Dr. Malone! Are you already up and at 'em after speaking at Hagerstown yesterday? That was the biggest honor in all my 62 years of life to hear you speak yesterday. My sister-in-law and I drove 4 hours from Ohio to hear you. Candace Owens called you an rock star. You said you were not comfortable being called that. What words can possibly describe - you are a true patriot Dr. Malone. You are selflessly risking EVERYTHING. I know I can speak for all those beautiful faces that I saw yesterday in saying how forever grateful we all are for your integrity and your tireless pursuit to "let loose" the truth. I pray for you daily. Good bless you and Jill and your family.

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Mar 27, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Awesome memes Dr. Malone. Mike Rowe’s on voting out the sewage made me think: Seems to me the “party in power” isn’t worried at all about the midterms. They’re still going head on with their anti-America, Anti- common sense agenda. It’s almost as if they’re confident their like-minded media and federal bureaucracies will cover for them while they’re temporarily sidelined……..

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Say “No” to nuclear war! Just as government and media have deceived us on COVID and vaccines, they’re also deceiving us on the war in Ukraine. Here’s the deceit. Here’s why we need to stay out of Ukraine:


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Dr. Malone I know others ask but asking again in just your opinion I'm not holding you to anything lol. But do you think all these Dr.'s like our family doctors hospital doctors know how dangerous the vaccine is ??? My doctor just told me like a week ago "the vaccine is so safe it's ridiculous " exact words. And got mad over what I told him is out there about the vaccine. It's all so upsetting and confusing 😢 I so appreciate what your doing. God bless you & yours 🙏

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I love the Sunday Funnies! The best comic relief in America! Thank you for providing humor through the rosie glasses of fear!

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I didn't know that you were speaking near my hometown of Cumberland MD!

Love JP Sears, who I first started watching because of you. I'm leery, however, of replacing <centralized control of communications, media & money by global banks, corporations & gov'ts> by <centralized control of the above by corporations & IT>. And how does Zion relate to Israel? That can't possibly be a name chosen at random.

I think that we need community-controlled decentralized systems of communications, media & money, and how to do that is what I write about in my book. Your Ernst Wolff article was very hopeful, to find out that he (and you) share the belief that this is all heading towards an opportunity we've been waiting for. I don't think we can just save ourselves without figuring out how to save everyone.

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That good one about pumping out the crap goes for both sides and November is a joke. Both parties are toadies for corporations. For those who might have ideas about what they want to enact or change as president, good luck with that unless it benefits the corporatocracy and the 1% which actually run the world. Fox and NBC are both main stream media, just two sides of the same coin designed to keep the masses fighting amongst ourselves.

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Can't wait to read your book. 👏🏻❤

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We will artificially change your clocks and you will be happy. Our wonderful government is trying to do that to us right now and is lying to us that this is good. They want permanent Daylight savings Time. There was an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal on March 23 saying that this is a most unhealthy thing for them to do and the best thing would be to go back to permanent Standard Time which is REAL TIME. Aside from altering our circadian rhythm think about it this way: Do you want the sun to be directly overhead at noon or at 1:00 PM? I live in Montana and am near a mountain that is SE of my property. If we go to DST permanently the sun will not hit my property in the winter until just after 10:00 AM. This will make the mornings even colder and I will not be at all happy about it. Or government wants to F up absolutely everything!

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Love the funnies. Thank you.

It’s sad to see JP trashing fiat and at the same time diving into promoting Bitcoin seemingly without considering economic fundamentals.

The fiat issue isn’t inherently with fiat, imo, it is rather with the politicians elected to government that tryannically impose their will, pass legislation for trillions upon trillions upon trillions (insert ellipsis), printing money without any rationale or ethical concern for our childrens future under a mountain of debt and devalued money.

Moving further away from fiat to crypto seems less wise than fixing the above issues and/or reconsidering going back to asset-backed money.

Based on my reading and research, the volatility of Bitcoin causes it to fail the criteria to be a good monetary instrument. Consider one criteria, loans. A lender and borrower enter an agreement. Some time goes by before a certain amount of bitcoin is deposited. The borrower spends it, either converting it first to other currency, or transacting the bitcoin itself, for goods and services. Then the borrower has to make periodic payments, of a fixed amount of bitcoin each payment, back to the lender over a term of years. Of course the oayments are calculated to include interest so the lender can get something out of the deal. There is almost zero chance the value at the end of a long term will be a somewhat predictable relation to what at was at the beginning of the term (e.g. inflation in fiat is a factor in fiat loans). The unpredictable and large price volatility of bitcoin makes it untenable as a loan instrument for most borrowers and lenders, as it’s value would be fluctuating throughout the term: if it drops, then the borrower wins and the lender loses; if it goes up, the lemder wins until the borrower may no longer be able to make the payments, and then the borrower loses whatever assets were put up to secure the loan. In either case there is a loser, and in some cases, both may lose.

The other economic benefit of bitcoin promoted by its advvocates is that it is an asset, digital gold, an investment. Well there are economic criteria for assets: it must generate future cash flow or utility. Bitcoin generates no cash flow (dividends, rents, etc). It’s volatility severely limits its utility.

So if it is neither good money nor a good asset, what’s left? Speculation and gambling. That’s what bitcoin is. Those who own are operating on the greater fool theory, hoping the price goes up so they can sell on and recover the fiat money they put into it.

The price volatility is influenced by a small number of whales who own the majority of bitcoin. Bitcoin is unregulated. There is no recourse when it is stolen. Speculative trading is most of the transactions, and criminal transactions are high - leaving a tiny number of transactions that are legal, legitimate exchanges for goods and services. It is an atrocious user of electricity that wastes more than Norway uses annually. The electricity goes to proof of work algorithms that are purposely highly inefficient and generate no utility other than verifying a distributed ledger book. The transactions costs mean that low-value exchanges make little economic sense.

Wrapping up here, while the decentralized aspects of bitcoin are seductive, it is deficient with respect to fundamental economic issues, and has highly unattractive externalities. It is time for a more sober evaluation.

For further reading:



One of the authors is an economist.

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The Mass Psychosis is so Massive, the Lie of this liFe, that it had to be placed where no one would ever look. The key to hiding anything is to place it in plain sight, the proverbial "elephant in the room." We look at these walls, this box, the system - the matrix - and feel fairly certain we observe with all our senses. We are confident based on what we have been told, what we think we know, that everything is there for us to see. However when you are told your eyes are open, it is important to test that they truly are.

To understand what is really going on, what has happened, you must take a pause and set the self to the side. To disconnect from all we know. To clear out "ourselves" - the ego - and become a true observer. Only then when we have looked where thought impossible, improbable, ascending from what we were so assured was the truth -- can we see the lie.

The truth of the moment is right there, it has always been there, it was just placed at the very, very, last place we would think to look.

Look at it now. And break the psychosis - get to the next screen.

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Does anyone realize what is about to happen in California this week??!!:


Hello?! Is this mic on??!

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My article "Death by Medicine" Fauci Style is on www.substack.com Put the following into the search engine thomasabraunrph It discusses consensus versus discourse in medical research.

Validates Dr. Malones views.

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I hope nobody knows anyone who's had a heart attack from the clocks going forwards this sunny Sunday.

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Consider this purchased and read. Finally, a book from someone that I want to hear more from. Bravo Tango sir!

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That first one is so true, but I would have added a right turn off the winding road of the "Complex but Right". The sign at that right turn should simply read "Head for the Hills" with an arrow pointing the way.

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