Refused all C19 injections: check

Refuse to wear mask: check

Ignore anti-social distancing: check

Refuse to fist/elbow bump and instead shake hands (or kiss for ladies): check

Got covid: check

Refused quarantine/isolation "advice": check

Feeling great: CHECK!

Number of people I have killed so far by my refusal to comply: zero

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I am 2 shot vaccinated, circa dec 2020 / jan 2021

I did not take the first booster

My kids did not take any

I will not take the 2nd

I will not take this bivalent shot

There is no scenario save for a loaded gun to my head where I would even consider it. And if means being shut out from society, so be it.

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What can I say? The world has gone totally insane. Our sermon yesterday was based on Revelation 12. We are in a spiritual battle which is intensifying every day. In addition to spreading the word about the toxic shots, my husband and I are teaching high school students at our church. These young people face unimaginable forces and dangers and we are committed to doing our small part to help them navigate the insanity with their faith intact. May God help us all to cling to His promises and to support one another as the world continues to fall apart.

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Dr. Wilson, psycho: check

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Sep 12, 2022·edited Sep 12, 2022

I have an acquaintance who was shot up and is now having clots in his legs so bad its hard to walk. He also said the doctor told him half his heart has stopped working. Of course its just what he says, I really don't know. But I do know this; a few weeks ago he told me he had an appointment at Mayo to get fixed and I asked him to ask the doctor if this could come from this COVID injection.

He looked at me funny.

Well I saw him a few days ago and asked if he asked the doctor about the injection. He didn't answer but instead he told me its from a pinched nerve. After a few moments I said, That's ok you can do what you want but I would like to know if you think there is such a thing as having a bad reaction to an injection?

He looked at me funny, looked away, and said its time to go.

The business owner, who now has a face with a drooping eye and lip also was sitting with us and she said nothing too.

Defending those types is a waste of time. These people are unwitting volunteers. Governments are doing nothing to stop this. In my view its all about defending those who don't volunteer for the death shot reduction of the human population.

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Bivalent. I had to look it up.

Bivalent: having a valence of two

Valent: Having one or more valences

Valences: Assuming they are not referring to curtain tops, it has something to do with combining capacity. So these vaccines combine something and it's so fundamental, they used it in the name. Or they are just messing with us because it sounds significant. Or maybe they DO mean curtains - as in, "It's curtains for you..."

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Frankly I don't understand. There is now an avalanche of information that proves the COVID "vaccines" are very dangerous. Just this morning alone several articles popped into my email from highly reputable sources indicating the extreme adverse events and the "excess deaths." Big Tech can't prevent this information from getting out.

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I'm a pristine blood 68 year old, but I was a bit of a bad boy in my yute. I may have taken a few drugs that might have been illegal at the time, so I have a question for folks that have gotten the injections and continue to take the boosters:

Is there a "high" associated with them?

If not, why would anyone choose to squirt unknown substances into their bloodstream?

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I am not visiting Canada while PO S Commie Trudeau is PM. Doesn't matter if he drops the Jab mandate to enter the country. I wouldn't waste my spit on him or PO S Commie Xiden.

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What can one even say about the fascist Mr. Trudeau? Who would ever have expected Canada to lead the way toward Schwab's Techno-Hell?

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This fall/winter is going to get very interesting to say the least. Will this wake the sheep? We can only pray.

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This is why gun and ammo sales are through the roof.

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myself wife and son at college in MA ( religious exemption thank god ) have taken NONE of these mrna gene altering experimental blood clot shots, i smelled a con day one, i sleep nicely every night know this poison is not in my system, my jabbed friends who use to mock my me have now gone silent, they know, deep down people know its all going down as the greatest medical scam in world history. Pureblood out !!!

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Insane. Last weeks Russell Brand YouTube explains the re-naming convention. Not a “boost” - a vaccine. Mandates must go.

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Sep 12, 2022·edited Sep 12, 2022

Armstrong et al showed that infectious disease mortality from measles, pertussis, diphtheria, polio, TB, typhoid, dysentery and the flu became statistically insignificant by 1955 - decades before most of today's vaccines became available.

If the CDC and NIH want to prove vaccine efficacy, they could do it with a "retrospective study" that tracked and compared the health of ~30,000 vaccinated and ~30,000 unvaccinated people over a 30~40 year period. Such a study would cost less than what the pharmaceutical industry pays every year when they settle injury claims. Such a study would affirm or disprove the claims that vaccinated people are healthier than unvaccinated people - which is why the vaccine industry would never do it.

Had such a study occurred, most of the world would've known better than to trust the vaccine industry over what we now recognize as the Covid debacle. A billion+ people around the world will die from this avoidable fraud.

1900-1996 https://www.omsj.org/reports/Armstrong%201999.pdf

1980-2014 http://omsj.org/2020/jld160031.pdf


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