I think the masks are a tool to enforce compliance. When you wear them, it's hard to take a deep, diaphragmatic breath. The masks force you to breath in shallow, upper respiratory breaths, and this keeps you in an anxious state. Also, when you can only see half of other peoples' faces, it invites even more fear because it's harder to comfort others with a smile and other nonverbal communication.

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In my “Letter to the Oregon Health Authority,” I compiled an arsenal of evidence and presented airtight arguments demonstrating that masks:

• do not prevent the spread of COVID

• may cause physical health problems

• may inflict psychological harm

• pose a special threat to children and teens

People can share, extract references from, and adapt this letter as needed in their own calls to end mask mandates in their respective states, countries, and organizations:


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Hate to see you (or anyone) in a mask. I'm glad to know there is some legislative momentum towards removing this egregious impediment to regaining our humanity in the wake of the globalist assault.

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Yes! The mandates must end because of science and mental health. It's not normal for 24yo to be missing masks and thinking they're normal. This generation started adult life with Big Bro telling them how to think, feel, etc. and younger generation has been traumatized. It's heartbreaking to see this insanity. Perhaps the "midterm variant" will cause the House to pass it.

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Del Bigtree is suing several U.S. health agencies for mask requirements on planes and airports https://thehighwire.com/videos/ican-ceo-to-sue-u-s-government-over-masks/

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Pros for masks wearing

Perfect for operating or doing surgery

Imperative for Spray painting or Polyurethaning your new wooden project

Highly recommended for Home renovation-sanding, sheet rock removal, etc.

Mandatory EPA removing asbestos

Respectful Hospital ICU in some cases

May assist The immunocompromised

Cons for mask wearing








Not Living free

Can’t Breath deep cleansing & calming breaths

Unable to Speak coherently

Diminished or vanished Social gestures for ALL but especially those who are Speech challenged

Inability for The hearing impaired who lip read

They are Bacteria factories

Gives unmeasurable Control to the regime

All cons lead to some degree of isolation, depression and loneliness!

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Perhaps it's time to highlight the dangers of masks. This includes surgical masks that are intended to wear for a short period of time during a specific procedure. The wearers (including medical personnel) all need to understand the damage being done to the lungs by inhaling plastic fibers, cotton fibers, flame retardants that are most certainly in most cloth masks, laundry detergent residues, dyes on the fabrics, all chemicals to make the fibers, as well as the bacteria from the nose and mouth. If masks are mandated, we the people need to know they are safe and not increasing our risk for lung cancer and lung disease.

As an elementary educator, I saw fist hand how dirty and unhealthy these masks are for all people. We had constant runny noses, headaches, coughing, etc. My children had sties in their eyes, acne, congestion, etc. The sheer volume of children that started allergy meds for the symptoms that was most certainly caused by mask wearing was staggering. I also guarantee the masks led to the spread of more disease since the kids are constantly touching and pulling down the mucous filled mask then touching everything in the classroom. Elementary students are losing teeth and the saliva from that in the masks is nothing short of disgusting. I could go on but I think you get the point.

I think it would be eye-opening if a lab could test all of these products for long term safety. Most of them come from China and God knows what chemicals are in them.

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What the hell is wrong with Mitt Romney. Why is he the way he is?

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The face mask is like the swastika armbands the Nazi civilians used to wear. They show fealty to the state, slave like obedience.

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Most thankful for Sen. Rand Paul being so tenacious and confronting not only masks but the case for Natural Immunity. Masking is a tool of control and a trigger mechanism that is imposed at the whim of the party in “charge’. This masking children, especially young has completely set our learning back. Human are dependent on the read of full facial expression to learn speech, language and reading skills. Think of all the remedial learners that will never have confidence to mainstream, or recapture time lost. Dr. Malone, the extension from the TSA just brought back the early game “we need 2 weeks to flatten the curve”, stay home. The goal post was never genuine anymore than masks.

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It is another small step in the right direction as we travel down this unknown path to regain our humanity, freedoms and dignity. I am encouraged by this action in the Senate and will be contacting (again) my legislators in Congress to express my views.

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Mar 16, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Encouraging that 8 Democrats voted for Rand Paul bill. Sent email to my Rep to vote to repeal mask for airlines. I was a VA Dem who voted enthusiastically in Nov 2021 for the Rep. slate in our recent Governor election!

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Marxist Globalist Romney needs to switch parties. He is no Conservative. Actually he is an enemy of American First Conservatives.

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Glad to finally see some bipartisan support to put an end to the tyrannical ‘public health’ dictates.

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The veil deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, nonpersons. The veil sets women apart from men and apart from the world; it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility...

― Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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It’s cute that people think the Brandon Regime instituted the mandated to Stop The Spread ™.

They did it because it was (is) one of the only avenues they had (have) to force apostates - especially in red states - to bend the knee and submit to the new religion. It’s nothing more than a political flex against deplorables that was done as soon as he took office so they could show that they were in charge.

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