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I believe the recent increase in supposed UAP (UFO) information, is just another PsOps.

When they want to control the whole world in another terror campaign, they will simply say

The aliens are coming!

The Aliens are coming!

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It's not possible for them to really run with the alien psyop. I think it's just going to simmer at the level it's at to distract and add stress for anyone vulnerable to such nonsense.

How about a guest post from Whitney Webb talking about the foreign actors that "volunteered" for access to the computer systems of American critical infrastructure? That should be getting a hell of a lot more attention than aliens.

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I'm beginning to question my subscription.

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If you don't think it's important, I invite you to imagine, for a minute, that it's all true. How many sacred cows would crash if this whole narrative of "we got here ourselves" or "God put us here" turned out to be not even vaguely true. I urge you to imagine it.

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I’m not weighing in either way, but logically speaking, the two positions are not mutually exclusive.

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The problem is that they are not "positions" on an issue. They are assertions of fact.

There are plenty of ethical and moral questions where different people can have different positions. But if scientists could not agree on how the pull of gravity works, or the shape of our planet, then our entire network of satellites (numbering approx. 8,000 - just as an example) would not work. Without a good grasp of facts, workable solutions to problems become impossible. Like burning "witches" at the stake.

I submit that we are falling over ourselves in certain areas because our basic assumptions about what is factual are incorrect. It's the same point being made by Dr. Malone and his colleagues concerning COVID.

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Maybe talking at cross purposes here?

Absolutely agree to the need for adherence to provable truth and to a set of agreed-upon facts. That said, my comment wasn’t referring to that.

I read your prior post as an example of the age-old argument of evolution vs creationism. And as stated, I wasn’t engaging in the debate. Merely suggested that they weren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

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It's true that there is a whole discussion to be had regarding the "origin" theories.

Obviously, Darwin was observing some ability of biology to adapt and differentiate. Yet the case for a non-random (designed) underlying biological framework is very strong for numerous different reasons.

That said, many Creationists who are also scientists cannot imagine how any creative entity other than God could have invented these designs. In that assertion, they reveal a profound ignorance of reincarnation and all the discoveries made (most not academic at this point) by looking in that direction.

So it seems like every group has a point where they have to get off the bus, rather than stay on to see where it ultimately leads. I for one am still riding that bus.

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Do not want to post this twice but it is important and was drowned about by this and another article posted very soon after it:


Food for thought:

Carol Boucher is the mother of Elon’s (the guy predicted by Wernher Von Braun to bring us to Mars) child, also known as the artist ‘Grimes’. The most notable thing about Carol is that she submitted the following image to her Instagram on September 4th, 2019 - one month and change before the pandemic narrative began. It depicts a story told by emoji laden glyphs which remarkably spell out the very near future:

https://tritorch.com/grimes.png - September 4th, 2019 prediction: DNA Coronavirus + Injection Injection Injection = Aliens

Elon’s ex-girlfriend’s prophecy batting average is one thousand here. From DNA (transcription) to the coronavirus to the repeated injections to the alien narrative. How could she—or anyone—possibly know about all of this in advance?

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that with the fake pandemic of 2020-2021 now in the rear-view mirror - we have been - and are being - primed for the next big lie: a major faux alien invasion narrative. Breathless UFO UAP stories have been mass-injected by the pentagon into every major mainstream Operation Mockingbird news outlet. That in itself is alarming enough but the most concerning part about this anything-goes propaganda bombardment is that this alien marketing blitz has been foretold.

Many decades ago Operation Paperclip’s very own Wernher Von Braun warned his secretary, Dr. Carol Rosin, that this extra-terrestrial dialectic was coming in the future, and that when it arrived it would be an outright lie:

https://tritorch.com/degradation/LastCardWillBeFakeAlienInvasionDrCarolRosinWernherVonBraun.mp4 [8:25 mins]

New World Order: What better way for the globalists to get the world to throw their sovereignty to the wind - in order to achieve that coveted one-world-government where they seize all earthly possessions - than conjuring up an exotic threat from outer space? This is far removed from a new idea—the 1986 animated novel ‘The Watchmen’ was a guidebook for how one might achieve such a planetary-class sleight of hand, and even President Reagan longed for such an event:

"Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond … I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." —President Ronald Reagan

Excerpt from: —https://tritorch.substack.com/p/elon-musks-x-app-is-the-one-ring

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I wasn’t going to make a comment, but I’m honestly perplexed and disappointed that UAP’s are readers chosen topic of further discussion. As a paying subscriber, I look to Dr. Malone for his honest voice and expertise in virology, medicine, medical freedom issues, pandemics, government interference into our personal health and well being, etc. I hope that will continue to be the focus of future discussions. I learn so much on this forum.

