Sorry to hijack but I have another instance I wrote about a few months back. Chinese citizens who had their banks frozen planned to protest the move, but instead got their covid passes turned 'red' -- meaning they were basically shut out of society.

This also famously happened to the Canadian truckers (so no need to link), and more recently in Brazil. This is how they are planning to control you. That's why my rule of banks is the same as the rule of crypto: Only put in what you can afford to lose.



Last April, Chinese banks unexpectedly froze the accounts of numerous customers without a plausible explanation. Recently, would-be protestors trying to get their money back found their digital covid health apps ‘red’, meaning they lose access to nearly all public services.

This is a perfect real-world example of the tyranny of covid health passes. Obviously these protestors don’t actually have covid. They aren’t a public health threat in the slightest. They are a POLITICAL nuisance — so the ruling class simply turns them off.

And don’t worry, this is coming soon to an area near you. After all, it’s so unseemly to physically confront protestors — much better off to unperson them from a safe distance.

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Dec 26, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

A great movie about the Stasi is “Das Leben der Anderen” (The Lives of Others), a 2006 German film that won an academy award for best foreign language film. Even with the limited technology of the Cold War era, the data gathering and manipulative tactics are chilling to watch. And the picture demonstrates how easily such a system was used to benefit the corrupt desires of powerful people. Well worth seeing!

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Dec 27, 2022·edited Dec 27, 2022

All due respect, I don't know. At this point I trust Putin and Russia a HELL of a lot more than I trust 90% of our elected officals, our corportations especially Pharma etc, AND THAT CARGO PANT WEARING FRUIT THAT JUST STOLE BILLIONS MORE FROM US, THE TAXPAYER. I always believed a benevolent dictator is the best form of Gov't. Only one man can be corrupted or not corrupted. Whether Putin is or is not corrupt is not something I know OR you know. Unless you know the man personally you don't know. AND EVEN THEN you don't know.

I have a question for anyone reading this. How many times in your life did you really think, even swear, you knew someone only to find out you were dead wrong?

SO, you knew them and you were dead wrong, BUT you know a leader of another country and because of him we have cargo pants taking billions and that's ok? You don't know him. No one does.

I'll leave it at this. I've been literally all over the world, all over. And I can say the Ukraine was likely the MOST corrupt place I've ever visited in my life.

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Nice article. You cite Elon's "Twitter files" for their positive effect on exposing what you write about here. How to juxtapose that with NeuraLink, StarLink etc.? (Which you cite as evidence that Elon seems to pursue businesses in line with our enemies)

What a strange world. Beyond DeSantis, I can't think of any individual in America who has forwarded the cause of "waking up the sheep" more than Elon. Even more than you, Dr. Kory and McCullough, Senator Ron Johnson, Ed Dowd, RFK Jr. combined.

And yet, and yet ....

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Solid and timely reporting here. I’m conflicted about whether to “like” this but you are certainly performing a vital public service by bringing this information to your audience. Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do.

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I'm afraid that we all have been dulled and desensitized to the encroachment of the state into our privacy and the destruction of our knowledge of our true history and our rights that who will really fight? I pray that there are enough people to do so. I'm painfully ignorant and trying to get up to speed. I listen to KrisAnne Hall, Patriot Academy and all you medical freedom fighters. I read when I can. But I'm just one. How do we undo this even if we can stop it? I won't give up but it does feel overwhelming at times. But then I remember.. God. For Nothing is impossible with and for Him!

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One massive step towards this surveillance state is digital currency. We all must never allow this to take root in America no matter how they twist it, it’s a step to total surveillance. I’m sure that our loving politicians will exempt themselves from this, as they exempt themselves from every totalitarian BS idea we pay them to come up with. Do you think we’ll be able to see what they spend their money on, or shut their bank accounts down, or stop their travel, shut down their ability to heat their mansions. I doubt it. Look at their exemptions from Obama care, mRNA shots, or our two tiered injustice system. How far are we going to let this go before they fence us all in? We used to say beat them at the ballot box but that’s been corrupted also. Not sure where this will end. J.Goodrich

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I know I’m on the naughty “ freedom without apology” list. It went from exposing Big Pot & friending Alex Berenson to help keep it out of a suburb of Seattle. ( local vote to approve cannabis dispensaries) We won! David & Goliath style, but we won. S.A.M. Is another amazing site concerning high THC & our bodies. It’s bad. Then, Covid came & similar unregulated gov. policies and fake gov. & elite “ players” ( Fauci & Gates), took the field. Why is Gates even involved in vaccines around the world? Is he the true, caring philanthropist of our time? Umm.. let’s just say an emphatic “ Hell No!” And why has Fauci been allowed to stay in his position, causing a greater harm to all of our society?

“The Real Anthony Fauci”- a real eye opener.

