this is a great article. I won’t let any patient vaccinate their children, grandchildren or friends at this point. All i see in clinical practice is side effects and adverse reactions to mRNA injections

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Robert, I shared this article after I published it the other day but am unsure if you saw it, and it relates directly to your mission to persuade parents not to inject their children:

• “50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/50-reasons-to-give-your-child-the) [your hostage video makes an appearance in #35]

Don’t worry, the title is satirical! It is designed to entrap pro-vaxx parents into clicking on it (e.g., my tweet is framed as pro-vaxx: https://twitter.com/MargaretAnnaAl1/status/1566439797622591489), after which they will be assailed with a barrage of scientific evidence and heartbreaking examples they will never be able to unread, unsee, or unhear. My hope is this will prompt them to at least hesitate, question, and investigate and then ultimately to spare their children and themselves.

Here is what Mike Yeadon had to say about this strategy privately (sharing with his permission):

“You’re even more brilliant than I already thought. I had no idea that the satirical title would glide into so many minds like lipid nanoparticles do into cells & there blossom into unconscious realisation of what’s happening. Those who open it thinking it supports what they’ve done & are now no longer happy about it, I can imagine, flicking anxiously from one reason to the next, looking for support, all the time inadvertently hoovering up truth, getting involuntarily red-pilled by their own hand….. It’s truly brilliant, a reverse (well-intentioned) psyop of our own!”

People have been finding this to be an unbelievably powerful tool, and I would be grateful if you would share in the hopes of awakening parents who would otherwise be resistant to what they perceive as “antivaxxer” content. Thanks, Robert!

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I will wholeheartedly repost on my social media which has been shadowbanned, removed, censored and unable to reach others. For me it started in March 2020 when i published genetic sequences on twitter that strongly indicated that SArs cov-2 was a lab generated virus released by a sloppy chinese lab. I worked with Y. pestis in the 1980’s at UCLA micro and it was amazing how many lab accidents we were aware of back then. the only thing more horrifying is that fuck Fauci funded this, supported this, and covered up the NIH’s role in releasing this by funding Wuhan. What’s even worse is that Francis Collins went along with his midget colleague and ruined his reputation and career.

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The harm being done crosses all age groups. Pfizer knows it, Fauci knows it. They all know it! Still they are pushing to have a annual mandated injection of a mRNA nano drug with graphine and hydrogel that harms because Fauci believes it is his crowning achievement to eliminate the normal flu vaccine which he knew was less than 50% effective all the way down to 5% effective. Ignoring the boosting of the immune system viability keeps Big Pharma happy! https://thomasabraunrph.substack.com/p/oversight

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Dr., you and your wife have definitely saved many children from being injected. Thank you for this and for all that you do. Please never lose sight of the fact that you are revered and respected by many of us who do not question your motives.

For me personally, my "hill to die on" came earlier. There was no way anyone short of holding me down was going to get me to do what my intuition (and strong natural skepticism) told me was was a bad idea form the beginning. Needless to say, my natural immunity is strong - as is my 8 yr old daughter. I think it is also telling that the injection rate for the 5-11 cohort is also quite low.

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It is time that the US government to face facts. It is time to stop vaccinating...EVERYONE.

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In Canada, the recent "approval" of vaccine boosters for children was published by news media as "if it's four months since the childs last vaccine, they are ELIGIBLE."

English translation (which no media outlet would touch):

If your child has been vaccinated in the past four months, this booster is not considered "safe and effective".

Of course, even after the four months wait, both the safety and effectiveness are lower than questionable, but that's another layer in the vaxagonda.

To your health, Tracy

Author: A New Theory of Cure

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Thank you ! Excellent article. What is even more disturbing is that we have no idea what the long term effects are. They are looking at 0-7 days, while we know that problems can come up at much later dates. It’s heartbreaking and outrageous.

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Dr. Malone, I have been avidly following you since your first appearance with Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsh on Dark Horse. You are doing amazing work. May I point out a minor nit in your last paragraph? Don’t you mean to say the risks outweigh the benefits, rather than they do not?