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This involves "government interference into our personal health and well being."

Prepare to learn much more.

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What a transparent, of, for and by, We the People Gov we have, NOT. What we have is a few sociopaths who believe they know better and knowingly subvert the We The People, the Gov is supposed to be accountable to.

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Whenever I see anything on UFOs I think of the movie Mirage Men. Currently available on YouTube.

Multiple government agencies screwing with people to the point of getting institutionalized.

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This is solid evidence that our current government is being controlled by corporate interests instead of the people of this country. This was done because corporations are not subject to the Freedom of Information act. So information on UAP’s, that used to be called UFO’s, is no longer being controlled by elected officials, but rather controlled by what is called “the deep state”. This country has been collecting debris from crashed UAP/UFO’s since the 40’s. There are also over 100,000 pages of documents from the Eisenhower administration alone that remain classified to this day. As Richard Dolan, describes in his work, UFO’s and The National Security State, corporate entity’s who employ ex government employees as well as ex military, control this information, and evidence. This is important because its shows to what extent, the people of this country and their elected representatives have lost the power to govern. Richard Dolan has called this a “Breakaway Civilization”, whose interests do not appear to be in line with the interests of the American people. Another example, one of many others, of a government that is no longer doing what it has been mandated by law and the constitution to do.

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Jerry, I just looked at NewsNation, which is suppose to be center-right and it is owned by Nexstar Media Group, Inc. and the top two shareholders are Vanguard and BlackRock. The % of Float Held by Institutions is 104.30%. which certainly has its disadvantages.

NewsNation seems to be the go to place for this UAP topic.

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They were willing to take the story. They are not a "go to" place for anything.

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Captured, just like the rest.

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Those two dinosaur uniparty members Schumer and Rounds? Really? They want to investigate the USG?

“We the People have a right to know” - Michael Shellenberger. Musk and his purchase of Twitter and the roll-out of the Twitter Files was meant to put Musk on We the People’s side. Shellenberger is still being used. Musk is not on our side, never will be and the USG is pretending to go after him. Grusch is the military’s plant, their avatar. Enough of this already.

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What is your source for all this information? It is very invalidative. Why do you indulge in it?

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Learned Skeptic that understands nothing is as it seems.

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This is completely off topic, but I wanted to ask you, Dr. Malone, is you had heard about this? I’m gonna copy/paste this from Telegram:

Klaus Schwab, the WEF, and the so-called global elites are gathering together for a 5-day annual meeting in Davos from January 15-19. One of the topics on the agenda has raised some eyeballs, “Preparing for Disease X” on January 17.

COVID has been reported to have claimed approximately 7 million lives worldwide, but “Disease X,” on the other hand, they warn, “could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.”

Have you heard anything about this? Thanks in advance!

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Robert, I just don't think the majority of your readership is ready for these topics, nor do I think they get the connection to the bigger picture. I expressed my frustration in my first post and got one "like" from James G. I'm frustrated by the lack of interest and the weird ways these things seem to be interpreted. Oh well...

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Your one answer (so far) is sadly typical. The huge majority of people, both smart and stupid, refuse to be responsible for there own thinking process and their own sense of what is true. It is a giant problem on this planet. They don't have time to educate themselves; they want an expert to tell them how things are. Their spans of attention just aren't wide enough. If I didn't know there was an answer to this, I would be utterly despondent.

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Sit back and enjoy the ride DD. Pull out the Arctic wear too. Hahha

Look at what we been thru past four years.

Rather unexplainable leadership and adult behaviors are everywhere.

As soon as it's here it's gone.

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Has anyone here looked into what is likely at stake if major government players spill the beans?

If I were them I would tell everyone either go read Hubbard, or study Courtney Brown's work, and come back when you are done.

