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Calling for #ExitTheWHO is the perfect way to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the WHO's pandemic declaration:


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100% on board with this. Trump did it, and believe it was reversed on Inauguration Day on one of the 55 Executive Orders prepared for Joe Biden. In the meantime the screams from the underworld were withering. But it needs to happen BIGTIME!

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Can we withdraw from our own NIH?

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It's time for a massive pushback. Vaccine passports my ass.

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Why does a pro American president get impeached by Nancy Piglosi’s house democrats twice for nothing, but Kevin McCarthy can’t impeach this this POS who commits acts of treason one after another even once. Kevin please grow a pair of balls and protect AMERICAN sovereignty what is wrong with these feckless republicans. Sorry, J.Goodrich

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From Matt Taibbi's opening Statement to Congress, March 9, 2023, quoting Thomas Jefferson: “It would be a dangerous delusion were a confidence in the men of our choice to silence our fears for the safety of our rights: that confidence is everywhere the parent of despotism.” Worth the read and nix to anything that even smells globalist, like the stench of the WHO: https://www.racket.news/p/my-statement-to-congress

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Without full Congressional approval (votes) the WHO/Biden agreement is meaningless. The executive branch has no power to make these IHR amendments mandatory! Being a member or not in the WHO has no bearing. Americans will never except the lost of their Constitutional sovereignty. Also Africa has already told the WHO to 'take a hike'. There's no way Africa is going to allow themselves to again be victimized by the evil white man.

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The House Foreign Affairs committee has a House Resolution authored by Rep Andy Biggs AZ -R.

Use our form to contact the House Foreign Affairs Committee today to let them know that exiting the WHO needs to be a priority, and they must schedule HR79 for a hearing, reporting it out of committee with a recommended YES vote by the U.S. Congress.

Also use our form to contact your elected officials to urge them to cosponsor the WHO Withdrawal Act.


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My US Rep. is Chip Roy. He has already made that proposal.

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Thank you once again, Dr. Malone.

I have written to my Washington state Senators and Representative repeatedly throughout the covid craziness and gotten nothing in return except form letters full of lies. It is very discouraging, but we can't give up.

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I agree the US should withdraw from the WHO. But globalist puppet Biden and his puppet administration officials are hellbent on signing on to any and all WHO agreements and treaties. Biden and his cronies are corrupt traitors. I don't hold out much hope the Senate will overrule Biden.

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Since most or many congress”people” are attorneys, it would be great to hear from the legal profession on the reality of the who doing any such thing. There is no system in the usa that ties together everyone’s vaccination record. Some got their covid shots at cvs, others at the local county health dept, and others god only knows where else. Pulling all one thousand healthcare insurance CO’s reporting to the who just ain’t going to happen. And if it ever does, there will be a lot of “manipulating “ of the data.

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Thank you so much for this call to action!

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Please communicate with James Roguski. He is a “captain” on the team!

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Doctors Malone! Thank you for alerting us. Our livable future is at threat!

It is utterly unacceptable to give them any additional, let alone totalitarian, control of our public health.

Have been listening to and reading several postings on this matter today. One of the recommendations is to contact both our legislators, Senator Johnson and Speaker McCarthy. Its been pointed out that refusal to pass the funding bill until we are OUT OF WHO is an essential “MUST DO!”

For starters:

On January 9, 2023, Congressman Andy Biggs from the 5th District in Arizona submitted House Resolution 79 (The WHO Withdrawal Act). The proposed legislation was very simple.

H.R. 79 would stop all United States funding of the World Health Organization and it would also repeal the Act of June 14, 1948 that got the United States into the WHO.

This would effectively enable the United States to #ExitTheWHO.


H.R.79 - WHO Withdrawal Act 118th Congress (2023-2024) | Get alerts

Introduced in House (01/09/2023)

WHO Withdrawal Act

This bill requires the President to immediately withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) and prohibits using any federal funds to provide for U.S. participation in the WHO.

The bill also repeals the 1948 act authorizing the United States to join the WHO.

The WHO May Amendments are extremely well covered in the materials available THROUGH THE


Withdraw U.S. from the WHO now!

Put a stop to Vaccine Passports and the Mandatory International Health Regulation updates

WATCH | Webinar: Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO

MATERIALS DR MALONE HAS REFERENCED. They have an extended video with Gaffney and other credited speakers covering the various legal aspects of this. Informative and worth the time IMO!


The two instruments are:

a) transformative amendments to the International Health Regulations: and

b) an entirely new agreement governing “pandemic prevention, preparedness and response." The former is expected to be approved in late May; the latter may be, as well.

Both accords are predicated on the global adoption of digital health cards or “vaccine passports.” when they are coupled with Central Bank Digital Currencies that can deny the unvaccinated or otherwise non-compliant access to, or use of, their money.

Of late:

Trial balloons?

Wells Fargo associated with Globalist agenda.

Wells Fargo Glitch Causes Customers’ Money to Disappear, Leaving Negative Balances

by Jim Hoft Mar. 11, 2023

Also, I recently received a request from my MasterCard provider to detail my financial information (to permit them to direct appropo providers to me). Deleted it.

Bank failure Silicon Valley - Customer/shareholder reactions

Another invaluable source to follow:

James Roguski: The WHO’s Upcoming Power Grab

worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/james... http://jamesroguski.com/

James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate.

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