Sunday Strip

Welcome to the Hotel Paranoia!


A special shoutout to Mr. Ned Buratovich, who posts at, for this absolutely dead on brilliant Karaoke parody of the infamous Eagles classic “Hotel California”, which album immortally skewered La La land cray-cray culture of the 1970s. Almost 50 years have passed! Now repurposed for California of the 2020s. Please forward to Governor Newsom!

Ned can be found at his website blog right here!

Per Ned:

“A parody rewrite of the Eagles’ 1977 hit song, Hotel California, relevant to the current times of COVID-19, the catastrophic pandemic response and the media’s systematic force-feeding of fear.”

EC, if you are reading this, it would probably be a peak moment of his life to hear from you…..

(the rewrite)

On the great reset highway, fools’ words in my ear
Warm smell of infection, rising up through the fear
Up ahead in the future, I saw a frightening sight
My health grew heavy and my rights grew dim
I got locked down for the night

“Show passports at the doorway,”
I heard the armed guards tell
And I was thinking to myself,
“This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”
Then they brought out the needles and they boosted away
There were voices from the monitor,
I thought I heard them say…

Welcome to the Hotel Paranoia
Such an ugly place (Such an ugly place)
So just mask your face
Plenty of doom at the Hotel Paranoia
Any kind of fear (Any kind of fear)
You can find it here

The news is definitely twisted toward propagandic ends
They got a lot of pretty newsman boys they call friends
How they lie in the courthouse, hyping the threat.
Some lie to remember, some lie to forget

So I called up the doctor,
“Please help me feel fine”
He said, “We haven’t showed that spirit here since nineteen twenty nine”
And so our choice is falling so far away,
Taken out in the middle of the night
Then you hear them say…

Welcome to the Hotel Paranoia
Such an ugly place (Such an ugly place)
So just mask your face
The living will die at the Hotel Paranoia
What a big surprise (not a nice surprise)
Right before your eyes.

Fear’s up to the ceiling,
They keep vaccine on ice
“Sure,” we said, “we are all just listeners here, on our own device”
And in Big Pharma’s boardrooms,
They gathered for the feast
They profit from our sickly lives
And they just can’t care the least

Last thing I remember, I was
Lying on the floor
I couldn’t get the message back
To the way it was before
“React,” said the fright man,
“We are programmed to deceive.
You can fact check any time you like,
But you will not believe.”

Speaking of which, of course you are aware that my favorite infectious disease Fearporn monger CNN newsboy Jake Tapper is a distinguished member of the Council on Foreign Relations? And CNN star commentator Farheed Zakharia has served on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations? Who needs separation of Press and the Administrative State anyhow? Highly overrated. Let’s just call it a public-private partnership. Corporatism at its best.

Another shoutout to Mr. Bob Moran, a valiant truth warrior, who is having a summer special on his original iconic artwork which can be found here. I believe that these four below and many others are still for sale, but you better act soon, as I notice that the good ones go fast. Personally, I wish I had purchased that immortal one showing the mother protecting her child from the vaccination demon. That was truly iconic.

Lowlands pasture preparation.

Et tu, Brute?

Yet more from the Hotel California! (Run, Ron, Run!)

While we are recognizing artists who have bravely paid the price of freedom during the time of COVID, on this Sunday please join me in acknowledging the beautiful heart and soul of Mr. Michael Leunig, who continues to battle the totalitarianism down under.

And speaking of warriors, we have lost a great ally in the WEF resistance. I gently request a moment of silence this Sunday for one of the fallen.

I think I have lost my appetite for tacos. Maybe forever.

What would the Sunday Strip be without another gift from my good friend JP?

For those who find YouTube toxic to your freedom of speech, you can also find this clip here on Rumble

And I implore you to take a brief moment this Sunday to pay attention to the brilliant video blogger who posts as “whatsherface”, to whom I will always owe a debt of gratitude for her piece “Who is Robert Malone” (which in turn gave rise to the title of this substack). She has another in the series which you may enjoy for historic reasons, a walk down memory lane to a simpler time long, long ago, titled “Joe Rogan CANCELED over Robert Malone?!Suffice to say, I am a bit of a fanboy, although a virtual one.

In closing….

She has produced a great summary for those who think that this whole mess has all been about public health (title and link below). Bitingly sardonic as usual. Funny? Not so much. Deadly serious. But delivered with the usual wit and aplomb.


You can find this illuminating piece here

For the remaining West Coasters who are not yet packing up to move to Texas, Florida, or Nashville (or Virginia!), why yes, Karen, there is a Santa Claus. Mr. Claus’ first name is Gavin. He was well trained and graduated with honors from the WEF young leaders program. Klaus says he was a good boy. So you will think so too, Karen. Or else your social credit score will drop, as will the ESG score of your employer. You have been warned. Now theres a good girl. Run along now.