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Ferguson's Report 9 was one of the most influential scientific papers in recent memory. Its wildly alarmist predictions led powerful ignoramuses to believe the apocalypse was nigh.

As you point out, Dr. Malone, what makes this inflection point in the pandemic so outrageous is that this guy has long had a reputation for producing models that are almost comically wrong. Ferguson has been so wrong, so often, that his peers refer to him as “The Master of Disaster.”


He would later admit that his Imperial College model, which led people to believe there'd be a 3.4% covid case fatality rate and upwards of 160 million deaths, was based on undocumented, 13-year-old computer code intended for an influenza pandemic—which Ferguson declined to release so other scientists could check his results.

Catastrophic societal harms were imposed due to mass hysteria about a virus with an IFR lower than influenza.

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Similar to all the false alarms about climate change.

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I read and saved the very first paper done by Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford, back in March 2020, based on the modeling that he did from the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship outbreak. In hindsight, he was almost perfect in his IFR predictions but no one listened to him! I shared that article with so many people, including members of the media, and I don't think any of them bothered to read it!

I encourage all of your readers to download and save this article - it is eerie to look back almost three years later and see how accurate he was and to wonder how different our lives might have been if we had listened to him, instead of Fauxi and Scarf Lady!


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"Oh, the models fled down the runways

Clad in invisible robes

Mightier than any monument, but meek unto the microbe

Lies fly and ten times circle the globe

While the truth is still waiting in line

A bio-tech cyber-war with a screenwriter’s design

Filling the air with pathological predictions

And imposing a set of draconian restrictions

Tugging at our nightmares with cataclysmic visions

This psy-op is an absolute masterpiece

They dropped the Apocalypse like a movie release

Bombing the flatlands with inscrutable charts

At which doctor doomsayers launched their darts

No one knows what anyone knew

Confusion streaming from the CDC and the WHO

A million here and a billion there

Soon the profits will be everywhere!

Someone unlocked Pandora’s shabby old box

Guarding the henhouse like a ravenous fox"


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Dr. Malone, what can you tell me about the truth about mRNA shots shedding to un jabbed people? I REALLY need intelligent information on this subject.

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What's amazing about Ferguson, and Fauci in a broader sense, is that they have been wrong about everything, the former for most of the past 20 years and the latter for at least 40 plus years. You show how wrong Ferguson has been but remember Fauci said that a vaccine for AIDS patients was coming and he wouldn't approve for treating them an already tested and proven RX that would prevent them from dying of pneumonia. As a result, at least 17,000 AIDS patients needlessly died because of his arrogance and stupidity. I think we need more term limits, not only for politicians, but for government bureaucrats. If we get a bad one, or an evil one, into a high level and leave them for years, they only get worse.

Danny Huckabee

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The world is being run by non critical thinkers (and this is being kind.)

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What disturbs me aboutthese studies is that the data is so polluted by misclassifying deaths from other causes, often totally unrelated to the virus, as being caused by china flu. And I do not see how there is any way to clean up those numbers. Suffice it to say that the number of folks killed are much, even perhaps astronomically, lower than reported.

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Add to this study the fact that early treatment protocols were actively and aggressively suppressed by govt health agencies, MSM, and social media censorship.

What would the case fatality rate be in the elderly and at-risk patients if they had been treated with Hydroxychloroquine/zinc or Ivermectin/zinc or the other therapies frontline clinicians developed early in 2020?

This suppression helped fuel the hysteria, lockdowns, and the push for and acceptance of the Jab. In my opinion there is no conceivable way that this all happened coincidentally. It had to have been planned.

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They're able to get away with these frauds because the media is too corrupt or too incompetent to report it. The media is able to get away with their malpractice because their audience is too complacent or too incompetent to recognize the deception. Ultimately, the problem is us.

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Watched your “American Thought Leaders” interview. I am not educated in this sort of thing, but am so thankful for the mounds of information you have graciously given to the world! If people would just listen and grow a backbone! I am 74, jab free, and have been (sadly) awakened to the TRUTH that there are people in this world who continue to abuse others FOR PERSONAL GAIN. Thank you so much, Dr Malone, for having the courage to “put yourself out there.” You saved me from being one of the statistics! Until I saw you on DARKHORSE PODCAST, I was ready to dive into the panic stricken line of those

who received the “ vaccine.” I am grateful

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The malthusians and neo-malthusians, and the medical ethics community in the academy will likely strike a proud greater good pose, provided it happens to no one they know and love.

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They listened to him because those predictions paved the way for the greatest power grab and shift of wealth that will ever be recorded. It's what they wanted to hear and believe.

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Everyone make note: computer modeling is a core part of the new NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) being promoted and implemented throughout K-12 education. Even worse - these standards OMIT any mention of The Scientific Method or use of the phrase Critical Thinking. In other words, they are teaching our children to adopt computer modeling as a substitute for actual thinking. Unfortunately, these standards have been already been adopted in 44 states. John Droz wrote an excellent substack about it recently: https://criticallythinking.substack.com/p/the-relentless-attack-on-america

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Ferguson was less wrong in his models for “mad cow” disease (BSE). He predicted anywhere from 50 - 50,000 deaths. There have been 177 to date. I get why it is necessary to give a range, but that’s a full 3 orders of magnitude. How does this guy keep getting “hired” when he has such a poor track record?

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We all know how influential this charlatan Neil Ferguson was in influencing the American response to Covid 19. Faucci was called, many times, the Neil Ferguson of America. I distinctly remember Faucci quoting him. The definition of a charlatan is a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud. A self confessed con artist and charlatan. Now how many hundreds of charlatans have taken part in this con, most of them to line their dirty pockets with our money. It hasn’t stopped. Amazingly they are gearing up to go into Africa to poison those poor people as their next fraud. The printers are all full of ink and we are going to start printing the 55 billion so they can skim their cut. I guess the good people of Africa got through the scam with to little lives lost. God help us.


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