The blatant disregard for the jab's effects on pregnant women was a HUGE red flag for me. That's not how science operates, only how The Science operates.

Then they threw women off social media for talking about what happened to them (and Naomi Wolf for talking about them)

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As an ob/gyn , I have not seen one pregnant woman die of Covid ,I have seen women, who have been jabbed die from a brain hemorrhage and SADS. Thankfully, everyone who was jabbed and abrupted , miscarried or had a stillborn has lived ... thank God . I’m going on 35 years , including my residency, and have never seen anything like this . I am thankful for the data and statistics, but I just want other doctors to speak up and not live in fear of loosing our licenses. Please stop the mandates , childhood vaccination schedule and please stop the jabs ...

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I am remembering a ob/gyn having said that giving these jabs violated 60 yrs of policy that experimental or unapproved meds were never to be given to pregnant women or young children. Guess that policy now in the tank

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Just more evidence of mass murder

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There is more than sufficient data to hold a Nuremberg style war crimes / crimes against humanity court. With that said if there is ever such a court it must have the power to seize documents, persons, assets, etc., and full authority to punish, up to and including sentencing offenders to death. Without the potential of being put to death the psychotic overlords simply won’t care and will continue to perpetrate maximum evil upon the planet and its people.

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My wife who is Rhesus negative and unvaccinated for covid, would normally take an Anti-D injection with her next pregnancies, but is now not sure whether the Anti-D shot (which contains plasma from covid vaccinated donors) would be safe.

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What else is new... the wool pulled over people's eyes is going to come back with moth holes. Surprising how many pregnant women didn't question why there were no trials including them. The trust given to these pharma-made drugs is sad and now devastating results will show why.

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I wonder if the under-reporting in Europe is similar to the 90-99% under-reporting in VAERS?

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Whenever I read or hear of pregnant women taking the mRNA EUA vaccine I become somewhat aggravated and dismayed that a mother to be would not have serious issues injecting herself and her baby with a EUA “vaccine”. I was watching the five on Fox News and liberal co host Jessica Tarlov was on saying her doctor told her the shot was safe and effective for pregnant women so she was all in and got the EUA. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was. I have always had questions of the left and rights thought processes and how the brain works with politics. I question if it has something to do with a very intelligent liberal pregnant women rolling her sleeve up and taking an EUA drug where there is no thorough data to show if it is safe for her baby. Does politics and a persons thought process play a part in the surrender of a person not to seriously question the taking of this drug. Since I watched the show that day I have many times prayed for Jessica’s baby. J.Goodrich

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I read all of Drs. Robert and Jill plus. Yes, I have a medical background. I have to go throw up again. Just Beyond, Beyond My Comprehension and the Absurd Insanity. Ed

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Prima faci evidence of the population control agenda

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G’Day Dr Malone.

Again, a great read, if I may just make a comment, I would like to see far far more reports of “the actual effectiveness of these injections”, “the actual benefits to Mankind, OR individuals”. Are they doing any good, if so how? Are people being saved, if so how many? I focus on this every single day, and for the life of me I cannot see any real value these injections are doing for Humanity. Your report today does NOT improve my opinion. Your last video with Epoch Times (that I have seen, now can’t find it, have my own copy) shows, Quote “the people we are seeing now in hospital are all vaccinated”. “the more doses of these products you receive, the higher your risk for infection, disease and death, compared to those who remain (quote) unvaccinated”.

why Why WHY are these injections allowed to continue?

why Why WHY is there “no one” with Balls in the media reporting this? (this can NEVER be forgotten)

why Why WHY is there no apparent action from Authorities regarding investigating (what I perceive to be) the most horrific crimes against the whole of humanity? INCLUDING NOW our babies?

Medical Professionals across the world, in the UK, Australia and your own USA have called LOUD & LONG for “a stop to these injections” BUT THEY ARE STILL BEING ALLOWED TO CONTINUE, WHY???

So many deaths! So many injuries! So much devastation (financial & other), So many lies! SURELY there is some way to STOP this insanity!

