This article brought this quote to mind:

"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?" --Joseph Stalin

This is where we are at folks. All thought must be controlled. The absurd fictional reality they are forcing down our throats will shatter into a million pieces in the face of independent thought and the free flow of ideas. This is our trajectory, we must put a stop to this NOW:

"It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be REDUCED to twenty grammes a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.” --George Orwell, 1984


"The solution could not be more simple. Everybody, man and woman, needs to collectively stand up for what's right and STOP backing down. My old boss was the finest man I ever knew, the kind you would follow up a hill knowing you wouldn't come back. He led by example, and had impeccable integrity, THE attribute that contains every other sub set of attributes worth having . He said "when you're right , you fight". He NEVER compromised when he was right.

Name one instance when the monsters doing this to us have compromised on anything. EVER? It's always the good guys that compromise. They advance their evil, and we fall back.. THAT, more than anything else, is how we got here. WE compromise our GOOD, THEY don't compromise their EVIL. Never again. Say it. We are right, so we will fight, and we won't compromise . Red Line drawn. We will never back down AGAIN" --Rolandttg

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Could you have ever in your life imagined that we would live through a global genocide by stealth bioweapon and a communist totalitarian takeover of Western Civilization? Never in a million years...yet here we are.

Thank you, Dr. Malone, for shedding light on this appalling practice against doctors in Canada. Heaven knows they will try to push this through in the US too. For the sake of all decent human beings, I pray we can defeat their efforts and help our friends in surrounding countries to do the same.

Your courageous and articulate voice helps so many of us navigate our way through such challenging and disturbing times. Thank you for all you do.

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The similarities of the present governments of Canada and US to nazi's of Germany in the 1930's is remarkable.

I supported Drs Luchkiw, Trozzi and Philips with 2 letters of support to the CPSO prior to their hearings.. and subscribed to Dr. Luchkiw's substack. As one person posted on the substack "The CPSO wanted their heads on a pike". They were scapegoats as a warning to other doctors as to what happens when you prescribe effective Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin and don't push the big pharma jab.

Even in my own great doctor's office when I went for my annual last year she offered me a Covid shot, Pneumonia shot, flu shot and shingles shot. I replied no, no, no, no. She said no to my request for an antibody test which I would have to pay for but is only available in Ontario with a prescription.

In the past the guidance of the CPSO was driven by avoiding lawsuits. Now I don't know what drives them but they seem to have fallen in line with the WEF agenda to push a shot with a 1 in 800 odds of killing the patient (currently, the odds get worse with time). Our gutless Conservative Ontario Government seems to have fallen in line with the Federal Liberal genocidal policies.

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Diversity of Medical viewpoints is verboten when it interferes with the goal of reshaping humanity into compliant automatons stripped of independent thought and action! The statement by the WEF chief medical hacker who stated with great glee! Humans are hackable! Is the operative goal! Until the majority of humanity recognizes this we will continue down this road to hell on earth!

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As a Canadian, this makes me furious. Canadians, in general, are furious about a LOT of totalitarian behaviour on the part of this Federal Government under direction of the WEF through their puppet, Trudeau. And many are awake, evidenced by yesterdays massive 1 Million March 4 Children that brought Canadian parents, grandparents and concerned taxpayers (whose money funds public/Catholic schools) across every age and culture into the streets in cities and towns across Canada to protest the teaching of Marxist Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity PROGRAMS in our schools starting in KINDERGARTEN! It was amazing. Massive turnouts everywhere. Like our Freedom Trucker Convoy. And our Communist press spun it to be ‘hate’ against Trans People. Of course they did. Parents just want to be able opt their kids OUT of those classes. CHOICE. If you can believe it, the Canadian Union of Public Employees and Teachers Unions marched (in MUCH smaller numbers, 20/1) with Pride and Antifa operators who are PAID. CANADIAN CITIZENS PAY those PUBLIC employees. Trudeau directs those people. His private army of idiots. Big changes coming.

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It is worse than this. Dr. Meryl Nass is being ordered to do 're-education' due to false accusations. This is all scapegoating, to justify the wildly unethical behaviour by those wielding power and wield it they do.

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There is so much about this that infuriates and frightens. As I have stated before we learned about ivermectin in November of 2020 from the WSJ. At that time we did not have a physician willing to prescribe. We use ivermectin on a regular basis for any animal that appears to need worming, so are very familiar with it. We have been using it ever since. Yes..the cattle version (pour on). We learned about the appropriate vitamins from FLCCC and started that even before the ivermectin. Our family members and everyone who works for us all have had COVID. Only my 92 year old mother was very sick and she came through in flying colors. What I find so irritating is that we had to do this with no support from the medical community. We know several people who either died or were very sick for lack of treatment. Very pathological situation we are in. My immediate family has found a Nurse Practitioner who understands what is going on and provides family practice care for us.

