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Thank you, Dr. Malone, for this epic tour-de-force showing the planning, over 50 years, used to reduce human population. It is hard to get people today to think that their government has been planning, for 50 years or more, to find ways to prevent people from reproducing and to kill off existing populations. Nobody wants to believe that or to even consider it, but consider it they must. Little else can explain what history can show us and what we've seen in the just the past few years.

Wasn't Kissinger the source of the term, "useless eaters"? Says a lot, I think.

Thanks again for shedding Light on the Darkness.

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Yes, whenever I hear his name, the term "useless eaters" pops into my mind. What a heartless person he is. I also remember him saying something like "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" because though he had an unpleasant demeanor, he had lots of women interested in him.

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Dr. Strangelove????

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Klaus Schwab's favorite intellectual Yuval Harari carries the useless people torch.


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Too bad its not a conspiracy theory. These days, conspiracy theory is a label that means "likely true, but ridiculed and assaulted by the gang in charge."

I must say, I am groaning under the weight of all these receipts...you kinda already had me at "Kissinger."

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At this point, I can't put it past them to have engineered and planned a two stage attack. Stage one was covid/jabs, and now that the jabbed are immunocompromised and have latent mRNA packages in their cells that can be triggered to do who knows what, I suspect plandemic II is where the real depopulation effect is seen. Plus it will continue to skew towards the elderly "fixing" the world's aging population "problem". But will miraculously pass over geezers like soros, koch, gates (yeah, he's now a geezer though he thinks he's still in his prime) and the rest of the old, white, democrat cabal....

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Is it a conspiracy theory to note that, in my field of medicine, it just so happens that every guideline favors infertility/barrenness and even suicide over the possibility of being fruitful and multiplying?

See here for instance on the “coincidence” of depopulation policies:


Or as I put it in my substack follow up

“the modern medical establishment’s desires, in descending order of preference, appear to be as follows:

1. The patient kill her baby

2. The patient kill herself

3. The patient permanently sterilize herself

4. The patient be fruitful and multiply”


Now, the question is, are they doing it on purpose? Are they demonically possessed? Are they evil?

My answer: I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter! Think of the evil law firm in that Tom Cruise The Firm movie. Cruise signs up and starts working and doesn’t know they’re evil. Only the bosses know they’re evil. A lot of the doctors might be going along without a corrupt conscience, it might not be a “conspiracy.” But it’s still wrong and we should fight it! Maybe more and more docs will realize with horror the worldview they’ve thoughtlessly adopted and repudiate it. Keep speaking the truth!

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This just confirms the following:

1. Alignment of goals between DOD/DARPA/CIA +Big Pharma w/RNA Injections+ Depopulation via Gates+WEF goal of managing humans.

2. Key Congressman are silent because they know the drill. That's why they were exempt from having to have mandated injections. Correct? Senator Durbin has confirmed he supports the NIH and etc as they are:

3. 99.9% of humanity does not have a place at the table.

4. RNA injections moving forward will increase the depopulation agenda.

My view.

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I'm old enough to remember the "Club of Rome" report when I was in my early 20's. It convinced my husband and I to have only two children. This report was "all the fashion" in my social circle at the time and most of our friends did similarly. All were well-educated, hard-working young people who wanted families. We passed this value along to our children by osmosis, so they did not have the large families most families had in my youth. Four children was once considered a small family..

Women having a "career" apart from running a household was part of this. Though I was a "stay at home mom" until my kids started elementary school, there was incredible social and financial pressure to start a career after that.

The other aspect of this is that women's labor in the home can be a real money saver, but non-taxable. For example, I sewed my children's coats from second-hand adult coats given by family. Cooking meals from scratch, baking bread and even canning was something I'd learned to do, but working full time with children in school, could no longer do. Enter the unhealthy foods noted in your post. Even giving over children's health to "experts" is part of this. A career necessitates showing up each day, so sick children can't be nursed to health at home as in previous times. Instead, give them vaccines to prevent using too many sick days, or some other quick fix. The vaccine schedule back then was very small compared to today, though. It's outrageous now.

It is daunting to realize the way in which my life, and the lives of my family, friends and acquaintances were shaped by this psyop. Learning about the psyop that was "all things covid" was bad enough, but to see the trajectory of this history of population control and how it affected these intimate details of my everyday life is something I never anticipated.

Thank for for connecting all these dots. It is painful to consider for me and I suspect will be to any who tried to be a responsible and loving parent, good citizen, etc. I'm glad to see these connections, some of which never made sense until now. The truth is painful, but necessary.

