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Why did I invent the mRNA vax tech?

Inquiring minds "need" to know. "For the Sake of Humanity"?

This famous C.S. Bull Portrait of Greta Garbo, used to promote Mata Hari in 1931, is one of the most recognized ‘Garbo’ images. Garbo's most famous quote was ”I want to be alone”. In 2005, the American Film Institute voted it to be the 30th most memorable movie quote of all time. It is derived from the 1932 film Grand Hotel in which she famously said, “I want to be alone” emphasized immediately by “I just want to be alone.” Garbo seemed to enjoy this gentle self-mockery as did both the press and her studio, MGM. More history on Ms. Garbo and this quote can be found at this website.

I am increasingly convinced that the world has gone mad. As for me, I just want an off ramp from this crazy expressway to hell. I have been trying to do my best to help people all over the globe for the past two years. Constant traveling. Constant podcasting. And dealing with the constant stream of hate, derision, sneering gaslighting, and malicious defamation has just worn me out. And now it is coming at me from both sides, including people that I thought were in this foxhole with me as colleagues.

At first I was accused of just wanting attention. Of falsely claiming to have invented the technology which, in an amazing example of intentional strategic promotion of “stolen valor”, was claimed to have been invented at U Penn by Drs. Katie Kariko and Drew Weissman. Even Moderna and its key scientific founder Bob Langer seemed to find it useful to deny the many issued patents documenting my work and inventions as well as others from Vical. I could post the email exchanges I have had with Langer about this. And yes, although Kariko and Weissman were not awarded the Nobel prize last year (to the great surprise of corporate media and many in the scientific establishment), they did receive a variety of awards from all over the world with a total haul of many millions of dollars. And I did object to being written out of history on Wikipedia and corporate media in the rush to market these two to the review committee in Stockholm. But that was then. That “Nobel Prize fever” seems to have broken when they did not receive the award last year.

Next there was the Maui physician who tried to get my Maryland medical license canceled, filing a complaint that I had caused millions of deaths due to the misinformation I was spreading about the (lack of) safety of the genetic vaccines, which was causing vaccine hesitancy, resulting in my being a mass murderer. That bundle of happiness arrived just before Christmas 2021, and had to be addressed in writing immediately to my medical board. Merry Christmas.

To be clear to the nattering nabob concern trolls, no, I did not get millions of dollars for my inventions involving mRNA. I received one Susan B Anthony dollar and a paper certificate. That was it. And a nervous breakdown. And a diagnosis of PTSD.

Now the narrative has turned. I am chronically accused of being “controlled opposition”. Apparently, or so I am told, even Del Bigtree is being accused of being “controlled opposition”. And I am accused of being a mass murderer for inventing the technology over thirty years ago which provided the platform for development of the current mRNA vaccines. This has become a favorite trope of Stew Peters and his acolytes. I previously addressed this tortured logic in this substack essay.

Unfortunately, based on my experiences over the last few months, I conclude that a large fraction of the population has apparently lost the ability or willingness to read, and wants everything presented to them as pre-digested video.

And oh, by the way, in some of the most perverse and tortured logic I have ever encountered, most recently an American 86 year old psychiatrist (Peter Roger Breggin) has developed and promoted the theory (on whatever broadcast and print forums he can find) that I am a mass murderer based on my promotion of the insights of psychologist Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet (“Psychology of Totalitarianism”, “Mass formation”, “Mass psychosis”). As near as I can reconstruct, the “logic” being advanced by Dr. Breggin is built on the false assertion that Desmet’s theories somehow deny the thesis which Breggin advances in his book entitled “COVID-19 and the Global Predators, We Are the Prey”. Just be be clear, Desmet’s work is really just advancements and insights regarding the 21st century application of the work of Hannah Arendt , Joost Meerloo, Gustave Le Bon, and so many others reaching all the way back to the Allegory of the Cave from Plato’s Republic. Mattias Desmet has written at length refuting this contrived interpretation of Breggin which has now been repeated and amplified by others including Peter McCullough, Jane Ruby, and Stew Peters. The reasoning of Dr. Breggin, as near as I can tell, goes like this- somehow Dr. Desmet (and by extension, me) is promoting the idea that what has happened over the last two (+) years is the fault of the individual public, and not the fault of the “Global Predators”. Which is preventing the global predators from being held accountable for their actions. Which is enabling the continued travesty of the grossly dysfunctional global public health response including continued promotion of the “clot shots” (thank you Dr. Ryan Cole for that phrase!). Which are causing millions of deaths. For which Mattias and I are responsible. Which makes us both mass murderers. Which logic completely overlooks the Global COVID Summit declaration IV, which was rolled out on May 11, 2022. And explicitly called for stopping the SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccines, as well as many other things which were pretty edgy at the time but are increasingly mainstream. But hey, who cares. Details, details. All grist for the outrage mill. Apparently, in the current age, this is how one sells books, vitamins, and air purifiers guaranteed to remove spike protein from the air.