If they can get Peterson and all those professionals like him out of the way they will come for low level resisters. None of us will be safe. I feel the same way about Trump. Whatever you may think of him, what they are doing to him cannot be allowed in a constitutional republic.

May God grant us courage and wisdom.

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What's happening in Canada is terrifying. But at least the First Amendment is still working here and Newsom is being forced to back off. And two Canadian newspapers are paying attention.

The increasing number of tragic deaths and illnesses caused by the vax will eventually change people's attitudes.

And then the revolution will take center stage.

My big questions are: How do we prepare for what's coming? How do we take care of the sickened people when our health-care system is crumbling? And how do we keep our country going with so many people either dead or too ill to function?

I hate having to ask that last question--I don't want to think of all the devastation.

My heart is breaking, breaking, breaking.

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I’ve heard people that have lived through drastic takeovers of their government from a free society to a totalitarian form of government. They say in a quick moment their freedoms are stripped, like the flick of a switch. Is this not the beginning of the end of the long march the leftist Marxist have dreamed about for decades? My mind once thought the lefts ultra tolerance had become intolerance towards me. Though I still think there is truth in that, I have started to think that it’s our tolerance that is allowing these minute groups to force these major changes on the lions share of our population. The first amendment and mainly the freedom of speech is like a muscle, if people have extreme trepidation of speaking the truth to these political social and economic issues the first amendment has been reduced with total atrophy. Eventually it will wither and be amputated with exhilaration by the leftist marxists. We need to begin our own long march to take back what is rightfully ours. Our tolerance has been the problem. People need to speak their mind. Flex their first amendment muscle. Everything is the same. The future merely repeats the past. We must fight back and defeat this evil just as our fathers and forefathers did. J.Goodrich

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I loved the Aldous Huxley quotes, some people have the ability to see into the hearts of man, and that's not always a pretty picture. My friend Dannion Brinkley (near death experience and hospice teacher and advocate) says to watch Russia, what happens there is what could be in store for America. BTW, this makes my stomach tie in a knot, this becomes more serious every day. Thank you for standing up against all odds.

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Inadvertently omitted from the transcript, "I, Dr. XX, give my irrevocable consent to conceal the fact that most of my fingernails were removed without anesthetic to ensure my compliance without reservation to the govenment gods who designed this genuine confession."

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Physician re-education? That is just ridiculous . It sounds like China or Hitler’s Germany. So wrong !

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Hey Doc I did not know you were in Toronto, if I had I would have tried to attend and meet you in person, to thank you sincerely. This information you have provided today about the "re-education" of Canadian doctors has lit a fire in my bowels. I owe much to the doctors of my own circle for saving my life, my ability to live and function, and in a way, to think critically, and not cling to every word they say. Sometimes they are not right, as evidenced in the totally ass-backward dictates coming from the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Imagine being totally wrong, and yet still having the power to force any NOT in agreement with their obvious charade to grovel in atonement (for being truthful, honest and right). The bone-headed arrogance of the College's captured felonious morons begs for reprisal and punishment of everyone there, sans mercy. I just do not know how to go about bringing them to account, but I do feel motivated, when I consider that those doctors I have a deep respect and admiration for are being "perp-walked" by liars and miscreants with no respect for the truth, honesty, decency, and quite frankly for SCIENCE. Thanks again Doc, you are welcome at my house anytime.

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Ep. 25 – Sep 20 -- Liberals like Karl Rove just tried to annihilate Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. It didn't work. Paxton just joined us for his first interview since his acquittal.



“Nonsense machine” - of DNC/CIA cabal – Sept. 20 -- OUTSTANDING


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The country of my birth. I’m ashamed!

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Doctor Malone, I've been staying away from your substack to limit my intake of all of things that are going wrong. It doesn't seem like we're winning and that really worries me!

I was on the fence about our TEXIT movement here in Texas. However, I think that I really need to become a recruiter for this movement before the liberal loons turn our state BLUE 🤔

As many of you have been hearing about the impeachment attempt of our AG Paxton by many of our RINO RepubliCANTS.

We have most of our representatives who have been voting 🗳 more with the DemocRATS than with their Republican colleagues.

Our Texas House has been infiltrated!!

I don't know if we'll be able to save our state, but I'm going to do my part to regain all that we have lost due to these traitors!

Many of you may find that moving here may be the only place for us to have our liberties 🗽.

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