The problem with this issue is that it is the tip of a very big iceberg (or a little corner of a much larger picture). If you aren't set up with some basic appreciation for the reincarnation problem, and the peculiar way it plays out here on Earth, then you will have a hard time handling all the other stuff that spills out when Pandora's Box is opened.

I am for disclosure, too. But I am well aware that it would change the world.

To what degree is anyone else here aware of this?

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I read what I can of this stuff and I realize that; we are never going to learn anything new or earth shattering, acronyms are the death of an article, this is throwing pasta against the wall to see what sticks, I think it is running as a distraction because everything else is bleak right now, if there are aliens here watching us maybe they are waiting till we kill one another off then get a new world to populate, and lastly who care when you go to the grocery store and spend easily $150 for necessities for the week ahead. It’s just not important enough.

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They are happy to see us kill each other. It's their prison. If you don't think this planet is a prison, try some day to get off.

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Prison to some; sentient nursery to others.

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I'm not sure how you mean this, but I urge everyone here to not brush this off. If you are a prisoner, you aren't very free. Particularly if you aren't aware that you are a prisoner.

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As one who is willing to stretch the senses, many might find certain literature just as interesting. There is Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” and Dolores Cannon’s “Between Death and Life.” This provides an alternate view of the human experience. If you’re resourceful, you can find them for free on the internet.

Regarding Lawrence Spencer’s book, the criticism that he had to deal with was that he could not produce Mathilda McElroy’s source documents. Rather than to be accused of making money from sensationalism, he gives the book away for free. This book, too, can be found for free on the internet.

The book of Genesis may be quite correct. Some/many are in the human experience because we are being punished/rehabilitated. Others are working through lessons on the Universal Law.

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Newton and Cannon were reporting research results. I believe they were using hypnosis to get their data. You many be able to clarify that. Hubbard used his own techniques to get his data. And Brown uses his techniques. These are research results, not religious treatises or anything like that.

Spencer's book has no traceable provenance. But it strongly aligns with the work of Hubbard and Brown. Brown has had his viewers communicate directly with leaders in The Domain. Spencer is now dead, but his widow would prefer that we buy his book and not treat it as "public domain" material.

Genesis, however, without any definite author or base of research data, is by comparison a work of fiction. Likewise the Vedas and all the derivative literature attributed to Hinduism or Buddhism. Thus that whole narrative that we are "working through lessons" is highly suspicious to me.

If you research with the hope of finding more workable truths, then one must be willing to evaluate data and separate what is more useful from what is less useful. If you research for personal amusement and don't really care what's true, why be here? You are just causing confusion without good cause.

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Yes, Cannon and Newton both used regression hypnosis to find their information. Cannon had also used channeling in some of her investigations as well, and she has left a huge library dealing with a range of topics, including alien abductions. Courtney Brown, on the other hand, uses remote viewing, in which he has a detailed procedural method, which he openly shares. Remote viewing is also practiced by Prudence Calabrese and John Vivanco outside of the military setting. Vivanco is commercially available for hire. He has a book, “Time Before the Secret Words.” Edgar Cayce was a channeler, however, his material (the best stuff) is behind a paywall, but it was but openly available until 2017. Lynn McTaggart, Masaru Emoto, and the Radionics communities have all demonstrated the potential and practice of using intention to guide reality. Linda Moulton Howe has the best published collection of UFO and alien phenomena in her collection. Regarding stealth technology, the most interesting is that from Issac in which he took documents while working at PACL in the CARET program in 1986. With all this said, I do not dismiss the existence of the Domain.

Conventional scientists and physicists generally roll their eyes when encountering those who believe in metaphysics and the sixth sense, who, in turn, are frustrated by those who don’t use all abilities and information available. A modern case in point has to do with quantum theory regarding quantum entanglement and nonlocalization, which presupposes action at a distance. Metaphysicists are awed by Chi Gong masters ability to heal from a distance and Voodoo and its ability to create harm in a similar manner. But with the recent invention of quantum computing by Google and IBM, there is demonstration of action to one bit will create action to all related bits. Quantum engineering has arrived; it is no longer theory. Another example is mind reading an image via fMRI of the brain. AI computing now makes it possible with exquisite detail. Applying the same to EEG radiations yield the promises of Neuralink.

