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I still believe the major inflection point occurred in the very late 90's when Big Pharma was allowed to advertise their poisons on TV. After that, it was no longer (just) doctors pushing potentially unsafe and unnecessary drugs it was the patients pleading with the doctors after having seen a commercial for it. "Doc, I saw this add for <insert toxin here> and I just know I have this condition! I need a script A.S.A.P.!"

If you build it they will come.

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Doctors have been torturing women for 100+ years. I had my health destroyed by them as did my daughter. Between toxic dangerous vaccinations, tremendously harmful antibiotics prescribed to combat the immune system disfunction created by the vaccines, which themselves create depression, immune, and gastrointestinal problems, and artifical hormones which damage women profoundly and cause massive amounts of breast cancer, stroke and heart disease, we have been this industry's lab rats for generations.

I for one am done. Any new Kavorkian concoction they create can stay with them.

; ))

Mother Nature is always a better bet.

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"What Happens to Vaccine Clinical Trial Participants?"

Do You Mean The Ones That Survive?

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Exemption from liability is effectively the equivalent of enabling an abuser which is precisely what Big Pharma has become: unaccountable in its abuse of tens of millions and yet the power of the white coats in authority goes largely unquestioned. And even if/when queried, the agencies that are supposed to provide oversight are fully complicit in the abuse. Sounds a lot like a sadistic cult doesn't it?

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I think I may have mentioned this before, some 40 yrs ago there was a super tampon marketed that some woman in those trials experienced rather nasty problems. Rather than being reported as such those women were merely removed from the trial which went on its merry way until the wife of a higher up in c.d.c.died from septicemia. Took that go get any attention to their risks.

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So basically, no one should ever take a vaccine, as they are most likely going to have some other ailment or death as a result. Totally disgusting. I thank God I did not get my kids the HPV vaccine, even though our doctor suggested and even said she had given it to her own kids. Who do we trust, because right now, trust is gone.

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This was a very, very sobering article. It's made me reflect back through decades of experiences with family members and reframe memories in a different light. A very bad light. A brother's death (AZT was there - did it play a part?), auto-immune disease ( vaccine related?) medical interventions disabling my dad, killing my mom in 2018. 2005 marked my divorce from the system - no more prescriptions, no more vaccines. There was just something strange about that last flu shot, something told me to stop. I remember feeling so concerned about getting sick without the protection of a flu shot and someday a pneumonia shot, but strangely, the years tick by and I haven't been sick - at all - since. Even the autoimmune issue seems to be a thing of the past.

But - as the Midwestern Doctor says, if the abuse is not addressed, it typically worsens. This last time, the abuse was nearly universally MANDATED. I haven't seen anybody but DeSantis take a stand against this. Instead, everyone is at Davos plotting to extend minute control over every aspect of life. Extending the "emergency" to climate change. In perpetuity. A boot stamping on a human face forever. They are all so disgusting. Revolting. This is a nightmare. What can be done??

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When you see how they make the sausage, you'll never eat it again.

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Factual presentation of some of the  medical fraud that has built the half trillion dollar big Pharma annual sales business in the US. Over the last 50 years hundreds of books have been written reciting these issues from various points of view. The beat of the medical drum continues, and we continue down the wrong path in medicine at the expense of the health of the American people.  Where is our leader ship in Washington to change the course of medical research to where it really belongs! In the meantime, the truth seekers seem to wanna fight among themselves for leader ship rolls.

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I have written an extensive substack piece comparing Big Pharma's relationship with the public with the relationship of abusers to abused:


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This is so important, thank you! I have said for a few years that our government has taken the role of abuser and many Americans are the abused..many of them seem to have Stockholm Syndrome as well

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leilani dowding 🌸🚜 ☮️ (@LeilaniDowding) tweeted at 11:58 p.m. on Sat, Jan 14, 2023:

And still the people didn’t see!! If anyone knows who this man is please tag him below. He’s spot on https://t.co/QTRRR0qGI4


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In my small world of family, friends and work associates, I know of no deaths from covid. However adverse reactions to the mRNA shots are enormous. Most of these reactions were within 3 months of the third shot, the two original shots and the first booster shot. Heart attack deaths, lung blood clots, some that turned into a cerebral stroke, blood clots in the legs, cancers, many friends say they get winded easily, heart and lung problems in some young friends children. Many of these reactions have been devastating life changing conditions. Many can no longer work or play sports in the younger kids. Now as far as people I know with 3-4-or5 mRNA shots that I guess had no adverse reaction, most have got Covid several times. Some have been extremely sick for long periods of time. Amazingly they repeat what their doctor told them, your lucky you got 4 shots it could have been worse. I’m sorry if you got covid 2 or 3 times with 3-5 “vaccine” shots, something is very wrong. In my eyes they have and continue to wreck the government medical establishment, with all of their lies (disinformation), in this country. They can’t be trusted whatsoever. J.Goodrich

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The first 2 paragraphs sound so familiar to me. My first husband was an abuser. I’m sure that is one of the reasons I didn’t take the vax. I have a trust issue. I have to analyze and study things out before I make a decision . My study lead me to Dr Malone and I knew he spoke truth.

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Soooo much fraud and deceit at CDC, FDA, VAERS, etc.

Check this out:

podcast 1 hr: Shocking VAERS Fraud – How The CDC Protects The Lie | Dr. Henry Ealy with Albert Benavides | Jan 9, 2023

This fraud illustrates just one reason why no one should ever be mandated to take any medical treatment and why WE MUST REPEAL every law exempting pharmaceutical companies and their administering agents from liability for injury or death. ‘

* https://www.americaoutloud.com/vaers-fraud-how-the-cdc-protects-the-lie/

Albert Benavides, founder of VAERSaware.com and expert data analyst exposes the extensive criminal fraud by the CDC and NVSS through the manipulation of VAERS data.

* https://www.vaersaware.com/

* https://rumble.com/user/welcometheeagle

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According to Sasha Patylova (who I gather is very authentic and often on Trial Site News) the clinical trials, health agency oversight, etc. for COVID-19 "vaccines" is all a farce and the whole operation is being directed by the U.S. Department of Defense et. al. (at least here in the U.S.).

So it appears we are in more trouble than many of us thought (if such is possible).

Dr. Malone and fellow readers, are you familiar with this?



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