First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. I think you are moving into stage four.

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Jan 10, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

When you see a terminal pancreatic cancer patient sob with relief from a negative covid test and cry over and over again "thank God I only have cancer", you know that Mass Formation is no myth...

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Forgive me, Dr. Malone, but I think you are being overly kind to the propagandists by calling them “naive [and] ignorant” :-)

They are colluders (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-colluder-stop-enabling), pure and simple. They have been paid by BigPharma to quash this curtain-drawing revelation before people realize the emperor is grossly indecent.

Excellent bibliography! I would add Joost Meerloo and all of the books I recommend in “A Primer for the Propagandized” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-primer-for-the-propagandized), especially “The Politics of Obedience,” which I explore in greater depth in my second essay (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/covid-is-over-if-you-want-it). Also everything produced by Academy of Ideas: https://academyofideas.com/

I eagerly await Desmet’s release of “The Psychology of Totalitarianism.” I have already started listening to Laura Dodsworth’s “A State of Fear,” and it’s excellent so far. (She is on Substack, BTW: https://lauradodsworth.substack.com/)

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Excellent Dr. Malone! Thank you. The truth is in your sails that are hoisted and we are praying for you. Your work in invaluable.

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Don't assume they are actually listening or making an effort to understand. They are not. This assumption is naive. I repeat, NAIVE.

Mass Psychosis is no different that a cluster B personality disorder in an individual. Same shit, larger scale. They want to win and any listening is in an attempt to win. That's it.

This is a very hard thing to grasp, a bitter pill, if you are a person who genuinely wishes to understand, but the lesson will be repeated until you learn, and are no longer naive.

If you have ever dealt with a BPD or an NPD slose to you, for long enough, you will have learned this. If you haven't, you might still have some things to learn about this.

Book recommendation:

Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland


Ordinary Men is the true story of Reserve Police Battalion 101 of the German Order Police, which was responsible for mass shootings as well as round-ups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in 1942. Browning argues that most of the men of RPB 101 were not fanatical Nazis but, rather, ordinary middle-aged, working-class men who committed these atrocities out of a mixture of motives, including the group dynamics of conformity, deference to authority, role adaptation, and the altering of moral norms to justify their actions. Very quickly three groups emerged within the battalion: a core of eager killers, a plurality who carried out their duties reliably but without initiative, and a small minority who evaded participation in the acts of killing without diminishing the murderous efficiency of the battalion whatsoever.

While this book discusses a specific Reserve Unit during WWII, the general argument Browning makes is that most people succumb to the pressures of a group setting and commit actions they would never do of their own volition.

Ordinary Men is a powerful, chilling, and important work with themes and arguments that continue to resonate today.

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The pandemic was child’s play to gauge the potential for the propensity of the ignorant and comfortable of Western society to obey regardless of the lack of need or effectiveness . They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. We have allowed one step after another since 9/11 to eliminate anonymity, privacy and oversight of our government and bureaucracy. The addition of instant propaganda proclamations to a world audience which also has the power to instantly restrict any dissent or attempt to organize is more dangerous and effective than anything the Nazis or Stalin could have dreamed up. Our fall will be inevitable unless we vote our current overloads out of office quickly. Even our courts appear to be captured when Sotomayor can exaggerate obviously false information.

No knock warrants

Extra-judicial seizures

Prosecutors focused on % of convictions not guilt

Internet cookies

Language destruction

Electronic surveillance and collection of all data

Cell phone tracking

Autos with tracking

Google et all collecting our every move

TSA screening

Gun registration

Prescription requirements

Impossible to understand CYA legal language required for access to any software, service or app

Redaction expansion to include embarrassment as Natl Security issue

Using cash as justification of increased oversight

Collection of what is read

Political party you are affiliated with

Vaccine status

Social media account surveillance

Political prisoners held without bail and not a single charge of insurrection

Ignoring anarchy in 2020

We have been living in the Twilight Zone for several decades and only now is it becoming absurdly obvious that our literally Fat Dumb and Happy Roman like existence might have made us too weak and soft to make the sacrifices necessary to prevent the collapse of the greatest civilization in history.

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Two centuries in the making and they are ready for the global takedown. 𝐍𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 𝐆𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐔𝐏

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Jan 10, 2022·edited Jan 10, 2022

The following quote explains "why" this is all happening:

"What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries?... In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" - Maurice Strong, Co-founder of the World Economic Forum

The pandemic and vaccination efforts are all coordinated under the umbrella of "The Great Reset" spearheaded by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is a group of the worlds most wealthy and influential figures who meet in Davos, Switzerland every year to discuss and coordinate global policy. The current head of the WEF is Klaus Schwab, born in Germany in 1938. Schwab's father was a wealthy Nazi industrialist.

Klaus Schwab's slogan for The Great Reset is "Build Back Better", which is regularly parroted by many world leaders. It's their way of openly signaling to each other that they are onboard with the plan.

