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Scary times we’re living in. Up until now, when things like this arose, I was confident that it’d ‘blow over’ but it appears this POLITICAL THREAT is going to require intervention.

Fauci’s calling the shots…he’s got intimidated followers below him…and our President is asleep at the wheel….as we lead the WORLD down a very dangerous road.

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I appreciate everything you do and I am sincerely grateful.

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Dr. Malone - we just updated our subscription (literally, Sunday morning) to a paid sub out of sincere appreciation for all you have done and are doing. May God Bless and Keep you.

Two ideas/questions - seems you still maintain a presence on twitter, others like Alex B. use substack like twitter with frequent emails/updates, whenever it seems the mood or thought strikes! As someone not on twitter except occasionally, one big benefit at substack is we get emails of your activity, so it comes to us without us seeking it out.

Also, what are your thoughts on how to build US-wide support at ground-level like in Europe with the street-filled marches and protests? There are the events similar to the one you're at now, and also conferences aimed at doctors, and there are some local-level gatherings but they don't seem to attract the attention to pull people out -- have you come across any national-level 'celebrity' who would get behind this movement and be the spokesperson who could motivate the troops, thinking out loud someone in the entertainment industry (singer or actor) who could pull people and motivate to hold rallies and join in marches? There must be some truth-tellers out there who could fill that void?

Praying for you and your family's health, well-being and wisdom to guide and direct you - we are indeed in a battle of spiritual warfare and must not lose sight of the power to pray for God's wisdom and direction.


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Dr. Malone, *thank you* for being one of the most intrepid and cogent truth warriors in the resistance to lunacy and tyranny.

One thing I have been wondering—have you reconsidered your stance that vulnerable/older populations should still be injected? Given the increasingly alarming data about injuries and fatalities following injection paired with the exceptional efficacy of early treatment protocols, wouldn’t it be safest to cease the global mass vaccination pogrom altogether and focus on early treatment protocols instead?

I do understand that you’ve been trying to maintain a toehold in the mainstream scientific community by conceding that point, but you’ve already jumped off the diving board into the pool of truth and are going to forever be a target of BigPharma propaganda smears, so why not relinquish that concession and come out against all applications of these dangerous injections across the board?

P.S. Not sure if you’ve had a chance to read it yet, but you may recall I used “Fear Is the Mind-Killer” as the subtitle of my “Primer for the Propagandized” essay: https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-primer-for-the-propagandized

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Thank you, sir for traveling the world for truth and advocating for the protection of children. (BTW, it's guerrilla not gorilla) 😉❤️https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/12/the_great_reset_crowds_overreach_will_come_back_to_bite_them.html

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"Clinical data ALWAYS trumps lab test data. This appears to be yet another case illustrating that Fauci/Biden parrot the Big Pharma narrative whenever possible rather than doing the job that we are paying them to do -"

To some extent human nature leans into believing what they see over what's reported to them when there's a contradiction. The lies are unsustainable as we roll past the duration of the Spanish flu and see governments doing nothing would have served us better.

How many can swallow the brightest minds in public health stand by endless masking as public health or ignore jabs as a silver bullet while 2-3-4- X boosters are needed and adverse events touch family and friends?

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Sad, but hopeful.

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My eyes shed tears of sorrow as I read this article. More people are waking up yet we need a lot more to step into their sovereign power. The time is now as we are the way showers for the generations who follow us.

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"Hospital rates in areas with a high percent of the Omicron variant are experiencing a drop off in hospitalizations. Due to low vaccination rates in some countries, this strongly implies that vaccination status is irrelevant with Omicron."

I realize the early data in the US in reassuring wrt the threat posed to the vaxxed by Omicron, but can we really say the vaccination rate is irrelevant? Perhaps the low vaxx rates in Southern Africa are protective.

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Hi Dr. Malone,

I came across a prepared speech from you that is floating around on twitter regarding vaccinating the children. I thought it was concise and accurate and really hit on the point that this shot is an irreversible decision that will affect the future of our children. I am trying to get the word out to parents locally and was wondering if you could post this on substack so that I can send out links to it for others to read? (perhaps even 'pin it' to the top so it can't get missed?) Unfortunately, here in Canada it seems there are many more parents that have been brainwashed by the propaganda.

Thank you for all you have done!

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If you start wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” mask and encourage others to…it may be the straw that breaks the “mass formation hypnosis”...(imagine a 100,000,000 people walking around with masks that say: Lets Go Brandon

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This adds even more to the argument. Would be interested in your take, Dr. Malone - https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/is-original-antigenic-sin-starting

"This is not spreading like wildfire in these groups because omicron is some crazy new superspread variant. it’s spreading because all these people over-trained their immune systems against a specific spike protein pattern and their immune response is now a one trick pony that cannot mount an effective sterilizing resistance against variants and perhaps will NEVER gain this capability."