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Thank you for continuing to enlighten us with the gaps in the research and the manipulations and propaganda.

I have been horrified by parents I know who did give their under 5 children the COVID vaccines because they were tired of the disruption with quarantining (all the protocols and constantly changing scenarios) and absences in childcare. So basically they were compelled to vaccinate their toddlers in hopes of avoiding the inconvenience caused by the protocols, etc.

I have two healthy teen daughters. Early on, in an effort to avoid vaccination, I asked the pediatrician's office to do antibody testing. It was a "no go." Doctors reported that that testing was not being done and regardless that it was not reliable. Whatever.

I was pressured by my in-laws about the decision not to vaccinate my daughters or myself. My husband was vaccinated (he agreed with no vaccination for us) and you can just imagine how I was perceived, and the pressure was brought to bear. And then my mother dies from the vaccine, and my in-laws can't bother to even mention her to me on Mother's Day. I have learned to wear the conspiracy theorist label with pride (and a great deal of sadness if I am truthful). The more I have been pushed the more I have researched and been self-assured in my choice. Monitoring VAERS regularly beginning in April of 2021 was eye opening and even I, with an untrained non-medical eye, noted safety signals.

I had been told that exemptions were near impossible to get. My youngest daughter was going to be excluded from a regional championship nordic skiing race due to her unvaccinated status. I spoke with Dr. Nass at that time, desperate to get an exemption. In the end, I harassed my daughter's pediatrician's office to do an antibody test. Turns out she had antibodies. Even then, at first, they insisted she still could not race.....outside, in February, in the snow and wind! We continued to use our research skills to make the case that their rules made no sense. Thankfully, the local coaches who were overseeing the race agreed to have my daughter participate.

My oldest daughter enrolled in the University of Maine this fall. Vaccination was required. Having lost my mother to the vaccine, I was desperate to make sure my daughter could continue her education without risking a poor outcome from the COVID vaccine. I submitted what was essentially a legal brief of sorts to her doctor, including my mother's medical records and the growing evidence that there is more risk with the vaccine than the FDA admits to with their "safe and effective" propaganda. It does not hurt that I can put "esquire" behind my name. I was so incredibly grateful that the doctor gave me the exemption and at present the University has not challenged it. I am anxious though....why? Because, I expect infections to increase this fall with the opening of school. And with the new vaccine, I fear that there will be a doubling down by our state officials. Our Governor is definitely on board with the bigger agenda and has publicly claimed that she is unaware of any adverse reactions. Kind of funny since my review in VAERS has demonstrated at least 40 cases in Maine of reports and one involving death due to Guillame Barre. But hey, what do I know.

Keep keepin' on. It is the only way. This war is not won through a big battle, but through the constant vigilance.

As for how to deal with others, I routinely plant seeds, share articles (with those who are in agreement), and try to gently raise the potential harm being done when I hear about cases of medical situations that remind me of the cases I have seen in VAERS. Sadly, it seems I have had quite a few opportunities to raise the possibility....reports of cancer, sudden death, stroke like symptoms, etc.

At this point, I no longer care if people disregard me as a crazy person. I am that confident that with time, the truth will out. But it will only will out if we keep raising the alarm and pointing out that which Fauci and others are trying to normalize or sweep under the rug.


I am curious....Dr. Malone.....do you think that the reports relative to the foreign objects in the vaccine and seen in the blood of the vaccinated are reliable and troublesome?

I have done research based on nagging questions due to Jackson Laboratories being in Maine and there being ties to Harvard, et al. Certain dates jump out at me with regard to some elements of the agenda....2010, 2014, and on. I have shared some of my research with Dr. Nass but she is busy preparing for her hearing. She says I have a good grip on matters and has encouraged me to go ahead and write up my research with the links, etc. Problem is....I have no way to publish it or get it to others who might be able to build on it and bring greater awareness of what we are facing with the plans of the WEF and the bio/tech sector. When the financing entity behind Moderna was the Chair of the Global Council on Emerging Technologies for the WEF in 2014 and highlighted at that time that the top 10 emerging technologies included mRNA technology and the brain/computer interface....https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2014/09/top-ten-emerging-technologies-2014/.......it starts to raise serious questions about what these assholes are up to.