There's much, much more down this rabbit hole, but this wholly explains "why" national governments have all turned against their people. It's not a psychosis at the leadership level. It's a carefully coordinated plan for a totalitarian takeover of the world.

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I don't find it particularly surprising that crowd formation occurs. As at least one commenter says above, this is one lens through which to view the entirety of human history.

I have, however, been shocked at the particular group of people who were able to put themselves in front of the crowd as our saviors. I would have expected a new face or a new idea. I would not have expected people to view big Pharma as the group to lead us out of this. The malfeasance of big Pharma has been common knowledge for decades. That their product in this case is viewed as the "save me!" shot? That does surprise me.

My faith in humanity has taken a major blow this go round. Sigh.

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Thank you for sticking to the facts, as best as can be determined, and not stretching them to advance an agenda or belief. We want to rely on you as knowledgeable and unbiased, both financially and emotionally.

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This post is a very good response. I am a social scientist who has specialized in the study of authoritarianism, which can be simply defined as a tendency of people to en masse blindly and uncritically follow and obey established authorities and leaders, even when the direction they are being lead in is clearly dysfunctional, even disastrous. So this is a different name to mass formation psychosis but it is I think essentially the same phenomenon. There is a huge social scientific literature on this topic, starting with early thinkers or researchers like Wilhelm Reich, Maslow, and Erich Fromm, who focused on German Nazism and Hitler. Most of the research till very recently has followed this example and looked only at authoritarianism on the political right. But there are many other examples pertaining to the political left such as the Cultural Revolution in China and Stalin’s great purges, the Cambodian genocide, and in even less obviously political contexts such as Jonestown. Very recently this research has also begun to study left wing authoritarianism and some very important research on this has been published recently (e.g., Costello et al., 2020: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341306723_Clarifying_the_Structure_and_Nature_of_Left-Wing_Authoritarianism).

Possibly the most well established finding from the research on authoritarianism is that this phenomenon is powerfully linked to feelings of or social climates characterized by pervasive insecurity and threat. This does fit with Desmet’s theory. There is also a very interesting recent research publication by Manson (2020: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2020.110251). The findings suggest that acceptance and support of authoritarian Covid measures is linked to people with both right and left-wing authoritarian tendencies but the effects are mostly much more powerful for those with left wing authoritarian tendencies.

The academics that according to the press reports seem to be trying to just dismiss Desmet’s theory are almost certainly well aware of the research on authoritarianism; indeed many will have contributed to it. It is therefore difficult to explain their statements other than as a manifestation of this very phenomenon, whether one calls it authoritarianism or mass formation psychosis.

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I normally cringe when people engage in credential dropping but I gotta admit, Malone taking those juniors to the wood shed on this Mass Formation thing is a thing of absolute beauty. Very well played, sir!

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How do we break the spell? I've been trying to break through my husband's formation for almost 2 years now; he wants to vaccinate our kids so they can have a normal life in California. I've made binders of published research studies showing vaccine dangers and failure to prevent transmission, showed him Walensky saying the vax doesn't prevent transmission, showed the VAERS hockey stick chart of deaths, the Harvard study of 168 countries showing that vaccination rate correlates with HIGHER Covid, and together watched McCullough (on Rogan) talking about vaccine deaths and I said "now that you see that DEATH is a possibility with these vaccines, what do you think?" My husband is an extraordinarily loving and sacrificial father, really and truly. But he responded that it's an extraordinarily low percentage--they could also die in a car crash. Life is full of risks.

If someone finds a strange puff of smoke and fire in southern California, it's me spontaneously combusting.

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What is astonishing is the absolutely widespread uptake of the use of this concept and stating of the phrase--Mass Formation Psychosis, or just Mass Psychosis. That is also a powerful form of validation for an idea with a long scholarly background that it is on everyone's consciousness. Hopefully that begins to provide some form of antidote. You chose wisely when you focused on this idea and brought it to the world's attention.

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“All I can say about this is that I hope that their naive, ignorant, grandstanding statements to the press are brought up during their future Academic Tenure and Advancement reviews.” - LOL classic! Let’s all hope for this.

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Good collection of historical thinking on this phenomenon. Though I've not read it, I wonder how the book "The Madness of Crowds" fits into this. The other thing I think of when I ponder this is the great toilet paper run of 2020, just prior to the Pandemic. It seemed to be touched off by a video that went viral of a black and white woman both fighting over the last package in a grocery store. That was at basically the same time as, or maybe just before the start of the Pandemic, and as a result an extremely large number of people literally went crazy buying massive amounts of toilet paper, even though there was no shortage and not even an inkling that there might be one for another month at least (in my recollection anyway). Its incredible what people will fixate on and latch onto to assuage their fear. The next thing after that was masks. Then vaccines. But since neither of those are working, people are hopefully beginning to awaken from this mass formation.

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