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I used to work as a faculty member (and had an Assistant Deanship) in a US acredited medical school (until I was terminated for not getting "vaccinated" against COVID). I can relate to the section about medical education. I can tell you that I was appalled the last two times I attended AAMC meetings in 2018 and 2019. This organization, which used to be concerned with excellence in medical education, has become a political instrument. They just talk about "diversity", "inclusiveness", "my doctor looks like me"... and similar BS. They do not care if our medical students become competent doctors.

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Thank you so much for this edition of your substack. I knew of the Netherland farmers plight and have tried to keep my US friends and family abreast of what that means for us and them. We import food from the Netherlands as well. But I had no idea about the Biden "30x30" plan. It makes sense that he is also in lock-step with the WEF to starve the masses and fatten the globalists but it is hard to keep track of the progress threatening the "common people" on all sides and closing in quickly. I have to say that I would have a hard time voting Trump over Biden--but I will do it just to throw a monkey wrench into the WEF plan and because Biden appears to be one of the first Transhuman models--but Rick DeSantis is looking better and better. I could never have guessed--looking back three years--what strange bedfellows I would have coming from a longtime liberal Dem background!

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We love DeSantis in Florida.

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Oxygen and nitrogen are not greenhouse gases,

If there was no nitrogen in the air, humans, animals and plants would all die. Nitrogen comprises 78% of the earth's atmosphere and it is critically important to all life on earth. Nitrogen is an important part of our bodies.

Nitrogen is transferred to plants, animals, and the environment through the nitrogen cycle.

Scientists believe that most of the nitrogen in the air was carried out from deep inside the earth by volcanoes. The nitrogen molecule is heavier than most other molecules in the atmosphere, so it tends to settle towards the bottom.


Oxygen and nitrogen are not greenhouse gases, because they are transparent to infrared light. These molecules are invisible because when you stretch one, it doesn't change the electric field. These are symmetric molecules, made of two identical atoms whose electric fields just cancel each other out.


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Fabulous!! You really are a whirlwind!! Just stopped listening to you LIVE on CHD.TV finding this brilliant substack article!!

For all who didn’t/couldn’t listen to this wonderful interview, here you go, enjoy: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/doctors-and-scientists-with-brian-hooker-phd

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Well farming is in my blood. My dad started out renting 25 acres to farm and built it into a large farming production. He was hard working and an honest man. Dad would buy a new car and pay cash for it. He would then drive it until it would drive no more and the buy a new one paying cash. I have put messages out to my nephew who now runs the farm and a friend who has a large potato farm. So when I hear back from them I can give more information on that.

During the recession in 2008 my son in law was a successful mortgage broker. He had a partner who embezzled a lot of money from him. The housing market crashed and he lost everything. His house, his cars , his business . Their family moved next door into our sons house in the basement apartment. My sons wife was disabled from a terrible car wreck. That’s why my son and his family lived next door so that I could help her. I loved having my children and grandchildren around but didn’t love the circumstances . Hard times.

I say get out of debt now. As best you can. We have our house payment and my husband had to get a new (used) truck as his old one bit the dust. He is set to retire in January but now we are not sure given the coming circumstances.

People get some food stored as best as you can. Grow a garden or plant pots on your balconies. Use heirloom seed so you can gleen the seeds from the plants.

Store some water. One thing we do is when we use up a jug of juice, we fill it up with water. If you are on city water you have chlorine in it but if you have your own well use a bit of Clorox bleach . Just plane bleach. How can you survive with out power. There is all this talk about blackouts. Do you have a generator and fuel for it. You could get a portable solar system . I made our portable solar system. I just studied about it on line.

In the 80’s , I don’t remember what year as I was young raising my family, there was a terrible drought in I believe Ethiopia. The people were starving. In America there was a glut of wheat and and they disposing of it. That upset me terribly. I did some checking and wrote to my legislature about sending the wheat to Ethiopia. I was checking into transporting by ship or airplane. My legislature wrote back stating that the factions fighting over there would take the food and the people would not get it. I checked with the Growers Association . Nothing! No one would even help and here were people dying. Bureaucrats!

