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I am watching an exodus from the cities to small towns that has sped up the past 2 1/2 years, with some young people choosing to live in the "physical" rather than "virtual" world. They're choosing to get by with smaller, simpler homes while the trade off is more recreational time in beautiful surroundings and they're a lot happier than those spending their days in windowless cubicles in glass and steel high-rises with bigger houses and fancier cars. I see some hope.

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What strikes me is that the "virtuals," of which Schwab's minion Harari seems destined to play the "lead," assume that the transition will occur as if it depends only upon the Dungeon Master (Dungeons and Dragons) changing the rules to make it so, or a game of Sim World where you can reduce the population by 90% and simply start a new simulation, and that will repair all the tears in the world fabric being made now. A world dependent upon an AI infrastructure could well run short of key metals. There are many untested assumptions about how an AI/smart city would run and how well that would work real time. Are we going to live in slits in the ground like the new ultramodern Saudi "Line city?" What if the master plan is a dismal failure?

If synthetic foods don't sustain health for the Physicals to do their part, then what? If Soylent Green is people, and people are filled with deadly viruses and malevolent prions, even a smaller fit and able population will be hard to sustain. And if blotting out the sun to control the climate brings ambient light levels so low that crops won't thrive--given that the sun is the powerhouse of organic life, same. It all seems like a game which the Overlords haven't thought out very well.

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Very thought provoking!

First, if I had a choice, I would exchange the word, "elite" (or Overlord) for Katherine Watt's, "Predator Parasite". I'm not sure if she first used the term or not, but that's where I first came across it. I think reframing them as parasites would enable people to see more clearly how their behaviors impact others. I think the reason the predator parasites are so enamored of the China surveillance/lockdown/social credit score system is because it seems to be successfully controlling billions, which are their greatest threat.

I can't really get behind the Physicals and Virtuals idea - it reminds me of discussions many years ago when people insisted the US didn't need industry but could survive on services instead. It's really just shifting labor. around. The real crux is, how much labor is needed? And since we are in the beginnings of a massive, orchestrated collapse - another default of the dollar - legions of Physicals and Virtuals are on the chopping block. It's looking like a great, orchestrated cull.

What's imperative is to figure out a way through this collapse that does not cede control to a small cadre of psychopaths at the end of it. I strongly suspect I will be long gone, but I fear for the young. Are the reports of mysterious ingredients in the blood of the jabbed, which supposedly reacts to EMF and sheds, ridiculous? Or does Schwab and crew have some weaponry to make their utopia (for themselves) come true? If they do, do we have any defense?

For myself, I have no hesitation. There's an organic farm called Frog Hollow Farms in Brentwood, CA. I took a tour there and was awestruck by seeing the industrial farm next door without a single sign of life, totally sterile and dead. In contrast, Frog Hollow Farms was a sea of green and color, trees with thick "weeds" underneath, teeming with life and a continual buzz and hum. I've never seen anything created by man or in the virtual world that can compare. I will never freely choose transhumanism; I choose life.

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I always wanted to become a farmer. It’s my hobby now and brings the balance in my life... The nature is healing and I never feel alone when I am in nature... and it keeps me so busy, planting seeds, caring for the vegetables, flowers, fruits, berries, trees, birds, bees, our fox and badger families, who come for a visit up and on, and then harvesting... I love all four seasons... I would call myself a physical dreamer, always believing that there is something good in this world which is worth fighting for - You recognise this brilliant and one of my most beloved quotes of LotR? Sam’s Speech. Sam btw is a gardener!!!


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As someone with a deep affinity for underdogs, I'm most definitely a physical.

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What are the components of a better world? Here's a list to get started with:

Decentralization of political power.

A central government with more carefully circumscribed powers, answerable to the people.

Barriers to most covert operations by central government, and increased .

Erection of obstacles to the surveillance economy and political surveillance.

Removal of influence of moneyed interests from politics

Defanging the powers of public health and government agencies run by elected officials and transfer of these powers to the states or the people.

Improved regulation of large corporations limiting their abilities to pollute, poison, and otherwise destroy our ecosystem, and create de facto monopolies that undercut small business.

Better regulation of and reduction in political influence of the military, particularly in civilian affairs.

Doctors who honor the Hippocratic oath and aim to advance and maintain health, not just prescribe or operate according to standards of care constructed under the influence of pharmaceutical companies or device manufacturers.

