Thanks for making me LOL.

I was appalled hearing this story on the news last night. Why aren't AGs and DOJ protecting their people from mRNA jabs and the deceptive practices and monopoly of Big Pharma's collusion, antitrust and racketeering with the FDA, NIH, CMS and CDC? Especially the quip by Klobuchar saying it's a "monopoly gone wild"..."Tennessee’s attorney general Jonathan Skrmetti has also told news outlets that he would be looking into the situation. “There are no allegations at this time of any misconduct, but as the attorney general it’s my job to ensure that the consumer protection laws and antitrust laws in Tennessee are being honored,” he told the Associated Press.....Several lawmakers have also brought Ticketmaster’s practices into question. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has since called the company “the story of a monopoly gone wild” and said that the Senate would be hosting a bipartisan hearing on the issue. ....Nevada’s attorney general office also tweeted that it had received complaints about the ticket sales. “We are investigating the company for alleged deceptive or unfair trade practices,” the statement reads....The Department of Justice also announced its own investigation on Friday, focused on whether the corporation has abused its power over the live music industry."


There's more outcry, rage and media coverage over people who couldn't get a ticket to a concert while people are still being mandated to get jabbed and countless are suffering life altering side effects. We really are living amongst the brainwashed in 1984

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Always love starting my day off with a smile. The video of herding cats was priceless. Thank you Robert and Jill. Blessings to you this Thanksgiving and always.

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Thank you, Drs. Malone!

These would be funny if they weren't so much like real life 😢. But humor 🤣 is the best medicine 💊fur sure (cat reference 😾).

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Fun. I just love that EDS advert.

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The Feline ones you do with some regularity have a special place for our family as Cat lovers.

Our last cat (Moses, funny but true) lived to be 21, and yet did not master the science on vehicle county road velocity. But that sweet old boy had the greatest adventures a cat could have with us.

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These funnies remind me of the TV series hogans heroes

It was hilariously funny

It wasn’t until I realized what it was based on that it wasn’t funny anymore

I am overwhelmed by the fact that people who are family that are intelligent just disregard what I say like I’m stupid

To compare information I’ve sent them to the series doctor science

I am sad that people don’t even want to consider what’s being said

God help us all

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Great little ditties. You can always count on cartoonish humor to point your directional compass.

I feel we are still in jeopardy, listing to starboard...but the sails are plump and whispering to sail on.

A destination requires an even greater plan when you reach the shores. Are we preparing for it?

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I don't like the first image as it is an insult to people who work in fast-food places. Unlike the people who work at social media giants, people who work in fast-food places actually work for a living.

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Cat Herder: anyone trying to lead the GOP.

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Fox's takeaway from these elections was not, "our message was indistinguishable from 1980. There is a woke, trans and covid authoritarianism taking over America and we need to call it out clearly and fight."

Instead: You need to cheat too.

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Nov 20, 2022·edited Nov 20, 2022

In the 'In This House We Believe' comic, substituting the word Pharma with the word Mafia will crystalize the meaning more concisely.

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Nov 20, 2022·edited Nov 20, 2022

Hi Dr. Malone. Have you heard, and if so, what is your reaction to, the DOD involvement theory being advanced by some and supported by Mike Yeadon and Dr. Peter McCullough summarized as follows:

November 14, 2022 from Dr. Peter McCullough: FDA cannot and will not stop COVID-19 vaccines. It’s a military operation. So we will have to stand up ourselves to the military and executive branch. It’s their baby.


November 14, 2022 from Mike Yeadon:

Dear all,


We’re barking up the wrong tree, it seems, in trying to hold the medicines regulators to account. Turns out the whole thing is a US military operation & they alone make all the decisions, legally (because US law has been steadily amended over many years to make this absurd & offensive reality be legal).

This is dramatic new information. It’s clearly hopeless to batter FDA in the hope they’ll confess that they criminally authorised unsuitable treatments, because it appears they had no role (other than theatre) in these injections ending up in 5+ billion humans.

There’s nothing to prevent this cycle repeating, because as I understand it, the trigger is nothing more complex than the HHS Secretary deciding there’s a public health crisis and that prototypical agents X, Y & Z “may be effective”.

It doesn’t sound like there’s a more refined test or standard that HHS sec must use & no one to whom their decisions are referred.

To invent an absurd setting, the mass media could pump out information about a new public health threat that “may be treated” by “Blue Juice”, made in billion dose quantities by FakePharma Inc.

unknown to anyone outside the fraud, Blue Juice contains slow-acting cyanide.

HHS sec determines that there’s a PH crisis, casts around to see prototype “Blue Juice”, decides that this “might be effective” & authorises DOD to distribute said treatment.

Though deaths follow many injections, media & medical professionals simply repeat that it’s “Safe & effective”. HHS sec gets no contrary information that the “Blue Juice” is lethal & doesn’t rescind their order.

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That herding cats ad was always one of my favorites! LOL

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Joyous Sunday. Peace to all.

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Dr. Malone, will your book be available on Audible? My failing eyesight has forced me to switch to listening to books.

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It's somehow not really funny any more. I use to laugh and remember these pics, but now I don't watch them. Man I dunno, reality has catched up I guess. It might have gotten ahead. The one with McDonalds hiring twitter layoffs is quite funny, but it's real, and btw. they are competing with facebook people from Sucks failed Meta. Are we going to see Sam Bankfraud teaming up with Hunter Biden?

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