Damn right we won't forget! I still have "friends" over here in France who feel uncomfortable around me because I'm an "anti-vaxxer". They are all triple jabbed and have gotten bad Covid several times. My lying eyes ?

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it's difficult for me to not be spiteful at the vitriol and hatred that was directed towards us. Nome Chomsky, who used to be one my heroes, referred to us as subhuman! Said we should be put in camps and possibly starved. Chomsky is Jewish for crying out loud! And he refers to an entire group of people as subhuman! Send us to camps! Can he not see how bitterly ironic this is?

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Here in the "great" white north..... Unvaxxed cannot get organ donations.

And in most provinces they won't hire back unjabbed docs and nurses though they claim they are doing "everything" to keep our sick care system from collapsing.

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

Three vaxxed friends with aggressive cancers, one dead vaxxed friend at 59 due to a clot and a sudden heart attack, and numerous friends with various problems from lung emboli to retinal clotting that robbed partial vision in one eye, to all sorts of other issues... One family member dead from a post-vax stroke. Never mind those getting covid, some of them repeatedly.... No, I won't dance on their graves because they did what they were convinced by corrupt bureaucracy to do. And now they are paying the price. But I WILL continue to try to educate, and also to try to illuminate the evil done by bureaucracy (one man in particular) and to try to bring people to justice. We actually got a new state Senator elected on Tuesday who favors Nuremberg-type prosecution for crimes against humanity. Little by little, hopefully we can turn the tide....but it is a daunting task. (Oh, yeah, I'll also keep taking my weekly ivermectin...it's kept me QUITE healthy, even free from colds!)

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Absolutely! We will never forget those confined to hospital or nursing home condemned to die ALONE and in most cases UNNECESSARILY. We won't forget being locked out of our Churches, kids forced to learn via computer (what a joke) wear masks or not enter a store, doctor's office (still) restaurant or later a school. We won't forget having to choose between keeping a job to feed our family by taking the poison shot or not. No we won't forget, but as Christians we will forgive your ignorance or hubris in pushing this fake, destructive agenda.

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

I was forced to sue my hospital in order to keep my job & remain unjabbed. I prevailed but it’s a hollow victory in that I am ostracized & hazed.

The forgiveness I have for the oppressors requires effort and hard work. Some days more than others. I choose to forgive. I will never, ever forget. There must be accountability .

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Vaxxed and boosted throughout 2021. I knew when I did it I was giving in to the mob. My spouse works in healthcare. Wish I wouldn’t have gotten any but especially the booster. Had a softball sized lump under same arm around the armpit for a few weeks. A doctor and family friend told me it means I was really going to benefit from the shot because I was gaining immunity. Same doctor told my son who is 26 that two weeks after his COvID illness, which was minor, he should be vaccinated. None of it made sense but who am I to question the people who read and study science. Now I am I am dealing with my tumor markers increasing steadily for the last year and a half. I had thyroid cancer back on 2014 with a full removal of thyroid and a few lymph nodes nearby and some radiation because of them being in the lymph nodes. I think I it will be recommended that I get a PET scan because the tumor markers are up and I have a couple of swollen lymph nodes under my jaw. Feeling nervous about it all but how is it gone all this time, been doing blood work every 6 months with an endocrinologist since 2014, and now all of sudden possibly back? I’m suspicious but they will call me crazy if I mention this to anyone. My first tumor markers were raised slightly before I got any jabs but it was minimal. Doc follow an upward continued trend and then recommends more testing. Did the iodine/body scan almost a year ago and that came back inconclusive. I should probably just brush it off as nothing can be done anyway but I will not be getting another jab anytime soon, if ever again. Trying to avoid the flu shot right now but the pressure is great. They are firing a couple long time nurses at our hospital because they won’t get the flu shot. One is allergic and the other has family history of GB in the family. No exceptions this year. Except the same doc said they might want to find religion. This whole thing being medically bullied just really upsets me.

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I am an unvaccinated 80 year old. I (think) I have had minor bouts of Covid, the first nipped in the bud by Hydroxychloroquine, the 2nd by 0.6 mg/day /kg ivermectin. And, of course, Vitamin D3 and zinc.

My wife (79), had two early shots of mRNA, no covid, but is not doing as well as I am.

"Justice" is best defined as a process to insure the assholes don't do it again.

