Do I feel manipulated?

No, I feel - since around April 2020 - insulted, because I was taken for an idiot.

And then I feel oppressed as a result of not being an idiot.

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Anyone that couldn't recognize the glaring manipulation onslaught for what it was as it was happening was unknowingly an important cog in the disinformation giga-factory. Both their compliance and enforcement of the restrictions were the jet-fuel that ignited and powered the engine of the fraudemic.

All during this time, those who stepped out of the new social norms inflicted by the power structure were punished with ridicule at best and arrest at worse. Eventually many were conditioned from this pressure to conform and enforce these norms over others. Society began to police itself. The following monkey experiment helps explain this social conformity phenomenon:

https://bitchute.com/video/bgK6mxfRqzjE [1:43mins]

Conformity enforcement through embarrassment and/or physical pain are extraordinarily effective tactics to control thought in social hierarchies where self-worth is tied to validation and being a part of the group. We are all victims of this in one way or another. Without these strategies the flim-flam-demic would have been far more difficult propagate through the world.

Thus, there are vast publicly funded areas of study dedicated to achieving this level of conditioned control over the mind. These heinous aims coalesce into vast propaganda arms of the government which if done right tend to be very effective at turning a nation into a population of puppets - the shamdemic is the epitome of this. Here is Germany's version:


In America we have the NIH, CDC, FDA, FCC, CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, FTC - plus all these guys: https://www.usa.gov/agency-index

Ireland has NPHET, Britain has SAGE, the list goes on, and on and on and on. Here's how Bill Gates got professional stooge Neil Furgerson to propagate the lie that SARS-CoV2 was dangerous through these accessory agencies and deliberately destroyed half the world with unnecessary lockdowns in the process: https://tritorch.com/shakedown

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I have to admit from the beginning I may have been swayed to take the shot. I did wait things out and watched as the government pushed these tactics. The more they censored people and restricted people I became turned off completely, I lost trust in them. From a carpenters perspective when I have worked on houses with termites I notice the termite hollows out the house sill, floor joist, beam or stud without disturbing the outer skin of the lumber. You don’t see the damage until it’s too late. Well the government in many ways does the same thing. They continue to gain power but at the same time trying to keep the public unaware, and unscathed by masking their authoritarian actions. I have said things have not got bad enough and it’s because the government hides what they are really up to. With the mRNA injections, to me, it’s a complete erosion of trust. In the late 50’s 75% of people trusted government. Today only 29% of democrats or democrat leaning independents trust government, while only 9% of republicans or republican leaning independents trust government. These numbers are devastating to any policy the government may decide to push. Since 2008 the trust in government has never got over 30%. As these pure compulsive liars, that are on both sides of the isle, continue to line their pockets while crushing the average American their deceptions will be harder to hide. Like the termite riddled house eventually it will collapse. J.Goodrich

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Thank you for addressing the all-stops-pulled psychological manipulation propagandizing used to FUD away people’s innate self-preservation instinct to examine something new before consuming it, Robert.

In “30 Questions for a Narrative Believer” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/30-questions-for-a-narrative-believer), I share the July 2020 Yale University clinical trial (https://classic.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04460703) assessing the effectiveness of various emotional manipulation messages for promoting vaccine uptake. You see that “safe and effective” is the baseline message they later saturated us with—funny how they knew the vaccines would be “safe and effective” months before the injections were developed, let alone tested.

See #19 in my article for the full details, but these are the experimental messaging arms they tested:

• Personal Freedom

• Economic Freedom

• Social Benefit, Self-Interest

• Social Benefit, Community Interest

• Economic Benefit

• Social Pressure – Guilt

• Social Pressure – Embarrassment

• Social Pressure – Anger

• Trust in Science

• Not Bravery

It is revolting to see how behavioral psychologists view people as Gumby figures who can be molded to believe and parrot scripted talking points based on emotional manipulation tactics, but sadly, they were right in the case of too many. Just being aware that these studies are occurring should help people become less susceptible to their tactics in the future.

I’ll close with the lines from a meme my husband happened to read me this morning:





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Sadly, 😥 INFORMED CONSCENT has gone out the window 🪟 on EVERYTHING!

How can a child give their CONSCENT to gender affirming surgeries?!?!

Our country is going off the cliff!