We need to take care of ourselves and not depend on the government. Be independent .

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The Bilderberg Group.

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I keep thinking that there will be “the shot heard around the world” and the revolution will spread like the Spanish Flu. We can see it, do something, come together. Unfortunately I think the revolution will not be displayed on tv or any other accessible media platform. If the revolution is happening as we speak, we are not being informed, nor can we talk about it with one another. We are right now in a media blackout.

I noticed something when watching the news in the years beginning in roughly 2000. In my childhood, teen years, young adults I could turn on the main tv stations at 6pm and each would have a different top story of the day, what they thought was important. In the 1990s things started changing. The stories were the same on all the stations, it was just a switching of positions of the days headlines. I began to focus more and more on the videos presented. One every channel they were the same video. At the time tv was cutting costs, and news agencies were cutting to the bone to remain afloat. When you have various reporters covering an event you would expect the videos to be different. The media setup in the same place and do an introduction then the video would come on. The video was the same on ABC,CBS,NBC. To me it meant a couple of things, laziness by the media, getting a message about what to cover, how to cover it and what video supports your stance. I started pointing out to my husband as we flipped channels during the news. Another thing, commercial run the same time on all channels.

Media began treating the population as children not capable of understanding the complex relationships whether in jobs, schooling, businesses, war, and so on. Instead of heroes in our own lives we became victims. We were victims, of our environment, our schooling, our communities, of the government state, local and federal. Road blocks by state, local and federal governments were implemented to stamp out families, social interaction, communities, and resourcefulness. Edict from the government made us more dependent on them and less on ourselves. Now when someone does something different, unique, thinking outside the box, they better be willing to take the bump and bruises. They better be able to handle being de-platformed and have their audience follow them wherever they go.

My current rules of the road.(I live in the country and I am retired.)

If you are thinking of retiring maybe go part time. Lots of retired people need that part-time job. Whether because their retirement isn’t enough or because they need the mental stimulation.

Volunteer in your community if you can.

help kids in schools, whether it is stopping by and paying for a week of meals, buying a t shirt to support the band, or see what they need.

Stay fit, find an exercise that you like and do it. Get DVDs from the library for a change. Look into the YMCA or community center for classes.

If you are a lot younger and lack support from family it is going to be harder, and more difficult. There are a lot of people out there who are doing the best that they can with what is in front of them. They may have a lot of sorrow, pain, anger, rage within themselves that they are barely hanging in there. A kind work or mutual joke can and does make a difference.

What you see on tv is not real for a majority of people out there. They are trying to sell you something telling you it will be better if you have XYZ. It doesn’t and puts you into debt. You are going to have to determine for yourself what is a want verses what is a need. You need to pay rent, no the stiletto heels are not going to help you make money. And why are fashion houses trying to make women all vulnerable and look like hookers? Explain that?

We are all losing ground. Politically, financially, socially, education wise, work wise. No one has any idea of how to stop it. And maybe, the powers that be want it that way.

If you can find good friends, a decent job, health insurance, a second income, a smart way of looking at the world, stock up on food, water, wool blankets, help others on occasion, do it.

Life is not fair. We don’t need participation trophies, we need to up our game. Take personal responsibility, work, find something we are really good at and do it. Playing video games is a distraction. It is not all day work.

Get outside.

Get a trade rather than a degree. Once you get that trade, you can go anywhere and make money, be self sufficient, and travel if you so desire. You know that fly over part of the USA, really nice people, lots of common sense, good folks, very interesting, so are some of the smaller southern towns.

Have a savings account, a backup for your computer, iPhone, tablet. Have a get out bag, get a container to catch rainwater. Check out second hand stores, used equipment, not everything needs to be new. (Yes to new underwear)

Is it going to get rough, yes, will I make it? I don’t know, no one does. Do I see everyday people scaling way back on extras, yup. I am thinking xmas this year to be only for kids, not adults. Chip in when you can. Learn to cook. Enjoy reading.

