Good Morning Dr. Malone : My pick for the day is Intelligence isn't knowing everything...

Did you see this Epoch piece ? It put a smile on my face. Hope it does for you too.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says she will end the partnership her province’s health authority has with the World Economic Forum (WEF).


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Heck...don't we already go thru about 15 million barrels a day??

When you see someone that is drunk on power,

You can always tell by the fact that they always believe their own lies!

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Thank you for the laughs! I like the red wave. Now get out and vote.

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Watched and much appreciated your Saturday in Florida, a day of gathering and sharing experiences, life in the trenches and shared visions and goals for the future.

The watching was a little tricky (computer & cell phone) but so very welcome so we could be with you!

All the plans for the future were so heartening! Hopefully you will bring us all (non-physicians) along with you as we try and bring to life for a better future. A couple random thoughts: As the process is building, ways we can identify/find the facilities, doctors, support staff, pharmacies we most want to support and receive care from. Ways we can encourage legislation (like the right to take moneys allocated to use for education) that lets us take moneys (including moneys the government provides) and use them with the professionals, operations WE choose to have provide our care!

Last (BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST) you in particular and some others (missed a fair part of the offerings of your fellow presenters due to tech issues) made presentations conveying new and/or from additional perspectives (including your presentation in particular IMO was invaluable in appreciating the Government views on what their goals are and why)

One last thought in that regard - if there is enough information about the bio-threats to develop vaccines, isn’t there also enough information available to assess the effectiveness of the various medications? Wouldn’t be we all be better off with more avenues to attack the threats?

So love you guys and so appreciate all your efforts! The standing ovation welcome was a thrill!

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Every Sunday I think these are your best strips ever, it can’t get any better... but it can!!! Great laughs, great truth!!! A lovely Sunday to you and Jill!

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Oh I am with you in removing the gloves. In particular people who live in states where the governor has not come out and directly proclaimed that the jab will not be on the children's vax sched OR be required for school should push hard to get those governors out. If people will not stand for the children, they will stand for nothing.

That said, I live around a lot of jab addicted people. They will never ever be persuaded against jabbing. Their whole family could fall right over dead and they would find any excuse for it that is not the jab. I know a man who has passed out while exercising within 2 weeks after each of his last two jabs and when he regained consciousness acted as if he had a stroke. Still jabbin. TWICE! He anxiously awaits the next.

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The Bible says teach a wise man and he will become wiser!

This generation already believes they are the smartest people ever! Fools believe they know it all! If this were true what value is there in going to school!

I once knew a fool and I used to read one proverb every day and asked my family which proverb do you relate to most or cling to most? My. brother in law chose as a dog returns to its vomit so a fool to his folly!

We are a generation of fools always learning but never knowing anything of value!

As a teanager I knew we were fearfully made in the image of God! If not why study the human body there is nothing to learn in a random world, if we’re a product of chance what value is there in studying a ny thing!

I knew as a teanager the cancer society etc was a farse how could we spend so much money and time not to discover the cures!

Money is generated by keeping people sick not in curing them! Satan enjoys making us suffer and eventually killing us! You might say why he doesn’t want God’s creation to praise Him as in the book of Job his wife said curse God and die!

The devil speaking through the servant said to Eve you won’t die if you eat the fruit and besides you will suddenly know the difference between good and evil!

It was never God’s desire for us to know the difference between good and evil! He wanted to enjoy His creation and His creatures daily in the Garden!

Instead our lives are complicated just trying to survive!

For those of you who have gardens you enjoy the fruit of your labours and the simplicity of seeing God active in your world!

It is said relax and smell the roses! You can’t eat them I don’t think but God has given us the ability to appreciate His abundance and Natural beauty!

God has given us woman because they in general enjoy the creation more than men! Men in general don’t stop to smell the roses!

Men buy the roses to see the smiles of their woman and even their girls I have ten grandchildren 7 are girls I think they all feel special if I bring them flowers!

Problem we have now is those who have yet to die from taking the vaccines think we who are concerned for no reason!

The truth is cancer and heart attacks are no longer the number one or two cause of death the new number one cause is cause of death unknown even in Alberta, Isreal, UK, New South Wales etc!

Doctors don’t want to write cause of death is side effects of vaccines! They are afraid of losing their licence to practice! Too many have lost their licences!

In the past two weeks the leader of phyzer in Europe on cross examination by a Dutch Doctor admitted under oath that their vaccines were not tested on people and 80% of the mice died quickly so with the speed of science they created and distributed their vaccines and put them on the market! I think they made 60 billion in the first year of production and are expecting to make twice that much this year!

The number one recommendation I can give you today is if a loved one of yours suddenly dies demand an autopsy to determine the cause of death!

I listened to an accuary not sure I spelled that right but a more indepeth auditor for a major insurance company who was looking for confirmations of cause of death of the otherwise healthy population 18-55 up 60%! This is the group they usually make their money!

Randy Burch 647-679-6370 or randyburch410@gmail.com

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I’m so tired. We just need to get back to sanity

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I'm going to embroider the venn diagram for my dermo.

The WEF plan one is a little to close to the truth to be funny.

I saw legacy news progs going hard against the idea that the jab's are going to be on the child vax sched. I fear the duped gonna be duped.

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always enjoy your funnies,


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Well, to challenge a meme (an act which is not very intelligent), intelligence is the ability to comprehend systems of symbolic logic.

The capacity to challenge existing notions is called "wisdom".

These are frequently confused.

Happy to clear that up.

Also, truth is goat.

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Most appreciate the ones about our oil reserves. Hearing we just have 24 days of diesel fuel left (for all our trucks that include those making vital deliveries is chilling.

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Proverbs 9:10 King James Bible

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

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Hi Dr. Ma-Lion! We could add "wack a mole" in the Venn circle of corruption.

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As my nieces would say, that itty bitty fanged deer is adorbs. Srsly.

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Oct 23, 2022·edited Oct 24, 2022

The Dunning-Krueger effect is the opposite of the definition you provided of intelligence. https://www.verywellmind.com/an-overview-of-the-dunning-kruger-effect-4160740

And these people will often be believed by others because they can speak with such assurance.

I always look forward to the funnies! Keeping our balance is part of fighting back. Your funnies always remind me of that. Thank you!

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