Please take a moment and apply just a modicum of empathy. Would you like to be called a mass murderer and have people posting that you should be hung by the neck until dead? How would you react to this?

Much of this most recent madness seems to have fermented during the Clay Clark ReAwaken American tour, and Clay Clark seems to have facilitated the distribution of these ideas. So Jill looked up what Clay Clark has been posting about me on Twitter (which I am permanently suspended from, and hence unaware of and unable to defend myself) and found that Mr. Clark has been amplifying the hate.

So, Jill wrote to him asking about why he is being such a bully. The outcome of which was his demand that I come on his show and address the two questions of why did I create the technology, and why am I part of ACTIV. I sent him copies of the many substacks I had written on these two topics, as well as the two hour podcast titled “Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of using "RNA as a drug" and core mRNA and DNA vaccine technologieswhich I recorded Jul 27, 2021, has had almost a million views, 27,000 “likes”, no dislikes, and over 6,200 comments. It is the most comprehensive interview I have recorded on this whole history which is in the public domain. Another even more extensive version was recorded in a private movie studio in Utah last fall, but I do not have rights to that and it has not been broadcast.

But apparently that is not enough for Mr. Clark and his colleagues. He insists that I record video responses to his two questions - doing so in writing is not sufficient for him and his followers.

This whole manufactured controversy is like a monster that will not die. And yes, I recognize the logic and many voices advising that I should just ignore it. Which ignoring then becomes weaponized and recycled as more evidence supporting the theory that I am controlled opposition. No end to this cycle, which seems to be very useful in generating clicks and book sales. A gift that keeps on giving, involving malicious defamation as a sport and as a business model. I previously wrote here about this dynamic, this historical tendency of groups and political movements at this stage of development to start to apply “purity tests” on members and perceived leaders, resulting in waves of “defenestration” or decapitation in the case of the French Revolution. Or so much murder and burning of supposed “witches” at one point in history that in many Swiss towns there were few women left to kill after that fever finally broke.

So, to appease those who feel that they are entitled to force me to tear out and publicly display yet another piece of my soul “for the good of humanity” as Mr. Clark put it in an email exchange, I offer the above 45 minute clip from this long two (+) hour interview. I have also filmed an interview here on the farm yesterday in which these (and many other) questions are asked and answered. That interview by LifeSite News will come out in multiple segments, and hopefully the first will provide the answers to Clay Clark’s questions.

I previously addressed the “You are a member of ACTIV” accusation in this substack, have now re-addressed it during this recent “LifeSite News” interview, and post the previously published text below for those who can read.

But as for me, I am tired of all of this drama.

This has never been about me. I have done my best to provide leadership and healing. Increasingly I just want to be left alone.

Jill and I will continue to publish this substack, seeking truth and understanding of what has been done and is continuing to be done to all of us by the US Administrative State and the various Globalist organizations. And hopefully, by doing so day after day, we might help you - the reader, our customer- to better understand and adapt to the changing world that you are encountering.

But the chronic travel and going on every podcast that wants a slice of my day and brain, coupled with the chronic stream of hate, is driving me to a dark place. And I am not rich, I cannot afford to sue all of these malicious actors for defamation.

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J’accuse! #2: Dr. Robert Malone is actually controlled opposition because he is currently working for the NIH/NIAID through the ACTIV program developing a next generation mRNA vaccine!

This is one recent variant of a variety of similar accusations which have been thrown at me over the last couple of years because I have won or managed billions in federal contracts over the years. And have worked and published with people who are clearly deeeep state/intelligence/biodefense assets. These contracts have always been for other people, as for some reason my writing and technical skill has always been good enough to win contracts for others, but never NIH contracts for myself and my own research. I even wrote a proposal for an mRNA vaccine for coronaviruses back in the mid 1990s (oh-oh. Now they are going to weaponize that against me!), but it was rejected. As was my proposal to NIH/NIAID for development of pulsed electrical field driven polynucleotide delivery for vaccine purposes. Which was based on this paper and this paper and a few others. Way, way ahead of their time. Rejected because the study section “knew” that Merck vaccines had already solved the delivery problem for genetic vaccines. Which was also based on my work. But no, plenty for thee, none for me. Inder Verma warned me back in 1989 that if I left his lab at the Salk when I did, I would never get an NIH grant. And he was right. Which is why I turned to focusing on working with the US DoD in biodefense product development. But that is another story.

