As veterinarian, I have a bone to pick on this one. NOT with you, but with the practices currently employed in these things.

We learned(I graduated in 1996) all about depop/repop wherein a population of production animals, chickens, hogs, etc that are intensely farmed can be intentionally depopulated to prevent or control the spread of infectious disease.

Now into my career in decades, I have begun to question this advice.

HPAI is endemic in the migratory wild bird population...we can depopulate all the domestic foul that we want and it would still exist. For some reason, the wild birds are not becoming extinct...in fact, they are likely developing robust immunity.

I think when they say they lost 60 million birds, they should be specific about how many they KILLED and how many DIED from the flu. Yes, HPAI has a high mortality rate, but it's not 100%. Once a house is infected, wouldn't it be better long term, to allow the robust to survive and then use those for breeding stock?

I remember when foot and mouth hit the UK and they killed all those hooved stock and foot and mouth isn't even usually fatal.

The production farming gurus need to reevaluate their methods in my opinion. But, what do I know? I'm just a dog doctor.

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Joel Salatin is amazing. Thank you for having him guest post and highlight this important issue

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“ Finally, treat the chickens like chickens. In addition to proper flock size, give them fresh pasture in which to run and scratch.”

Dude, that is so 19th century. That’s not how America works anymore. Just look at our children. Keep those chickens locked up, don’t treat them like chickens, and just dose them with plenty of Ritalin! It works for kids…

“ Have you ever seen one of those poor, depressed animals in the zoo? You know, the tiger with his fur falling out in clumps, pacing back and forth on a worn path, hour after hour, day after day? Chances are he’s not a born neurotic. It’s just that he’s a tiger in name only. He is a tiger only to the extent that he lives in a cage marked “tiger.” But there is no tigerness to his existence. Pacing back and forth in some small enclosure downtown, a couple blocks from the baseball stadium, he is as far removed from burning bright in the forests of the night as it is literally and metaphysically possible to be.

In the same way, if you take a six year old, put her in a cage all day, and label it “child,” she becomes a child in name only. The way to save her from the inevitable breakdown such an imprisonment would cause is to make her truly a child again – that is, to let her have a childhood. What we have more and more in this country, as evinced in that disastrous poll above, is children without childhoods – and that is why our pharma execs have never been happier.”


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Joel eloquently points out what many farmers and ranchers understand but many veterinary health officials just don’t get. Over crowded conditions are detrimental. Selection of lines that are problem free and that can naturally withstand diseases is a no brainer not understood by many in sterile research environments.

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The globalists seem to have a "scorch and burn" policy for everything! One wonders how they think life will be for themselves among the few survivors when everything on the planet has been killed. It's time we put a stop to this and turned them off. A lot of people in rural locations are already living in parallel societies where we buy our food direct from farms nearby. This is what we all have to do in so far as we can. Maybe for city folks, their new lifestyle involves a Sunday trip out into the country to pick up their food for the week. Or make contacts among farmers who will deliver. It's going to take a very concerted effort but we can do this!

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Bottom line: Chickens need personal space rather than be treated as machines. Also, they need SUNSHINE! They lack sufficient vitamin D. The Chicken farmers add calcitriol (source of vitamin D) to their feed so they don't break their legs! Drug manufacturers push targeted chemo drugs that destroy osteoblasts, rather than test patients for vitamin D defciency, Magnesium and Calcium deficiency. No money to made that way! Also, having a rich Vitamin D level makes sure the chicken's immune systems are strong against all pathogens! Goes for humans too, especielly over the last 3 years with the preplanned Covid crisis! Time humanity wakes up to the medical cons!

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Nothing beats a thinking man! Love this guy. How magical is common sense and the power of observation!

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Depopulation is being executed thru the food supply. The air, water, and feed need to be tested for glyphosphate and other toxins followed by prosecution.

Who is a bigger threat?

People, Govt., or Gates?