And then there is the work of Lieber and his association with Langer and Langer's Lab at MIT..... Things that make you go Hmmmmm. Not to mention that from 2017-2019 the NIH gave big $$$$$ to Lieber in his pursuit of injectibles for his nanowires....

Check out the link......Syringe-Injectable Mesh Electronics for Seamless Integration with the Central Nervous System - Charles Lieber (grantome.com)

I don't believe that all the vaccines included some foreign element (not yet anyway), but when I consider Yeadon's claim that 90-95% of the adverse reactions are in only 5% of the lots....well, it makes me wonder if some of the lots were "contaminated" purposefully as a clinical test of sorts to see whether the stuff Lieber and Langer were working on can effectively be used on humans.

When reality becomes stranger than fiction!!!! Am reading Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake Trilogy....despite being written in 2003 sure has parts that make me think of the present. And it is fascinating that she mentions that much of the material that inspired her comes from non-fiction science/medical publications and articles. I believe her brother is a doctor in Canada....if I am recalling correctly, he is in neurology or a related field.

Have a good night... And thanks, as always for your persistence in sharing and discussing these matters. We need to make a difference----for the sake of our children.

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Wow. You've really polished your delivery since then. Hard to believe that this was only a baby's gestation ago. My, how you've grown!

There's no doubting the seriousness of your call. We've chosen not to have children, a decision which feels more justified each year. It's hard to imagine having to protect them from this reckless injection.

It really does look like a hostage video. Well, at the time, we were being held hostage by Pharma. Thank you for helping us all get released. Since you went on Rogan, the tides have turned. We haven't won, but we stopped getting pummeled so relentlessly, and we credit your courage in coming forward as the catalyst for rolling back the mandates.

Thank you.

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Hi Dr. Ma-Lion! More gems to share! Wow, today you are on a roll!

I think we should raze the all the NIH buildings and erects a huge monument to this movement that says "I TOLD YOU SO" in 50 foot high letters, which still isn't high enough.

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Thank you, Dr. Malone.

My son's wonderful, healthy, fit 18 y.o. girlfriend (2 Pfizer and at least one or possibly two boosters at this point) passed out yesterday while exercising.

My mind immediately went to worries about silent heart damage that, if she has it, could take her life.

It was enough to make me finally tell her mom a bit of what I knew about myo/pericarditis and the lack of reporting on behalf of the news (my former field) about adverse events to the covid shots. No response.

Yes, it's none of my business, but it sort of is, because if something happens to her, it definitely will have a huge effect on my son and thus, whole family for years to come.

(This is for Dr. Malone's readers too.) It's like some people don't want to be red-pilled at all. Many in fact. I've gone, in love, to so many of my loved ones wanting to share a little of what I know and have been told to just go away, often harshly.

I'm struggling whether to just shut up or how to handle it all. Being quiet about all this weighs so heavily on my soul. Not saying something kills me, yet I say something and get written off, yelled at or ignored (which is fine). How have you guys been dealing with similar experiences?

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After reading this, I can only chuckle at the idea you are controlled opposition. If you are, you're really awful at it.

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That any parent with an IQ above 60 would willingly inject their children shows the power of the hypnosis that has gripped the planet. One could even call it a Mass Formation psychosis...

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I loved the video you made last December. It was straight forward. So many people are not researching what they are putting into their bodies. They trust the system.

My cousin yesterday was so proud yesterday. She got her variant booster. She has had shots 1&2, boosters 1&2 and now variant booster. She was proudly displaying her bandage. She was so excited that her grandkids could get their shot because they were over 5 but the little one couldn’t get hers yet. She is now excited that the tiny ones can have it. I have sent her things but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Her thyroid has been level for years with medication at 50 mmg. Now she is saying she had been feeling so tired. She went in to the dr who increased her medicine to 75mmg. And so it begins. 🥲

Keep sending the info. Some people are waking up. So are way slow at waking up.

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