While I'm always gratified to see more evidence of what's been obvious for a very long time now, I can't wait for the day that this is universally understood. Thank you.

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Excellent articles. I have come to believe that part of the "plan" (beyond furthering Davos Man's totalitarian agenda) is to replace the innate human immune system with a Microsoft-like program that will require endless "downloads" (new vaxxx) of new genetic codes to act as the "new-and-improved" artificial immune system. This is a beautiful plan - ultimate control over the peasantry and a government-approved and mandated revenue stream. ...The monetization of Human Life (which has already been achieved in large part via our destructive corporatist culture). This is what one would expect, of course, from the minds of the psychopathic, mechanistic minds of Gates, Schwab, Fauci et al.

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I think most of us in medicine have understood that masks offer little to no protection against C19. Many of us have been warning about possible longterm risks. While it’s gratifying to see validating research, it’s a somewhat hollow victory in that hospitals, mine included, continue to mandate them. It’s beyond frustrating to have conversations with my colleagues about this. Everyone seems frozen in apathy & unwilling to buck the system. We’re seeing an explosion of pediatric cases of asthma, & auto-immune disorders. Admin is happy bc of the huge financial gains for the hospital.

AG Garland is trying to once again mandate masks on public transportation & the study on ocular transmission cited here ends with the recommendation that all healthcare workers wear MASKS & eye protection. I am losing my mind.

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Another excellent article…I’m passing on to parents of children affected…

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As a Painting Contractor and Craftsman of 42 years, the protocols for filtering an air quality issue in the theater of all types of construction in the building trades has been forefront in my health.

Each job site has its own unique problems of air quality/source and flow. Most are of the vast particulate variety that you can see clearly with lighting. Others are miniscule solvent or moisture based that are small and light enough to float/hang for an extended period of time. No doubt these are the more dangerous (flammable) or highly toxic to lungs or throat. Having to wear an N95 ported cone mask (3M finest technology for particulate and some vapor filtering) or any variety for an entire 8 hr day exposure can be noticeably taxing to your normal oxygen sustaining levels especially while laboring. This repeated daily wearing is very noticeable in the form of headaches, upper lower sinus issues, and just a flat out feeling of utter fatigue that can be cumulative. Then there are the snorkel style 3M respirators that are incredible at filtering solvent molecules so small that you won't smell a trace of the environment that surrounds you. It's that effective! But also horribly not cost effective. The life of the twin charcoal canisters that do the work must be changed as they have an hourly rate of shelf life and again drawing air to breath in is not effortless even when new. Again, an hourly lessened oxygen to the lungs are evident. Rebreathing your own carbon dioxin discharges for hours will without fail change the structure of your blood stream. As you can clearly see by this brief and I admit an incomplete scientific explanation that constant wearing is not recommended unless you already have serious deeper breath taking issues or live in a constant poor air existence. Like the photos of the industry cities in China of living in the grey haze of air pollution. Mask use and abuse has been studied and perfected by qualified industry as best as possible for decades. My opinion and my vast experience in low quality air situations is pretty robust. I know when they work, or cause issues.

I carry all of the varieties I mentioned here in my work van just in case. In my opinion if you were to attempt to ward off viral airborne penetration it would have to be the expensive charcoal one.

The masking damages to society as Psychological are more profound than imaginable. fullstop.

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NIH has nothing good to say about mask wearing, and they’ve held that position since June of 2020 and their criticism has only gotten more fervent as time moves on. WHY different areas of the US Fed have such differing findings is quite strange. Are there ‘payoffs’ for certain opinions? It’s quite likely YES is the answer. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8072811/

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Aside from the obvious, that mask wearing is harmful, there is an awakening happening, yet the “controllers” NEED the masks on people to maintain

1. Obedience

2. Continue illness to insure Pharmaceutical drug revenue

3. Looters and rioters are covered up

4. Eventually to charge people for oxygen which is FREE right now and is the one thing the “controllers” can’t make a profit on, but want to.

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Jun 1, 2022·edited Jun 1, 2022

Thank you, Dr. Malone. It is good to see things our grandparents taught us about children needing exposure to the world of viruses, bacteria, DIRT and sunshine reaffirmed. This child abuse needs to end, and I think parents are the ones who will have to practice civil disobedience to make it happen. It would seem that most elected officials are either cowards or complicit.

