Just so you all know - "Anita" (one of the commentors on this thread) is our research associate and works tirelessly at ferreting out graduates and information on the WEF and Bilderberg. She is combing through the comments to update our list. Thank you Anita!

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Cotton and Stefanik are troubling to me.. Gabbard I knew about and think she might have flipped to the good side... Will have to watch all three very, very closely... The rest of the list are all the usual suspects and are carrying out the Anti-American agenda like good little WEF minions...

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Dan Crenshaw just did an interview where is was leaning back, perfectly casual, pretending he had NO IDEA about Klaus Schwab or his “The Great Reset”...he lied so easily that it is disturbing...now I wonder about Tulsi and Elise...

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Traitors. I wasn't aware Cotton/Stefanik was part of the club. I'm aware Ivanka is part of the club and Trump hasn't renounced the WEF nor the W.H.O. treaty and thus I no longer support Trump due to the vaccines and his lack of opposition to the WEF/W.H.O.

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I love how you call it out. Foreign Agents. That is exactly what they are.

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Robert -- Great list. We have a book coming out this summer, Reality Prism, and just delayed it to get an appendix of attendees at WEF 2022 in Davos. Here is that appendix. https://www.johntrudel.com for info about me. I too do periodic substack newsletters.


The World Economic Forum 2022

The American contingent will include twenty-five politicians and Biden Administration officials.

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo will join Climate Czar John Kerry as the Biden White House representatives who are there.

They will be joined by twelve Democrat and ten Republican politicians, including seven senators and two state governors.

• Gina Raimondo Secretary of Commerce of USA

• John F. Kerry Special Presidential Envoy for Climate of the United States of America

• Bill Keating Congressman from Massachusetts (D)

• Daniel Meuser Congressman from Pennsylvania (R)

• Madeleine Dean Congresswoman from Pennsylvania (D)

• Ted Lieu Congressman from California (D)

• Ann Wagner Congresswoman from Missouri (R)

• Christopher A. Coons Senator from Delaware (D)

• Darrell Issa Congressman from California (R)

• Dean Phillips Congressman from Minnesota (D)

• Debra Fischer Senator from Nebraska (R)

• Eric Holcomb Governor of Indiana (R)

• Gregory W. Meeks Congressman from New York (D)

• John W. Hickenlooper Senator from Colorado (D)

• Larry Hogan Governor of Maryland (R)

• Michael McCaul Congressman from Texas (R)

• Pat Toomey Senator from Pennsylvania (R)

• Patrick J. Leahy Senator from Vermont (D)

• Robert Menendez Senator from New Jersey (D)

• Roger F. Wicker Senator from Mississippi (R)

• Seth Moulton Congressman from Massachusetts (D)

• Sheldon Whitehouse Senator from Rhode Island (D)

• Ted Deutch Congressman from Florida (D)

• Francis Suarez Mayor of Miami (R)

• Al Gore Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) (D)



The World Economic Forum’s 2022 annual meeting in Davos happened. At 2,000-odd participants, there were fewer people at Davos this year than in 2020, which saw about 3,000. But there are still plenty of big shots and famous faces.

Let’s take a brief look at the attendees, according to the official list, which was last updated May 18.

🌍 Global audience | Attendees include 🇺🇸 583 participants from the US, 🇨🇭 220 from Switzerland, 🇬🇧 211 from the UK, and 🇮🇳 109 from India.

💼 CEOs reign | There are 612 chief executive officers in attendance, and only 22 CFOs. The top bosses include:

• Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India

• Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq

• Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

🏦 Finance folks | Despite the small contingent of CFOs, the finance world will not be underrepresented. At least seventy-five participants from global banks will be around. Financial players include:

• Jane Fraser, CEO of Citi

• Catherine Bessant, vice chair for global strategy at Bank of America

• George Soros, chairman and founder of Soros Fund Management

💰 World’s wealthiest | Bill Gates has some competition this year in the net worth department. Gautam Adani, chairman of Adani Group, is in Davos, as is Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries. Depending on the day, one of these men is Asia’s wealthiest person.

