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Robert Malone Responds to Trolls

LifeSite News 23Sep22 interview clip

Hopefully this will be my last substack editorial on this topic. I am sending this out so that it can readily be used by any supporters (and myself) to address the concern trollery regarding my background, which has long been on a slow burn but seems to have become rampant lately. Mr. Clay Clark is also kindly circulating a similar video clip from this interview, in hopes that this will help quell the ongoing fragging. I thank him for this gift of his time and resources.

I think that we can all agree that circular firing squads involving unfounded or poorly researched accusations play right into the agenda of our opponents.

Just to recap, for those few that don’t already know. I have been continuously attacked by fact checkers for the last two years about my role in the mRNA vaccine inventions. They all claim that I did not invent the core mRNA vaccine technology, which includes the first proof of principle experiments (actually vaccinating mice and showing they generated an immune response). This despite mountains of evidence that I did. They have completely wiped away my scientific achievements and rewritten my history, which is not the first time in my life that this has happened.

They did this, because if they can take away my legitimacy, they can take away the impact of my speaking out, and in this way prevent people from listening to or reading my words.

These “fact checkers” include Facebook, logically AI, Linked-in, Reuters, Polyner, WP, etc- the list goes on and on. All of these refuse to cite my nine issued patents -instead they claim that I worked on mRNA transfection back in the day, but that is it... My Wiki page has been edited to defame me by using the many, many major hit pieces put out by The Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, Business Insider, The Washington Post (who called me a liar for saying that the mRNA vaccines do not prevent infection, replication and spread of Omicron strains), The New York Times, The Scientist (and even my hometown paper the Santa Barbara News Press), to just name some of these.

I have had just about every major newspaper in the USA, the Israeli Ministry of Health, and the Spanish Ministry of Health all run hit pieces on me. The Rogan/Malone interview cannot be found using most internet search engines - as is also the case with most of my interviews and podcasts. I have had attacks by a physician in Hawaii who tried to get my medical license taken away. I had to spend lots of money on an attorney to make sure that license wasn’t removed (I won that fight). For heavens sake, even Neil Young and Joni Mitchell attacked me! Twitter permanently banned me without ANY STRIKES AGAINST ME. This past two years has certainly had its rough patches! It has not been an easy road to say the least. Note that you don’t find me on legacy broadcast media. Since Alex Berenson attacked me for lying about my role in creating the technology and for supporting Ivermectin use, I have never been invited back on Fox news. Recently, in Florida - I was dis-invited to a medical event put on by the state, probably due to issues with my legitimacy - because of the systemic effort to delegitimize me. Ask yourself, is this consistent with my being “controlled opposition” or working for the “Global Predators”?

I firmly believe this concerted propaganda assault comes from the US Government.

The list goes on and on. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and literally thousands of hours of my time fighting these attacks. They are demoralizing. They suck strength and morale from both Jill and myself. They are literally never ending. For speaking out about these vaccines, I literally no longer have a consulting business.

All that said, if I stop now - “they” will completely control the narrative about me, although others have now taken up the torch regarding the vaccines being neither safe nor effective. Not only will I be re-written out of history, I will de-legitimized and my fears about these vaccines will be hidden from the public. When I joke that I am the most censored man in the world, there is more than a grain of truth to this (yes, I acknowledge Alex Jones and his journey to internet hell). That will be the legacy that I leave my family if I stop now. I literally have no choice, I have to continue on. As Dr. Mattias Desmet councils, I must continue to speak out. As must we all.

And now - I get attacked from “friendly fire.” I can’t help but think that this is part of the same systemic effort to delegitimize me. That it is still coming from the US government. That these people attacking me are either controlled opposition, provocateurs or fools - being fed lies through who knows what sources.

This video clip above is from Part 1 of a longer two part interview by LifeSiteNews's Jim Hale which occurred on Friday, 23 Sept 2022. Part 2 has not been published yet.