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When masking was a more wide spread thing in my area I noticed children who came in masked to church nursery had pink eye in numbers I would say were larger than normal. Initially I attributed it to their fiddling with the masks. But then when you see them coughing hard into the masks (which they did a lot - I think from mask wearing and rebreathing bacteria (I am not a scientist, but play one in church nursery)) I got the notion that all that stuff was being shot up into their eyes. Not COVID virus (usually), but just plain old colds that kiddos get. I hardly ever see pink eye now.

Masking children in particular is one of the most appreciated travesties IMO.

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Jun 1, 2022·edited Jun 2, 2022

Dr Malone, Off topic, but I am trying to get your eyes here for a moment please...

I was shocked to learn the national blood supply is not separated (vax/unvax).

Please educate us, and if the topic is important enough, can you consider doing a post on this topic?

1) Do I need to avoid blood products if I want to avoid the spike protein?

2) Why are they not separating the blood supply? It seems irresponsible at best.

3) Will the spike protein in donated blood do damage Iike it does to the vaccinated?...If so, at the same rate?

4) Do recipients of blood products become vaccinated by osmosis?

5) What are some other considerations? Can it cause other issues?

(Near duplicate at TruthSocial)

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Great article. When I would go to the store and see those darling little kids wearing face masks, it would make me so sad for those children. They looked unhappy and scared. I can only imagine the coaxing those mother’s would have had to do for those little children to wear face masks.

I think back to when I was a child and I can’t remember anyone allergic to peanut butter. I remember reading an article years ago that stated that same fact that you presented. Children need to play in the dirt , play outside, have an animal. This builds the immune system. I have children ages 44-18 . The changes through the years on what to feed babies has changed dramatically. Nursing is ideal. But introduce the children to food. I remember feeding my baby mush and pears at 3 weeks and slowly add a variety of foods into their diet. Then by the time my 3rd child came on the scene babies didn’t need anything but mother’s milk or formula for 6 months. Don’t feed them food because they didn’t need it. I saw more food allergies coming from that.

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A new phenomenon -- homelessness is suddenly spreading throughout western Europe -- from Greece to Holland - although little noticed/commented in media -- WHY (WEF surplus population ??)

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Quick off topic note for you

First My Radio Guy just reported on and included part of your reading at the Global Summit Conference video. He suggested listeners go to the page to read and hear the full messages. Our station is conservative and tops in our area.

The Second aside - you may want to see if you can get some addition publicity when your book comes out with interviews. if you do I could try checking with him re a call in.

If there is a better place for me to offer these types of thoughts, would be pleased to know. J

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Dear Dr. Malone - please don't ever apologize for a "short" Substack post. I'm sure most of us would be happy for you to write, "Sorry for a short post, but I'm working on my farm today, taking care of our horses and riding for a few hours." If anyone deserved a day of just riding horses, it would be you!

I finished watching the panel with Del Bigtree this morning. One thing I especially appreciate and admire about your character is how you regularly call out the gifts of your colleagues like you did with Dr. Urso at the end of that interview. I've seen you do it with Dr. Cole and Dr. Gessling and I'm sure I've missed others. I hope you do it privately too, not like my in-laws who brag us up to siblings (and them to us) but we never hear those words of affirmation ourselves. 🙄

I know I will appreciate all of Dr. Bridle's article just as I do Dr. McDonald's perspectives on child masking. The only thing that sets me off more than children forced to wear face diapers is their parents forcing experimental injections into their little bodies.

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Never wore masks, never will. To hell with the monsters pushing anti-science solutions for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. Thank you Dr. Malone for publishing what many of us already intuitively knew. God bless you.

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My apologies for the brevity of my comment — to paraphrase a great man — but I have three very important things to say:

1. Dr. Malone, you are a kind, caring, brave, and outrageously smart physician, healer, and humanitarian. We are lucky to have you roaming among us. Short Substacks are A-OK: you deserve time to rest and recharge your synapses and enjoy your life.

2. This Substack community is so wonderful! I’m honored to be part of it, and all the other Substacks to which I currently subscribe. Really…wonderful…human…beings exist — HERE on the medical Substacks! Thank you all!

3. Finally, as a tribute to Dr. Malone, I sign all my emails with one of his favorite quotes:

“The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” – Saint Augustine

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