Most importantly a good laugh and a good cry never hurt anyone.

We will get through this, and what stories will we be able to tell.

Much love to you all.

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Excellent review.

Several observations:

1) Rutte (Dutch PM) is the reincarnation of Anton Mussert. The similarity is striking. Anton ended in front of a firing squad. Rutte and Trudeau are the "chosen men" of techno-fascist, Klaus Schwab, and they were obviously chosen to implement more of Davos Man's Great Rest;

2) It is too late to save the medical education system - indeed, the entire health care system - IMO. Complete collapse is close and the good news is that building anew may allow the profession to return to its pro-Human origins (it has become an ANTI-Human force in my time). Sadly, with its unswerving commitment to agendas OTHER THAN actual healthcare - "wokeness", "evidence-based medicine", pharmacentric therapies, corporate and government manipulation, and disease creation and maintenance - it is doomed (as are many, many of the patients it purports to serve). The fact that all (most) of academia and their oh-so-trusting students and colleagues are continuing to "boost" themselves into oblivion may be our salvation;

3) Beware of DeSantis. He is as manipulative as DJT, but much younger and brighter, IMO. Should he make it to DC, you will see a huge increase in funding for the Military Industrial Complex, Police, Prison Industrial Complex, and our good friends in Israel (to where he traveled and promised enduring fealty and funding when he first began his term). He would undoubtedly continue the foreign policies of the Empire and the Administrative and Corporatist States;

4) The largest polluter on the planet is the US military (the entire MIC complex). There is never mention of that nor move to address it. Of course, this will never happen as long as existing corrupt institutions continue as they are today.

Thanks for all you do, Dr. M!

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Yes, I’m a broken record, but for DeSantis, where the hell is the GOP re: WEF, Bilderberg,Atlantic Council, Brookings Institute,Aspen, Rockefeller/Ford/Tides Foundations,Getty/Guggenheim/Teneo/Soros and his myriad “NGOs”, Gates/Apple/BLM/ANtifa,BlackRock/Vanguard/StateStreet, David Gergen,Larry Summers,Bloomberg -Bloomberg School Of Medicine/McKinsey/Morgan Stanley/,Carlyle/JPMorgan,Deborah Birx, Biden siphoning tax dollars through the UN to fund migrant caravans, “ Catholic Charities”, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood??? Biden’s entire effing admin!

Why are they silent on Brian Deese’s BlackRock history? WEF “ Young Global Leaders” BlinkenNewsom,Castro,Buttegieg,Nuland,Wen,Pritzker,Kendi,Gates,Zuck,BLM co-founder Alana Garza,Pfizer’s Bourla, Moderna’s Bancel,Sanjay Gupta, Hotez,Anderson Cooper, Stephanopoulis,Vivek Murthy,Nikki Haley,Chelsea Clinton ,Fareed Zakaria,Huma Abedin- their foreign puppet counterparts, NZ Ardern,France Macron,Netherlands Rutte, Canada Trudeau and worse still, Chrystia Freeland, EU Juncker,>

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Yearly , working in a hospital, it’s called diversity and equity training . You have to do a mandatory computer module. My son is in medical school , has the same thing . Dr. Malone I’m so glad you are unveiling the corruption. Thanks.

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So glad to get today’s substack. With lots of issues I’ve been troubling over too.

The Netherlands Situation is appalling.

The “New World Order” lot are incredibly shortsighted in their lust for Power, Control and (their) Wealth. We (who survive) are to be the transhumans they program and otherwise control to serve their appetites. That we haven’t anticipated and organized to combat this insanity is frightening.

The US Situation

I’m not impressed with the effectiveness of our federal and state (think California in particular) management of Public Lands. They have as I recall placed constraints on grazing, oil exploration, forest management - and more?

