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Dr. Malone , I’m not an alarmist typically. I have worked my entire life and saved wisely. But this psyops we are living in has truly gone sideways. Different substacks have helped with my sanity. Family and relationships we depended on are lost. I keep putting one foot in front of the other to stay focused. We must keep fighting on. Happy July 4th to everyone.

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Yes, thanks for writing about this. We have moved to a Red state from the West Coast and plan to implement other " parallel economy" strategies into our new life here.

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We are coming full circle. We had company towns in the 19th century where you were employed by the company and fed by the company, housed by the company and were always in debt and had to buy everything from the company store. We are entering a digital form of the same where the elitist rule and you are the worker bee! Those that don't comply are run out of town!

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Really important to go to the World Economic Forum and Bilderberg meeting websites to see who and what these people are. Once we see it it can’t be unseen.

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Dr. Malone first - My deepest condolences for the loss of your colleague, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. I watch his Eulogy and it was beautiful, insightful, moving, tragic and his “Do you believe in Mother” was so perfect. His speech to many, was accurate and brave to tell us all from beyond the grave to stand together and say NO, and to Defend our human rights. His final farewell, a gift to us all. Taken so young, a brilliant scientific mind, a caring doctor and from I could tell an honest man and devoted father and husband to his beloved wife and children. My deepest sympathy!

I appreciate your work, time and effort you have given to all of us. Thank you!

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Own a bit of land, start a garden, build up efficiencies and resources, becoming independent of international corporate goods and services, then will one have something to defend.

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A few weeks ago I was suspended from Twitter for posting in response to someone’s question about how concerned we should be with Monkeypox that the infections are mostly in the gay community and around the summertime Pride Festivals.

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Microsoft owns LinkedIn. Time to move to an alternative.

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The government/administrative state may have some backdoor input on the social media censoring, but I suspect it's more an advisory role. It is the Big Tech titans who are eagerly and aggressively developing, fine tuning, and deploying the algorithms which perform the first pass at approving or disapproving what the plebs get to disseminate. Much of it based on simply filtering out specific keywords.

They own the platforms, the data, and most of all, you. And they don't have to worry about that pesky First Amendment obstacle.

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Truly thankful for the intellect, wit and sensibility of you and your wife in the contributions made towards the SANITY of our country and the world. Am so PROUD to be a recipient of the charity and generosity of all the Doctors willing to STAND, FIGHT and RISK their whole lives, careers and well-being of themselves and their families for the benefit of humanity. We're so fortunate to be citizens of the United States where so many have the ability to have and use weapons to protect against tyranny. We, here are personally fortunate for the ancestors we've had who provided the farm my family has inherited and owned for 250 years. We're willing and capable of providing for any number of people in our region your information and warnings have prompted us to plan for. Praying for you and yours...May God Bless and Keep You 🙏🏻💓🙏🏻💐⛪🙏🏻

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Dr. Malone, I respect you a great deal for your efforts to warn Americans. I'm working with Pastors who will accept me to speak about the critical and dangerous risks of these vaccines. I'm an RN, CCRA, and Assistant Director of GlaxoSmthKiline Respiratory and Endocrinology Research Unit. I was responsible for supervising safety staff in reviewing data, and monitoring, GCP and Compliance to the Protocol. I refused to back down when I found serious cardiovascular issues, MI and dangerous arrythmia, particularly when the drug was added to insulin. I went to Toronto Canada for an Investigator meeting for a COPD drug, and found myself sitting at a table next to the Medical Monitor Marty Freed, who was talking to his lead statistician. He did not see me, and but I heard him ask him to adjust the power. Unbelievable. The FDA ended up pulling the drug 2 years later, after a couple of thousand people died around the world. Imagine my disgust when l found out that the FDA slipped them a favor, by retiring the IND, and changing the compound #, so the NIH could use it for the VERY EXACT reason it was pulled. Testing it in Africa for Diabetes and also for Hyperlipidemia. They kept telling the sites that the lipids became "fluffy", but that the HDL/LDL ratio didn't change!