Climate, tech, and media participants:

🍃 Climate cohort | At least 42 attendees have the word ‘sustainability’ in their job title, including the chief sustainability officer from Unilever, Rebecca Marmot. Other climate-change experts on the attendee list include:

• Nigel Topping, UN climate change high-level champion for COP26

• The New York Times’ international correspondent for climate change, Somini Sengupta

💻 Tech turnout | Six representatives from Google, five from Microsoft and IBM, four from Meta, and not even one from Apple or Amazon. Other techies include:

• Michelle Zatlyn, president and COO of Cloudflare

• Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

• Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

📝 Mix of media | Reporters, editors, and representatives from the world’s major publications will also be in attendance. There are more people from CNN on the roster than participants from Microsoft. Also:

• Sally Buzbee, executive editor The Washington Post

• Martin Wolf from the Financial Times, Andrew Ross Sorkin from the New York Times, and Ina Fried from Axios

• Quartz’s very own Katherine Bell

Political and Culture figures in Davos:

Political players | The former prime minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, will make an appearance. Other political operators on the list include:

• Henry Kissinger, chairman of Kissinger Associates and former US secretary of state

• Nick Clegg, former deputy prime minister of the UK, now at Meta

• Former White House director of communications Anthony Scaramucci, who also is the founder of SkyBridge Capital

Some critics of Globalism suffered “mishaps.” It is unclear if they were allowed to attend fully, or restricted. “American conservative journalist Jack Posobiec and his film crew were detained in Switzerland while he was covering the summit of globalist elites in the ski resort town of Davos,” with commenters noting the Swiss local police wearing “World Economic Forum Police” patches on their uniforms.”

Whatever happened, Posobiec was released. The most significant news from Davos was what did NOT happen. The Biden Initiative to surrender U.S. Sovereignty to the W.H.O. at Davos failed. This collapse came from Geneva, not Davos.

Post Trump, the U.S., sadly, is on the wrong side.

“WHO withdraws 12 Biden 'sovereignty' amendments amid fierce opposition.”


WHO Forced into Humiliating Backdown

“The World Health Assembly has spent the past 7 days considering Biden’s 13 controversial amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Official delegates from wealthy developed nations like Australia, the UK, and the US spoke in strong support of the amendments and urged other states to join them in signing away their countries’ sovereignty.

The first sign that things might not be going the globalists' way, came on Wednesday, the 25th of May, which just happened to also be Africa Day. Botswana read a statement on behalf of its 47 AFRO members, saying they would be collectively withholding their support for the ‘reforms,’ which many African members were concerned about.

Multiple other countries also said they had reservations over the changes and would not be supporting them. These included Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, and Malaysia. Brazil said it would exit WHO altogether, rather than allow its population to be made subject to the new amendments. In the end, the WHO and its wealthy nation supporters were forced to back down. They have not given up though – far from it.”

An Orwellian moment was this speech from an Australian Bureaucrat:

Julie Inman Grant, the Australian eSafety Commissioner, said at the WEF that key human rights, such as free speech, must be subject to “recalibration.”

“We are finding ourselves in a place where we have increasing polarization everywhere, and everything feels binary when it doesn’t need to be,” Inman Grant told the panel, saying that people would need to think about a “recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online.”

Free Speech and Open Information must no longer be permitted anywhere. Too bad for America and our Constitution. It seems Australia is reverting into being a penal colony. The woman sounds like a female Zuckerberg.

The most terrifying announcements concerned deploying new Chinese technology worldwide to allow population control via “social scores.” China already has such systems.

With widespread cameras, 5G Internet connections, and facial recognition software, the new reality is “prisons without walls.” You can be locked down in your domicile with only paper tape. Break the seal, and you can be punished. When you purchase goods, including food and fuel, what you are allowed to buy and how much you pay can be set by your social score.