I am very concerned about the ultimate goals of the Gates, CCP holdings. Gates seems more interested in population reduction and feeding us fake foods, bugs and larvae than following traditional operations. He says farmers can stay on their land - but under what terms?

An article today “Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle In Unprecedented Numbers Due To The Drought, And That Has Enormous Implications For 2023" implies major opportunities for acquisitions by Gates and/or this Administration.

American’s Financial Condition

Yet another crisis the Globalists and this Administration surely wont let go to waste.

You are so right, chicanery will be the order of the day to keep the public off balance and ignorant of the planned trajectory.

Medical Education and the future of the profession

HHS/NIH/Fauci have dealt Doctors a severe blow. The “stand by silent,” when there should have been compassionate early treatment, has severely damaged doctor - patient relations.

Have been reading the book you recommended “First Do No Harm.” It is alarming! Add the Wokeness and it’s a Witches brew for the profession. With Amazon offering medical services and Pharmacists prescribing Paxlovid ugly change is on its way. Got so “ ” I posted my opposition on Gettr. If the lot don’t get back to providing traditional medicine I predict there will be a devastated practice available to them with a greatly reduced clientele.

Trump and DeSantis

I will gladly do my best to support either or both. They love our America, its founding and its people. I’m very satisfied that both would pursue what is best for us. We are lucky to have such great opportunities.

Loved your suggestions and take heart with them. As Ever - Love you and Dr. Jill and am so very glad you are here to facilitate our reflections. Thank You!

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What we can do, and must do is stop using the products that contain glyphosate. It is so widely used that we are experiencing unprecedented illness across the globe. Again, listen to Dr. Zack Bush as he has been working with farmers all over the globe on how to farm organically. The pesticide levels in the air, water and soil affect everything. Of course we are being pointed in the wrong direction by the lack of integrity substituted by money, power hungry and all out corruption. Hungry is what we will be left with if we don't wake up!

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I find this era all so confusing. So many things I believed in, like saving the environment and helping address racism, now appear to be based on harmful, orchestrated agendas by an unelected body. But aren't those things still worthy of our support? I believe they are but there must be a balance. A lot of it has to do with these decisions and mandates and laws being made outside of public debate. I do believe it's true that people who are racially marginalized are often the poorest with the least access to power or influence, and that their life expectancies are lower because of the stress of always living on the edge and never feeling like they can get ahead. You've raised so many interesting points and I can't address them all here but about the farmers and nitrogen. - I did a little research into carbon sequestration a few years ago. This is a farming method that uses ground cover and diverse crops to build diversity of organic matter in the soil, and crop rotation for better drainage, production, and diversity generally draws down carbon from the air where we don't want it and returns it to the soil where we need it. I can't explain it but I thought the nitrogen-laden fertilizers were harmful in interfering with the natural balance of nutrients in the soil as well as being harmful for the atmosphere. Shouldn't we do what we can to move away from commercial fertilizers and correct this balance? I believe we do need to remedy the harm we've done to the planet and our ecosystem but it must be done with support and democratic transitional planning so that people aren't left in limbo by having their industry decimated on account of other public policies - in this case - environmental policies. For sure I don't want the WEF making these decisions so I guess thats the most important factor to address, and then work to rebuild respectful public discourse to figure out the best way to move through these challenges.

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Thank you for giving props to DeSantis!! He is flying solo and is remarkably strong. He’ll need to shift to a more moderate social stance and broaden the tent by leaning Independent to build momentum.The GOP is as much an albatross as Biden. Trump has become an anvil.Note that with all Trump’s attacks, not once has he called out the WEF “ Great Reset” , UN or convergence of global events!

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Farming is a low producer of pollution compared to most industries. Most farming captures Co2.

The Nitrogen hoax: Just a power grab with no science.

Are nitrogen oxides greenhouse gases? Neither nitric oxide nor nitrogen dioxide are greenhouse gases.....


Nitrogen oxides are produced naturally by lightning, and also, to a small extent, by microbial processes in soils.


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