I am just an ordinary Aussie Bloke from “Downunder” Australia, but regardless, if I knew of a way I would take it no matter what. If you can advise I would be truly thankful.

Further, if I had the money, I would do this myself. I would have a very special “Medal” designed and made to present to what I (& Many Millions around the world) believe are the “true heroes” of this tragedy.

True Human Beings who have (in many cases) risked everything to make this “crime” known to the world. GOD BLESS EVERY ONE OF YOU.

The likes of yourself (& your good Wife Jill), Dr McCullough, Dr Kory, Dr Cole, Dr Kheriaty, Prof Risch, Dr Janci Lindsay, Dr Young, Dr Coleman, Dr Naomi Wolf, Dr Campbell, Dr Malhotra, and outside of the Medical Profession, Jan Jekielek, Thomas Renz, Sen Ron Johnson, Sen Rand Paul, Joe Rogan, Steve Kirsch, Katie Hopkins, Reiner Fuellmich, Mel K, Dr Michael Yeadon, Australians eg Sen Alex Antic, Sen Gerrard Rennick, Sen Malcolm Roberts, All those professionals who stood up for “truth & good”, and lost their credentials & livelihood because they stood, and so SO SO many more that need the thanks of The Whole World I apologise my memory fails me at this time.


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I remember reading early on about doctors talking about what the jabs were doing to pregnant women and fetuses. My heart continues to break.

I know I wrote about class-action lawsuits and impeachments--I think they're still necessary. But we need to do more. We need to spread our movement however we can to encourage folks to think for themselves and not let the people with obvious power lead them into danger.

I lived through the 1960's and '70's, and I sense the same rumblings of revolt. We haven't made it into the mainstream media yet, except for comments on Yahoo, but we're getting closer. And, of course, there's Substack and the MSM's continued loss of audience. What's been happening with the vaccines is far worse than the Vietnam War, as awful as that was. And maybe we can learn from the success of the Civil Rights Movement.

I'm so heartbroken I can't think straight. If you have any concrete ideas, please reply.

And, of course, thank you, Dr. Malone, for your courage.

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Interesting that the data is totaled at the EU level - I am assuming when the term Europe is used. I did not read what the norm is for miscarriages or fetal deaths in Europe. However, just like in the U.S., every country has purposefully not collect relevant detailed and comprehensive data, so we know they don't care. They will know their success when they monitor live birth rates as time passes. This is just one way to do it. Depopulation for over 60 years - Nixon, Ford, Kissinger….Please read this – look at each tab on these sites. https://nssm200.com/population-and-the-american-future-the-report-of-the-commission-on-population-growth-and-the-american-future/63.htm. And here: https://jaffememo.com/ Here is the report from the USAID website It’s a download. pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PCAAB500.pdf

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I believe this is yet another bit of evidence suggesting that depopulation is an important objective of the uber-rich psychopaths who hold sway over the WEF agenda. It's not the first time sterilization has raised its ugly head.

There is a long history of the wealthiest elites in society pursuing the pseudo-science of eugenics. The movement was quite open at the beginning of the 20th century. Bill Gates Sr was a member of the American Eugenics Society. Hitler's ham-handed implementation during WWII drove the movement underground, but it never died. It simply got sugar coated like a lot of the covid pandemic response was sugar coated. "We're doing it for your benefit."

Just as pruning small banks to leave only big banks will make CBDC easier to implement, pruning world population will make rebellions, migrations, mind control, etc., easier to manage under a totalitarian world government.

And the beat goes on.

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Early 2021 an Ottawa doctor, Dr. Mal Boushe (?) strongly protested against vaccinating pregnant women. He was arrested by the order of RCMP and taken to the psychiatric section (Hope Centre) of Linescate (?) Hospital into complete lockup without contact to family or legal support. The psychiatrists there diagnosed him with being delusional and forced on him dangerous anti-psychotic drugs. He managed to escape and lived in hiding from the police afterwards.

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