"Safe and Effective"

was not a lie.

It was two lies.

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Thank you, Robert and Ed. This is perfect for an article I’m working on right now, and I look forward to delving into this data further.

Robert, I was listening to your talk with Rob Moore (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFdSzzoMwcU) yesterday and have a few notes/questions.

First off, I thought your description of Klaus Schwab as a “bag” for others like Henry Kissinger to pour their ideas into was brilliant (and beautifully complements what I said in my “Letter to Klaus Schwab” @ https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-klaus-schwab).

I also appreciated your observations about Bill Gates, although you missed a prime opportunity to use “philanthropath” ;-)

When you mentioned King George III as the originator of the Great Reset terminology, I assumed you meant George Soros but wanted to confirm.

Regarding lab origins, you focused on Wuhan, but what are your thoughts on the Ralph Baric/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (https://merylnass.substack.com/p/the-limited-hangout-senate-minority) connection?

I noticed you very generously used the terms “bungling,” “mistakes,” and “incompetence” in regards to COVID policy. I suspect you are being cautious about making sweeping statements regarding intention, but I think using these terms gives philanthropaths, tyrants, and colluders far more leeway than they deserve and bolsters their ludicrous excuses and pleas for amnesty because they “couldn’t have known.”

The evidence, however, overwhelmingly supports *clear* intention by the very fact that the decision-makers ignored *every* single preceding understanding regarding health, from the inefficacy of masking for respiratory illnesses to the catastrophic dangers of lockdowns and border closures to the knowledge of natural immunity to the understanding that a vaccine had never been successfully developed for a coronavirus and on and on ad infinitum. The entire world of “experts” spoke in unison, formulating totalitarian policies that flew in the face of centuries’ worth of knowledge and experience, as the few brave voices who contested these policies were pointing out from the earliest days (e.g., the April 22, 2020, press conference by Dr. Dan Erickson & Dr. Artin Massihi @ https://odysee.com/@kareldonk:8/Full-Press-Conference-Dr-Dan-Erickson-Dr-Artin-Massihi:e?&sunset=lbrytv).

You yourself discovered one of the smoking guns (https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/eu-vaccination-roadmap-2018-2022) showing the end goal of the vaxxport and the road map required to get there as outlined starting in 2018.

I provide ample evidence of intentionality in my Corona Investigative Committee presentation and the essay I wrote in preparation for that:

• “A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-mostly-peaceful-depopulation)

Your voice carries a lot of weight, Robert, so please take this not as criticism but as a suggestion to be clearer in our condemnation of crimes against humanity and calls for accountability. By using their limited hangout language of “mistakes were made,” we reinforce their narrative and provide them an out that they absolutely do not deserve. Thank you :-)

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And now the back pedaling starts. We are starting to see the cross hair's focusing. In the last vew days the FDA in court says they "only recommended" Ivermectin not be used to treat Covid: https://lwgat.blogspot.com/2022/11/fda-liar-liar-pants-on-fire.html

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The number one most important factor for determining quality of life on Earth is this:

What kind of system do you live under?

Think about it. If you tell us what kind of systems you live under - from systems of government, medicine, infrastructure, education, community, religion and more - chances are we can predict what kind of life you have.

Let's examine some recent problems: FTX. Voting systems. Medicine. Corruption. War. Homelessness.

It’s our own fault. All of it.

We have embraced the wrong kind of systems that govern over us - centralized ones - and they have become corrupted. It is time to change that. We need to understand and embrace decentralized systems, and fear centralized non transparent ones. And we need to be able to spot the difference.

Can you?

Once we recognize a system has been corrupted, it’s time to bust out the anecdote: TRANSPARENCY and DECENTRALIZATION.

Who wants to be part of a society of problem solvers instead of just complainers? Please, let's talk.


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FYI, Dr. Jessica Rose is a Canadian researcher with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master's degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She and others have been doing a close week-by-week monitoring of the VAERS database. She personally processes the data and watches for trends. Yesterday (11/19/2022) Jessica posted the following on her substack:

"The foreign data set (from Europe/UK) was gutted this week in VAERS and the cancer signal was halved, the myocarditis dose 3 response signal was lost and 994 spontaneous abortions/still births were dropped. Previously, the highest number of VAERS reports actually came from the UK."

Although domestic US data was unaffected (so far), these VAERS deletions do skew the overall picture of vaccine-related harms, as vaccination has been carried out worldwide.

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Ed Dowd (along with his select team now) has been doing a phenomenal job of bringing empirical data to bear on the undeniable all-cause mortality increases observed since the V's were first rolled out. If I am not mistaken, it was you Dr. Malone who first brought Ed D. to the attention of Steve Bannon and War Room. Ever since that first appearance with Steve I have been following Ed closely and doing all I can to bring his "Investment Thesis" of fraud (love that approach!) to the attention of everyone I know who has the eyes to see & ears to hear the truth. Once again we owe you Dr. M another major debt of gratitude for recognizing Ed's work and his deep commitment to shining the brightest of lights on this, the greatest ongoing crime against humanity of all time. Thank you for what you have done & continue to do in this fight to preserve what we as humans hold dear, our very existence above all.