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Thank you, Joel, for this informative exposé of this excruciating topic as well as for proposing sensible solutions. It sickens me deeply whenever I hear about the massacres of innocent creatures like these as if they were simply spoiled products 😿💔

Robert, I just published a very important piece sharing the tragic story of the gentle Austrian biologist Clemens Arvay, who was driven to suicide after being relentlessly slandered by the media and Wikipedia for exposing COVID lies:

• “Requiem for a Smear Victim: Clemens Arvay” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/requiem-for-a-smear-victim-clemens)

Crucially, the article includes a poignant letter written by Jews around the world condemning the weaponization of “anti-semite” to crush dissidents. I have been collaborating with the organizations We for Humanity and Jews for Justice to help expose the abuse of this term as we work to defend innocent truth-tellers who have been libeled and even threatened with legal charges.

The individuals I am working with specifically asked if I could reach out to you and request that you help us share this piece as widely as possible. We are desperately trying to prevent future tragedies like what happened to Clemens while also advocating on behalf of dissenters currently being targeted such as Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Andrew Bridgen, and Neil Oliver.

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Hi, Dr. Malone. Thank you for the article. Could this mass extermination have anything to do with continuing to drive inflation? How about people like Gates who want to own/control the means of food production? How about the One Health initiative that seeks to put people, plants and other animals on the same level of importance? If the government is willing to cull MILLIONS of healthy birds to ‘contain the outbreak’, without regard for how immunity works or conditions, what happens when people refuse to take their franken-jabs? Sounds like the packing humans into 15 minute cities of over-crowding is akin to the disease model of tightly packed chicken-hangers.

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We are forcing accelerated evolution in the wrong direction with vaccines and GOF research. We then turn around and do the polar opposite by inhibiting evolution from proceeding in the right direction by killing off birds with natural immunity (we also impede the potential for humans to develop their own immunity against disease). Gotta stop playing God. We suck at it.

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This also speaks to the failed promises of factor farming and GMOs. It was basically yesterday these guys were "feeding the world" and now the big claim is, "there isn't enough food, we have to eat bugs!"

Nice failure there, guys.

One way out of this would be to incentivize small farms across the country to be the main food suppliers, atomize the process rather than concentrate it.

There should also be some public recognition that the Cargills and Monsantos of the world were dangerously wrong and that is why we need to get back to smaller farming that is producing healthier, more nutrient dense foods.

But they want us sick and living in 15 minute cities, so I dont see it coming from the top.

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This whole thing is surreal. All of the death - kill the babies,, don't bother waiting for them to be born, just kill them and rid yourself of the pain; kill the young children, after all they are just a bothersome group; kill the teens, they have too many ideas not appreciated by the "elite"; kill the adults, they take up too much space and too much oxygen; kill the elderly (except the octogenarians with all the money)the wise ones - NOT. Then to do this all quicker, kill all the animals, or give them the bioweapon shot to kill them and anyone who partakes of their meat. In the midst of the death, destroy the finances of the deplorables - soon they won't need it anyway. Marxists? More like demons under the hand of Satan. Come, Lord, with Your "Illumination of minds". Then no one will be able to say they didn't see/know. They will have the option to choose life or to choose death. The sheep will be separated from the goats. Choose well friends. In fact, do it in advance of the illumination, just in case you get hit by an electric vehicle.

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Love it every time you bring up topics involving Joel. Been following him for a little over a decade.

It appears as though all my information sources are coming together all of a sudden. Gotta love it.

If you don't already know about Paul Gautschi and his Back to Eden Gardening practices, I suggest you take a look when you have time in your busy schedule.

Once you get the Mangalitsas in Doc, we can get you looking at Dexter Miniature Cattle. 😉 36 or so inches tall. I've been speaking with a gentleman on Prince Edward's Island who has been helping to revitalize their low numbers.

He sells some really good genetics and will deliver to me in Nova Scotia free of charge. I'm saving the details as to why these guys are so special for you to find.

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They tried the fear BS in Oklahoma ... no one was allowed to buy chickens. In Oklahoma, we don't listen. The whole this was ignored. We continue to buy chickens and haven't experienced and sick ones. For God's sake, Chickens have been getting sick for thousands of years. Who cares? Humans have been getting sick for thousands of years, Who Cares? The only thing that is different in the equation is Fauci and the DoD. Forget the chickens, give the ones responsible the shot. That will solve it quick.

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Two words: "PCR test". Do we really need to know more? Really?

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