I would have typed "miscreants," but that word is no-where near strong enough.

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Yes, Robert. As a Christian, it is my duty to forgive, and I know this and do my best. But it is hard in this regard. I was astounded at how some friends and family turned on my husband and me when we chose not to get vaccinated. It's hard to trust again that people will care for you when that has been experienced.

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022


Summary by Dr. John Campbell.

COVID does not appear to cause myocarditis or pericarditis.

IMO, from what I have seen, the jab apparently does....

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

"We WON’T celebrate your deaths, we WON’T wish harm on you, but we WON’T forget that you did".


This is why, when they called for us (in canada) to not have our health care covered by the government if we got covid, i tried to say "and what if you get damage from a shot?"

The chickens have come home to roost. And many of these chickens are innocent victims of the propaganda who lacked the acumen to be suspicious of the vaccines and the propaganda.

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The article reminded me of the Propaganda movie last night. The way to control people was by using fear and repeating it over and over. That is what the nazi’s did during Hitler’s rein and that is what Fauci is doing during the Biden rein.

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“Success is the sweetest revenge” not sure who said that, but throughout my life this has been my MANTRA! I have always marched to beat of my own drum. This way I can blame no one for my miss-steps except me.

Thankfully I didn’t listen to the uninformed, anti-science, government control freaks, complacent doctors, neighbors, and friends in the beginning and towards the end that IDIOT BIDEN saying, “it was going to be a cold dark deadly winter for the unvaccinated” in one of his population control speeches.

So as a constitutional following, Patriot, America loving, freedom seeking, un-jabbed, my body - my choice, heterosexual, mother, wife and a biological WOMAN from birth and until natural death. I am told that I and my white husband and sons are the threat to democracy.

But truth be told, one can only be forgiven if one asks for forgiveness, and I’m not sure , “the ask” will ever happen and that includes Trump for being so arrogant and ignorant to the deceitful behavior of those around him. So for now...

I think Phil collins said it best in his song- "In The Air Tonight"

“...Well, I was there and I saw what you did

I saw it with my own two eyes

So you can wipe off that grin,

I know where you've been

It's all been a pack of lies...

...Well I remember, I remember don't worry

How could I ever forget,...

...But I know the reason why you keep your silence up,

No you don't fool me

The hurt doesn't show

But the pain still grows...

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And I may be losing a second friend to a wildfire cancer. I know one of the friends got the jab and assume the second one did as well, having been an employee in CA for a company with >100 people and therefore subject to mandatory vax to work. I need to get the courage to ask vax status (though I still value medical privacy).

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I tried to show grace rather than just be angry because everyone was scared - it worked most (some?) of the time. But I did my own damn COVID immunity study by routinely getting a COVID antibody test during the ensuing nearly 2 years since I was infected (12/14/2020). My SARS COV-2 Antibody levels have been high (1300 - 2300 times what's considered positive) and never waned for the nearly 2 years of my 'study' (No, not a real scientific study - sample size =1). I also never had symptoms nor was re-infected (to my knowledge) during this time.

SO... For all you family and friends who did not allow me in your homes or want to be around me because I was not vaccinated, for all you people who thought I was selfish and called me names for not being vaccinated, for all you businesses that denied me entry or services because I was not vaccinated, for all you policy makers who enacted mandates and tried to use anything important to me to force me to get vaccinated, for all you journalists and journalism major ‘fact checkers’ who labeled any dissenting credible scientists, studies and opinions as ‘misinformation’, and ESPECIALLY main stream media and social media who unbelievably (and frighteningly) took it upon yourselves to CENSOR differing views, -- and NOW you want amnesty????? , I say …

HA! - I would like to move on as well, but :

Change something!

Acknowledge you might have been wrong!


And don’t repeat it!

because it turns out that:

1) I likely know WAY more about my own immunity status than you do yours

2) I was and am likely SAFER to be around than YOU are

[Here's a graph of my results (most people I know are not interested :)


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Also, I was asked a new question a few days ago during my “Medicare Wellness” checkup - “would you accept a blood transfusion if required?”

My reply “Only if unVaxx’d blood”. I will give and receive unvaxxed blood if required but would refuse vaxx Ed blood and it is in my written healthcare instructions for both my wife as well. This has become a strong request in my area over the last few months.

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