I always find this line of attack strangely fascinating, in a twisted sort of way, as anyone who has actually followed what I have said, written and done over the last two years would have to conclude that if I am controlled opposition, I must be the worst double agent in the history of the United States. But conspiracy theorists are going to conspiracy theorize, and haters are going to hate. Just the way things are. Looking on the bright side, “Evil Cabal” is a definite step up from mass murderer, which is also an accusation that has been casually thrown about by many of these same people. Apparently I am accused of being a mass murderer for having invented the technology platform and idea (which the factcheckers and Alex Berenson dispute while disregarding the issued patents), as well as for promoting the work of Dr. Mattias Desmet regarding the Psychology of Totalitarianism. The latter is really hard (logically) for me to wrap my mind around, but there it is. The former I addressed at length in this substack article. And apparently I am now both a wolf in sheeps clothing as well as being the most interesting Doctor in the world. Which I filmed in support of that notorious deep state movie production “Plandemic 3”. Easy come, easy go. The proof of the accusation is everywhere you look. Mea culpa.

So, what actually is ACTIV? Well, I have written about it before on this substack, and discussed it in various lectures as a source of NIH corruption, but, uh, yeah. See my prior statement that: The congressional charters for the “Foundation for the National Institutes of Health” and the “CDC Foundation” must be revoked. Sounds like I am definitely a part of the evil cabal. If your point of view is that of our opposition…. Which gets to the issue of psychological projection and low self esteem. Just saying. Not diagnosing.

Back on topic- This is where it gets fascinating. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Here is the NIH ACTIV web page.

Yup, ACTIV has a component that used to be part of OWS. check. ACTIV is not part of OWS, rather OWS is now a part of ACTIV. Details. ACTIV is involved in vaccine development. Check. ACTIV is housed within the Foundation for NIH, which accepts money from Pharma and BMGF. Check. Never mind that I have called for the FNIH to have its charter dissolved. That must just be more deepstate double agent sneakiness on my part, right?

Here’s the thing. I was a non-voting volunteer participant in the ACTIV TX- clinical trial working group. Put there at the request of my client DoD/DTRA, and in particular at the request of a GS14 that I had been mentoring at the request of a GS15 that I have known since he was a post Doc with Bob Gallo, and even before. Because I am an expert in clinical research, drug repurposing, virology, etc. Although, to be clear, I have never worked as a Bounty Hunter or as a drug rep. I was allowed to listen and occasionally comment because the DoD/DTRA wanted me there. And when I mentioned my participation (I think it was on the Rogan show), and also mentioned that the (voting) Merck representative on the committee tried to block the Ivermectin trials from going forward, my GS14 colleague got a nastygram from ACTIV suggesting that I should not be allowed to participate. And not long after that I dropped off. Which is a shame, because the reason I was there was to help get our fully powered, innovative inpatient and outpatient trials of the repurposed drugs famotidine, celecoxib, and ivermectin launched under DoD/DTRA funding which I had worked so hard to get dedicated to this project. But which clinical trials the FDA notoriously blocked until we dropped the Ivermectin component at insistence of the aforementioned DoD GS15. And which project I no longer support, although the clinical trials eventually got started. And oh, by the way, snarky factcheckers at Associated Press and Washington Post, the data now show that I was right and famotidine (pepcid) use is therapeutic for COVID-19 disease. But that is another story for another day.

So, was I or am I involved with NIH/NIAID and ACTIV in developing a second gen mRNA vaccine? Absolutely not. Pure conspiracy thinking. The ACTIV TX (treatment) clinical trial working group is the group I was participating in (as a non-voting member), but have ceased participating in quite a while ago. I was trying to gather intel from the ACTIV TX-Clinical WG committee on behalf of and on request by my DoD/DTRA client so that we might get our inexpensive repurposed drug trial, involving repurposed drugs and combinations which I played a central role in identifying, so that we could save lives using readily available inexpensive products. Furthermore, ACTIV TX-Clinical WG is all about clinical trial design and management to test a range of pharmaceuticals, including both repurposed and new ones. It has nothing to do with vaccine development.

Now, with all of that said, who are the ones that are being disruptive, making wild unfounded accusations, spinning unfounded conspiracy theories and doing things which advance the interests of our opponents? And who is just working away, day after day, getting stuff done, writing substacks, and traveling all over the world trying to help people.

Controlled opposition is an interesting matter. It exists. But when effective you can only identify it by its shadow and footprints. By the trail of damage that it leaves. But those who repeatedly shout “Wolf” deserve a bit of skepticism. In my opinion.

Who is Robert Malone
Robert W Malone MD, MS