Don’t forget. You survive 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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Yes, the "k" in Monkeypox is silent.

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Jul 24, 2022·edited Jul 24, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Only in the world of globalist tyranny could a vote of 9-6 be considered a tie requiring a despotic puppet like Tedros to act as a "tie breaker". And only in a world where the tiniest percentage of the population being infected by what is clearly an illness with the narrowest of risk be considered a global emergency.

Since Biden is maintaining the charade of emergency authority, and will undoubtedly use it to impose some further and renewed sort of government intervention in our lives, I suggest that it won't be long before we're all required to wear butt masks to the supermarket to keep our gaseous emissions from infecting our fellow citizens and slow the spread. And oh yeah, some "vaccine" or another to keep us all safe from a virus we have zero chance of contracting.

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Jul 24, 2022·edited Jul 24, 2022

OMG. How does this fool have ANY credibility or respect? Must be the CCP backing...

Take that back... He obviously has the backing of the Ruling Psychopathy in Amerika or this would not have happened. Watch for Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaxxx for pox any day...

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How come the expression of monkeypox is so similar to the expression of shingles which is a reflection of the herpes zoster virus being expressed because of a depressed immune system. The question that Has-to be asked is: are the multiple injections of the mRNA causing a degradation of the immune system?

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Gates... Not a doctor. Tedros... Not a medical doctor. BA.5, 'Climate Emergency', Monkey Pox, Marburg... China buying up land. Gates buying up land. Cartels have operational control of the border. IC, CFR, Bilderberg, J6, WEF, WHO... 'Dr. Evil'? IDF? CCP? Shuffling the decks in Europe.

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Oh my Christ! A 9-6 vote says it all! What a joke - as if anyone will trust the WHO, ever! Im sorry but public health has turned into a sad yet hilarious satire of itself! Never, ever..will I ever listen to anything the WHO or the US Public health agencies say! What is going on in this world? Wrong is now right?

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“Nine and six is very, very close,” Tedros said in a news conference called to announce the decision."

Using the same Enron accounting methods as Pfizer's clinical trial where 50% more is close and 2/3 isn't a majority! Trust the science!

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Dr. Malone…I have been following you and the other courageous individuals battling against the Fauci/Gates/WHO/UN/WEF agenda.

I live in Maine and between 2018-2020 (when the pandemic hit) was battling Gates efforts to digitize and effect change in public education. He had essentially captured our state DOE in much the same way he has the regulatory institutions in healthcare. I became very adept at following the money and players. I also became acquainted with others across the US (and some in other countries) who were also investigating Gates and Big tech. Some of the researchers I know have incredible amounts of information….regarding the great reset and the players/connections that have infiltrated our institutions.

I find this article interesting. I have been tracking Gates in Maine around the pandemic and an individual who I believe is working in tandem with Gates. My research shows how Gates has been positioning himself almost as if he knew the pandemic was going to hit in 2020?!?!

Are you aware that Tesdros served on the founding Board of Gates IHME? It is interesting in light of the WEF/Great Reset to see who was on that original board when Gates funded and founded it in 2007. Obviously, it is also a mechanism that has been useful for him to put him and his goals, etc. front and center at the WHO.

I have been tracking in Maine another individual that was on that founding Board and remains on the IHME Board even today. This individual has taken very deliberate states to influence and control the narrative not only in Maine but in the Northeast corridor. His stated goal is to establish biopharmaceuticals as a mainstay of Maine’s economy. It is also clear that his plan includes the Northeast Corridor.

I have summarized my research in a document/report.

To be honest….I find myself thinking of 9/11 and how the terrorists slipped into airport security through Maine. We are an unsuspecting poor rural state….the public does not connect the dots or understand that our elected officials are not calling the shots. The Democratic Party in Maine has complete control and they have lost no time pushing the agenda of Gates and the WEF in many ways.

Here’s the thing…..Gates has a high profile globally. But he also is likely operating under the radar to get certain things done hoping to go undetected. Kind of like the 9/11 terrorists picking Maine to enter airport security. I think it is worth examining what he is doing in Maine and who is working the agenda for him….and how it leads back to China and Singapore.

