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One More Law that Murphy should have written: "Whatever it is that Russia, China, and India have on their agenda, you can bet that personal pronouns aren't on the list."

Reality bites. Until facts replace fantasy, it will continue to bite harder.

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So proud Pierre Poilievre won in a landslide. First time hubby and I became members of any party, Now lets go, or as Novak would say "Idemo Pierre, kick that evil Castro to the curb. It was a pleasure listening to his speech on Saturday. God Bless Canada.

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Another piece of good news is that the Swedish Democrats and the Moderates as a block may have won the election in Sweden. It's very close with the Socialists and Left block as the incumbents. They are expecting the mailed in vote from Swedes living outside the country before it's final - that close! Maybe they can finally get some of the immigration and no go zones under control.

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Don't worry, they're working on hard on disqualifying people based on their 'extremist' views -- like the ability for self-governance or a government that stays within the confines of their power.

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I hope this wakes up our politicians in DC! This has happened because of lack of INDEPENDENT OVERSIGHT! The only solution I see is to motivate our Congressman in Washington to take action and stop sitting on their hands. Canadians are getting Trudeau out.! Everyone should copy and paste my OVERSIGHT ARTICLE and send it to their Congressman at www.senate.gov. Any Congressman running for re-election that continues to re-gurgitate the Covid party line should be voted out! They are not safe or effective. They are dangerous! https://thomasabraunrph.substack.com/p/oversight

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Thank you for noticing Canada. I supported Pierre Poilievre, and introduced him at a rally in NL in May, where the biggest standing ovation was for his criticism of the WEF. Pierre supported the Freedom Convoy. He has been consistent in his advocacy of political and economic freedom all his adult life, and he is not going to change. Trudeau is already attacking him for "opposing" jabs, which Trudeau says have saved "millions of lives", so that will be a major field of battle. Pierre will be a transformational leader in Canada and a beacon of resistance to the globalist agenda elsewhere.

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Essential news stories not covered by our "free press."

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For the first time in my life I will probably vote PC.

Had any fortune teller of any type, card reader, tea leaves, bone, raven entrails any mystic of any stripe told me I would change allegiance from the NDP I would have burst a blood vessel laughing.

Quite the swing NDP to PC.

To some people that would seem to make me a weak person, wishy washy, not committed to my ideals, you could not be more wrong. The primary ideal is free speech and by extension democracy above all.

For my wonderful American cousins the NDP are like your most extreme left and the canadian PC are equivalent to your mid right.(if you have read any other postings of mine you know why I no longer capitalize canada)

The betrayal perpetrated by Mr. Singh is unbearable.

A shortened history:

Early in the pandemic Mr Trudeau is leader of a minority government which he had formed by election (18months earlier?) He had won by election a MINORITY government meaning the people of canada were not confident in his representation, not comfortable with him leading my homeland as a majority government, unconvinced he should have complete authourity to enact legislation without debate/opposition or should I say meaningful debate/opposition .

Shortened history:

canada is a parliamentary democracy we have a set of seats in the house(parliament) 230 I believe/ you can look it up if important to you. Hopeful representatives run in each home seat the winner goes to the federal house to represent his ridings interests.

To have a majority means one party controls greater than 50% of the total seats available. If the seats available in the house is 230 then greater than 50% would be 116 seats controlled by one party. In canada the ruling parties are liberal and PC, and sometimes PC by other names( we are a complicated people), slightly different than America by similar in function in many ways.

Mr.Trudeau's liberal party had a MINORITY position in the federal house by election,,,,,,,,,,, by the will of the people. The remaining seats split between PC, NDP, BLOC, Green(2 seats?) one independent ex liberal not sure. They function of the other parties is to offer an opposition to power when required or to support power when required. A minority ruling party needs the support of the other parties to pass legislation(check and balance) a majority does not, a good system,,, a portion of a Just Society,,, Canadians know the reference.

Early pandemic Mr. Trudeau is feeling confident he is truly sanctified and truly beloved by his people, the intolerables?,,,,,,,, he calls an election(during a pandemic) obviously expecting to win a majority. He is returned to MINORITY position once again, the people of canada are not confident in his ability, in his dignity as leader, in his representation, in his honesty. in his intellect, in his ??? I can't speak for everyone.

The betrayal:

Mr Singh held a number of seats in the house 26 I believe again not sure, if of interest its findable online. Those seats(26) if given over would put Mr.Trudeau into a majority position. That means no meaningful debate no meaningful opposition, and no roadblocks, no unchecked legislation NO democracy!!!!!!!!!! ( I am furious writting this and that is rare for me).

Just for clarity if a party is given MAJORITY in the house by ELECTION then that party is representing a democratic country and that means democracy wins,,,,,, I don't care what party is elected I care absolutely that democracy democracy democracy wins wins please god almighty wins.

Mr.Trudeau was a minority leader by election, Mr.Singh discounted the will of the Canadian people who returned Mr Trudeau to MINORITY position by putting Mr. Trudeau into MAJORITY power against their wishes. How? he agreed to support the liberals for 4 years giving them unconditional NDP votes/support in the house. There was a publicized trade off,,,,,,,,,,,, in return the liberals would give dental and pharma. Those were always available to strong leadership particularly now. no trade off was required as this would have happened I would estimate within two election cycles.

Ok drinking a coffee OK,OK Whiskey OK OK coffee with whiskey......... calming down.

Mr. Polievve( I will learn the spelling)

I will not agree with many of his policies but I do think he is an honest man and understands what democracy is and why it matters above all else. I watched a clip of him walking outside his childhood home in Calgary talking about his youth and simpler things, He spoke for 4-5 mins I liked him. I sensed he understood the words he was saying, yes I know there were cue cards, I am not naive.