Accusations of “controlled opposition” and its sister accusation of “agent provocateur” are insidious and corrosive. Attendance at the historic “Stop the Mandates” rally in Washington DC last winter was self limited by the fear of many that provocateurs from FBI or Antifa would infiltrate and incite violence. Undoubtedly that rally would have been even more successful if people were not so afraid of coming to a DC rally after what happened on January 06 2021, which did involve provocateurs that were inciting violence. And for any skeptics, it is my firm opinion that we clearly are dealing with a massive psy-ops (including censorship) operation directed by the US Federal government against us.

I am told by Clay Clark that there is a general lack of appreciation that my work on development of the mRNA vaccine platform technologies occurred between 1987-1990, and that I need to make this clear. I was in my late 20s, working as a graduate student at the Salk Institute and at Vical incorporated. A series of patents were filed in 1990, and eventually these became the eight core mRNA vaccine patents which were purchased by Merck from Vical and then parked or sort of pocket vetoed. By Merck employees Dr. Margaret Liu and Dr. Jeffrey Ulmer, among others. And these are the characters that then took credit for the (failed) development of DNA vaccination technology. For my work and intellectual contributions, I received one US dollar and a certificate. Merck and Vical blocked further development of the technology (including by myself) until the patents expired thirty years later. So, please be aware, I had nothing to do with development of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines, and have never claimed otherwise. Corporate media and factcheckers often create a false narrative, a strawman argument claiming that I have said otherwise, and then refute the argument thereby concluding that my claims are fraudulent. This cycle of factcheckers and corporate media setting up a false strawman argument and then refuting it is a common trope which we have seen repeatedly deployed during the COVIDcrisis, and for many years before that.

I am also told that Peter and Ginger Breggin are completely convinced that I am employed by “Global Predators” (which happens to relate to the title of their book). Where that hypothesis comes from, I have no idea. I have four sources of income these days. 1) Donations from anonymous individuals who are very actively supporting the medical freedom cause. 2) This substack (thank you!). 3) The Unity Project. 4) Horse sales. That is it. None of these constitute a conflict of interest, and none involve “global predators”. There. Can we put that conspiracy to bed also?

Bottom line, there have been multiple years of targeted defamation and slander directed at me. These attacks have been far out of proportion to most of my peers and colleagues. All I can conclude from this is that some organization(s?) or individual(s?) perceives me as quite a threat to their interests.

Ask yourself- who is acting as a provocateur or controlled opposition hate instigator here? By their actions you will know them.

So, without further ado, below is a lightly edited transcript of the first 14 minutes of the LifeSite News interview posted on September 27, 2022 as “Dr. Robert Malone: 'Monopolist' Bill Gates has his 'tentacles' everywhere”

LifeSiteNews's Jim Hale:                    Dr. Malone, thank you so much for being with us again. It's been about one year since we sat down here at the farm to talk to you, and now unfortunately, you are being attacked not just from the left, but from the right as well. Could you just tell us what's going on?

Robert Malone:            Yeah, I can only speculate about what the agendas are. The issue is that there's a group of individuals that have all kind of fermented somehow on the Clay Clark tour, the Freedom Tour, and they've all kind of hung out with each other. And these includes Stew Peters, Jane Ruby, the Breggins (Peter and Ginger), Peter McCullough, Judy Mikovits, all have kind of gotten themselves all wound up over a couple of really odd, obscure things, at least from my point of view. And they have amplified this in a variety of podcasts. <I have since learned that the Breggins did not participate in the tour, but appear to have had other influences which did not involve those who met and discussed these matters while on the tour together.>

                                    And regarding the Breggins, Peter Breggin seems to be on kind of a “hate Robert Malone” virtual tour. He's come through multiple, multiple podcasts where he just seems to have obsessed over me. The core issue seems to be that someone picked off small items from my CV, and the lesson learned here is I shouldn't be so open and transparent about everything. They grabbed a little phrase off of my CV that I had been serving on the ACTIV Committee, A-C-T-I-V of the NIH and Foundation for NIH. And this is the group that has many subgroups, one of which is involved currently in what used to be Operation Warp Speed and the development of mRNA vaccines.

