Thank God RFK, Jr is safe. If you hadn’t sent this we would not know. I just searched his name and crickets except whiny headlines about his requests for security. He is a candidate who articulates problems and solutions and engages in civil dialogue, all the others just slander others. What stinks is who can we trust to interrogate this assassin and find out who paid him.

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Yup. Agree.

The only way I see to fix this is get completely rid of the voting machines, and all mail in voting.

In person, with validated ID, and auditable against the voter roles.

Registration with verified address and citizenship.

They can not be punished if they also control the "counting" of the votes.

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Dr. Malone, there is much truth to your questioning the secret service. It’s another corrupt government agency, look at the cocaine in the Whitehouse. The picture in your post of the man being arrested resembled Ray Epps. Could he be a cia plant? I may have mentioned this a while back, I sometimes struggle to understand it. Merrick Garlands grandparents lived in czarist Russia. They were segregated, stripped of their rights and placed into the settlement of Pale. They could no longer run businesses in the general public. Food, jobs, money and a future were scarce. They fled Russia and eventually Merrick’s parents ended up in Chicago. As he got older he ended up going to Harvard law School. Not bad for a grandchild from relatives of the Pale settlement. In his confirmation hearings for attorney general Corey Booker asked him to explain his family history. Merrick broke down and said America took his family in and protected them and that he was going to be the best attorney general ever in American history. He said this was to pay the country back that took his family in. This is what confuses me as Merrick puts his political opponents in handcuffs and leg irons. This seems to be his form of justice. Does he not realize his grandparents were persecuted for being Jewish and religious persecution is political persecution because it’s always politicians that do the persecution. How does he justify his absolute corruption of jailing people for years and years for trespassing, how can he not see the two tiered justice system he has created, how can he not see he has turned into the totalitarian czars that stripped his grandparents of their rights and cast them to the settlement of Pale??? He is destroying the very place that once protected him and his family by his own hands imprisoning people for political reasons. He is an absolute disgrace as attorney general and should be removed. https://youtu.be/zLKuVjFk_j4?si=tJE9AvJaeF7I1k5k If you watch this video it’s difficult not to see what a complete fraud this man is as he puts American citizens in hand cuffs and leg irons because they have different political thoughts. Being a student and lawyer with constitutional background I argue he is much worse than the czars that segregated his grandparents.


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“….;,withhold Secret Service protection from Mr. Kennedy might actually be a good thing. Because I have come to the point where I have very little confidence that the US Secret Service would act in completely good faith to protect Mr. Kennedy from physical threats to life and limb. Little faith that, even if a security detail was to be provided by the Biden administration, it would not be weaponized in some way to benefit the current president.”

Completely agree. 😢

And prayers always 🙏🙏🙏

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I had a feeling something like this would happen and I'm grateful that RFK's guards were able to protect him. I was born in 1950 so I lived through the assassinations of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. Then there was the attempted assassination of President Reagan.

Biden is showing himself for the low life that he is by refusing RFK Secret Service protection. I just checked online and some of the msm is reporting about this, but they're citing his low ratings (an implied excuse for Biden's denial) and Newsweek's report said he was getting conservative support "thanks to his promotion of discredited conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines." Nothing can stop them from their corrupt bias.

I hope Trumps security detail, including Secret Service agents, is extremely, very sharp.

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This is an awesome assessment. At this point, despite my disagreement with some of RFK Jr’s political positions, I would choose him over today’s many RINO warmongers who lack RFK Jr’s integrity, intellect, compassion, and willingness to learn from others -- even those who disagree with him. And I completely agree that trusting the Secret Service to protect him could be a fatal mistake. So sad that our country has come to this. 😢

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Thank you !!! We are currently ruled by an absolutely corrupt criminal government.

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RFK Jr. voice needs to be heard by all American voters. His views need a voice. Apparently, President Biden who has the power to order SS for RFK Jr. is hoping he ends his campaign out of fear! WE need honest dialog from all parties to right this Republic! That is what is not happening, and it is reflected in the policies of the Biden administration who has the power to return free speech to all! The Biden draconian administration policies on Covid need to be removed since we have the medical protocols available without injections to manage any viral issue coming our way.

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Joe Biden has refused Secret Service protection for RFK Jr. for his presidential candidacy. Biden is perhaps the lowest piece of pure scum ever to hold our presidential office. Now this Sept. 15th incident, of an armed man posing as a federal agent at an RFK Jr. event, which has the appearance of a potential assassination attempt on JFK Jr. Let’s see if the Biden regime NOW provides the RFK Jr. candidacy with protection.

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“Instead, what I see is a downward spiral of tit for tat, ubiquitous psyop propaganda promoted by the ... administration in close cooperation with social and legacy media, designed to support the goals and objectives of a corporatist state, and an ethic of “anything goes” forever tribal war - against ourselves. It is hard to overlook the fact that the only winner in this political battlefield will be our offshore enemies and competitors.”


I removed the word “Biden” from the quote above because it isn’t just “Biden’s” administration that’s guilty. It’s simply THE ADMINISTRATION.

Whether democrat or republic, THE ADMINISTRATION continues to attack and destroy THE INDIVIDUAL.

The sooner we accept this reality of life, the sooner we can change it:


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I long for the day when I just worried about our government being ragingly incompetent. Now I have to fear it is actively trying to kill it's citizens.

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Like you, Dr. Malone, one of my earliest memories is of the JFK assassination, in the days when bulletins interrupted regular programming on television as I sat getting my hair braided for afternoon kindergarten. My mother told a story of having to hide the Life Magazines with all the funeral photos b/c I would pull them out and cry over them. Unfortunately, she never bothered to make the connection to losing my own father through divorce. (BTW, I also had a Schwinn Varsity bike that I rode all over town with a girlfriend who also had one.)

Thank you for this excellent post and listing all the truth CNN leaves out of their "reporting." I have been concerned from the beginning for RFK Jr's safety and pray for it. I'm thankful Gavin de Becker's firm is involved as like you, I have more confidence in them than what the current regime would provide.

Knowing how many assassinations the CIA has been involved in, I've had to look differently at 9/11. To think that the government whose main job is to protect its citizens would willingly kill 3,000 innocent people and destroy the lives of thousands of others, is evil I cannot wrap my mind around. The more that's exposed, the more convinced I am that our country is under judgment and only repentance on a grand scale will stop its ultimate destruction.

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Trusting any part of the Federal govt to act in good faith or speak truth is, in my view, foolish. Even if they speak the truth - their intention is to use it to deceive us concerning another matter.

Kennedy is certainly safer with his current security service.

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Secret Service now Biden! Stop being an A$$. Praying for protection of RFK.

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The key thing is to have an honest election in 2024. Most (70% of Rs, perhaps 30% of Ds) now realize the 2020 Election was stolen, to the point where when any object they -- including President Trump are under attack, threatened, charged with crimes, and the target of 24/7 legal harassment.

We speak to that issue in our book "Invisible Treason" which will be out next month.

The solution? Paper ballots, photo ID, same day voting, and NO VOTING MACHINES or voting equipment connected to the Internet. Plus criminal charges for voter fraud.


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Thank you for highlighting this problem. The mystery for me is why anybody continues to believe Joe Biden is anything other than a corrupt liar who cares not one whit for anything other than himself. He does not care.

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