"Should you be concerned?"

YES, because "our" government will pretend this is a thing!

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Well it’s been quite a road for me these past 2 plus weeks. My 79 year old mother in law burst her appendix. She was taken to Framingham Union Hospital, an armpit of a place. They refused to treat her and there are no beds available through the entire city. So there she sat and waited for a week, no drain, no surgery, no bed at a place to fix her. My wife and I had gone to see her as her kidneys were becoming overwhelmed with the poisonous infection. She was slowly dying of kidney failure. We have connections to 4 major hospitals in Boston and finally got her into Beth Israel Boston. They installed a drain and day by day her kidney function had slowly come back. The can of worms for my wife and I was that she tested positive for Covid, which my wife and I had got from her. I feel mostly better now but my wife has a nasty cough. I have to admit there was one day that I had a hard time moving, I was exhausted. I basically worked through it not knowing it was Covid. It was no joke. I still have brain fog. But am past the point of being contagious. All I can say is protect yourself, your family, and the vulnerable. J.Goodrich

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It’s very frustrating that people are actually concerned by this. Call me naive but I really thought we were in “fool me once…” territory. My husband and I were hit with a bad cold last week (thanks to sick grandkids - but I wouldn’t change a thing) so we did what people have always done: rest, fluids, supplements. It’s hardly a crisis.

The West is so spoiled with easy everything we can barely handle a hangnail. It’s incredible.

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“Another helpful tip is to find a doctor that you trust, now!” This is the dilemma!. I’ve been trying but how does one find such a physician? I don’t care if he/she is a medical doctor or naturopath, insurance supported or self pay. I just want to find somebody who will listen to my needs and treat the whole me without all the unnecessary tests and pharma. At 71, I am blessed with good health and require only one prescription for thyroid.

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No-one has given VALID CONSENT to Covid-19 vaccine products.

No-one has been properly informed about these unnecessary medical products, no-one has given informed consent.

Voluntary informed consent for Covid-19 vaccination has been trashed.

Who has failed us the most on this issue? The medical profession - along with treacherous politicians, academics, the legal system and the mainstream media.

The medical profession should have refused to cooperate with mandates, they should have refused to participate with mandated medical interventions...but they went along with it...it’s a disaster.

The medical profession has violated voluntary informed consent, a most important ethical principle in medicine...along with 'do no harm'.

For more background, please see my presentation to the PANDA group, given in April this year: Considering jab mandates: Voluntary informed consent and mass population Covid-19 vaccination: https://rumble.com/v3a28f6-considering-jab-mandates-elizabeth-hart.html

Also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanData19/status/1693664393500803534?s=20

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The primary problem is the prevalence of the psychopathic mindset at the top of powerful corporations.

The recent Netflix docudrama ‘Painkiller’ illustrates this beautifully with the character of Richard Sackler and the other board members of Purdue.

The psychopaths wishes are carried out by unwitting servants/flunkies.

How else could we administer an untested new drug to pregnant women and children?

‘Painkiller’ also illustrates:

1) How easily corrupted by money people are

2) How easily seduced by sex men are

3) How destructive addiction is

4) The dangers of connection between regulatory agencies and Corporations

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As always, follow the money!!! Despicable people, impersonating real doctors that care for their patients, do despicable things. Thanks, Doctor Malone.

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It's all about scaring the public into accepting lockdowns heading into the 2024 Primaries and General election in November. They REALLY WANT tens of millions of mail-in ballots again because it is such a convenient way to steal the election —stuff those ballot drop boxes with millions upon millions of faked ballots!

This has NOTHING to do with health! If the government cared one teensy bit about our health they would be disseminating accurate information about early treatment so NOBODY would end up in the hospital. But no! Hospitalization is the GOAL. That's where the money is! Exorbitant fees for ICU stays, $3,200 or so for each five days of Remdesivir, then $$$ for kidney dialysis treatments when the Remdesivir kills their kidneys, and an excuse to put patients on ventilators when their lungs fill up with fluid because of the kidney failure. What a racket!!! 92+ % of patients on ventilators died, many BECAUSE of the ventilators!

Does anyone know if our Evil Federal Government is STILL paying hospitals bonuses of tens of thousands of dollars for each COVID patient, each one they ventilate, and MORE $$$ for each one they murder???

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Also remember, monster Bill Gates said with a smile, that the next “pandemic” will get your attention. 😡😡

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Here we go again but this time we know better! WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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These comments help me feel grounded and not alone. Crazy times.....

Love to all beings

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My preparation steps

* Took Dr. Malone's and others' advice about supplementing with vitamins

* Re-started weight training in April, 5-6 days a week, one hour per session (I'm older, so that's enough)

* Cut out most processed foods and sugars

* Walk 4-5 times per week, at least 30 minutes per walk

* Lost a bunch of weight (also from Dr. Malone's advice, although he didn't tell me personally...) and continue to do so via intermittent fasting and from bullet 3 above

* Keep blood pressure down via bullets 2, 3, 4, 5 and trying to maintain a healthy outlook (this is the hardest part by far)

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I'm reading, seeing, hearing that the Fake Resident, and his Fake (Obummer run) administration will begin their attempted masking, distancing, into lockdowns again beginning mid September.

The canadian variant !! Oh, Snap, let's be scared again'

Supposedly, the TSA will start their lie-campaign with masks on planes, which will morph into our daily lives acroas the USA. Time will tell, I guess, if this all comes to be.

Lunacy accepted:

Morris Brown College in GA already instituted masks, distancing and covid propogandists policies, and the attendees are already being subjected to lunacy in a place where their young spongecake minds will most likely "follow the Fake Science", capitulating to this madness.


Crazies want this. They crave it. They welcome it. They feed on the being controlled aspect. This is a conditioned mental illness which benefits the 545's eternal quest for power and control, and anyone with even caveman mentality can see whats happening, except the crazies, of course.

Conditioned mental illness:

Sheeple need to be scared, and told how to wipe their own butts by authorative figures, so they can't be held responsible if they missed a spot, and wind up smelling up the bus in the morning. Just a big cop outfor having to think for themselves, i guess. Repulsive.

I see people here locally, in my gym, supermarkets, and on the streets outside who never removed their paper face diapers since 2020. Nonsensical, and truly pathetic at best, yet they continue to follow the "Fauchi-ism", and cannot contemplate any other contradictory factual data exists.

Really? You're really that stuipd?

"Yes, we are, thank you ! " they reply.

Well, what do i say?

I'm with Eva Vlaardingerbroek, and i say "stick your jabs, face daipers, and social distancing where the sun don't shine"

I will not comply.


Btw, if you guys never hear from me again, I am not paddleboarding with a dude in a bikini named "Big Mike". That would be a complete fabrication on the part of the coroner, so please keep searching for me.

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As always Doc Malone, you are the BEST! God Bless You sir. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!

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And ALWAYS read the label & side effects of anything a doctor recommends and NEVER allow them to leave the room to load the hyperdermic needle beyond your view. You must SIGHT it. Why? They SOLD US down the river.

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