                                    It <OWS> was not previously involved in ACTIV, but it has kind of been rolled up into ACTIV <after I was no longer involved>. So ACTIV is operated by the Foundation for NIH, which I've objected to, and have spoken repeatedly suggesting that it needs to be dissolved. ACTIV is chartered by Congress, and it is the channel by which the Gates Foundation and the pharmaceutical industry can push money into NIH and influence what NIH does. It's ostensibly there to facilitate a public private partnership, and I think it's a source of corruption, and it's corrupted much of what's happened with the drug repurposing effort.

                                    I was there <as an ACTIV committee non-voting member> at the behest of my client, who was a GS-14 level government employee working for a Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and I'm intentionally leaving his name off out of respect for his position. I was asked to mentor this gentleman (who I've known for years) by a GS-15 DTRA employee, the next rank up, a brigadier general equivalent in the civilian service, and was asked to mentor him at the beginning of this outbreak, and I did so.

                                    And we worked together through multiple projects focused on drug repurposing. He <the GS-14> asked me to serve as a volunteer non-voting member on this ACTIV clinical trials working group, which has nothing to do with vaccines. It was all about drugs and drug repurposing. And the reason for me being there was because we had been trying to get clinical trials started for a drug combination, testing the combination of Famotidine, Celecoxib and Ivermectin, these three repurposed drugs. The FDA blocked us from being able to do this (this is the DOD!), blocked the DOD from being able to do trials with Ivermectin.

                                    And I sat on the committee for a long time. As an observer, they allowed me to speak. I was not allowed to vote on anything. I was there in support of Defense Threat Reduction Agency chem-biodefense group, and I spoke about it on Rogan, that raised concerns and objections and shortly thereafter, they reorganized ACTIV and I was no longer invited to participate.

                                    So this whole storyline that somehow I represent controlled opposition because I sat on the ACTIV Committee is completely orthogonal to the facts. In fact, one of the things that I said publicly was that the representative from Merck Incorporated that was on the committee actively tried to block the clinical trials of Ivermectin that were run through the ACTIV clinical trials working group.

                                    So I don't get this, and it seems to be people seizing on one little fact. Then they went to the <NIH> webpage and they saw that ACTIV was involved in mRNA vaccine development currently, because they're looking at it in the present, not in the past. My no longer participating all happened in January <2022> where it got reorganized, and drawing inferences about and basically disparaging me and my professionalism and drawing inferences based on a little tiny fact that they got <from my CV>, and they didn't even spend the time to comprehend what the ACTIV structure was and that there were many different branches in it, or even bother to ask me. They just launched off on a massive conspiracy theory.

                                    The other one <conspiracy> that seems to be in circulation, and I've had Stew Peters now accuse me of being a mass murderer because I invented the platform mRNA delivery technology and its application for vaccines, and there's all of this that's been wound up. I've done probably hundreds of hours of podcasts discussing how I came to the invention, what I was doing, what I was trying to do. But apparently none of these people have listened to any of those and they've just spun up a controversy as some way to attack me, that in some way I'm responsible for what's happened here in contrast to the fact that I've been the one talking about what the problems are.

                                    And so just to put that to rest, it was in the late 1980s when I was about 28 years old, and it was a series of discoveries unexpected by me or anyone else - that's the way good discoveries are - that came out of my experiments trying to ask questions about how retroviral RNA gets packaged, and I happend to be working in a gene therapy lab. And it literally was the beginning of the creation, really the genesis of non-viral gene delivery.

                                    So I had, just like I wrote a Substack about this with the analogy to Oppenheimer, I had no idea that what I was working on and had come up with would in some way yield a product that was rushed through without adequate testing and resulted in probably millions of lives lost and huge amounts of damage all across the world. I had nothing to do with building these vaccines.

