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Dr. Malone,

Please Do Not waste your time with NYT.

1. Your audience, almost entirely objective and well-informed on the subject, has no use for NYT interviews/articles.

2. The loyal NYT readers have already drank multiple refills of Kool Aid re Vax efficacy, and their fact-finding receptors are tuned out.

Just my two cents worth.

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As a typophile, I especially appreciate your subheading :-)

Wow, thank you for this fascinating exposé of manipulation in action. You were appropriately cautious initially, and you can see exactly how she’s trying to butter you up and get into your good graces, making herself appear as if she’s open to hearing and portraying your side accurately.

On another note, I wanted to let you know I just published my public comment regarding the seven remaining proposed COVID tyranny bills in California:

• “Letter to the California Legislature” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-california-legislature)

I know you’re working hard to stop these bills and wanted to share this in case it would be of use with your efforts. I include a section after my essay providing instructions on how people can submit their own public comments. Thanks, Dr. Malone!

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Kindly allow me write Alba's initial letter as it *should* have been written if she was being truly transparent...

Dear Robert,

I don't really respect your qualifications so I will leap immediately to the presumption that we should be on a first name basis rather than initiating this conversation with a more formal and respectful "Dr. Malone" in the salutation. It's not like you're an actual medical doctor. Instead, I'll save those salutations for real doctors. You know - people like Dr. Jill Biden.

In many ways, I'm not particularly professional and I thus assume others are equally sloppy and presumptuous. For instance, I tend to talk like a teenager instead of a professional with a command of the language you'd reasonably expect from someone representing the "paper of record". To wit, my use of phrases like "would you be up for" and "anti-vaxx". However, please understand that you aren't allowed to seriously question my credentials and motives - I'm only allowed to question yours. If I unilaterally decide that someone with hesitations about this particular vaccine is equivalent to - and as unhinged as - someone that questions the efficacy of any and all vaccines, that is my prerogative and mine alone. I'm free to change the meaning of words and historically accepted definitions at-will when it suits my purpose and feeds the desired narrative.

Now that we've established these fair and impartial rules of engagement, allow me to proceed with some additional disclosures.

I have read and listened to portions of your recent public statements - but make no mistake: this is not for the purpose of properly characterizing you and your beliefs or to truly understand both sides of the issue and thoughtfully and factually present them with appropriate nuance and context. No, the real purpose is instead to mock and denigrate you, safely ensconced in the false assurance that I am a Journalist® and therefore untouchable via the First Amendment. The truth is, the story's ending has already been written - like the plot of a novel before I actually pen the first words - and my role now is simply to fill in the color commentary and details that will make this more personal and engaging, lending a patina of authenticity. Since I'm not constrained by facts, this will indeed be much like a novel, but I can always add a one-liner in the foreword that says "inspired by true events" to try and lend more gravitas to what otherwise is whole cloth. I hope you'll invite me into your house so I can look into the eyes of the person I'm about to falsely convict and crucify. Other than that, I'm a really good person.

I'm going to conclude now with additional false sincerity because I don't wish you well. In fact, I hope to make a mockery of your career, your credentials, your motivations, and your contributions. But please remember that you can trust me because I'm sincere in my convictions and reasonably articulate - and we all know that history's despots possessed neither of those attributes.

"All the best" (wink, wink),

Davey Alba

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it's amazing how many people still think the NYTs is an unbiased, truthful newspaper. Even when shown the evidence (ie screenshots of corrected articles, demonstration of how international media will cover important topics like the Biden laptop but the NYTs doesn't, so many examples) they will fight to the end to say its a trustworthy source and you are a horrible person for not believing them. They are willfully ignorant, and I have no sympathy for them.

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Self-importance married to ideology=deception and disaster. They sit on high, upon their throne, and act as jury, judge and executioner...and the devil smiles.

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I remember when I was a child and my parents were watching the news you could feel confident that the newscasters were not bias they told the news as it was happening. The news today is so frustrating. You don’t know what is truth and what is a lie.

I don’t watch the news channels anymore. You can just feel the lies they are spinning.

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I must add to my former reply. My husband ran for Prosecuting Attorney in 2012. The lies and the slanted spin on the reporting done by our local paper was so disturbing. We decided to never do a phone response to the news paper again. We would write our response therefore no misinterpreted info. I truly believe he lost the election because of the news paper articles and the lies by his opponent along with the opponents unlimited money to spend on his campaign. We learned through that experience that we are not politicians . We speak truth and we can’t be dishonest with the public. We learned that all the politicians had big egos and were just out for themselves and would go to any length to get what they set out to do. Terrible experience.

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NY Times etc are not “The Left.” As Alexander stated on The Duran Tues during best nuanced Ukraine coverage “the old left would be rolling over in their graves.”

I recognize neither party which is a problem

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Deception comes in many forms.

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Character Assassination efforts by wordsmiths is an art form. NYT is a depository of bias wordsmiths whose livelihood depend on their ability to destroy the truth for special interests.

They did a hit piece several years ago on a Harvard physician who understands the true value of Vitamin D for good health. Covid diagnosis should include a blood test for Vitamin D deficiency.

If blood value is over 50 ng's the risk of dying from the virus is minimal. Oops..negates the need for a mRNA injection!

Their bible is the Disinformation Handbook which is explained at: https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/disinformation-playbook?msclkid=4c158179bc0911ec96b5b299f12477e5

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Journalism is an action, not (just) a profession. The real journalists now are on Substack and on the ground filming police stops with camera phones.

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NYT has a history of being a tool for propaganda. One of the older Mark Levin shows he gave a history of the NYTs. NYT hid or did not publish that their was a holocaust in Europe under the 3rd Reich. Americans did not know what was happening in Europe.

NYT Man in Moscow: "Stalins Apologist: Walter Duranty: the NYT Man in Moscow" book by SJ Taylor. Duranty praised the Bolshevik Revolution and kept hid the genocide of Ukranians. https://www.amazon.com/Stalins-Apologist-Walter-Duranty-Timess/dp/0195057007

Suggest going to the link for the book to read the summary about the book.

NYT has only gotten worse over the years. Woke nuts work there who are not journalists, they are activists, Social Media Influencers, frauds and liars.

Dr. Phil once said: "giving someone the benefit of the doubt, is a higher form of insanity." Times have changed and people have changed.

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Dr. Malone, I totally agree it's a waste of your time. The NYT has always been a lie. As I have mentioned previously (your 1st post) my Father never read it (because he knew what it was) and we lived in Northern NJ where many people were under its spell.

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Two thoughts came to mind.

“When you lie down with junkyard dogs, you wake up with flees.” (Not sure)

“These are sick people.” (Donald J. Trump)

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I think the thing that stands out most to me about this first post is that you were generous, and Jill was intuitive. I'm sure she has been gracious enough not to have said, "I told you so!" 😊

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"The Unfreedom of the Press: by Mark Levin will open many eyes to the propaganda machines.

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