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I cancelled my LinkedIn account (800+ connections) soon after they censored their first user. LinkedIn == Microsoft, FYI. If you have a LinkedIn acouunt and haven't cancelled it, you should. Don't support censorship.

There are some good articles written by James Corbett (corbettreport.com) and many others on alternate economies and the "agora". Take a look. Also take a look at getting some of your savings out of the fiat money system. Silver is relatively cheap and will be useful for trade in a post-fiat, non-CBDC alternative economy.

Dr. Malone: thank you once again for enlightening people!

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I appreciate your suggestions immensely. How else will people on the tip of the iceberg be able to see the murky underwater? I feel like most people are sitting ducks in this scheme, it will wash right over them.

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Bingo. The Marxists are using the pattern of the 'Weimar Republic', including the all its degeneracy to destroy the moral fabric of the nation. The only thing I know to be absolutely true is JESUS, that which denounces Him or seeks to replace Him is the spirit of anti-christ...

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Dr. Malone... come on... This is NOT "marxism" just totalitarianism... This is far right so extreme that it is glowing red...

Any extreme will be so far from what people need that they will be a total disconnect from them...

As for capitalism... this is a system that glorifies GREED. At this moment, we have financial capitalism, making money out of money; this is why Evil Horrory is asking the rhetorical question "what do we need humans for?".

This is what happens when you cut the feedback from any system; in communism, feedback was ignored (because "they knew better"), while in capitalism, even though they say they "love competition", they all secretly love MONOPOLY and they push towards it through the legalized bribery called "lobbying".

So - YES - these are the final stages of capitalism, just before it implodes.

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Dr. Malone,

I hope You don't mind in sharing a column from Dr. Jonathan Mercola - pretty important"

Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional

Story at-a-glance

Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser for the drug company Pfizer, shares why he believes that the narratives around COVID-19 are false and were put into place deliberately to exert control over society

Yeadon says you've been lied to about the magnitude of the threat represented by this entity called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19

The 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic was a “dress rehearsal” for the COVID-19 pandemic

The use of the spike protein in the shot was a diabolical mistake, as 90% of the immune response mounted after natural COVID-19 exposure is not to the spike protein

Spike protein is also toxic and mutates rapidly, which essentially destroys virtually any protection that the shot provides shortly after it’s given

The fact that virtually every country worldwide followed suit in imposing ineffective lockdowns and other COVID-19 mandates suggests a coordinated, supranational effort was underway

Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser for the drug company Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, has become one of the most prominent critics of COVID mandates and COVID-19 shots. In this riveting interview with British radio presenter Maajid Nawaz, he shares why he believes that the narratives around COVID-19 are false and were put into place deliberately to exert control over society.

“First,” Yeadon says, “you've been lied to about the magnitude of the threat represented by this entity called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19. Been lied to about that, in every way, shape and form … the bottom line is, we've been lied to and it's deliberate, and they knew it, and no action was needed whatsoever, other than if you're sick, stay home.”2 Further, the wheel may have been set into motion in 2009, during the swine flu pandemic.

The 2009 Swine Flu Was the Final Dress Rehearsal for COVID

During the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic, secret agreements were made between Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France with the pharmaceutical industry before the H1N1 pandemic began, which stated that they would purchase H1N1 flu vaccinations — but only if a pandemic level 6 was declared by the World Health Organization.

“He [Wodarg] was public health officer and a politician during the swine flu pandemic in 2009. And some very similar things that happened in COVID were happening in 2009. There's a very interesting experience here and I think 2009 was the final dress rehearsal for COVID.