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During a 4 hr visit to the ER today had an interesting conversation with an R.N. She is one of the brighter ones who is fully aware we have been hoodwinked by this china flu fraud. Also of interest was her saying her husband is a coach in a college program and they are seeing an unusual amount of medical problems with their athletes. Suspect she suspects the jab is responsible.

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I see people waking up that were a sleep. They are my more conservative friends. Some of my more liberal friends are slowly waking up. My more liberal friends are all in with both feet. Some are still wearing masks. They believe the fear porn. Some are just sheep.

I just glad that I don’t watch mainstream TV. I have the TV capacity but every time I have momentarily flip on a liber news channel it makes me sick and I quickly turn it off. Keep informed. Don’t fall for the fear porn. Thank you Drs Malone for keeping us up to date.

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The fact of the matter, Dr. Malone, is that the so-called "administrative state" has We the people by our short hairs - in that the administrative state exists primarily via TAXPAYER DOLLARS, which means WE pay THEM, (the UN-elected and Un-accountable BUREAUCRATS) to SCREW US!

Af few in the Congress are beginning to utter the word that no doubt strikes actual FEAR into the heart of the Bureaucratic Monster (which I call Totaliarus Bureaucratanus ). That word is: DE-FUND!

Without doubt it will take some STALWART CONSTITUTIONALISTS in the House of Representatives to

UTILIZE the power granted ONLY to the House as written in ARTICLE I., Section 8., of the US Constitution.

The present "Speaker" of the House is a flat-out COWARD, so NOTHING will happen in the time remaining for the "Republican" controlled House to affect ANY meaningful change for the better via the POWER INVESTED IN THEM!

In viewing ANY 'proceedings' emanating from the House (or) Senate via CSPAN-I and CSPAN- II, it becomes OBVIOUS that a very FEW so-called "Representatives" and "Senators" have never even READ the Document they all SWEAR to UPHOLD!

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Thank you Dr.s Malone. Your diligence and tenaciousness to share these types of facts, helps affirm that I am not imagining all of this. The pen is mightier than the sword.

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'To be sovereign is to have ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY over our own bodies' | Neil Oliver VS the state


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Methinks the Ever-present Propaganda Industrial Complex (EPIC) tried too hard this time. Their trying too hard is the only clue we will ever need to run in the opposite direction.

THEY say “go left,” so WE THE PEOPLE go right (pun intended). But I AM right, right? 👍 👉

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Please do not let this line of thought degenerate into a conspiracy theory. Any examination of my questions must involve rigorous analysis of incontraveratble data. Question 1:- Is gender dysphoria increasing within the past three years? Question 2:- If so, what if the trans explosion is not psychological but physiological. What if this syndrome is not a social construct and actually has a biological component that has dramatically increased? Question 3 :- Is there a provable correlation between the covid vaccines and the increase in gender dysphoria? Are these kids experiencing real trauma that has been brought on by medical intervention? Question 4:- Is there control group; e.g. the same trend in the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated, or is there enough of a sample size to make an evaluation? I sincerely hope this question is ridiculous, and I do not know the answer, but given the horrific genital mutilation that results for some kids, it seems worth the effort to investigate. I realize this is like handling political plutonium, but it needs to be checked and hopefully dismissed. If not, 'Houston, we have a problem', the correlation of trans and vax, aka Trax.

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Combating vaccine hesitancy, the horse has left the barn, in fact the horse may even be dead by now. Short of physical torture 24/7, it ain't gonna happen.

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We are lucky that we live in a day when their tactics are at least partly public

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"Finally, the public is waking up to these tactics...This is a good thing. This is progress for the people, for our country."


Agreed 1000%. The fact that people are waking is the beginning of the battle. Waking up is just the first half.

The second half is where WE go on the offensive. Where we start to take stands and made decisions of what will and will not do.

Being AWARE is step one. Taking ACTION is step two.


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The key to defeating a perception altering propaganda driven tyranny is for brave and good people to stand up and loudly proclaim their own perceived truths.

That is literally ALL IT TAKES.

The ones who do this must then be encouraged to lead the rest.

Dr. Malone is one such person but there are many others:

James Lindsay

Jordan Peterson

Andrew Tate

Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump

....just to name a few.

Faith in God and positive intentions are elements found in those who tend to see the world for what it is instead of what the dishonest empiricists portray, for they are anti-God.

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