to market in the fall, Omicron BA.4/BA.5 will likely no longer be in circulation.

2. There is no efficacy data whatsoever on vaccines against Omicron BA.4/5.

3. There is no safety data whatsoever on vaccines against Omicron BA.4/5.

4. They do not intend to gather any efficacy or safety data between now and when these shots will be released in the fall:

At the meeting, the manufacturers (Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax) were asked what their production timelines are… and they said out loud, “So long as we don’t have to provide any clinical data, we’ll have them ready by fall.”

Dr. Rogers is a smart guy.

His work:


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Archbishop Vigano has succinctly and rationally brought together an intellectual statement of the current global state. He is an amazing man whose brilliant insights offer a path of hope forward while simultaneously boldly naming those who are committed to our destruction.

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I will have to read this over again, if you hadn't posted this I would wonder if some of this were made up! This is extremely deep and concerning. We have been so duped on so many different levels I cringe at the next array of "commandments" that will come our way. And come they will...

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Archbishop Vigano should be the Pope!

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At the risk of appearing conspiratorially insane( which I no longer care about), I believe the endgame is Faustian. No pun intended. They are seeking immortality. The mRNA/tech/Pharma transhumanism is a ghoulish double edged sword. Ditto the insane amorphous sexuality. Infertility, depopulation, loveless, godless, soulless, meaningless existence. Ruled by Machiavellian psychopaths

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Vigano has called out everything since the beginning. He even predicted the shift to the zero carbon agenda. It’s all Agenda 2030.

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I first learned about Archbishop VIgano a few years ago when he spoke out about Cardinal McCarrick. At the time, I didn't know what to believe as his allegations seemed too incredulous to me but I have come to respect and have followed him since.

Thanks for this post.

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The reference to Gates reminds me of a guy in our IT dept who worked for Microsoft early days. Gates would come in and begin by saying "who are we going to kill today?". And he meant just that. He is the walking definition of a sociopath. As I suppose to are all those WEF upperlings.

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Thank you for this very insightful interview. I am truly amazed that the Archbishop’s insights so closely parallel the perspectives we have been entertaining along here along with our worst fears. I admit to being surprised at the identity of the messenger. It leaves me wondering whether all his insights are a result of his own investigations and conclusions or/and divine inspirations.

That said I was relieved and touched by his vision of the possibility things might be returned to the normal I thought I was living in many years ago. It brought tears to my eyes. Would that we survive to be grateful for a return - in his words - to God.

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Thank you Dr Malone

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We might never realized how dire our situation, had Trump not been President.

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An eye opening book I was referred to and listened to the original and the follow up that supports the Archbishop's points is " The Confessions of an Economic Hitman" non-fictional account of exactly how the developed nations have set aside wars of conquest and imperialism in favor of a more devious and subtle takeover of developing nations through the very supranational organizations listed by the Archbishop.


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Wow! Reality 101 laid out so nicely! I bet there's a schism in the Church because the San Francisco diocese wouldn't give Pelosi communion, but the Vatican did.

Here's something funny from the Babylon Bee

GENEVA — This week, an international panel of scholars released the findings of a study examining a causal link between an improved prayer life and teaching a teen to drive. The results are conclusive: parents who report a "poor-moderate" prayer life increase their prayer by over 329% after the first behind-the-wheel lesson.

"With a large sample size, several control groups, and a double-blind methodology, we are confident we have demonstrated that anyone who teaches teens to drive will cry out to God for deliverance."

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