I’ve spent quite a few years studying the above authors and others and have tried to reconcile into a coherent model of the nature of our state as well as that of reality. Many of the above have given credence to those religious texts, which have been maintained throughout the millennia. Likely is that they were obtained through similar methods. I have learned that keeping good intentions is critical during this most anxiety provoking era. I do believe that there are many out there (including humans) who are guiding our futures away from global annihilation. But only from a fourth dimensional vantage point, can one navigate towards a utopian (or dystopian) future. As those authors have noted, we can create heaven or hell through the sweat of our brow, but we can also do the same with our meditations. Think good thoughts, and good things tend to happen. You’ll find this to be true.

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In 1979 I saw a craft maneuver in such a way and at such speed it clearly wasn't anything that we, China, or Russia could have created. So basically I'm just waiting for the public to catch up, and the conversation to move past the do they exist point and start talking about who these entities are and what are their intention and can they help solve our energy needs and other problems we have.

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Go read Courtney Brown's work. You have a bit of catching up to do.

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Robert, why are you going into this faux topic??

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Because the idea that it is a false topic IS the actual deception.

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I’ve been thinking about stopping my paid subscription as well.

Although I really appreciated the work they put in for the first few years.

And I’m sure they’re worn out.

So I’ll wait and see if there’s a change.

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UAP is a giant mislead. Every ground-breaking UAP story happens to occupy the same exact timeslot as a Hunter Biden hearing/release.

UAP is black-ops, the government is doing something so bad that they can't talk about it.

The notion that beings who could navigate light years through time and space, can fly through our atmosphere undetected, yet somehow keep crashing, and regular people out hunting or fishing don't seem to be finding alien spacecraft ... cause when the space shuttle Endeavor broke up in reentry, everyone took pictures, had a piece, even body parts (ick).

Every aircraft equipment 'image' of a UAP is a computer generated image, just like the little alien spaceship in your computer game. You don't think that's real too do you?

So this is a huge government mislead, TV magick.

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Read all three parts of Behind Enemy Lines. Listened to all the included video and read almost all the comments. Seems to trend out to...

UFO / UAP's are a farce.

It is all demonic.

The aliens are "better" than us and how could their tech possibly be defeated by ours.

Aliens are real. No wait it's a PsyOP. NO Real..PsyOp...Spy vs. Spy.

It is all an Iluminati / WEF / USG, etc., conspiracy.

You are all on dope.

And so it goes.

Our Psychotic Overlords have a vested interest in keeping certain tech and science to themselves.

Always have, always will.

Fact. UAP's exist. To many credible sightings from as many credible people.

Fact. USG keeps it's secrets. Period.

Fact. All tech fails at some point. Just because it is "alien" tech does not mean it is magic.

Arthur C. Clarke's three laws:

The laws are:

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Are there CIA / DOD teams that recover tech (ours and alien). Yes. I know a guy who did that. He gave away no secrets, but was surprisingly well versed in what to do if, say a stealth aircraft, crashed. "Don't breath the fumes.", among other bits of sage advice.

I know another guy. MP. In certain places about the country, occasionally an alarm will go off. Units would respond, check for a breach and notify higher. NO ENTRY to the structure was permitted, under ANY circumstances. Period.

And another guy. The "tic tacs". He just smiled and changed the subject.

To my personal interweb monitor...no secrets were revealed. No NDA's violated.

Are there UAP's? Yes.

Are the UAP's ours or from elsewhere / when? Yes.

Demons? Probably not.

Evil? Maybe. Demonically evil? Maybe.

PsyOp? Assuredly. If for no other reason than to hide the existence of the UAP's in the noise of the PsyOP and probably in plain sight.

Lizard people? Artic alien bases? Gunfights underground? Maybe.

Would you believe that in 1994 (ish) I uncovered a possible weapon used in the shooting of JFK?

Probably not. Skeptical? Because I was -2 years of age when that happened? Right to be skeptical. Does not change the fact a series of very weird events took place leading to locating said weapon.

Look up, James Files, Joe West and Bob Vernon.

And to correct Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Files)....The weapon used to shoot at Gary and Dave was an AK 47. The Remington Fireball bolt action pistol listed on Wikipedia went missing out of a Police property room in the early 80's. But all that is a story most of you won't believe. I still don't and I was there.

Good luck in your quest for answers. Be careful what you wish for.

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