I have tracked his influence to the Jackson Laboratory…,.and wouldn’t you know, Gates’ proxy has spent the last 6-8 years expanding JAX business into China. And they have established a genomic medicine institute (again, part of the plan they are working relative to WEF, education, health, finance). There was even an article in the Foreign Relations Council publication about what Gates’ proxy is doing and how it is supposed to be a model for the rest of the US. In 2018, Gates proxy gave a lecture and talked all about the ability to engineer our own evolution.

I have also researched extensively Moderna’s and Pfizer’s background/history.

How can I get my research to you?

Here is the article from CFR


Roux has been Chairman of the Board of JAX since 2014. He joined in 2011…I suspect Gates “purchased” his seat on the Board. Roux showed up right after Gares gave a donation to JAX.

Roux is originally from Maine….therefore he has the cover of a native who made it big and has returned to share his wealth with the State. Roux’s wealth and connections to Gates were forged in tech/investment/finance. Roux was a founder of Silver Lake Partners.

Thank you for all the research you do. Your substack is impressive. I a lawyer and also a victim who of big pharma (breast cancer survivor) who had toxic cancer causing implants placed—-pharma conveniently didn’t track adverse reactions (which I had—autoimmune) and many women have suffered, including women diagnosed with lymphoma.

Also, my mom died from the vaccine. Despite 4 hospitalizations the doctors failed her…..it was me, my review of VAERS and my watching you and McCullough that led to my mom’s diagnosis. Sadly, it was too late. I am unvaccinated because of my family’s extensive autoimmune history. What happened to my mom was exactly what I feared would happen to me if I got vaccinated. I also just lost a healthy friend who “died in his sleep”—-number 4 that I know of “died in their sleep.”

Finally, I attended the rally in DC. My mom died January 6th. I went to DC for the 23rd for her and others. The madness needs to stop. Thank you!

PS have a couple of thoughts around how litigation might help to air some of this stuff. Glad to see the two AG’s got discovery on their collusion case.

Keep up all the great work! And thank you to Jill for her many efforts as well.

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Oh my Christ, I have to share...at a small venue concert the other night, one of the guitarist on stage about 12 feet from the audience had a mask on! Meanwhile I’m in the crowd shoulder to shoulder with strangers sweating profusely. If they all only knew I am unvaxed! It was what they call a “super spreader” event. I was sick the next day from too many vodka lemonades! Maybe the WHO will declare Grey Goose and lemonade an World health problem!

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The NYT had an article about a MEDICAL reporter who got monkey pox at a bathhouse after being with multiple random partners. I guess that sums up a lot- if a medical reporter can't analyze the risks of sleeping with multiple men at a bathhouse during a monkey pox outbreak- this kind of illuminates the kind of IQ which reported to us the entire Covid pandemic.

Also, not encouraging cities to close down bathhouses for a moratorium during this outbreak and encouraging less random partners in the gay community is pathetic. They are obviously a protected class, because they had absolutely no problems letting people die all alone in the hospital and old age homes during covid.

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A Moneypox on them and the horses they rode in on!

Just in time for American Midterms - a Moneypox epidemic to drive more mail-in ballots and cheating. More sales of shots. More masking. More lockdowns. More fear porn. More destruction of America.

Will they be checking people pouring in from our Southern Border for Moneypox?

We must stop the madness! We must not comply! We cannot let WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and HOWCOME rule the world’s sovereign nations, even the ones we don’t like.

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Nice to know Tedros has now become an "expert."

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As an MD in practice 30+ years, when a child has anal warts it’s an automatic social services consult. How is a diagnosis of monkey pox any different?

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This is what Dr. Paul Alexander's Substack had to say about monkeypox today:


This doctor tried to warn the world about the dangers of vaccines and was killed for it:


As i have previously predicted, as the 2022 midterms approach, we are going to be attacked from every angle the socialist/communist/Marxist Democrats ( President Trump's terminology) have available to them. I think the dark days that many have been predicting for the past two years are going to occur in the next few months as the globalists struggle to retain control of the planet. Fasten your seatbelts folks....

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I'm not too concerned about catching it. I don't engage in those sex practices or frequent places where those sex practices take place.

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