The youngest generations, though, are the ones who are being most damaged and it is difficult to watch. We are social creatures and this is generally a good thing. Psyops take advantage of those good intentions and warp them. The youngest generations are being harmed the most. Can we grieve enough at what has happened? At least some are waking up, so there's hope in that.

I once thought the "depopulation" idea was a conspiracy theory. Now I see it in my own life. Yesterday's conspiracy theory is seen today as a psyop. The reason for that is that things never quite lined up logically, since they were not what they seemed.

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Thinking more about this and realized that "the pill" was part of what "dependably" enabled us to have fewer children. Then the IUD, etc. In their initial phases these were not well tested but it was a high-dose birth control pill that was disastrous to women's health. Women had blood clots and more.. I know women who later in life had fibroids, operations, etc. Were these the result of the original pill? The Dalkon Shield IUD was equally disastrous, women died from it. Eventually there were class action lawsuits. That doesn't help the women who died, of course. I thought what they did with the covid shot was something they hadn't done before in the US on a mass scale, but a whole generation of young women in the US and the world had this done to them. In my case I had terrible cyclical mood swings. This PMS disappeared when I stopped the pill. Then we were told, often too late, that we should wait some months before getting pregnant or our daughters might be at risk of cancer. This was at the start of big pharma and the depop agenda. Later generations had more problems getting pregnant and fertility clinics became a thing. I wonder if the high-dose pill their mothers took (safe and effective, no doubt) had anything to do with it.

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Hi Katie:

Over the years I've seen way too much of what you describe. The first Stroke I ever saw in Medical School was a 30 year old woman who took the pill and stroked out the entire right side of her body.

What Is not taught in Medical Schools is something called "NaProTechnology".

It is a specialty in medicine now. It deals with all aspects of women's health using natural bio-identical hormones, surgery, medications, and common sense to return a woman's health back to normal. So many women are now getting help with PCOS and PMS they could never help before. Just by using these refined and proven techniques women can use them to prevent pregnancy and to treat infertility. If a woman's anatomy is intact, these methods are so effective that a woman who fails IVF and is told she is infertile, can get pregnant about 60-65% of the time without all the dangerous drugs and the $25,000 price tag. Typically, a woman who is "infertile" can use "NaPro" to get pregnant for <$1000.

I mention this just to let you know there is no reason anymore for women to go through what you did.

If you really want to know the entire horrendous story of hormones given to women that is 100% true get the book: "Breast Cancer : Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill." By Chris Kahlenborn, MD. It's an easy read. He exposes the lies perpetrated to this day on women with the real studies and facts.


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The psyop that convinced women the office was a fine place to work, usually at "lessor" tasks was quite a thing. I think it's a rare woman who seeks the CEO spot and is willing to suffer to get there. Once there, it's a rare company to thrive headed by a female. Some do have enough testosterone to be aggressive and be a solid leader but most rule by emotion.

But women in the work force ensures cheaper labor overall, so the psyop was quite successful. Not so great for the kids left on their own at a young age.

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I have never dismissed the depopulation agenda of the Plandemic...but this dimension completely knocks it out of the park. Makes me deeply ashamed of our government.

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What's this? "...very difficult moral issues..." That looks like it means how many people do we have to kill to make the future safer for us? How do we do it? Can we get away with it? Will we be better off in the long term? Do we have to jettison notions of traditional morality?

These power elite people like to confuse themselves by running their think-tank scenarios and mathematical projections and stuff. Then they come up with theories about runaway overpopulation. So they feel duty bound to do something about it, like it's a good thing. The real problem is that they themselves are evil, and are approaching the negative limit on the progression of evil, where they simply want to annihilate the being of "the other" on general principles.

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They think they are gods - they rule the world, They do not believe in the real God that will turn them to dust in the end. If only sooner, rather than later...

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He cannot come soon enough

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The 1918 Spanish Flu was caused by a Rockefeller meningitis vaccine. Between 50 million and 120 million dead worldwide. Was this the model for covid-19? The Rockefellers endowed all the medical schools around that time and have always been the major shareholders (together with Goldman Sachs) in all the major drug companies. The Rockefellers have always been active eugenicists.

The Spanish Flu - the real story: https://youtu.be/UAfphDcZ66s

The 1976 Swine Flu Hoax - https://youtu.be/Z_HRtt4P3ps

Nelson Rockefeller's fingerprints are all over it. He was unelected VP at the time.

The 2009 Swine Flu Hoax - https://youtu.be/hO_Q0oTWrEs


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That is why the trumped up Agnew indictment and the take down of Nixon - Gerald Ford was installed to do a job and get out.

