Major typo in the article (correct on the web) but not in the emails sent out. It should read:

"Note that the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is given to all babies and young children and is on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule. So that fact that Merck has completed a psuedo mRNA vaccine clinical trial on pneumococcal vaccines is of great interest."

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"Recognize that what has happened over the past three years has been the rise of a totalitarian state - Public health has been weaponized."

Totalitarian takeover disguised as pandemic response.

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Resist ALL vaccines (and probably all new drugs). None has been properly tested, as was clearly revealed in Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth: https://www.amazon.com/Turtles-All-Way-Down-Vaccine/dp/9655981460

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#1 thing to do: cry out to God and admit sins to close others, accept Jesus as complete as possible

whole civilizations rise and fall on this one thing, and keep praying

All the rest: yes, absolutely truth and exposure of the truth

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Hand to God I’ll never inject myself or kids with another jab! Made that decision long ago. I’m reading they are trying to use mRNA in our food animals now. So I have switched to local organic farm for food and have gotten away from commercial. We have so much going on. So many battles. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. Thank you for keeping us informed.

I came across something on Twitter that’s getting interest. I just want you to be aware so you can defend yourself so I am attaching or here. I’m sure there is a reason for it.


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Great post, thank you for the excellent details, and be assured that many of us are working on this at county, state, and federal levels, as well as with friends and family!

However, the biggest hurdle I run into are the physicians on the ground, along with the "officials" in places like FDA, CDC, the State Health Agencies, etc., who frankly just repeat what Pharma tells them to, and REFUSE to look at all the information screaming at them that a) these products are experimental, b) they have never been safety tested in any normal fashion, c) more people died in Pfizer's vaccine arm than placebo, in a very short time frame and then they promptly injected the placebo group, d) all cause mortality, disability and female infertility leaped upward when these toxic experiments were force injected through psy-ops & coercion into people who never needed them at all, e) they do not stop infection or transmission, f) multiple successful early treatment strategies exist and have been viciously attacked and destroyed in main stream media and medicine, g) the vast majority of those who "died from Covid-19" never would have if we got vitamin D, pulse ox meters, and early treatment packages to Americans like they did in multiple "less advantaged" nations.

So getting any one those 7 basic facts into any brain-washed & ego identified victim of the largest military grade psychological operation in the entire history of humanity is WORK.

Lots and lots of very difficult work, and some of them will never be able to take these facts in, they are too horrible for them to believe. It will un-moor their psychological foundations.

So that is why I argue that EVERYONE who is aware work together, diligently, continuously, doggedly, never giving up, because allowing this evil, (for that is what it is,) to move forward in our world without eternal and absolute resistance will mean a future for humanity that is darker than 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World all together.

If you don't understand this then consider subscribing to ICENI on Substack.

That information is a REAL wake up call for us all!

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Thank you for the action steps in your article. This issue seems like a Goliath. But for the sake of truth ... for the sake of children whose bodies will be damaged by these vaccines we must speak up and share these articles by brave scientists like Dr. Malone

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My kids got the minimum number of shots and won’t get any more. Find a friendly, local and conservative GP that can help with exemptions and guidance through your home states vaxx requirements. Do not hesitate to seek legal counsel (consultations are usually free) and carefully research vaxx laws in your state.

Most school boards and officials will back down if confronted by informed parents. At least that has been the experience for me and my wife.

Rep. Steil does not respond to emails well. Sen. Johnson is already on board and fighting. Sen. Baldwin is a useful idiot to the progressive left and doesn’t respond to emails either. Your mileage may vary.

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During a recent senate hearing Rand Paul questioned Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel if the 400 million dollar payment Moderna made to the INH created a conflict of interest that the people deciding if the vaccine is given and how many shots that are required are being paid by the company that makes the drug. Of course he didn’t answer the question. Bancel also lied about the Moderna drug and myocarditis in young males. I think he also lied when he said his children have been vaccinated 3 or 4 times. Obviously our medical institutions as all of our government are only concerned with lining their filthy pockets with these companies dirty money and don’t really give a shit about all the people being harmed by these harmful products. The nazis also lined their pockets with property, paintings, jewelry, even gold teeth etc., with no concern to the Jewish people that worked generations for what they had. No concern. J.Goodrich

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There are so many people I know that don’t take the time to learn the truth. They have soft minds and absorb the government lines time after time. I do try to tell them what I believe to be the truth. Many look at me and say how do you know this stuff. Even my own sister has disconnected from most of these issues and tells me I can’t change anything. Though after two shots she got cancer and I have talked her into never taking another shot so I can change something. It’s not me to not be engaged but honestly sometimes I envy peoples disconnect. J.Goodrich

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Thank you Dr. Malone! IMO It is no accident that they used Boolean language, it limits access and etc. I also believe we are moving down the wrong path in medicine without the safety controls required to preserve human life. The ED Dowd research confirms this and is being IGNORED! The complexity of the human cell, which carries the blueprint for life, dictates, that we do not interfere with normal cellular function by reprogramming normal cell processes! Stop the injections now. Save our children now.! EAU mandate has allowed humans to become lab rats for the profitability of Big Pharma! The Medical Titanic is move forward at WARP speed! God please forgive them for they do not know what they are doing! We are speeding up the 6th extinction of life on earth!


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Thank you Doctor Malone. I will be writing my congresspersons!

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Dr. Malone — it appears to me that clinicaltrials.gov allows the public to download the entire database that drives their dashboard as an xml file. I haven’t attempted it yet, but I do a similar exercise regularly with FAA data. If this really is allowed, it would be trivial for someone with database experience to conduct any queries you might like to pose against the data once it was ingested into a SQL server.

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Another instance of







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Thank you Dr. Malone! I am not a spring chicken but I can share articles, pics, etc. I can write and call legislators. I can tell others where I stand and why and try to persuade. If it gets to the point that our Founders foresaw I can take up arms. But I will also “pray continually”.

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