Restoration of informed consent in medical matters.

An agricultural system that is more local, organic, biodynamic, sustainable, and based on principals of enlightened animal husbandry practices, soils conservation, and healthy rather than profitable crop production.

Public Educational programming more answerable to popular influence.

Mandated election participation.

Mandated education of the public about political matters relevant to voters prior to election to assure that the electorate is informed. Mandatory attendance to these public forums as a condition for voting.

Restoration and protection of free speech.

Revocation of the rights for declaration of "States of Emergency" by single political powers to prevent despotism from taking hold. Or, institution of much stricter conditions, with greater limitations on centralized authority extending from such declarations.

Dissociation of polities from globalist organizations that aim to nullify State sovereignty and substitute global power for local power.

Respect for diversity and an end to shaming of those with divergent opinions.

Public discussion of the science related to vaccination, including an unbiased public explication of risks and benefits based on the evidence from research studies and expert analysis of those studies.

Dismantling the CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS, FBI, and CIA in their current forms and rebuilding them from scratch to prevent the kinds of crimes that they have committed from recurring.

Wealth tax on the super-rich, a la Pikkety.

People paid according to their contributions to society, not according to their contributions to making the wealthy wealthier.

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Before I can answer the question about what I want the future to look like, I need truths to guide me! I see evidence of pollution with my own eyes, and so I ask myself, what would we as a society (or I personally) have to give up to make pollutions of all kinds, in our oceans, on our land, and in our skies go away? Would I be willing to make the changes needed for the health and vitality of all on the planet? What would it be like to live in a world with no more plastics at this point? Is it even possible? How much industry and making of lightbulbs and computers and other products I enjoy and appreciate is too much?

More of my questions are: is human travel really a problem for the planet? I think about all of the manufacturing of vehicles and use of fuels and wonder, aside from the claims the WEF is making. How many cars, planes, etc. are too many (if there is a limit)?

Is carbon abundance really an problem, or just another lie? Is human activity really contributing to global warming or cooling? Is there real weather manipulation happening, or is that a conspiracy theory and not possible? Are droughts being manufactured? How about chem trails? Are we really being poisoned by the lines in the sky? What is really the safest, most life-friendly energy type to fuel our homes and cars?

I would like to structure my future around truth, and truth seems hard to come by.

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MOVEMENT in NATURE with FRIENDS. The keys to happiness. All physical.

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I'll go for physical and for being kind.

But I don't see this as happening.

I still have hope for a future of freedom and beauty and nature.

But I think that Yuval and Schwab should be one of the first to get the chip.

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No need to be concerned about "those who refuse to participate" because they will be the only survivors of the inevitable debacle, the ones able to reproduce, with viable, healthy autonomous self replicating DNA.

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I suspect I'm the odd man out as it were, but I'm sticking with the idea that we are created beings that won't be abandoned by our creator. The sheer arrogance of anyone who claims to be able to change the human genome into something reflecting their own will while simultaneously claiming there is no higher power who created said genome in the first place, according to its own will, is simply laughable. As for the social construct of overlords, virtuals and physicals, it seems to me it has always been that way. Was this not the case even in ancient Egypt? The machine caste is a bit of a modern twist, but to be honest, I think Klaus and Yuval have been watching too much Star Trek and have let their imaginations run wild regarding that one. See also the epic failure of META due to lack of interest. But then, the inability to differentiate fantasy and reality often comes with the territory when engaging in the arrogance described above, albeit sometimes with accolades of "gifted forward thinker" and such. The most recent person to receive similar accolades and to try something along Klaus' and Yuval's plan was none other than Adolph Hitler. Despite Hitler's occasional rhetoric invoking the Christian God, his plan for his master race was not so different than Klaus' and Yuval's in the final analysis. Now his methods for attempting to manipulate the genome and accomplish the social connectivity were much more crude, but those are really the biggest differences. And we see the end result of Hitler's arrogance towards his creator. The deaths of millions of innocents, and a posthumous legacy of infamy and despise. Klaus and Yuval will be no different in the end, unless they choose to reverse direction before its too late for themselves... So no, their vision is not inevitable. But their demise is, should they continue down this path.

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Thank you for this provocative overview of 4IR and the Physicals, Virtuals, Machines, and Overlords classes, Robert.

