Anyone who has not arrived at the conclusion that a Luciferian death-cult is in full-court press mode needs to wake up. It's long past time to take out the trash.

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They will release progressively uglier and more gruesome diseases upon us...UNTIL we realize that THEY are the uglier and more gruesome diseases.

Honestly, I'd rather die of their ugly, gruesome diseases than live in their physical and psychological clutches. We must apply The Great Barrington Declaration precepts (https://gbdeclaration.org/) and then ignore the monkeyporn mongerers.

My Mom offered me some wisdom decades ago, which may apply here: Ignore the brats and they will go away! I hope she was right!

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May 31, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Let me think now, who said, “You will never return back to normal” oh yeah, Klaus Schwab.

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This is probably off topic but bears repeating. To illustrate briefly that this entire charade in not over, our dear friends booked a group trip to Italy with 20 others for a 3 week tour of mainly Italy and the final international flight to return to the USA was the island of Malta. 90% of this group were seniors aged 60 plus+ Vaxxed to the Maxx! The return flight home came with an awful turn of events. Maybe some of you have already had these experiences?

Our friends wife tested positive Covid on the Malta PCR test, had "0" symptoms entire trip,

and was denied further airport access, detained and quarantined for 5 days, then must retest negative before even repacking bags and boarding aircraft terminals. We hope for her safe and rapid return on June 2! Now is there similar deranged "Monkey Business" mandate on horizon?

Approx. 10,000 people a day turn 65 in the USA. The illness of shingles is more common in this age group. The vast majority of which could no doubt afford an adventure of this kind of trip to Europe. Why would you want to risk nonsense such as this? This is a nightmare happening daily in 2020 real times. No end utterly in sight! Containment is flourishing. The New Frontier is here.

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May 31, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

6 cases of suspected monkey pox investigated in the last couple of weeks in a large city hospital in UK. Following investigation, none turned out to be monkey pox. All had to be treated as if they were highly infectious.

I don't expect a revised figure to be published.

Keep taking those vitamins and getting out in the sunshine everyone!

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I refuse to go back to Psychological Mass Hypnosis. I just will NOT do it. And I will tell everyone I know to do the same.

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Enough. None of this matters. It is about freedom.

It is not about any virus, where it came from or how many people will or will not get it and on and on... This is not about anything but freedom. That is the topic. We need to live and not constantly live just in the name of avoiding death in every single way to the sacrifice of a full and normal life.

We have never as a human race lived this way and viruses have always been here living with us side by side. Plagues used to be rare, now they are constant and never ceasing? Oh please.

If this was bio-engineered, then it is about freedom all the more so.

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As I pointed out several times in the comment section of your "monkeypox porn" piece all indications are that this "monkeypox" is another gain of function project that has now been released to the general public. It seems you are coming around to this view. When is the public outcry going to rise up..... Covid was a gain of function project and no one seems to care. We take our vaccines, suffer the consequences and when we get covid say how lucky we are to be vaccinated or it would have been worse. The whole "monkeypox" outbreak was game planeed a year ago and started right on schedule. the covid corona virus outbreak was game planned 2 months before it was released. When are people going to wake up to what is going on?????

Where is the outrage????

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This is all very disturbing news. There is no stopping the psychopaths who want to kill us.

On another note, why aren't we hearing more on the news about the growing numbers of children with severe cases of Hepatitis. Are they purposely avoiding it; could it be related to COVID vaccinated, and are those people a danger by expelling from their lungs something harmful? At this point, you have to wonder.

Epoch Tiimes: https://www.theepochtimes.com/hundreds-more-cases-of-severe-hepatitis-of-unknown-origin-reported-in-children_4497525.html?utm_source=News&utm_campaign=breaking-2022-05-28-2&utm_medium=email&est=e4uPfPCQgB32sbJJYYKP36vZoPJG4FiCxf7lxd%2BgiDDJWy7dHvg%2BqnXkWkYwx2Q%3D

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There is still a wretched illusion of "trust your Doctor's advice" (Tv ad reinforcements). But the reality is the fact that there is, and has been in place, a collaborated blueprint to "Storm" the world

with the pursuits of most nations .GOVs associated efforts to reduce the global population by 50%. They have boasted and bragged about the intended methods of applications. It boggles the mind to think that folks are in a continued state of "gullible"! Thanks for the picture comparisons between shingles/monkey pox as evidence. Confucious say.. one picture worth thousand words.

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John Paul, at the Things Hidden in Complexity substack, also covered this yesterday:


My comment from yesterday: Based on early media reports, I was under the impression that the current Monkeypox was just about the same as those from Israel, United Kingdom and Singapore from 2018/2019. The "differences" seem to be quite significant.



FTA: "A while back we estimated the rate of evolution of variola virus (VARV; the smallpox virus) to be about 1x10-5 substitutions per site per year (Firth et al, 2010) which would translate into about 1-2 nucleotide changes per year. This is at the high-end of estimates (see the paper for others). However Monkeypox may not have exactly the same rate of evolution."


Looks like this Monkeypox virus did a whole lot of changing in a short time frame...

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I recently got this from the CT DOH (I was formerly licensed in CT and still receive the updates.) Check out what mode of transmission they deem “theoretical”

“Person-to-person transmission of monkeypox virus is believed to occur via respiratory droplets or by direct contact with lesion material. A combination of standard, contact, and droplet precautions should be applied in all healthcare settings when a patient presents with fever and vesicular/pustular rash. In addition, because of the theoretical risk of airborne transmission of monkeypox virus, airborne precautions should be applied whenever possible.”

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Looks like Dr. Strangelove (Fauci) is at it again. There are no coincidences:


I'm sure this outbreak is war-gamed to peak near the mid-term elections.

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So to sum up your great article, it appears that this is not necessarily fear porn and looking most probably to be another engineered virus. So bottom line is this is bad. That’s sorta what I took away from the piece. So now the goal is how to we keep our families safe?

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Why doesn't the "authorities" put these people in an orange jump suit?

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What would we do without you?

I have 2 Rx of Ivermectin on hand just in case. I doubt I'll get to use it this time because I am a female and don't engage in male-to-male homosexual sex.

Looks like I'll be able to pass on the Monkeypox. Wonder what the next pandemic crisis will be?

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