                                    I created the technology platform and the eight patents, nine patents that are associated with it, which, what's odd about all this is that on the left and the corporate media, there's this huge effort of denialism that I did the work that I did when I did it, and they will never cite the patents, even though there's now two nature papers out that show that my work was the first <involving mRNA delivery in animals and use of mRNA for vaccines>. They always gloss over that as an effort to de-legitimize me.

                                    And now coming from the right, I've got people attacking me, basically asserting that somehow I had some foresight three decades ago that what I was doing as a 28 year old was going to result in this huge fiasco that I've now spent the last two years clearly objecting to and trying to help everybody to become alerted and aware of what the problems are. So there's that one.

                                    And there's other versions <of these types of conspiracies>. Another one of the attacks that's been mounted is that a vaccine that I worked on for a company called Reliance, which program I an no longer involved in, I dropped off of, again, about January of this year, that somehow that's an mRNA vaccine that's being developed, and there are various people that have said it's my vaccine. That I own that vaccine.

                                    This is absolute crazy talk. It comes off of a slide deck that I presented for Reliance Vaccines because I speak English well and can present well. Reliance is a company that has been formed from Reliance Industries, which is owned by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Industries is one of the largest companies in the world. Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest men in the world. He is absolutely the richest man in India last time I checked. And he chose to develop a vaccine company, and they hired me as a consultant.

                                    He chose to build this vaccine company largely out of his commitment to serving the poor of India; they <the Indian government> have kind of a requirement to sort of tithe to the poor. And so he's got over a billion dollars in a fund, and he thought this was a good business opportunity, plus there was an unmet need for the poor in India in many emerging markets. And there's a growing groundswell of vaccine expertise in India as a core business. They're taking it away from the United States and Western Europe.

                                    And so they created this company Reliance Vaccines, and in that process hired me to be a consultant. Basically on a weekly basis, I would dial in the middle of the night to a Zoom call with this team that was starting to form of expert vaccinologists in India. And at one point, as this whole thing developed, there was a corporate decision to try to build a low cost simple COVID vaccine for the poor. And that simple vaccine had two antigens in it, neither of which are full length spike. It's made now, <for clinical trials> and you can see the slide deck that I talked about.

                                    One is manufactured in yeast and the other's manufactured in E. coli, old school technology, just the receptor binding domain of the spike, not the whole length spike with all the toxicity, in a nucleocapsid protein, which is something that should have been done with all these vaccines to broaden them. And in India, unlike in the United States, the regulatory affairs team for the Indian government is not willing to allow any corners to be shortcut with vaccines, largely because of the problems they had with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation historically in India.

                                    And so they're very rigorous about it, and Reliance is slowly going through the process. And when I no longer became associated with this program wherein I was basically mentoring and coaching the team on once a week, and had no financial stake in any of this as a consultant, then my consultancy expired. It's a pain to set these things up with India because there's all kinds of documents having to do with the IRS and the Indian version of the IRS and just a mountain of paperwork. So they didn't renew it. I have no idea where it's at right now. It has nothing to do with me. I don't own it. It is not an RNA vaccine. All of that is just plain conspiracy theory.

LifeSiteNews's Jim Hale:                    What kind of toll has this taken on you?

Robert Malone:            I'm so tired. I'm tearful. That's the truth. I had a long podcast last night with a gentleman from nine to 10 last night. He's based in LA. That just constantly, constantly being attacked and from people that I thought were friends, colleagues, it's really, really discouraging. And frankly, I'm not enjoying this. And we've now entered into a period where things are in transition.

                                    COVID is starting to die down. The truth is coming out and is starting to be acknowledged, like in this Politico piece. It's going to continue to kind of come out in a stepwise, gradualistic way because that's how these things get played. And there seems to be a sudden scramble for who gets credit for what and who's going to be the leader and who's going to be able to continue to capitalize on this and sell vitamins or whatever the thing is. And I never sought this role of being functionally a leader in this global resistance. It kind of came to me and I've done my best to perform responsibly in a mature fashion, but I'm just tired of it. I just want to walk away.

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Begone, Concern Trolls.

Back under your bridge. Leave me alone. Nothing here for you to feed on.

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