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"Vengeance is mine, I will repay." (Isaiah) "Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” -Romans 12:19

Be about your Father's business. Pray for the Lord's guidance, wisdom and discernment. Let your light shine, 'a city on a hill cannot be hid'.

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One of the best pieces I’ve ever read on a topic where it’s usually more smoke than fire. You and Gavin DeBecker have identified some tinder in past government documentation. This ain’t no puff piece!

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In reading Charles Mackey's 1841 essays "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" I have been stunned at the similarity behind this era's madness and that of previous ones. It is always the tyrant controlling access of resources to the masses. The very first chapter, about the 1708-1711 French royalty speculating on coinage capture (recall all coins of silver and gold, and mint new coins 1/5th smaller) and paper investments/debt a la 'stocks' . Shocking as it is familiar.

And our desire for gain is only exceeded by our consummate, innate ability for self-delusion.

Leave the hard work for the paid oligarchs, especially the critical thinking.

And the current rending of the fragile social fabric is the result of a perfected techno- cratic inventory of everything of import.

They must be excited. Government has finally developed the perfect worst governance.

Makes me think of the line in Supertramp's "Goodbye Mary" "...if I never look behind me, my troubles will be few."

Run, you currs.

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I remember bussing from Mexico City to Santa Cruz in Latin America in the late 80's, when everyone was convinced the main problem was "overpopulation" (thanks to the PPF). Crossing miles upon miles of natural, unpopulated landscape, I became convinced it was US propaganda: what these countries needed for their development was more and more people, not concentrated in city slums, but spread out across the country, "keeping the Garden" (Genesis 1:28). If we really knew how to "keep the garden", not just for humans, but for all the species of plant and animal life, then we should not be thinking of reducing the population, but deploying it effectively to "fill the earth and subdue it". In the first place, that means cleaning it up, and stopping further contamination and degradation by big industry. Consumption should not be regulated by greed for financial gain. Not for nothing one aspect of the last judgment is "to destroy those who are destroying the earth" (Revelation 11:18).

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How does your garden grow?

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Good question! Before even thinking of human depopulation or reducing C02 emissions, we should start to reclaim the 30% of the earth's surface that has beome arid wasteland. We have the skills, the technology and the human resources, we just need the political will and coordination.

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I enjoyed the story about the guy who husbanded hoofed animals to reclaim desert areas. Stating with goats followed by larger animals as the land recovered.

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Yes, i was thinking of him too, Alan Savory. The elites have tried to discredit him, because his land reclamation strategy relies on herds of cows, and their manure. And the elites are having a war on cows, because of the gases they produce! Private aeroplane no problem, herd of cows .... threat to environment. Someone somewhere is having a wicked laugh at our stupidity!

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I started reading this, and I vacillated between needing to put it down because it was just too much to handle, and being drawn to it like a house on fire. If only it were a novel it would be New York Times Best seller. Instead, it confirms the words in the only source of real Truth. “The heart is desperately wicked and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

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Learned long ago to never discount or dismiss the wearers of tinfoil hats.

‘Cause you just never know when they might be onto something.

Excellent post Doc.

PS. My wife (Julie) says Skye’s Dam has, “nice shoulder and a sweepy trot”.

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That mare is one of our best homebreds. Highest inspection score for her year in USA.

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Evil is never self-limiting.

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It is such a disconnect, to find out about all this and then to see everyone in my everyday life just go about business as usual. No one I know irl wants to know a thing about this or anything and the bearer of such information should be wary of most peoples' inclination to kill the messenger. I've gotten the "conspiracy theorist" label after saying very little and in a measured tone.

After reading this, I stand outside talking to two neighbors and we can't talk for long since the smoke from Canada is particularly heavy and our throats rasp and eyes water. But still, they seem to see nothing amiss, no patterns in this. When I come indoors I'm reminded of the poem about a painting depicting the fall of Icarus, "Musee des Beaux Arts," by WH Auden (second verse here):

"In Breughel's Icarus, for instance: how everything turns away

Quite leisurely from the disaster; the ploughman may

Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry,

But for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone

As it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green

Water, and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen

Something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky,

Had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on."

Though this post has been hard to read, I would rather see reality than turn away. It leaves me wondering why I am different from my neighbors, friends and family. I don't have an answer to this. Only questions and an intense curiosity. And I wish I knew. But apparently Auden observed it and wrote a poem about it.

I refuse to stop contact with these people, though. I think that part of the psyop is to separate us by propagandizing people so they shut others out. I've said enough that they label me a conspiracy theorist. But I'm generally a pleasant person, so there's that.

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Smoke filled skies: get used to it. Gets interesting at the 19 minute mark


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Thank you. That is a meaningful poem for me and for these times.

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