“ Pandemia” by Berenson is another book that begins to explain the web of craziness we have all experienced. I sent a copy of this book to our Wa. State Board of Health. This was in preparation for a vote to include Covid vaccines to our public school schedules. This was in March 2021, well before the CDC had chimed in on their recommendation. There was a social media explosion when a meeting was scheduled at our Board of Health to vote & change wording about prior HIV internment camps ( basically), to Covid Pandemic ( or any decided “ emergency” pandemic). That’s right,.. internment camps. It’s still all there if you want to read Wa. State Board of Health guidelines for pandemics. I urge all of you to look into your individual state guidelines with this. I had no idea they had this authority. Police can be utilized and people can be removed from their homes if they are a health risk to others. Contagious citizens ( aren’t we all?), that refuse treatment can be forcefully quarantined if they refuse to self quarantine,.. blah, blah, blah. I’m obviously paraphrasing but you get the idea? Scary stuff. Well literally hundreds emailed their concerns and began picketing our Board of Health. They emphasized they were not creating these camps, just rewording old & outdated HIV guidelines. Turns out there wasn’t much difference- it’s still extreme overstretch of government. And like all left leaning Democrat agencies, they decided to form a focus group to investigate the Covid vaccine for kid’s issue. A month or so later, the vote was held and they voted to not add the poisonous vaccine, ( MRNA), at this time. They took a wait and see approach. Why? Public pressure, CDC hadn’t decided on this yet, or they were too busy collecting names of the protestors against future Covid containment camps. Or any other named emergency “ pandemic” they choose. They are most likely fluffing my pillow & rolling out the welcome mat for me. ✌🏼 Check your states.

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By the way, Robert, we need to move on to the next phase. Planning to overthrow the administrative state. Your post should give us directions. Got it?

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You have to keep your... Second Amendment and be ready to fight.

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Our judges are not up to the task.

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Thank you Dr. Malone for bring up this topic. AP even included a tidbit on the U.S. However, the U.S. was data mining the old POTs network for at least 60 years. Back in the 1980s when US West refused to give the feds recordings of phone calls, the feds found a way to indict it’s president on trumped up charges. Most of the corrupt tracking was divined by O and Holder using what they called Choke Point. All business had to cough up tracking data or the DOJ found something on each and every one of them. Our country truly lost its way when the SCOTUS failed to force adherence to the Constitution when the Deep State decided to turn on its citizens after 9/11 and implement the TSA. That was the point at which I finally agreed with my two sons – we’d become a dying nation. The TSA is a prime example of once in, here to stay. Now the B admin is collecting data on 2nd amendment purchases through its own Choke Point with the mail carrier companies.

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What is so shocking to me is my apparent lack of understanding about how deep and pervasive the 'state' had become in what seems like a short time. I have to think that it was the coming to power of Donald Trump that brought the rats out into the open. It's all laying out on the table, now. We are in deeper trouble than I thought, even 5 years ago.

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Dr Malone your final sentence is the absolute truth but the republic form of government is the root of a corrupt government sadly. Very sadly. I have tried to explain this very fact for the last 20 years of my life only to see everything I explain fall on deaf ears. We are following too closely the fall of Rome.

Thank you for what you do and are trying to do.


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V. I. Lenin put it bluntly: "Control of the Russian people can only be accomplished through terror", hence the creation of the commissars and legions of Soviet rat finks and tattle tales made up of the rank and file Russian subjects caught up in everlasting nightmares. The OPPRESSION by the FEW of the MAJORITY. SAMEZDAT TODAY - only via digital rather than brutal force.

Lenin also coined the title: U.S.S.R. ( Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) which sounds so benign. All Communist dictators writings use the words Socialist and Communist interchangeably as they de -facto mean the same thing. In the U.S.S.A. today, our mis-named "Free Enterprise Capitalist System" has over the past half century morphed into what amounts to an "Americanized" version of Benito Mussolini's Fascism... or CORPORATIVISM. The "partnership" of government and industry; SAME as exists in Communist China TODAY! This appears to be the "new" model for the Billionaires and Dictators to enslave ALL but the tippy-top "leaders", nomenklatura and apparatchiks + useful idiots

(read, Liberals and Progressives ).

To the question of "Can America be saved" from the coming Hell-On-Earth of Global Wokeism - meaning the absolute egalitarian insanity of Global Marxism applied and administered by international UN-elected and UN-accountable (lifetime) bureaucrats? It appears the preponderance of Americans

are not even AWARE of the QUESTION! Each new generation spawns hordes of naive 'youngsters' who LOVE the Bernie Sanders and AOC ( Absolutely Obnoxious Communist) agitators and "community Organizers"(all) non-productive parasites that infest federal, state & local governments!

That, along with the fact there will be (at least) two more years of the Biden administration - and Merrick Garland as the so-called "Attorney General", along with Christopher Wray and the unholy, ROGUE, FBI, optimism of or for returning to a Constitutional Republic seem , well, unlikely.

But, won't the Republicans - now that they are again in power in the House - change things for the better? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

While the U.S.S.A. - as yet - does not have (known) "re-education camps" as the CCP does, for the "hard'Core" Americans who will have NONE of this Bull-excrement WOKE "globalism" stuffed down our throats - can re-education of sentient human beings via digital surveilance and COMPLETE control of We the people and our property be somehow halted and ELIMINATED?

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It doesn't matter the country (minus a few cultural norms)... all of humanity deals with the same weaknesses of character. In biblical terms it comes down to pride, greed, lust and idolatry. I feel like we (the public) are the 'birdies' in a global badminton game. Keep us all confused and up in the air until the semi-controlled collapse is complete and the digital shackles are in place... then let the masses hit the ground. I don't think the Republic can be saved, it was hollowed out by the very ones who took oaths to protect and defend it a while ago. We just weren't aware the party was over already. It is 'REVIVAL or BUST'... it starts in your own heart. Surrender it to Jesus.

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