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Thanks as always to Dr. Malone and his family. Fear has always been the great motivator. It is a essential tool used to control people in numerous ways. When we, as free people, become more afraid of losing their freedom and liberty than we are of bowing down to a tyrannical government , maybe we will be motivated to do something besides bitch and whine.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is Liberty"

Thomas Jefferson

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Thank you so much for this!!! And now, to make things even worse, the G20 in Bali has decided to request a digital vaccination passport for travelling. Unbelievable... Why on earth are they killing the West? All others will survive because they don't vaccinate as much with NLP-filled mRNA material as the West does or at least G20 wishes to do... The fight is not over. The lion needs to grow bigger... 🦁

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I find the best way to think about the dilemma of the vaccinated is in terms of addiction and codependence and cults. The vaccinated are like cult members, battered spouses, and like addicts.

They were physically and emotionally abused by the global propaganda of the Great Reset and the pandemic profiteers.

They accepted the abuse out of fear and codependence.

They came to love and idolize their captors, leaders like Fauci and Gates.

They grew addicted to the vaccines, which made them feel safe and socially connected to each other.

Now some time has passed and the unvaccinated are still around, reminding the vaccinated there were other choices. Now some of the vaccinated are speaking about their vaccine injuries (caused by their codependence on the propagandists).

The vaccinated can either admit they have a problem and reach out for help, or they can continue to deny they have a problem and sink deeper into dysfunction.

What is the best way to deal with a mass population of codependent addicts?

We need a mass deprogramming campaign.

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Here's my dilemma: Unvaccinated but a recipient of a blood transfusion (2 units) during surgery. I've yet to see any commentary outside of the usual Medical Industrial Complex websites ("The blood of vaccinated donors is safe, you nutty anti-vaxxer!"). I've proceeded during the past seven months assuming I have this poison in my veins and have been taking various supplements (NAC, milk thistle, etc) that have been recommended for the vaccine injured and having trust in Divine Providence. Is there any research out there on this subject that isn't paid by Pfizer?

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The earliest smoking gun was not the accumulation of deaths and injuries in VAERS and EudraVigilsnce databases but the previous animal trials using mRNA technology vaccines. The results of those trials were an increase in deaths of the animals and concluding failure of the vaccines. Anyone who was paying attention knew from the beginning that this was one big experiment. My hero in waking the people (who would listen) to all what was going on was Del Bigtree.

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The awakening of the vaccinated will continue as more and more compelling data like this is exposed. I would argue that continued persistence in driving awareness around the immense censorship/suppression/misinformation and personal attacks against those who have challenged the prevailing narrative as well as reminders that the human psyche is vulnerable to manipulation as shown in prior, prescient studies. These are the ones I like to share:

1. Deference to authority - or an authority figure....Milgrim Experiment: https://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html

Video: https://youtu.be/rdrKCilEhC0

2. The desire to conform to groups and group behavior....Asch Conformity: https://www.simplypsychology.org/asch-conformity.html

Video: https://youtu.be/TYIh4MkcfJA

3. The ability of the mind to switch from a logical decision-making process to an emotional (and immoral) one when under stress, fear and/or prolonged state of anxiety....think Mass Formation and

Stanford Prison Experiment: https://www.prisonexp.org/

Video: https://youtu.be/F4txhN13y6A

4. The immense power of subconscious communication - most people are not even aware of this...NLP or Conformity Experiement: https://youtu.be/TrTk6DsEJ2Q. Just think masks!

One by one I am able to awaken those who are vaccinated. It’s a slow, steady drum beat of this information. I know I have been successful when I hear them say, “I am not going to get another booster,” or “I am not going to get another Covid vaccine.” Little do they know their journey into the reality of what we’re facing has just begun....and it’s even more dark and sinister than they could ever imagine. But at least they’re on the side of truth finally - we are growing!

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From what I can see, most vaccinated Canadians have chosen Option B- see no evil, hear no evil. And I don't think they are going to wake up any time soon. Americans, however, appear to be onto it. Most know what's going on. We're counting on you to awaken the world!

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Included in group 2, are the apologists who will (or already are) attribute the excess injuries and deaths to the Covid virus, rather than to the poorly tested, experimental "vaccine". While undoubtedly some contribution to the data will include virus injury, the unwillingness to accept the MRNA treatments as a genuine problem allows normies to shift blame to something outside of anyone's control.

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There’s a third category of vaccinated as well; those who’re still in pandemic mode and while maybe not displaying the same hysterical behavior as they did this time last year, are still running out getting boosters, even though they’ve already had covid, sometimes more than once. These are the true believers and there’s a lot of them out there. As an unvaccinated person I’ve had interesting encounters with them that range from indifference to mouth gaping incredulity that I haven’t been jabbed.

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Being proven to be right about the vaccines doesn’t lessen the anger and frustration that I feel as I watch the ongoing damage that they have caused. I can only hope that one day some of my friends and family will move on from their blind faith ‘doctor knows best.’

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