I lost faith in him when Harper supported him ( I believe Harper to be a blight on canada) BUT I will watch closely I will see what actions he tries to initiate from now to election, remember we have an unopposed government until 2025(thanks to Mr.Singh). I will watch him closely in the house, will he stop this nonsensical non answering of Trudeau/Freeland(Canadians know what I mean). I for the first time in my life will consider PC by any other name.

My brothers and my sisters. By means of political action we must show Mr,Trudeau/Freeland/Singh and all other members whom supplanted our best interests (mandates, passports, truckers, 49 days in prison on misdemeanour charges!!!!!!!!(are you kidding) we are watching). Vote your heart know your spirit get active make them aware we live with our eyes open now, not like the complacency of yesterday.

Of interest,,, Klaus Schwab boosts The WEF Young Global Leaders program has infiltrated the federal house by a greater than 50% margin. Yes Mr. Trudeau/Freeland/Singh are graduates of the program. As are many other canadian politicians.

IVERMECTIN/HYDROXY work. Who knew/ When did they know/ who suppressed it.


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Household debt to income ratio 1.817. There's really only one thing to say: "That which cannot continue forever ... won't".

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Come now, let us rival Nature

We’ll build on banks between the rivers

Watch us wall off every danger

Save our stores from starving strangers

Let us set the price of pleasure

Catch our cut from every acre

Tally all the Earthbound treasures

For we only own what we can measure


Add a bigger buffer

Around multiplying structures

Divide them up then conquer

Such are the axioms of Empire

Ever hungrier for power

Seeking new realms to devour

Fending off the final hour

As the axe falls on the Empire


These decrees define the letters

Lines confining willful workers

All will cultivate our cultures

For only we’ll have any answers

Ordered echoes yoke the future

Designing minds to be their bearer

Wooden actors pose as rulers

On strings of plundered lucre

We face foregone foreclosure

Debt embedded in the architecture

For those who seek to be Earth’s master

Summon forth disaster even faster


Add a bigger buffer

Around multiplying structures

Divide them up then conquer

Such are the axioms of Empire

Ever hungrier for power

Seeking new realms to devour

Fending off the final hour

As the axe falls on the Empire


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Love the Ayn Rand quote subtitling your post today! :-)

"The best way to keep your secrets safe is to keep them off the net." ---- I've been writing software since the mid-1970's and watched mainframes become minicomputers, minis become PC's, and so on. Most people today do not realize that the "PC revolution" was about giving users total control over their data. This control was not common before people could have storage inside the box on their desk. User data was previously stored on a central storage device, shared among other users' data, accessed via terminals on a shared computer. The PC revolution was revolutionary because IT departments controlled access to Your Data. Then, suddenly, they didn't.

But the amazing thing that's happened, since the Internet became ubiquitous, is the rush to using "cloud storage". It can be convenient, for sure, but at what cost? Data breach? Invaded privacy? Corporate loss? Government loss? All for "convenience". This is a form of "history repeated".

Your advice to your readers is excellent.

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Its a great day when Sweden votes moderate/right into power… and another moderate Trump supporter buys CNN!


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Hope the good folks were paying attention to our 2020 election debacle. The same folks that manipulated our election are the same folks that will manipulate their election if they allow it.

Thank you for those very profound words of wisdom. We need only look at socialist/communist countries to see the true reality.

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The whole world is a mess. I think if every country got rid of their politician and the common person or persons start over. Put our Constitution back the way it was. Less government. Other countries follow suit. Our Constitution has been the great experiment which has worked until we allowed big business to get into office. Greed and power have always and will always mess everything up.

We have to get out and vote. Let’s make our vote count. Also get the old cronies out of there. They have been in way to long.

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Lol! Body language is everything!

Modi in the middle looks overjoyed; Putin & Xi both look a bit chagrined about "now we three have completed the "Male Bonding" ritual" that makes US ALL EQUAL!


Welcome to the World Superpower Club, India!

USA, China and Russia must let you play now...even though you didn't drop nukes, start wars, or go whole hog Communist Dictator, creating gulags and mass starvation, grinding millions under your boots, even though all you did was hold a reasonable line, practice peace and free trade as much as possible, affirm human rights and the rule of law, and utilize Diplomacy!

You didn't even "Sabre Rattle" your way to the table. My, my. What a thought. You can do this without threatening or killing anyone??

Why, yes you can!

INDIA 🇮🇳. The New Leader of the Free World!

Especially since the US decided to piss all over Freedom of Speech, Nuremburg, and The Rule of Law!

For Covid Dollars for pHarma?

Or is there something more coming, perhaps?

Something like the GREAT RESET??

However, we clearly abdicated our position as Leaders of Freedom when "we" pulled off 911 as an inside job to start "The New American Century" and all the illegal wars of destruction and occupation that followed that false flag event.....

(Look into it if you do not understand this. Start with Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.)

I'm getting tired of this crowd of criminals.

Could we please remove the Traitors now? Before it gets worse? Because, it can always get worse...

Don't say I didn't warn you when the gulags and starvation gets here, my fellow Americans.

Then we are on the proverbial trains, and all our assets are in the "New Nazi's" Bank accounts!

Google God.


Bezos's Belly.



Trump & Biden (left/right let's make Americans fight each other scam)

These creatures already destroyed 3.3 million American Businesses and killed off 1.5 or 2 million of us.....damaged a generation of children and GMO'ed humanity!!

How far will we let them go before we take a stand and stop them?

That's the only question left.

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