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TINA = There Is No Alternative", to conventional "wisdom", was famously said by Margaret Thatcher

When mothers and fathers become physicians to their children, they stand for the Hippocratic oath to protect their children from harm

Will the responsible powers be held responsible for the "Vax TINA" ? Will this be answered politically and legally?

I just looked up Hippocratic oath and one of the pull down follow ups short statements from the Chrome e browser looks like the Trusted News Initiative has crept into the oath

Below is copied off the web. After the word 'asks' the rest is in bold on the web.

"What is the Hippocratic oath 2020?

The new oath asks physicians to eliminate their personal biases, combat disinformation to improve health literacy and be an ally to minorities and other underserved groups in society. Nov 4, 2020"

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I’ve been shouting this very thing from the rooftops! Oh, and I am not a doctor, nor do I play on on TV! I am a critical thinker. What has happened to parents? Why do they not feel the need to stand up and fight for their children? I promise you my grands will not mask, they will not be vaxxed and if it comes down to it I will go to the Washington DC kindergarten class where JB is and explain!

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Thank you so much Dr Malone!nThis morning I put my money where my mouth is with hope that my paid subscription will show you how much I respect and support your honesty and courage in taking the slings and arrows from those who seek to destroy you (and us) for boldly speaking the truth about the criminal conspiracy surrounding SARS Cov2 and more. I am in action in my own small way, and I feel that’s what is needed from We the People; MANY of us acting in our own small way to form a united, impenetrable front against the propaganda and lies of tyranny. David Martin, I’m sure you know, is also a huge ally on our front and he just provided some steps we can take right now to expose the conspirators and bring them to justice. I hope some people here will take time to listen and take action. Here is data and the links:

“Many have attempted to “do the right thing” in pursuit of justice for the criminal conspiracy and racketeering crimes perpetrated by domestic and foreign terrorists. The harm done by the criminals is horrendous. Regrettably, by virtue of working reflexively on the causes that are at hand, there has been a fundamental fallacy that has ensured that the People continue to lose based on legal representation that is not fully informed. This can be changed but it requires careful consideration and highly technical input – both in short supply in America’s AG offices.


The Stafford Act (42 U.S.C. § 5121) presumes that an emergency can, “cause…loss of income”. The U.S. Government’s use of this Act to set forth the emergency declaration violated the first principle of the Act. There was not an EMERGENCY in the United States and it has never been established. Worse still, the actions that were taken under the Act RESULTED in the loss of income in excess of the emergency. Stipulating “emergency” is a legal error.

On January 31, 2020, Secretary of HHS, Alex Azar determined that there was a public health emergency as of January 27, 2020, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 247d. On the 29th of January, Sec. Azar stated, “The risk of infection for Americans remains low,” in direct conflict with the timing of his determination 2 days later. In short, during the interregnum, it is obvious that the facts failed to meet the emergency determination and the back-dated action conflicts with the stated evidence. There was not an EMERGENCY.

As every state issued its subsequent declaration of emergency, while being fanned by the media flame (as called for by the criminal conspirators seeking to advance mRNA as a vaccine in 2016), NO state can reveal the provenance of the “Whereas” language in their declarations as, at the time, there was:

No “novel coronavirus”;

No “COVID-19” “Disease” (bearing in mind that COVID-19 is a set of recognizable influenza-like symptoms and has no clinical diagnosis established by ANY approved diagnostic device or test);

There was no evidence of excess deaths; and,

The American Medical Association’s published standard was: “Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.”

From this foundation forward, the STIPULATION that on ALL emergency measures, the justification thereof, and the material and willful violation of the deceptive medical practice standards (15 U.S.C. §45(a)) set forth in the Federal Trade Commission Act (and its State Administrative equivalents) have been entrapment by the government and an unnecessary and fatal stipulation error by those seeking to prosecute cases.

Clearly, the most egregious of these violations is the misuse of the term “vaccination”. Defined under statute as “the optimal prevention of human diseases” under 42 U.S.C. § 300aa – 1, the mRNA gene therapies (as defined by the FDA and as reported in the 10K for Moderna and the 20F for BioNTech) do not meet any of the legal standards as vaccines and as such should be considered elective gene therapy for individual symptom reduction alone (as no clinical trial showed infection or transmission efficacy as an endpoint).

I do not suggest that any Governor or AG willfully adopted actions to harm their citizens. But I am absolutely certain that, based on confirmed statements made in AG offices, they did not independently verify the Acts that were forced upon them by CDC, DHHS, and WHO. Further, prior to their enactment, not one State made an independent inquiry into the possibility that this was an act of terrorism to destroy the U.S. economy and system of government.”



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Maddie De Garay was 1 in 1,005 vaccinated that neurological damage for 12-15 year old Pfizer trial.

This is in the Canadian Covid Care Alliance video Dr. Malone pointed out earlier.

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