90% of COVID Immune Response Is Not to Spike Protein

Yeadon stresses that there are “design errors” in COVID-19 shots. “The main problem with them is there's no dose where you can get obvious signs of benefit without attendant harms, that are much greater at a population level than any possible benefit.” Further, the use of the spike protein was a mistake, as it’s been known for more than 10 years that it causes adverse effects in humans:13

“There are no gene based vaccines on the market for very good reasons. And that's one of the problems. But let's see, you could like pull it pull it apart, you can pull the spike off, you could pull the ball in the middle of this virus, which bit would you give to people? … what you would do is ask, what's the toxicity of the bit I'm going to give to a person?

So if I told you that the spike protein, like a floating landmine in … the sea with the spikes sticking out, I told you that we've known for more than a decade that the spike bits from related viruses had unwanted biology that could cause blood to coagulate and activate platelets and make blood clots. That's true.

So the fact that they chose spike protein, gene for spike protein, make your body become a manufacturing center briefly to make that virus spike protein — that's the first mistake.”

Further, according to Yeadon, the human body mounts its best immune responses after natural COVID-19 infection, not exposure to the spike protein in the shots. He states, “90% of the immune response to COVID are two bits of the virus that are not spike protein. So I think I am right that that was not the best bit to give, because it’s not the thing your body likes to respond to.”14

Spike Protein Mutates Rapidly, Destroying Shots’ Protection

“What you should do is pick the bits of the virus that's genetically most stable. Now, I don't know that we knew it at the beginning, but it's certainly true now that the thing that undergoes variation most quickly is the spike protein … now you've picked something that's going to rapidly go out of focus to rapidly evolve to a different variant, new vaccine won't work anymore.”

Further, because the spike protein is similar to “lots of bits in humans,” it can prompt your body to make an immune response to human proteins — “that’s called an autoimmune response,” Yeadon says. Yet, scientists chose the spike protein anyway — even though it violated all of the “rules” when it comes to creating a safe and effective product. Yeadon believes this wasn’t a mistake at all; it was intentional:18

But guess what? Moderna picks spike protein and so does Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. So I put it to you, colleagues, any scientists out there or just logical people. How the hell would they pick?

For the Next Pandemic Understand Vaccines Are Not the Answer’

“It's really important that you listen to me here, that if there's another respiratory virus, you must know this time that whatever however they design, the damn vaccine is the wrong answer. It's the wrong answer for loads of reasons. One is, you will generate an immune response in your blood that cannot possibly affect infection, it doesn't matter what it is, it won't affect infection.

Secondly, if you if you design it using spike protein from some other virus, then if it has that same property of causing toxicity, it will cause toxicity because when you inject these gene based vaccines, it's like launching a go kart that has an accelerator, no steering wheel and no brakes … there's nothing in the design of these vaccines that limits where they go.

Some of it will go into your brain, the back of your eyes, your ovaries or testes, your blood vessels or your heart … you can't develop rapid vaccines, and then give them to billions of people, because you will never have enough safety data to allow you to know whether that was a good bet or not. And without that data, it's reckless. Don't do it.”

What else can be learned from the COVID-19 fiasco, Yeadon says, is that the nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) — things like masks, lockdowns, border closures and mass testing of the population — were also useless in curbing the spread of the disease, and world leaders knew this in 2019, when a paper by WHO scientists showed that most NPIs were ineffective in stopping the spread of respiratory viruses.

“Of course, many of them have really serious side effects on the economy, psychology, social relationships and so on,” he noted.21

Evidence of Supranational Coordination

“Public health officials knew perfectly well those things didn't work,” Yeadon said, but the fact that virtually every country worldwide followed suit nonetheless suggests a coordinated effort was underway. “I think it's the strongest evidence of supranational coordination, something happening above the level of country,” Yeadon said, and he wants to get the word out:22

… There was a supranational agreement or pressure to do it. I don't know whether that pressure was instantiated in spring of 2020, or whether they had already agreed to do it a few months ago, but either way, nobody spoke up. And as far as I know, nobody resigned even though what was being imposed on all of those countries was … ineffective and would damage their economies. That's the kindest thing you can possibly say.”

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