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Blockrock owns 59.M shares of


Blackrock owns 45.7M shares of


Blackrock sued itself and fired

Tucker Carlson as part of that



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And Black Rock has a chunk of Dominion I bet. It is always the same core group of psychotic overlords. Always.

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Best advice

Stay away from mainstream media. We need a proper definition. But for me, it is













And so many more.

I lean more libertarian so my sources maybe slightly different than yours (Love

Lew Rockwell).

But every individual needs to do their research and homework on this. The propagandists have won and u need to be able to identify the difference between them and honest journalists

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I burned my TV 18 years ago!!! Nothing, but NOTHING, makes me realize the depth of the problem like my doctor’s office waiting room. People, with mouths ajar, stare at the screen in a state of complete numbness. “Cutting the chord” was the best thing I ever did.

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In my younger days my friends and I took off time from college to hitchhike around New England late Summer early Fall. We were unplugged for about 2 months. On subsequently watching TV the manipulation became obvious.

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When you say Blackrock "owns" a stake in Fox or any corporation, it's not Blackrock's money. It's not Vanguard's money or Fidelity's money. It's your money if you purchased a mutual fund or ETF from these sponsors. The transfer of power occurs when an investor abdicates their voting responsibilities to a financial intermediary. If you invest directly in shares of the company rather than a commingled fund, you retain the right to vote your shares. Many view company proxies and annual reports as a nuisance. But like voting in political elections, it's important to cast your vote. At this point I don't know of a shareholder organization that analyzes and organizes voting in public companies that may advance the conservative agenda, but there should be. If you want to create a portfolio that performs in line with the S&P 500 index, I created a simple strategy several years ago that works quite well. SuperCap25.com.

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You left out Glenn Beck!

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Another big wanna be world conqueror that owns millions of shares in Time Warner Cable and Echostar is the one and only George Soros. As I’ve gotten older I have learned that things that I can control are the things that I can change. There are many horrible wrongs in this world that I have no control over so I try to not waste the little time I have on them. Slowly I have learned to listen, watch and read news and information that I believe is truthful and meaningful like this sub stack. 4 years ago I never would have envisioned myself getting information this way. I know I can control the news I pay attention to and fox has fallen far for me. I will spend my time elsewhere. Thanks for the list of alternative media!!! J.Goodrich

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The comment above was very appropos: Stopped watching TV 46 years; detached from newspapers 20 years ago; moved out of the big city; got a place where we could garden; and my daughter got religion. ... As for me, i believe as Thomas Jefferson did, in the Supreme Intelligence, our Creator, who created all life, but I have never joined a religious organization.

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Here's my understanding of how the world works: the elite behind Vanguard and Black Rock also own stock in most major food corporations such as PepsiCo, Tyson Foods, and Nestle. They need to control the media since their plan is to slowly poison us through ultra processed foods such as corn syrup and highly refined industrial seed oils. They also own stock in all the pharmaceutical companies so when we all get the diseases of civilization that inevitably develop from consuming their food and drinks, we become dependent on their drugs.

Think about the weight loss drug Ozempic which costs $12,000 a year. Now there's a push to get tax payers to pay for that drug. Why does everyone and their mother now need Ozempic? Because of the food messaging saying that meat and saturated fat are bad. When you cut out those two food groups, you are left with processed carbs/cereals/"plant-based" vegetable oils that are actually toxic.

Tucker had been going after both the food industry and big pharma. For instance, he had been calling attention to facts such as the FDA commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf having admitted to having conflict-of-interest ties to over a dozen pharmaceutical companies. The elites don't want you to know how corrupt the industrial medical complex is, especially the cancer industry.

Did you ever notice that standard chemo never makes use of repurposed drugs despite overwhelming evidence of their effectiveness? Stanford University wrote up 3 case studies of how well FenBen works, but it's remarkably cheap, so Big Cancer won't use it. (Read testimonials of its effectiveness here. https://fastwell.substack.com/p/an-odd-cure-for-incurable-cancer

Another case in point: Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible through intermittent fasting and reducing carbs, yet all the medical school somehow forgot to teach that 15-minute lesson to doctors? https://fastwell.substack.com/p/reversing-diabetes-success-stories

And why are psychiatrists such as Harvard professor Chris Palmer seeing miraculous improvements in their patients' mental health when they take them off sugar and ultra-processed foods? Maybe because those foods destroy the body and the elites know it. https://fastwell.substack.com/p/how-one-harvard-doc-is-astonishing

Tucker was onto something exposing this agenda and they took him out. Think about something: if you were evil and drunk of power, what industry would you want to control? Wouldn't it be healthcare? Because there's nothing people won't pay for their health! This is especially true when it comes to cancer--there's nothing health insurance won't pay because they're forced to, which raises all our rates, and puts an incredible amount of our economy's sector into the hands of the industrial medical complex when all 10 of the most widely prescribed medications are for illnesses that can be cured through diet and lifestyle changes.

And then there's statins, the #1 most widely prescribed drug in the US, with over 114 million prescriptions. Did you know that there is a coalition of over 100 medical and academic that formed a coalition called THINCS that all believe statins are a complete scam? https://fastwell.substack.com/p/statins-detrimental-to-health-you

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please look into which funds your 401k and retirement plans are invested. Please, where possible sell those stocks that have and ESG or WHO affiliated departments. We must continue to reject evil and build our own parallel economies.

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My wife asked me why Tucker was out from FOX and I told her FOX is just another deep state media that most people haven't figured out!

My neighbor was shocked that I don't listen to FOX.

MOST people are still in the dark!

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On a similar note. 5% of the population generates 95% of Police calls for service. Looks like that ratio applies to the world at large of psycho / sociopath / overlords as well.

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The only mainstream/cable content I watched was Tucker (via the Fox app, not actual cable). Now that’s one less subscription I have to worry about!

The more alternatives, the better. Let black rock and big pharma own all the corporate news… soon nobody will be watching them except their own boards.. paying to brainwash themselves…


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I love John Prine - always have. Peace Robert and Jill! you are one of our best! Live long, be happy, stay in love!

My favorite John Prine song is "Hello In There". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVhA01J0Zsg

Here is one Linda found the other day. enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLw3r014dBY (sounds best reasonable loud on speakers or through headset)...

"Lilly was here" (acoustic guitar & sax) is phenomenal as well. (loud!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5kKo2_2MzI Dufler & Stewart and kindly , lastly -

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Wonder if blackrock and the wef sleep together??

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