I watched this last night when you posted in on Telegram (or someone did). As always, thank you for the tireless work you and your wife continue to do...despite the punchings from both sides. I'm hoping to make it to come support the cause in Florida next weekend.

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I see no boundry. The integrity of human life is under seige! Medical mad men want to reprogram the DNA of humans and improve on God's design. Not possible. If the atomic bomb doesn't get us in the near future and the world is not incinerated, the continued bio DNA experimentation will end humanity in the near future. Big Pharma needs to be reined in and we need to hold them accountable.

For those interested in learning about Death by Medicine, go to my article: https://thomasabraunrph.substack.com/p/death-by-medicine

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There is an effort to divide us, for certain. I'm looking forward to watching your talk. I think that gathering around the children is a perfect line to draw.

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Oct 12, 2022·edited Oct 12, 2022

Folks, it is as simple as this: (1) there is no complicated onion with a multitude of layers to peel back to get to the truth, in other words we all have been bamboozled (merriam-webster definition - bamboozled: [adjective] thrown into a state of confusion or bewilderment especially by being deliberately fooled or misled).

(2) The answer to the question of why State Boards are being coerced into going after docs who speak out; The answer to the question of why Newsom has pushed through a law which in effect makes free speech expressed by expert opinion a de facto violation of public policy without benefit of trial by our peers, e.g. the physician who actually cares for his / her patients and with integrity has the guts to advise patients covid clot jabs are risky and have been know to kill and maim; The answer to the question of why Congress at the federal and State levels are limiting their voice against Fauci - NAID, against Offit - creator of an inoculation for children with known harmful side effects exceeding acceptable limits by a magnitude, against Wolenski for lying to the American people on the same order as Fauci, and almost but not quite countless others, is simply this:

Successful long term and short term lawmakers at the federal level, and without much doubt, likewise a remarkable number of State Governors, County DAs, and most likely Elected jurists as well acquired their respective Public Service appointments by the election process, and expect to maintain said appointments, BECAUSE of Pharma campaign contributions, AND, if any of the aforementioned parties or their unmentioned but well known cohorts are attacked by lawmakers or jurists, that previously enjoyed campaign funding will RAPIDLY vaporize, AND will no doubt lead to the complicity of the research departments of the top fifteen prestigious universities AND will no doubt, ultimately trickle down to Hospital Administrators as to knowingly accepting huge amounts of money to (with malice of forethought) cause death by way of (a) Remdesivir and (b) denial of effective treatments, resulting in millions of deaths in the U.S.), and ultimately make its way into the heart and soul of the AMA, and without AMA complicity (incorporated 1897) for over 100 years in all likelihood, Pharma's valuable stock certificates would become worse than worthless as - because, at the end of that blood trail, Big Pharma and its officers and directors, would be seen as monopolistic, predatory capitalists with its heart and soul hell bent on keeping all of us sick and pushing drugs through card carrying members of AMA, resulting in criminal prosecutions of said officers and directors, just as India has scheduled criminal trail against Bill Gates for murder, scheduled for Nov. 2022.

Keep it simple, but not too simple (Einstein). Let's put our critical thinking caps on, view our current forced inoculation program through the lens set forth above, to see if that simple chain of events and reverse causation does not fully account for Newsom's and Congress's and the Judiciary's apparent extreme bias for, not against Pharma and for, not against AMA, and for, not against prosecution of just about anyone who speaks out against this Racketeering Influenced Price Fixing Strong-arming set of bad actors we now face as the "enemy of our health, of our loved ones, and of humanity in general".

Does this piece not stack up to the Rule of Occam's Razor? And if so, should we not start here thereby discarding anything and everything that does not comport with this rule of parsimony?

Marriam-Webster def. of Occam's Razor:


Footnote: Media whores are just that - information and propaganda prostitutes who will do and say anything for money - the media is a side show just like Kissinger said "Viet Nam is merely a side show". In other words, focus on the donut, not upon the hole (one of my Mom's favorite sayings).

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Hi, I love your articles, especially the ones about medical matters. Please let me know if you would like to hire me on as a proof-reader. I would not charge any money, just do it for the love of proof-reading. Lately I have seen the title of the movie referred to as "Uniformed Consent" several times. I believe its correct name is "Uninformed Consent" ... that is, un + informed, rather than "uniformed" which implies a uniform. It drives me a bit crazy to see typos, especially in the titles of things that people will seek to find and need to know how to spell.

As I said, the offer stands. I used to work as a copy editor, and I am good at spotting typos.

Otherwise, please keep doing what you are doing, Dr. Malone! And I totally agree with your statement about the importance of staying undivided in the medical truth movement.

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I completely agree. United we MUST stand and not let little differences get in the way. Dr. Trozzi very recently posted a similar message.

I follow Dr. Bridle on substack as well. He is a true scientist, one that reminds us of who a scientist is and what makes him great!

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As always, I commend you for your integrity, courage and rationality. You and other doctors like you are heroes in my book. Your messages are always enlightening.

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Divide and Conquer is/was always a tactic of the cabal. We have to stay together!

Gladiator - (Not related to the group Lockingshields.) 1:25 min https://youtu.be/LWRfWr65rlg

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Just found the information from my Vienna Bar Association in my mailbox and thought you might be interested: The adopted 8th sanctions package of the EU is directly applicable in all member states (including Austria who should be neutral by its constitution) and now also includes a ban on legal services to clients not on a sanctions list, i.e. a ban on directly or indirectly providing services in the areas of providing legal services to the government of Russia or legal persons, entities or bodies established in Russia. The main exceptions are humanitarian purposes and court proceedings.

This is all so inhuman and unfair...

I really need your article now. Your articles always give me hope and energy! Thank you so much!

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Thank you, as always. I really appreciate your telling the condensed journey of your mRNA invention, how Merck sat on it, and then the CIA/DARPA picked it up. Its good you mentioned InQTel as very, very few people seem to know that the CIA has a Venture Capital operation. This ties into your recent discussion of Cyber Warfare and that InQTel has had a hand in many of the most influential Internet and Social Media companies.

Ultimately, technologies (including mRNA vaccines!) are not inherently Good or Evil, but like any tool or weapon, it depends on its user to assert those values. Sadly, Human Nature has resulted in many promising technologies to ultimately be used against Humanity.

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I found out that my daughter is PG with our first grand child. Expect June delivery.

That intensifies the way we look at "delivery"!


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"uninformed" not "uniformed". Just a small nit.

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I listened to this on GETTR last. It was so good I listened to it again.

The children are so hooked on social media . They hear the messages on social media telling them they are not good enough. Trying to confuse them.

This transgender problem is definitely a way to mutilate our children. To stop having babies. So terrible.

We need to talk to our children. Make sure they know they can come to you for answers to their questions. Spend time with your children away from electronics.

These shots are just another way to destroy the younger generation.

The family is the strongest unit. The Big Bad Dudes are trying to destroy the family unit. Stand strong. Thank you Dr Malone and Dr Jill for your tireless fight for right.

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HI DR. M: I watched UNINFORMED CONSENT 2 or 3 weeks ago, and it was devastating to absorb. It was hard to hold back the tears, and also difficult to control my anger at "governments" who would do things like this to their citizens. But then, you're pretty familiar, yourself, with being "attacked" by those you thought were on your (our) side. God bless, and NEVER STOP RESISTING!!

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Thank you for continuing to fight for all of us, especially for our children.

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Watch this if you haven't seen it yet... https://www.bitchute.com/video/SaBKZB6WmMqq/

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