World Economic Forum Pushes Facial Recognition Technology

The dangers posed by digital IDs cannot be emphasized enough. As the researcher Brett Solomon—a man “who has tracked the advantages and perils of technology for human rights” for well over a decade—previously noted, the mass rollout of digital IDs “poses one of the gravest risks to human rights of any technology that we have encountered.”

“Shanghai went from being the largest, most free, most prosperous city in China to the world’s largest internment camp in 24 hours by a total medical lock-down. Team Biden is signing a treaty this weekend (It failed at Davos) to allow that in America and worldwide.”

There is silence about such things from Fake News and Congress. Those in power do not want voters to know about the Davos setback, The Great Reset, or the movie 2000 Mules and the stolen 2020 election.

Beware the Devils of Devos!



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I am trying to square Gabbard's devotion to the US Constitution with the teachings of the WEF fascists. Either she is lying or the WEF is going to adopt The Bill of Rights!

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I think we should be careful to not tar everyone who "graduated" from WEF training as being in agreement with and promoting their "principles" and methods. I think differently about a lot of things compared to when I graduated from high school, college, medical school and every other educational experience I've had in my work as a physician. I can see the flaws because I was "there" at one time. Tulsi Gabbard professes love of the U.S. and its constitution. She left Congress. Continues to serve in our military. Performed the Crossfit Murph workout on Memorial Day. Actions speak louder than words. Sounds like, even if she "graduated" that she didn't learn much, which would be good.

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Huma frazzle drip Abedin should be in jail but our alphabet agencies “ lost” the wiener laptop, allegedly.

This update is so important! Thanks.

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That list is scary long and contains names of some good people, or so we thought

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Jun 8, 2022Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Have you heard of the „other secret society“, the Bilderberger? They exist since 1954 and consist of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, labour, academia and the media. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America. The 68th Bilderberg Meeting took place in Washington DC from 2 - 5 June 2022. See website: https://bilderbergmeetings.org/index.html

There is a book available by Andreas von Reyti who is a popular German „parascientific“ author who specialised himself on secret societies and also wrote about George Soros. His book is called “Bilderberger: Das geheime Zentrum der Macht.” (meaning like Bilderberger: The secret center of power). This year well-known politicians and businessmen from Austria participated in the meeting. I have to admit that I am quite aware of Klaus Schwab (student of Henry Kissinger who was already notorious in my personal environment so to speak) since years. But this year it was the first time I heard of the Bilderbergers... Maybe worth a look deaper - also for you in US?


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Jun 8, 2022·edited Jun 8, 2022

Please don't forget about Mehmet Oz https://www.weforum.org/people/mehmet-c-oz Oz was a member of the Global Leaders of Tomorrow from 1999-2004

Living in Pennsylvania I am concerned about him.

Dave McCormick's wife is a current WEF contributor https://www.weforum.org/agenda/authors/dina-powell-mccormick

McCormick attended World Economic Forum Annual Meeting(Davos) in 2014 https://www3.weforum.org/docs/AM14/WEF_AM14_Media_Participants_List_kho257j.pdf (see page 44) https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/01/what-changes-to-global-and-regional-cooperation-will-2021-bring-here-s-what-business-leaders-say/

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Doing everything possible to ditch WA rep Jaime Herrera Beutler - GO Joe Kent! Elise Stefanik, what a disappointment, as well as Crenshaw et al. What's with Nikki Haley acting all pro-republican, pro-Trump too, when she previously stabbed him in the back??? Go find a palm tree and retire...

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What about all the politicians taking money right and left from Koch Bros funds, does that count? What about those kept aloft by Blackstone? Or any huge corporate conglomerate, where does one draw the line?

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Since the WEF has a goal of 90% depopulation, they should be labeled as terrorists and tried for premeditated murder or at least the planning there of. Based on Schwab's background, his actions and overall beliefs I am shocked the WEF isn't considered directly a Nazi organization but I supposed they have bought just too many people off to not have that labeled as misinformation.

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Some of these people Trump has strongly backed...

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