The GAO has historically been pretty non-political/non-partisan and has produced manyaccurate reports. BUT, there is never any consequence or accountability. I personally have known this with regards to the FDA since the mid-90s. Everyone in DC knows of the corruption throughout ALL government agencies and does NOTHING. If there is an issue in an agency, it is usually turned over to their own IGs who work to obfuscate the criminality of their respective organization. Sadly, I predict that this report will not even get one showing on mainstream media and it will get zero attention or acknowledgement from the CONgress critters (who are ALL bought and paid for)

IMO, the body politic here in Amerika, Inc., is moribund and we are witnessing the final death rattle of the System. It is too late to reform or repair this mess and a new creation needs to rise from the ashes. The endless shedding of innocent blood by this country - the planet wide looting of countries far and near - the endless lying and promotion of pirate corporatism in the name of "liberty" and "democracy" by our ruling Psychopathy is at an end. The worrisome thing is that the creatures at the top, believing in their own superiority, are lashing out with everything they have to try and maintain their stranglehold on Humanity. Let's pray that they don't go nuclear (which they seem determined to do) in their twilight days...

We can and must do better.

Thanks for posting this, Dr. M!

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Not too many wheels left on that bus. The good news just keeps coming! Dr. Malone, I hope you and Jill are feeling as hopeful as I am these days!

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Apr 28, 2022·edited Apr 28, 2022

Three months before covid landed on our shores, I had a seventeen day stay at a local hospital. Every medical professional that I dealt with - doctors and nurses alike - was professional and competent. But the look on their faces, what they would and would not tell you depending on the circumstance, told the story. The discrepancy between what they would have done if left to their own professional judgment versus what they were doing, why they were doing it - well, having worked 27 years for a Fortune 500 company I knew how to diagnose what micromanagement looks like and the hospital system had it big time. How much of this was dictated by the hospital administration, their legal department, their financial engineers, and how much was dictated to administrators by the federal health authorities, or state authorities, or health insurers - well, I can only guess. But this much is certain:

There are too many kibitzers in this card game, too many non-medical personnel frontrunning medical decisions who have neither skin in the game or nor an iota of knowledge about the everyday realities that their frontline nurses and doctors encounter everyday.

The signs were there, even before Covid rolled in. Let freedom reign - for medical professionals and for the rest of us.

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"and possibly even tampered with study results to skew or bias the results has been ongoing throughout the pandemic" is huge acknowledgment. While we have certainly known this, good to see a government agency is finally recognizing this fact! Every open court case should include this report!

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They should have asked the employees what discrepancies they observed. I can’t see anyone coming forward on their own to be a whistleblower. AF is too powerful and would ruin their careers.

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Too many employees of these agencies AGREE with the politicalization. Too many are swamp creatures themselves.

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These agencies think "training" and more policies is the solution to everything, which it clearly isn't. I worked at a state university before I retired and we did annual ethics training. The unethical people still behaved unethically and the ethical people still behaved ethically.

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Now let's wait and see how the MSM downplays this report (or will they ignore it completely).

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Not all political. More of a financial mechanism to fulfil the contracts signed with the investors of this injection event. The people who worked for the government, and these quasi-government entities, are plants in the respect they were not looking out for the best interests of the citizens, but instead high returns on investments.

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This is a good first step, but is likely to be ignored. The powers that be are still blindly following their dystopian, indeed totalitarian narratives. What would really be helpful would be top-to-bottom report, to be made available to the public, of all the financial incentives at both the organization and individual levels. It's not widely known, even to us, that agencies themselves hold patents (e.g. NIH) as well as individual Federal employees having royalty rights. Add to this insider knowledge of what stocks to buy and sell for their private accounts, and you have "conflict of interest" writ large. Allow me to repeat that, in case you did not catch its significance: Yes, U.S. government agencies and selected individuals who are Federal employees do own patents (say, on drugs) and stand to profit from royalties if those drugs are approved for use. We haven't even gotten into personal and professional ties to Pharma and others they supposedly "regulate." Nor outside political influence from others with similar conflicts of interest. How on Earth can such people possibly be expected to make impartial decisions, based strictly on scientific or other merits, on what research to fund, what new drugs to approve or reject, and so on?

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To me, this report is meaningless. Our government is simply too large, too powerful and far too corrupt.

For example, "The four agencies GAO reviewed do not have procedures that define political interference in scientific decision-making or describe how it should be reported and addressed." Think of the hundreds of agencies that do have these procedures! And with all the supposed whistleblower protections that exist, the only result is the sounds of silence, with the exception of the Renz DoD whistleblowers.

One of the two examples given in the report:

"For example, in May 2020, a senior official from ASPR claimed HHS retaliated against him for disclosing, among other things, concerns about inappropriate political interference to make chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine available to the public as treatments for COVID-19.7

7See the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), OSC Announces Settlement Agreement Between HHS and Former BARDA Director Dr. Rick Bright After his Reassignment, (August 2021)."

Dr. Rick Bright, the man who fought Trump to make sure Chloroquin and Hydroxychloroquin were not made available to the American people, was cited as an example of procedural failure. Yet, Bright was heard and covered by the media. A government employee, who was acting politically and against our interests, ended up getting a settlement as a result of his traitorous behavior. 🤦‍♀️

Yup. A few more regulations are going to make all the difference...

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Unfortunately, asking for reforms at these Agencies is akin to asking the Fox to give up his guardianship of the Hen House. The degree of sweeping reform needed to make a meaningful impact on this Culture of Federal Employee "Wokism" will be so sweeping... it is difficult to imagine any process actually deflecting the trajectory of administrative control. It is akin to the naivete of Trump believing he would walk into the White House & "Drain The Swamp". Then, being crucified as "The Swamp Strikes Back".

Nothing short of a complete expunging of the entire departmental administrative codes & orders which have created a maze of interlocking non-legislative straight-jackets will do...






Nothing short of a Second Revolution of Liberation will do.

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After reading “The Real Anthony Fauci” it’s now evident we have a mobster at the helm of our federal departments of science and medicine. Dr Malone I pray for you and Dr Jill that you would be protected from harm and be lifted up with encouragement daily.

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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"!!

Shouts the Wizard at Dorothy/Lion/Scarecrow/Tinman and Toto too.

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Gee ya think?

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What happens when all levels of .Gov "Assumption of correctness" becomes absolutely incorrect??

The "20/20" American version of the George Orwell book 1984.

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