I find it flabbergasting that Ida Auken could articulate such a dystopian vision for 2030 and then unironically lament that people would refuse to participate in this horrific scenario.

Even funnier is how she thinks those of us who choose to abstain from this totalitarian technocracy would feel “obsolete and useless,” when in fact we are taking a valiant stand for humanity, purpose, and reality over the meaningless, vacuous, virtual slavery they have plotted out for us.

“Virtuals are deeply invested in the belief that reality is whatever they believe it to be. Truth is relative.”

This statement reminds me of an older piece (https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/we-must-answer-this-question-clearly) by Toby Rogers in which he shared an anecdote about Keanu Reeves explaining “The Matrix” series to three teenagers, and one of them says, “Who cares if it’s real?”

As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, Keanu Reeves thought this response was “awesome,” suddenly forgetting the entire thesis of “The Matrix” and happily choosing the blue pill.

For those who are interested in delving further into Yuval Noah Harari’s prognostications, I waded through dozens of interviews with him and include extensive quotes in my “Anatomy of a Philanthropath” series (his portions are in Parts 2 and 3):

• “Part 1: A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams)

• “Part 2: Downloadable Digital Dictatorships” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams-947)

• “Part 3: Yuval Noah Harari: Not the Man We Think He Is?” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams-3fd)

I would be curious what you, Robert, and others think about my hypothesis in Part 3 that Harari is not necessarily as diabolical as he appears. When viewed in context, his horrifying statements are often framed as warnings about the dangers of this technology, but he thinks it is possible to use that same technology to create a utopian alternative. He is either brazenly lying, or he naively believes organizations like the WEF and WHO have humanity’s best interests at heart and are our hope for forging a triumphant transhumanist future. Either way, his predictions and recommendations are nightmarish, but he may not be as overtly monstrous as some think.

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Well, we frequently agree with you, but this idea-"objective" truth-has some rational gaps to it. Who is the "objective" observer, who brings no biases into their interpretation, who has no skin in the game, or preconceived framing? This insistence on objective truth is really just another form of mythmaking, when you get to it. We have events. We have observers. Records. Interpretations.

These approach truth, but there are always gaps through which a different paradigm entirely may be glimpsed, by those who ask if it really is truth, or just an inexact approximation.

Truth, at best, is an estimation. That isn't to say that objective truth doesn't exist, but anyone who claims to knowing it is kind of kidding themselves.

Robert Anton Wilson has a much more useful concept, of "reality tunnels". As we may have mentioned before, Truth is a Goat.


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It’s been quite a day sharing your insights with your Florida interview and here.

When I graduated from college I applied for a job as a police woman. The department refused to even interview me as they advised I was too nice. To the best of my belief, I’ve remained as they perceived me.

First and foremost I consider it vital to be free. One of the 10%, as you suggested who want to be able to take chances and ready to face the consequences of taking a wrong chance.

Have to admit I find technology that lets me learn and research my interests something I appreciate..

Currently, as a pet sitter (cats, small creatures and birds) I’m satisfied as a physical.

Am hoping your advice (apparently as someone short on substantial resources), that we get with the plan (? Wrong word but conveys the idea) isn’t suggesting we give in to the WEF tomorrows.

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The Virtuals strike me as people (typically unwittingly) embracing Satanism, i.e., the promise of a God-absent "heaven on earth." In other words, useful idiots for Satan.

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I am university professor fully tenured yada yada yada... However my son chose to become "rope access technician" working outdoor with his own hands. He is the happiest man on earth and makes me proud every day. I am so glad I did not interfere with his choices and on the contrary helped him as much as I could in that way.

The transhumanist posthumanist nightmare will miserably fail very soon because it is totally inhuman. It actually runs against our own very deep biology --as the "transgender" movement exemplifies. I believe we are standing at a crossroad like never before. While the overlords are sugarcoating their narrative with catchwords such as "empathy, altruism, community, collaboration etc." while pushing for the opposite, we need to retrieve those realities (not only the words!). We also need to somehow purify these notions form any collectivist totalitarian contamination. A community which does not foster the individual is not a human community. Just as much as a selfish individual doesn't behave as a human. But all this is at hand. The corporate superclass doesn't have much more power than the old man behind the green curtain.

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